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Sonya Sophia

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My Testimonials

March 22, 2005
I was first guided to Sonya through her sister Sara who felt I could benefit from Sonya's healing work. I was dealing with very difficult chronic pain and my life had shrunk to a very small bubble. After a number of months of seeing her and receiving bodywork, energy work and meditation counsel I began to improve. As I gained energy I received more ideas from Sonya about ways I could practice and study to support my own well-being.

I have improved incredibly over the year and a half it's been my honor to know Sonya. While I still have serious health issues going on I am better able to mashall the forces of the Universe to help me in my self-healing practices and to calm the stress of of the challenges I face. I've attended her workshop and I highly recommend it to others.

The thing I love most about Sonya is she believes in what she says and lives what she believes. Her alignment with Divine Light manifests itself in a person who truly practices Universal Love in her life. She has been a wonderful matchmaker for me, introducing me to Divine Goddess, a relationship that has blossomed and deepened for me and is now woven into the fabric of my breath.

Sonya and I have become Beloved Allies, committed in this life and Beyond to supporting each other in Unconditional Love and Evolution. I am blessed to consider her as my Thousand-Hearted Love in my life: Sister, Mother, Daughter, Teacher, Student, Healer, Healed, Divine Logician, Sacred Interior Decorator, Speaker of Great Truths, Holder of a Feast of Silence. She is the Sacred Sun to my Red Dragon.
March 11, 2005
Sonya has special insights into the human spirit, and has sensitivities unspoiled by the education that most of us receive in this country. She is a believer in spiritual inner development and growth, and helps others to realize their own inner power. I don't know why she's not famous - she's more like a well-kept secret - perhaps the media
couldnt' really represent how wonderful she is - to realize that you have to spend time with her. She has brought her own approach to disciplines like yoga, meditation, and tantra, and conducts small workshops in Austin (do some in Denton, Sonya!) that produce mind-blowing results - I've experienced one of them. I'm glad to be able to say that we're friends, and as far as her future growth and development are concerned, I can only hope to be around to find what what she'll be like at 50. If you want to be friends with this woman, you have to "throw out all the paradigms" and be ready for an open, soul-searching dialog.
March 9, 2005
Until I witnessed her call in the elements and cast a sacred circle by the cool rays of a summer dawn, amid thrushes breaking into song, celebrants alit with wonder, had i only dared to imagine the intensity with which this woman works.

Miracle flowering into miracle, my lifepartner and I have reaped incalculable benefit from her inspired, direct and indirect, teaching and mentoring. She speaks Truth from a heart bathed in Compassion. She shows her power sparingly, but her delightful and playful wit generously. I salute her lotus feet with my deeply abiding regard.
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My Life

Hi Friends,
My name is Sonya Sophia you will see me on the Playa... I often wear wings.
I am a professional full time healer, a Love Activist and excited to share the simple loving natural practice of EFT with you!

It may save you life, your relationship or your mind in these changing times!
It will definitely strengthen your spirit, I teach so others can share what they learn.


I will be offering 3 different opportunities for... read more
Thu, August 21, 2008 - 12:48 PM permalink - 1 comment
EFT Healing Intensive
With Sonya Sophia O.M.EFT./ADV

July 18th-20th

A weekend healing retreat at the Chico Goddess Temple

(This will empower you to heal your self, offer healing to others and get you upgraded for the changing times!

EFT is a simple, loving and highly effective method that is done by tapping with your fingers on the same energy meridians that acupuncturists use.

EFT can help dramatically alleviate and may permanently cure:

physical... read more
Fri, June 27, 2008 - 6:57 PM permalink - 2 comments
Hi my dears a special invite EFT Healing circles at Burning Man First Year EVER!
I will be at HBGB Healers camp (Desert and 4:30)
facilitating 3 EFT Circles art DAWN!!!!

There's room for 60-100 peeps ! M, W, F, 7:00 am -9:45am come get your healing groove on with your playa loves !!!
See for the download of deep magic that heals people so profoundly!
I will show you how , its easy ....

End your day or begin the next , in the eternal sunrise of Love, Ac... read more
Wed, August 22, 2007 - 7:30 AM permalink - 1 comment
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My Profile

about me
I am a Healer and a Love Activist and the Lead Coordinator of the Wisdom and Freedom Peace Tour.

I am able to see and nurture the best in people and can lovingly and playfully dance with the rough spots.

I am aware of the light inside of everything and the response - aibility I have to connect with it as much as I can.
I am here to facilitate peace and awareness. I am here to help my self and others to remember we are one big family in one big bathtub.

I create and enhance the flow of love and beauty in most situations.
I like to find adventure, playfulness, spiritual awareness, and deeper communication, wherever I can.

I am a full a spectrum God-dess who likes to support and nurture others.
I feel your life as my own.
I also am receptive to love and support from others.

I have a rocking teenager age 17 who loves, is sane and free.

I love to dance, to practice healing arts, To do EFT with large groups or individuals, to Activate water, to practice yoga, to dress in my God-dess-ish way.

I enjoy talking about insights and feelings, and sharing long deep silences.
Eye contact is delicious to me.
I love to love.

In Mayan astrology I am this: I am a yellow Cosmic Sun tone 13

I endure to enlighten, trancendening life
I seal the matrix of universal fire ,
with the cosmic tone of presence,
I am guided by the power of flowering,
I am a galctic activation portal
... enter me .

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