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the word is

March 3, 2009
Spirit helps me remember where to put the lovelovelove.

he gets it.

that's huge, plus his alterego Ironcock, it makes me giggggggggle and squeeeeee.

spirit is just yummy.
November 26, 2008
I knew from the moment I met this guy on the playa with his little tent and Dinty Moorecanned stew and brilliant smile that this is one fucking incredible guy. And every time I see him I'm still blown away by how good it feels to come in to contact with such a radiant, wild, out there being. Keep it coming! You're awesome!
September 5, 2007
There is absolutely NOBODY better to be stuck bumpin' booties with on an art car in the middle of a dust storm whilst stranded in an imaginary city on the back side of beyondsville. His infectious grin and relentless good humor will have your arms wavin' and your back end grindin', and the heart feelin' gooooood in about 2 seconds flat.
August 10, 2007
No matter how hard we try, we usually end up with people that remind us of ourselves. Sometimes it's tumultuous, and the other person has too many qualities in them that we dislike in ourselves. My fondness of Spirit Monkey is quite the opposite.

He is the younger, cuter, vastly more energetic version of my best qualities. He is sincere above all appears that being disingenuous is not embedded in his cellular structure. He is relentlessly curious, seeking deeper and deeper realizations until he explodes each new mystery and giggles with glee as a whole new matrix of questions open up before him. His attitude of joyous discovery never wavers, and he infects those around him with the same giddiness of just being alive. He has cheered me on, and has reminded me that age is an illusion...and that I can be that same young, cute, energetic person I thought had left the building. Cheers, bro! Don't ever stop the Rock.
June 3, 2007
One of the finest wolf baggers around!

May 22, 2007
since i've known jason, there have been times when i've wanted to shake some sense into him. but i think he'd just giggle at me.

there have been times when i've wanted to throw him in the path of a cosmic train. but i think he'd leap in its way before i got the chance.

there have been times when i've wanted to wrap him up and bring him warm milk and cookies. i can't imagine he'd have any objections to that plan.

so when i hear that cosmic train barrelin' our way, i'll be the first one to meet him at the tracks with warm milk and cookies just to hear his laughter and watch him wave hello as he gets swept along for the ride.
March 16, 2007
A true seeker and bold enough to open the Book of Storms!
November 22, 2006
This bipedal being is one of my favorites... He'll make you laugh like he is your very own monkey. He will show you who is behind the doors doors door. He is a refreshing unique blend of pure next levelness.. And If he doesn't like you, it is because he loves you.
November 18, 2006
His presence makes me smile- the really big, silly, happy smile you get when you see sparkles around your eyelashes or watch cartoons.
October 29, 2006
this one is the most powerfully pure giggle ive ever met
like lightning rods of sparkletastic pleasentness
all wicked thoughts must cower in the presence of this ones depths
or burn in the fires spewing from his nostrils
no need to fear
hes like slingshots full of sunlight
and when the slingshots left behind its spiraled overhead and thrown at random
don't duck, deal with it
July 14, 2006
An amazing Spirit
That I feel I have known
For many lifetimes
With the ability to calm my storms with
A flash of that eternally youthful smile
and makes me sparkle from the inside out
You are an amazing soul and I am so happy
We reconnected in this universe.
Love ya Friend
June 16, 2006
This delicious hottie will surely blow your mind
He will puff up your brain like the ultramega kind
A graphical wizzard of imagical delight
A Masterful Monkey Mind of Amazing Might
A superultra brother from another mother
(Even though we have never hugged eachother)
He can zig with the zag or zag with the zig
He will snap your preconceptions like a little bitty twig
The Captain Stands to salute with glee
A SupercalafragalisticSpiritualMonkey
June 8, 2006
i'm constantly astounded by the level of intellectual capability that this man possesses. i'm touched by the level of love in which he operates. i look forward to times when his busy self is going to be around, and revel in familial bliss when i get to see him. even if he wasn't my older brother, i'd still love him this much. kisses and kisses.
June 4, 2006
I adore him!!
No need to explain!
Simple mathmatics?
I don't know!
Just do!!!
January 9, 2006
Spirit Monkey, your unique power is not in your knowledge, your grace, or your passion. What makes you great is that you bring the reals out of everyone you meet right when you meet them. You have no time to beat around the bush, the world is happening and you need to find the truth in people NOW! This is something most are to fearful to attempt, and it is something I have always admired about you.

love you man,
- chappyd
November 7, 2005
Spirit Monkey is the shiznit. He has a wisdom so deep you will drown in his eyes and want to make love to his mind.

He is all and nothing:
Hot, cold, tight, loose, playful, determined, a master and a joker. A prince among men.

He can embrace you and make you feel safe, but will immediately let you go so you can remember to fly away and feel the air under your wings.

(And hot damn the man can dance!)
November 7, 2005
Dear Spirit Monkey, I see that INSPIRATION is you currency, GENEROSITY is your creed, and outer/intra cosmic ONENESS is your you. Mutual adoration and manifestation are our power to be growed. XOXOXOXO -Todji
October 8, 2005
Jason is the shit. Word up.
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Totes Beach 2008

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"I now think of the brain as a receiver of the phenomenon of
consciousness, i don't believe that consciousness is generated in the
brain anymore than television programs are made inside my TV. The box is
too small." - Terence McKenna

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Jumbo Deep Dish With Deep Water Chick

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Hey yall. My grrrrrreat freind Zeus is going to the Burn for the first time. Amazing Man of Men and such. He's looking for a ride from Ashland. If anyone is driving through or from ashland, he's got gas money to give and can drive and whatn...ot. It's burn time. here is is profile.
Tue, August 18, 2009 - 12:39 PM permalink - 0 comments
VOTE FOR US!!! me, zap and don Entered a Video Contest for $20,000. Go to Zooppa and Vote for us Yo! Make a profile. (You've done it before) and give us the high 5.
Thu, July 9, 2009 - 12:20 PM permalink - 0 comments
Hey yall beautiful peeps! (besure to scroll below to see my AWESOME flyer!)

So this saturday is fucking awesome, first of all. I'm declaring it National Superhero day! Is it any wonder that it is also the cusp of Summer Soltice? I think not. Hang out with me on Saturday and lets get our superhero on!, breakfast at my place, Zigzags superhero training from 11 - 2, Star Trek, and Heavy Liquid. boo yizzay!

THEN, it's off to witness one of our very own SuperHeros (someone i admire GREATLY) ... read more
Wed, June 17, 2009 - 3:31 PM permalink - 6 comments
I'm going to this tonight, gonna be food and beer and such. =)

Bright Neighbor is embarking on a tour through all 95 Portland Neighborhoods to train our community in creative ways to use technology and real-world community cooperation to help deal with our economic, ecological, and energy challenges. Each stop will be a chance for Bright Neighbor members to meet with one another to solidify local relationships that matter more and more as we all strive to live as local a... read more
Fri, April 17, 2009 - 11:38 AM permalink - 1 comment
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God I miss 94 - 98. Crazy to think that.

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one of the most beautiful creations

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Monkey Puzzle

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Motion Graphic Reel

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