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Simone Star

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Amazonas (Madre de Dios)
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Children of The Amazon

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House of Hope

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A Thousand Words

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Higher Learning

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In The Mix

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Life in Other Places

School let's out on ice-cream day
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Loves of My Life

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Thank You

March 20, 2007
sisSTAR simone... she's like the eternal portal of creation opened in a really twisted way so that if you cock your eye just right you can see the WHOLE thing at once. never underestimating her own potential and powers that lay lurking in her fingers, in her mind, in her heart, in her song, hula-hooping, and laughter. dripping through this dimension with infinite wisdom and cynical realism that make the whole package just so freaken yummy!! all that and a vision for the phuture that is humble, in service, sustainable, optomistic, inclusive, and just plain silly. how would i have survived the twists and turns of life this past while without sharing the challenges, and then the long-awaited laugher, without simone? keep shining like the brightest star in the sky, you are a gift beyond wonder. you keep showing dem babes how to live right and free in this world, especially with the bamboo hula-hoops.
January 9, 2007

ally of divine design, aligned intent, bent on ascention.

the more we know, the more we sense how much we have yet to learn. stories beyond our wildest imagination. we are our higher selves- awake, already healed, calling home these latent bits of mystery. gifts beyond measure. a treasurey of compassion.

teacher, muse, beloved friend.
one of the closest kin i know.
welcome home star simone.
December 28, 2006
Shtarry basically rocks on an myriad of levels....
her finely honed ninjitsu skillz have mused me boundlessly....
oh yes...she also officially started my musical career...
January 20, 2006
Estrella Del Mar
Star of the heavens and my heart
I love star to the infinite depths of the universe
For years I've witnessed her bloom flowers of intoxicating beauty, birth noththern lights from her minds eye, and dance her eternal dance with divine laughter echoing to the heavens
she offers up all her gifts with love
I feel her transcending her path, her pace near mine
I never feel far from her in all ways
She is my divine star sister
And I give thanks to the endlessness that created her and all her gifts

December 13, 2005
Imagine sublime feather sounds fluttering around your head
fffffttt ffft fffhhhooooooot fffttt fffhhhttt ffhhhhhhooooooot ffftt ffftt
gorgeous wind hollows through you, sucking out all the aches and pains your heart harbors ssssssssshhhhhhhooooooo sssshhhhhhhhuuuuu wwwwhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuusssshhhhhh ssssshhhhhhhhuuuuuu

Stars like that

smart and to the point......with time.....lotsa time...... time for silence
you can't fuck with her yoga

some of us call her"Mama Queen of the Narcamedusae"
she's a friend of Radiolaria
You may think I'm laying it on thick.
thats how the eternity star players do it.
Maybe you've heard of us, F.A.E.H.A. Forever and Everyone Hopscotch Alliance, we rock this dream.

to sum up:

Eternity would suck without Star
she'll show you how its done
a day with Star is a dream well dreamt
sweet baby forever
love, ol pal
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Got Beef? (and corn, and soy...)

A deforested area of the Brazilian rainforest the size of Oregon.
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Still Here

One of the last uncontacted tribes in the Amazon (note the spears being thrown at the airplane).
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Inside my heart lives a...

Digital Collage, 2008.
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Ye Olde Visionary Clubhouse

Driftwood n' Stuff (Shrine and Star 2006)
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Abounding Faith In Love

Multimedia art instalation, 2006, Shrine and Star.
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At work in the driftwood temple (Photo by Dee)
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The Voyage (in progress)

acrylic on canvas 24in. by 24 in., work in progress
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close up of temple altar piece
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close up of temple altar piece
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You're Already There

You're Already There (20x24 inches) graphite on paper
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Travel Log

NASA satellite photo of California wildfires on June 27th 2008.
Fri, June 27, 2008 - 6:05 PM permalink - 5 comments
The deep irony is that contact with such people would destroy them but save us (if we really listened to what they had to say).

Thanks again to Claudine for the amazing link!

Check out this amazing website:

And then check out this article:

29 May 2008

Members of one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes have been spotted and photographed from the air near the Brazil-Peru border. The photos were take... read more
Fri, May 30, 2008 - 2:12 PM permalink - 1 comment
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