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AIC Academic Instructor Course
AIC Accademia Italiana Della Cucina (Italian Gastronomic Society)
AIC Acceptable Intake for Chronic Exposure
AIC Acceptable Intake-Chronic (environment)
AIC Account Identifier Code (USPS)
AIC Active to Inert Conversion
AIC Activity Identification Code
AIC Ada Information Clearinghouse
AIC Adaptation and Integration Center
AIC Adaptive Image Compression
AIC Address Information Center
AIC Address Inquiry Command
AIC Adjusted Indirect Costs
AIC Administration-Shelf Interface and Control (Tadiran)
AIC Adoption Information Center
AIC Advanced Integrated Circuit
AIC Advanced Intra Coding
AIC Aeronautical Information Circular
AIC Aerospace Integration Corporation
AIC African Independent Churches
AIC Agency Infocenter
AIC Agent in Charge
AIC Agricultural Industries Confederation
AIC Agricultural Institute of Canada
AIC Aicardi Syndrome
AIC Air Information Center
AIC Air Intake Controller
AIC air intercept controller (US DoD)
AIC Air-India Limited (ICAO code)
AIC Aircraft Information Correlation
AIC Airman In Charge
AIC AIX/Windows Interface Composer
AIC Akaike Information Criteria (model-order selection criterion )
AIC Akaike Information Criterion
AIC Alarm Interface Card
AIC Alarm Interface Controller (Cisco)
AIC Alice In Chains
AIC Allowance Item Code
AIC Alternative Incarceration Center
AIC Alternative Information Center
AIC American Ingredients Co.
AIC American Institute for Conservation (of Historic and Artistic Works)
AIC American Institute of Chemists
AIC American Institute of Constructors
AIC American International College (Springfield, MA, USA)
AIC Americans for Immigration Control, Inc.
AIC Ampere Interrupting Capacity
AIC Amperes Interrupt Current
AIC Amps Interrupting Capacity
AIC Analog Interface Circuit (TI)
AIC Annual Investment Charge
AIC Anti Ice Command
AIC Antique Info Center
AIC Application Identification Channel (Telabs)
AIC Application Inspection and Control (Cisco)
AIC Application Instrumentation and Control Standard (Computer Associates)
AIC Application Integration Component
AIC Application Interpreted Construct
AIC Appraisal Institute of Canada (real estate)
AIC Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (CIO)
AIC Architecture Integration Committee
AIC Archival Information Collection
AIC Arizona International College
AIC Army Intelligence Center
AIC Army Interoperability Center
AIC Art Institute of California
AIC Art Institute of Chicago
AIC Art Institute of Colorado (Denver, Colorado, USA)
AIC Artificial Insemination Center
AIC Artificial Intelligence Center
AIC Ass in Chair
AIC assign individual compressed dial (US DoD)
AIC Assignment Instruction Code
AIC Assistance for Isolated Children (Australia)
AIC Associate In Claims (insurance)
AIC Association des Infirmiers en Cardiologie
AIC Association of International Champions ( Barbershop Harmony Society)
AIC Associazione Italiana Calciatori (Italian Soccer Association)
AIC Atlantic Intelligence Center
AIC Atlantic Intelligence Command
AIC Attack Information Center
AIC Audio Intercommunications Center
AIC Audio Intercommunications System
AIC Australian Informatics Competition
AIC Australian Institute of Cartographers (now called Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia)
AIC Australian Institute of Criminology
AIC Automated Intelligence Correlation
AIC Automatic Intercept Center
AIC Automotive Innovation Center
AIC Autopilot Interface Circuit
AIC Auxiliary Information Code
AIC Auxiliary Interface Cabinet
AIC Available Interrupting Current (electrical)
AIC Avaya Interaction Center
AIC Average Incremental Cost
AIC Avionics Integration Center
AIC Awaiting Incoming Continuity

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Sun, August 12, 2007 - 1:30 AM
AIC Artificial Insemination Center
AIC Artificial Intelligence Center
AIC Ass in Chair

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