from "Aphrodite's Daughters" by Jalaja Bonheim

"For the Aphroditic woman, her spiritual life, or, as Jung would say, her 'individuation,' might be linked to her sexual life. For this type of woman, sexual encounter is the most profound of human experiences, a revelation of her own depths. It is therefore not only a source of joy but also a path of inner knowledge."

- Ginette Paris
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The Interview Game

> My questions for you, Siren:

> 1. Do you believe in "one true love"
> or the soul mate theory or do you think that a
> person can have many loves over the course of a
> lifetime and why?

1. Hmmmmm.. in one way I do believe in one true love, or a soul mate. When i first began fallin in love with my husband, it was so magical & synchronistic on so many le vels that I did truly believe he was my soulmate, my 'perfect mate.'

And it is nice to be in a partnership with someone & have that feeling like we are going to be sharing our whole life together- the ups & downs. We've been together for nine years & it's really amazing. Hard sometimes of course- but cool.

And yet- the fact is that I do believe we have many true 'soul mates' here on earth with us. It seems hard to deny. Whether we choose to pick one of them & share our life with them exclusively as partners or whether we choose many simultaneously or consecutively- it;s just our choice. There are many, well several people, in my life who I consider soul mates - on this journey with me & we already 'know' each other. There are a few other people I could have had a great life with i'm sure- but this is the Life I chose & this is the life I love. And my love with this mate, my andrew had created our beautiful children, Tristan & Trevor- and just looking in their eyes I know it's 200% Right. :)

And then again, when we get to the level of realizing the true "Oneness" of all.............. aren't we all SoulMates?

> 2. Do you believe in Astrology enough to read a
> paricular horoscope on a regular basis?

2. - I do believe in Astrology, I think there is a fair amount of "Validity' to it. But, no, I do not read a particular horoscope on a regular basis.

> 3. Are you afraid of bugs, spiders or snakes?
3. No, not really. I rather like bugs snakes & spiders- i don't have any as pets & don't want them crawling all over me but I have no phobias with them.

> 4. What is the most liberated, free moment
> you've ever experienced?

4. Giving birth- absolutley without a doubt. Both of my children were born at home totally naturally and it was the most free, the most raw & liberated I have ever felt.

> 5. Is there a place you go in your dreams that
> you have visited more than once that feels
> almost as comfortable as your "real"
> life?

5. Hmmm, there used to be. I used to find myself swimming with whales a lot- but I haven't had that drema in a long while. And there will be certain periods in my life where I do revisit a particular 'place' - I don't remember it feeling as comfortable as my 'real life' though. I do have heavenly dreams sometimes though.

C'est tout! :)

If anyone would like to be “interviewed” – then please follow the guidelines below. My answers to Alura’s questions are below the guidelines. Enjoy~ SS

> 1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me.
> "
> 2. I will respond by asking you five questions.
> I choose the questions.
> 3. You will update your blog with the answers to
> the questions.
> 4. You will include this explanation and an
> offer to interview someone else in the same
> post.
> 5. When others comment asking to be interviewed,
> you will ask them five new questions.
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Mystical Figures in Profiles

RE: posting mystical fantasy like figures.

I had wanted to respond to this, got sidetracked and now I have some time. I think this is actually a really postive sort of archetypal playing out that people do. Having studied transperonal psychology, Jungian psychology and more--- it's a natural healthy process for people to identify with archetypes and images that express themselves, at least how they feel inside. The whole weapon thing looking like a kiny sex toy, hmm maybe, maybe not. I think a lot of that sort of art work does that on purpose, for the woman identifying with it, it may actually be more of a 'weapon' or self protection, or projection, or yes, maybe the reminder that she has everything she needs (a fun kinky pleasure toy, protection, hunting weapon to provide for herself, what have you...) without a man. A process of claiming one's independence and strength- the warrior within. Important for all of us, men and women, and for women maybe important to have this 'weapon' because we are in an age where women are more & more breaking away from having to 'belong to a man', whether it's Daddy, a brother, Husband, lover etc. It was still in my Lifetime when a woman couldn't own or rent a home on her own. So we're still creating equality, true equality.

I personally really like it when people have real images of themselves, and then they include other archetypal images (heros, villains, damsels in distress, the sad broken ones... what have you) As long as it's a character, whether cartoon, animee, art - whatever- it tells a little bit more about that person, quite a bit actually. There is this one profile a young man on the tribe, and he has the most intriguing pictures up- some of himself, and a few of the mystical type - and I just fell in love with this boy because I 'got' how he feels sometimes.

I think it can tell A LOT about a person.

For example, I'll tell you about the 3 "archetypal images" in my profile that I have put up there & what they mean to me. :)

1st) The Mermaid as main image- Well...... Sulty Siren is my tribe name - so it fit #1. I'm a Siren and I'm pretty Sultry :) I love hot humid weather & how it makes me feel. For a while I lived in this amazing house in the mission with 5 women and one token man ;), all 'healers' massage therapists & such, the house was nicknamed: "The House of Sirens" And it was a perfect name. It was quite the magical home with a handful of sexy voluptuous women all exploring our sexuality, spirituality, Inner & Outer selves... the world, Life. It was fantastic. So I became a Siren from then on.
And my logo for my business cards is a mermaid, I live by the Sea, many people seem to give me mermaid gifts, I love the water, am a swimmer and one of my babies was born underwater. And the coloring of the mermaid in that artwork is my coloring, kind of the way my hair is, a little messy always, green eyes - etc. :) And the picture also has a deep serious feel to it, and that's who I am, I go very very very deep and I'm quite a serious person, although I certainly know how to kick off my shoes and live it up. I go way down to the depths......... in all aspects of my Life.

2nd) The Elvin Fairy Healer animee picture:
Well, I practice massage therapy and energy work, "Light Work," too, and while I'm not as dainty & 'beautiful' as that image, it is how I feel when I am in my healing mode- like a light energy fairy. I can access that place of 'light' and energy of the cosmos... that blissful mindless floating place of healing and love and oneness. I love fairies and magic. My only tatoo is of a fairy. I like sexy little clothes like hers & love the feel of that image- it feels like an aspect of myself.

3rd) Mother Power Earth Goddess Image with Lightening
- This Image I also TOTALLY relate to because this is my 'warrior image' - It's who I became in touch with when I became a mother, primarily through the process of giving birth. I had both of my children at home, totally naturally, with a midwife present, but it was my own thing I did all alone & it was INCREDIBLY EMPOWERING. It was the most intense wonderous experience of my Life. I left the "me" that is 'me' and become one with Creation, and that also got me very deeply in touch with Death as the opposite of Life and yet so connected - there is not one without the other. It was soooooo sooo powerful, that girl that I was, the maiden, died during birth and I became a WOMAN. I nurtured, gave Life to my babies via breastfeeding for over two years each. All my friends call me 'such an Earth mamma' - I embraced a very natural aspect of motherhood. I became very powerful in ways I hadn't known before - and feel very very aware of the innerconnectedness of all Life, that I am Creator and also capable of great destruction............ The image speaks deeply to me. And it is how I often FEEL now. :)

And as far as how many of the images on people's profiles are mystical and fantasy like, dragons & such- I think it's a universal theme that we all want a little more magic in Life. Maybe we miss & long for simpler less technological times when people were still more in touch with magic and the spirit worlds. I think dragons can also respresent are own demons, obviously. And I could go on & on........ I'm into this stuff! :) And again, I LOVE when people post images of beings, characters, AND also include real pictures- I think it makes it fun & adds a lot & gives us a peek into THEM :)

We are so much more than simply what our physical bodies can show. There are so many complicated parts in each of us. I like to see all dimensions, at least glimpses whenever possible........

Anyway................ that's all :)

My 2cents ~ Sultry
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