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Planning Week for a joint event sponsored by members of Tribe / Dudesnude / JustUsboys, Recon, Manhunt, A4A, (gay sites) (events » other) Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 7:00 PM How about a joint, JUB (, Dudesnude, Adam4Adam, and Manhunt (etc) Gathering or Party?
Do you think it could be possible? Why? How? Where? When?
Got any ideas about how to make it work?

We're having a planning week for working on the idea of a joint event during the week of Jan. 21-28.
See this Eventbrite event (Plannning Event for a Joint JustUsBoys Dudesnude Adam4adam Manhunt Grindr Recon Gathering)

It seems that JUB ( members and even members are hosting small gatherings across the US. So I'm wondering if guys on,,,, Recon, etc, would be interested in organizing some private parties or one giant party or event -- either in the USA or Europe (or both or even elsewhere)?

Is anyone here actually participating in those -- attending and/or planning? I wonder if another large online virtual community like could do the same? Would there be any benefit of trying to hold a joint party/gathering?

That brings up the idea of a "joint" cross-group event - -but after all, isn't that what PRIDE events or the annual street fairs are all about (such as Southern Decadence). I am not nixing the idea of a separate Off-Line Mixer, or exclusive party or a RECON convention or some other event. Those single site (organizations) events certainly can and do happen.

I am just making some suggestions so a larger, more inclusive co-sponsored event might actually happen. For example, we could hook-up with an existing event and thus attract more Tribe / Manhunt / JUB (Just Us Boys) or Dudesnude members to attend. I am also explaining what I think is needed to be decided in order to get one organized.
Join us for the CMNM events at the Mr. Timberfell Contest Weekend at Timberfell Lodge, TN, USA, Aug.7-9 (events » nightlife) Friday, August 7, 2015 - 12:00 PM 292 RSVPs
Join us for the CMNM events at the Mr. Timberfell Contest Weekend at Timberfell Lodge.

Now that is mid-winter, I'm beginning to crave those long hot days of a Tennessee summer, and the sweltering nights of torrid passion that you can easily experience on an evening in rural Appalachia.

Although it is located in rural Tennessee, there is most everything you'd want to have at the resort grounds: a nice dining room, a variety of accommodations (from camping to deluxe rooms), plenty of men of all ages and body types, different races, persuasions, and passions. There are lots of nooks and crannies for anonymous sex, a great sense of community, and isolation from the main street (a county road) for complete nudity, plus reasonable rates, exciting home-spun events with enough technicality to be enjoyable,... and more.

There is while isn't still time this season (Winter 2015) to camp out, they do have rooms and a bunk-bed dorm for the less outdoorsy.
Labor Day Weekend in September, long gone now, was one of their biggest annual events, and the last major one before the pool closes later that month, followed on by their annual Cocktobear-Fest in October. There are few more events during the winter season, but when the weather starts to warm up, that's when things getting boiling hot in the Great Ol' Outdoors at Timberfell Lodge and Campground.

SPECIAL NOTE: Timberfell would make a great venue for a Daddy-Boy Retreat or a CMNM Weekend, complete with circus tent for live role-plays and exhibitions. I think I'm going to try to get one started there for summer this year or next -- hopefully during August (between Mr. Timberfell Contest Weekend and Labor Day) -- perhaps in conjunction with these or another existing annual event on the Timberfell calendar.

What's hot and what is there to do?

1) Bears galore - If you're into them, you'll have a large assortment to dazzle your fancy. There are other types of guys too.. like me (gray fox), and otters, panthers, and wily coyotes, too. There are NOT too many twinks, however (awhhh!) every once in a while, a slim twinky-type does make an appearance, so a car-load of youngish, collegiate-looking dudes waltz in proudly onto the property. It just depends.

When I attended the Mr. Timberfell Contest Weekend, there were only 4 young men (20s), who were there because one of them (a hunky stud) was competing for the title.
I'd say the average age is 45 - and there are plenty of older men, and quite a lot of younger ones 30 - 45. But only a few below 29. I did meet a 20-year-old who was into older guys, and a 70-something dude who was into younger (tweens). It's all relative.. after all.

2) The location is rather isolated, which means you have drive a while from the nearest town. But it also means that you can be nude anywhere on the resort (except the dining room).

3) There is a festive gay atmosphere for the weekend events; it's pretty laid back during the

weekdays, but it really depends on who's visiting at the resort, and who is staying at one of the two trailer/camping car mini-communities located adjacent to the Timberfell property.

4) The bar is open to outsiders, day visitors, and to guests, as are some of the nighttime events, so there is a chance you can encounter some enchanted stranger for a hot evening of sex under the stars or some fraternal nude swimming during the day in the medium-sized pool and sunbathing terrace.

5) Having sex is not guaranteed but highly likely if you've got what it takes (smile). Public sex is not allowed, but there was plenty going on in the private areas. (Above photo is the blog author)

6) While it 'ain't the Ritz', there are fairly nice facilities at the resort. BYOB (bring your own bottle) is allowed for wine and hard liquor. Since they sell beer, you cannot bring beer in the resort (private

tents and rooms excepted,) but you can buy beer there in the canteen. The food served is like a home-style buffet - if you're not really a camp-style cook, you can purchase and meal plan, or just buy tickets for individual meals. The pool and large sun deck, sauna, and steam room can get active - especially at night - they are open all night for your pleasure (smile).

7) The best thing was meeting the great guys - I had great conversations and still managed to get off at the right time

Costs: Check it out online - but campsite $15 for 1 person per night, breakfast $6, dinner $20, poolside beer $3, snacks $3
From camping (in a tent or camper), to a bunk in the bunkhouse, to a room with shared toilet, to a fine private bedroom with private bath. It's all up to you! They have events all year long - even when it's too cold to camp outdoors. So you should book early.

ADDED Bonus: The events are not very expensive, and day-guests are abundant on weekends. Also, there is actually a community of gay men who live (and a few work on site) at the resort full-time, particularly in the summer months. There are rentable trailer and RV sites for those who want a live-in gay nude resort experience 24/7.

Find out more at:

You have to realize that Timberfell is way back in rural, Bible-belt America. If you drive passed it, (easily to do since its unmarked except for the street number), you'll end up in one of the most redneck parts of Tennessee, where the regular pastime could well be cornholing unsuspecting Yankee tourists, a la Deliverance (see film / novel of the same name) . However, Timberfell Lodge is a little gay oasis where bear-mauling truckers, silver-maned bikers, beefy jarheads, countryfied southern gentry, and white trailer trash all mingle rather happily, mostly naked around the pool or guzzling moonshine (not actually) in the dance-hall tavern-bar just up the hill.

Maybe we can get a group of interested people from to convene for some down-home fun and good times. Hey, ya'll come, y'hear!

Kelly ( originally posted on on Sept. 4, 2010, now with revisions Jan. 25, 2015)


Previous Post about the Mr. Timberfell Contest Event to be held next on August 7-9, 2015, at Timberfell Lodge near Greeneville, TN, actually near the North Carolina border and gateway to the Appalachian Mountains.)

Come out to the woods and get naked, my friends. The weekend of August 7-9, 2015, is the annual Mr. Timberfell Competition.

Tucked deep in a hollow of the Southern Appalachians is Timberfell Lodge, a paradise for men seeking either solitude or camaraderie with their gay brothers and where inhibitions are shed as easily as clothing…

What is There to Do at Timberfell?

After breakfast and conversations lingering over fresh-brewed coffee, guests head for the pool, hike the gentle or more demanding trails circling the lodge property, or do nothing at all. This is when camaraderie is strongest and new friendships are forged. If the thought of getting dirt on your dock siders or having your hair mussed by tree branches drives you crazy, there are a number of alternatives to a wilderness walk.

Swim in the large, 20′ by 40′ heated clothing-optional pool or simply watch while sunbathing. Relax in the steam room or redwood sauna. Towels are provided for guests’ convenience while at the pool.

You can to relax in a heavenly 20-man sauna or “plunk” on the oversized porch and watch the sun setting between the mountains. There are some music / party/ dance events planned (clothing required), as well as the special activities around the Mr. Timberfell Competition, with a Benefit Mixer (free drinks with $5 donation) on Sat. Aug 8, from 2-4pm. Followed by the main event, the Mr. Timberfell Pageant later that evening.

Some CMNM events that could possibly be held at Timberfell, although they are not sponsored or endorsed by the lodge, but are privately organized by the some of the Mr. Timberfell Weekend attendees. Moreover, there are multiple acres of property and enough private areas (sauna) where CMNM interactions can occur. Some special events like strip poker, truth and dare, costume parties and role plays are planned during this Mr. Timberfell weekend, August 7 - 9. Plus, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the natural environment and the gay men's social events arranged for the weekend.

SPECIAL EVENT: Saturday, August 8, 2015, Annual Mr. Timberfell Competition and Benefit Mixer,

Last year’s competition was the HOTTEST ever with more than 15 men competing for cash, lodging prizes and the coveted title of Mr. Timberfell. This a big weekend with great parties and music.

A benefit event, the Leather and Cocktails Charity Mixer, will be held from 2-4pm on August 14, entrance $5 donation, free drinks, silent auction, and music by Ft. Lauderdale DJ, Dr. D.

There are variety of accommodations from primitive camping to cabins or bunkbed dorm rooms. Book early to get your choice of rooms. Meal plans are available the including breakfast and dinner.
Beer is available for purchase or bring your own wines and hard liquor.
Interested contestants call our office or email Timberfell for details at their site:

Timberfell Lodge

Driving address: 2240 Van Hill Road, Greeneville, TN 37745 (actually about 2 miles or less from the US 81 interchange, north on Baileyton Rd).

Mailing address: 1416 Baileyton Main St, Greeneville, TN 37745
Paragraph Indent

Contact us by Phone or Fax:
Lodge: (423) 234-0833
Fax: (423) 234-8512
Toll-Free: (800) 437-0118

Location: Timberfell Lodge (Bailyton, TN, not far from Greeneville, TN)

Timberfell Lodge (and Campground) is located about 65 miles further east from Knoxville off of Interstate Hwy 81. So it's about a 4-hour from Nashville, and roughly more or less 4 hours from Atlanta, Georgia or Charlotte, North Carolina. If driving, take Interstate 81 South to Exit 36 (Baileyton/Greeneville). Then drive north on Route 172 toward Baileyton to the Shell Station Truck Stop. From the truck stop, travel 2 mile, turn right at wide gravel drive, proceed through gate, follow driveway all the way to the main lodge approximately 3/4 mile.

Actual address: 2240 Van Hill Road, Greeneville, TN 37745

Contact Club CMNM Event Organizer at: sunbunz (@)
Club CMNM Events:
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My Tribe Blog

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:
or ]

[From: atitlan on his ymna2 yahoo group]

Strip poker is a CMNM / CFNM / CMNF game that has inspired millions of teens and adults alike to 'bare it all' for the sake of fair play and fun. There must also be a cultural aspect to such act... read more
Sat, May 30, 2015 - 12:20 AM permalink - 0 comments
[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:
or ]

From: Adam Pollard submitted to (from the Erotic Story Archive)

Subject: Butt doctor

Most men merely endure their occupations, never really finding their particular niche. Others, like myself, manage to find a profession that
... read more
Sat, May 30, 2015 - 12:17 AM permalink - 0 comments
[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:
or ]

An original story distributed on [Public Naked Guys] on Yahoo Groups on June 5, 2009
By Bucklebuddy

Isn’t it great when life presents us a chance to live out one of our fantasies in real life? Well that happened to me just la... read more
Thu, May 28, 2015 - 9:59 PM permalink - 0 comments
[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:
or ]

An original story as retold by an anonymous user on the JUB Forum - (Topic: cmnm) posted on June 11, 2008

There was this guy, George, in the room across the hall from me in the dorms. He is such an exhibitionist. He was always walkin... read more
Thu, May 28, 2015 - 9:02 PM permalink - 0 comments
[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:
or ]Male-Male

Flashing with A Buddy: Combining CMNM with Flashing

An original story (whether it is a true personal experience only the author can say) by Thorn. Posted on Yahoo Grou... read more
Sat, May 23, 2015 - 7:59 PM permalink - 0 comments
[You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post on either:

Originally uploaded by guys2ncmnm

This is just a sample but still important earlier post to the Guys into CMNM blog. We are trying to make this blog a GROUP effort, but we need to decide on some basic guide... read more
Sat, May 23, 2015 - 2:27 AM permalink - 0 comments
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Something about Kelly - Sunbuns

about me
For me, Tribe is an alternative adult community for expressing the social consciousness of my full identity. In the real world, I'm self-bound (many would argue this point) to NOT disclose my complete identity, particularly the complex sexual one. So the persona you find in me here is a subset of my real self, yet in other ways, this Kelly is a much deeper and broader view of my complete identity, which must remain for now partly submerged and hidden from most of the people in my existence. Sad but true.. and perhaps, in fact, how we all exist anyway.

serious but romantic, sensual and candid, self-challenging and generous, comfortable with myself but eager to grow and change, good at giving pleasure and reluctant to take something without working for it, indulgent and critical, warm-hearted but wise - poetic yet pragmatic
not looking to hook up -- that's too selfish - but always interested in a soul-mate - not simply a lover
You are not connected to Kelly
want to grow your network?
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My JUB Feed - Click the JUB site link
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Sat, May 23, 2015 - 7:42 PM permalink getting closer and closer. When they were almost...
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Sat, May 23, 2015 - 2:11 AM permalink This is just a sample but still important earlier post to the Guys into CMNM blog. We are trying to...
Sat, May 16, 2015 - 6:53 PM permalink
image_122963 ( Originally uploaded by guys2ncmnm ( ...
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The next scene did almost cause me have a have a heart attack. There at the bottom of the drive just a foot away were my family, my mother and father...
Sat, May 9, 2015 - 7:01 PM permalink I was totally shocked. I wanted to cry how could my parents accept this. Then I...
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Tommy's Only Crime Was That He Was Cute...
Tue, May 5, 2015 - 6:30 PM permalink
The bear-cop was playing with Tommy's cute ass. But then he felt a searing burning and splitting...
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Sat, May 2, 2015 - 11:47 PM permalink
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Guys into CMNM: one of my blogs

originally published at Guys into CMNM
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Otoko-Gay Blog

originally published at 男 Otoko -The Japanese Male
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Lastest Stuff: Travel / News / Events

Travel Itinerary Winter / Spring 2014-2015

Dec. 23-28 Trip to Bali (via Singapore)

Possible trip to Hawaii (Honolulu and Big Island) Feb. 12 - 21, 2015
Possible trip to US (visit home), Europe March 14-30

Summer 2014
I departed for The Big Island of Hawaii from August 11 - 15,
then visited my family in KY from August 16-24 by way of Atlanta.
I stopped in Honolulu on August 24 for one night before heading back.


If I'm organizing any CMNM events, you can see details at:
go to our blog: Guys Into CMNM at:
or JUB Groups: CMNM

See alternate CMNM schedule events at:

Wanted: CMNM (clothed male / naked male) enthusiasts, guys into underwear and gear fetish, guys into primitive, tribal, and ethnic attire, nudist buddies, scuba diving buddy, outdoor naked recreation partners, travel buddies, dickflashing, naked dare partners, camping or hiking groups

I'd love to hear from anyone into CMNM (clothed male naked male) scenes / nudism / nudist / naturist / dickflash / exhibitionist / voyeur / flashing / public sex / freeballing / exposing / expose / dares / public nudity / outdoor sex / toys / dildos / gloryholes / tearoom sex / toilet cruising / nude camping nude hiking / commando / cottaging / dogging

My Flickr id:

Here is a list of most all of my blogs, groups, and profiles:

Among them, my favorites are: (hardtwoholed Gmail) (hidetoo Yahoo) (garxon19 Gmail) (seefallus Gmail)

My general 'central' blogs: Kelly's Second Life
Travels with Sunbuns

My gay erotic blogs and sites are:
My Travel with Sunbuns blog:

A major interest recently is CMNM Guys into Clothed Men / Naked Men Scenes

There are smaller ones on Facebook and JUB:
Facebook Guys into CMNM Fan Page:
CMNM Dudes

JUB Groups: CMNM
See the Club CMNM (event calendar) at:

We also have a blog devoted to CMNM
Contributing articles and blog entry is welcomed.
Guys Into CMNM is our blog, devoted to Clothed Male / Naked Male experiences
Related Tumblrs:

Note: Most of these are open to anyone. However, for some, you won't see much until you sign-up (free) to join. If you do join, please don't be just a lurker, fill in your profile, add a photo or avatar, introduce yourself, and contribute something: media (photos or video, links, blogs (most of these you can add a RSS feed so that your current blog can be shared with members - without having to re-write or create a new blog); however, that would be appreciated too.

For a more or less complete list of all the CMNM groups (including those I belong to or have created), you can find out more at our CMNM wikispaces page. Check out the Web Resources section.

I've started these blogs and groups as a cooperative or collaborative projects. They includes stories and experiences (both mine and from others). including photos and a few links and resources. There is also some discussion about the role of nudity in male sexual and social development.
If you'd like to contribute, please send me an email with your story (illustrative photos are appreciated too).
I can also make you a blog 'team' member if you'd like to contribute more often.

Nowadays, the cooperative part of the CMNM project occurs within the bounds of the Guys Into CMNM Social Networks

Dudesnude: sunbuns99
JUB: sunbuns99

Other gay social networking sites:
Yahoo IM: hardtwoholed
Dlist: seefallus
GayWatch: sunbuns
Manjam: sunbuns seefallus
Hard Buddies sunbuns99
HardHornyMe: sunbuns

My other blogs:

Interracy: Gay Inter-racial Sex and porn

A Father's Pride and Joy: For young and older into Daddy-Son scenarios

My Porn Blogs Around The Web

My Tumblr Blogs or see entire list at: (hardtwoholed Gmail) (hidetoo Yahoo) (garxon19 Gmail) (seefallus Gmail)
My Interests:

scuba diving snorkeling world travel eco tourism cooking photography underwater photography orchids cactus volleyball aikido ethnic music musicals opera dance ballet US politics and international news and politics real estate

Naked camping, nude beaches and nude outdoor activities "au naturel" along with scuba diving are some of my favorite leisure pasttimes, but NOT the only ones. I travel a lot, and while doing so, love to cruise gay beaches worldwide when I'm not enjoying the cultural or natural environments, the latter are really my true passions. Sex and/or romance may be important, but it IS NOT the completely dominant theme of my life.

As you can probably tell by the tone and content of my message here, I am not looking for a relationship of any special or limiting sort except true friendship. I like sex, of course, but by far there are much more important ways to appreciate one's fellow man than by simply fucking/sucking and by emotionally screwing each other over than what the typical male (probably especially the typical gay male) knows or can even comprehend.

To keep things simple, basic, and just primitive, I would love to meet up with guys who just want to get naked in public or challenge other (and photograph it) to naked male dares.

Let's hook up for a hot scene on the beach, or camp out naked, or hike nude together in the great outdoors or I am equally at ease enjoying a meal - one that we cook together is even better, or take in an event (museum, concert, street fair, etc) together (these cultural events are NOT in the nude, well - probably not)).
Just talking and enjoying a view of the beach, mountains, or urban city street is also a good experience too.
I am not always a horny bastard -- I supremely enjoy nature but also the arts, cultural events, travel, discussion, ethnic food and music and more.

Recently, I've started writing more (or at least collecting my posts into a themed journal on my blogs: (log-in require)

E-mail addresses (I check the first one (Gmail) daily.

sunbunz (at)
Y! :

Y! IM: hardtwoholed (Yahoo Chat)
RECON: sunbuns sunbuns99
Adam4Adam: sunbuns

Iphone apps I use for gay social networking:
Radar.Adam4adam web app

Guys Into CMNM (blogspot)
My main CMNM blog and gateway to the CMNM Social Network
Links to all my Net profiles, sites, blogs
- A casual self-reflective, spontaneous blogging place for me
My CMNM blog was deleted once but Google re-instated it, So I started another blog
You can also find links here to various CMNM blogs and groups.
Travel with Sunbuns (also available on Tumblr - see below)
Nude travel, outdoor naked recreation, FKK - mine and others
Just Us Boys Sunbuns99 blog, profile, and gallery
My longest running 'gay' profile and blog (newly updated 4/2012)
Sunbuns99 on
my Dudesnude profile
Facebook profile (changed temporarily)
You must be a Facebook friend to view all (sunbuns on FB will return later perhaps)
Follow me (or my alternate: CMNM ) on Twitter Profile (also an iPhone webapp)
- must have permission (be a member) to view X-rated pix
Mobile Guys Into CMNM network site
The newest version of my Guys Into CMNM networks for mobile phones
Homoerotic Antics - my public tribe on
For those interested in Situations and scenes where males, either friends, buddies or strangers, engage in homoerotic behaviors,
Nude Travels with Sunbuns-> Now called Naked Travels
- my personal nude travels, FKK, and nudism blog on Tumblr
Twinkaholic (blog) - was deleted on 12/01/2011 by Google; see alt:
Addicted to teen gays also at
Erotic adventures of a breeder-gone-'wilde' (a la Oscar) - That's me
Kelly's Third Leg - Misc photos that get me going or topics I find stimulating
InterRacy - Inter-racial gay sex (blog)
Interracial gay sex (blog) also at
The Spirit is Willing but the Flash is Weak, day and night.
Male-to-male flashing, exposed in public, and gay exhibitionists (blog)
My Dad is Queer (blog)
-- a gay dad's filial fantasies - daddy and his boy stuff at:
Father's Pride
_a gay dad's fantasies about his son
Guys Into CMNM (mashup site of various social networking tools)
Adhoc social network site for Guys into CMNM
CMNM Web Resources
Collected Links to various CMNM Net resources
Otoko-Gay (blog)
My blogspot devoted to Japanese and Asian gay men or at:
Bum Boiz
Check out the replacement for Butt Boiz (now deleted)
Alternative CMNM site that I created by combining parts of various sites
Includes links to separate units, e.g. mobile group, tumblr, blog, JUB group, etc
Hentai Passions (photo blog)
- join to contribute your own photos and stories (also at:
Sunbuns99 Links on Delicious
- not updated recently -
Manhunt profile
My profile on Manhunt

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My YouTube Video

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Guys Into CMNM Tumblr

An original story as retold by an anonymous user on the JUB Forum - (Topic: cmnm) posted on June 11, 2008
There was this guy, George, in the room across the hall from me in the dorms. He is such an

exhibitionist. He was always walking around his room naked or in his briefs and such. One day I walked down the hall after class and he was coming out of the communal shower at the end of the hall with only a towel on. We walked the length of the hall together and he told me to drop off my books and then come on him and keep him company. I tossed the books in my room and came over to his room. He was the only one there tho he did have a room mate. He invited me to have a seat on his bed on his side of the room. We chit-chatted about our day and he filled his sink with water and put shaving cream on his face and started shaving as we talked. 

At some point he removed the towel from around his waist to wipe his face and continued talking while standing there looking into the mirror to shave with me sitting on his bed next to him at about cock level. He had the nicest, cleanest, cut, dangly cock hanging there. It was bent outstretched over the roundness of his balls. I could practically count the hairs of his pubes. He put his face up close to the mirror and was checking out his face with his hands and his cock slid along the white enamel of the sink and I could see the pores stretching open and pressed

under the pressure of the movement. The scar line of his circumcision was darker than the rest of the shaft and zigzagged a few times under the underside before straightening into an equator around the rest of it. His piss slit opened and closed from the pressure of his body pressing against the porcelain and stretching it open and closed. I couldn’t tell if he was tempting me or if he was just so casual at being naked that he didn’t it a second thought. He combed through his head hair, brushed his teeth, flossed and did all of his preening with me sitting within 3-4 feet answering his questions and throwing in an occasional comment of my own. He then put his feet on the rim of the sink one at a time and trimmed his toe nails. His ass was so close on occasion that I could have kissed it as he swiveled and turned to get his foot at the correct angle for trimming. 

The muscles of that ass stretched and moved and I could see the fuzz of it broadening and

disappearing into the crack between the two great muscle masses. I could see his ball sack from the back and the tip of his cock hanging just past them as he worked on the other foot. He then turned with his back to the sink and stretched his neck trying to look into the mirror to check out his shoulders for zits and such. 

As he did this he thrust his pelvis forward with his cock sticking way out and the hairs broadened and his cock sprung forward and up. The pores of the head of it were rougher and more ridged than the shaft. the hairs disappeared into the valleys of wrinkles in his ball sack. They were much fewer in number than the pubes above the shaft which made a beautiful orb to each side of that shaft. I was mesmerized watching his most prized private parts up so close and so natural in

their movements and sat there with my own cock hard and fighting for space in my jeans and tighty whities. Then he toweled himself a bit more and lifted his ballsack in a few last swipes of the towel. He reached over to the desk and picked up a pair of jogging shorts and slipped them on before sitting on his desk chair facing me and pulling on his tennis shoes. As he rocked from side to side tieing them I could see up the pant legs of his shorts and appreciate the tug of the fabric against his member and the power his man meat had to push back against the fabric. 

As he stood he pulled on a tee shirt and invited me to go get a coke with him. We walked out the door 

together like we do everyday and we walked across the campus to the sub. But this time I watched for the bounce of his cock in his shorts. I checked out his crotch each time he readjusted himself in his chair. I loved seeing the shape of his cock and balls against the stretch of the fabric and ogled every hair and the texture of his ball sack when it ventured out from the confines of the pant legs. What puzzled me was that he was a preacher’s kid. I didn’t know if he was like this at home or if it was because he was finally out where he could do his own thing and if it was all innocence or if he was some how showing it all off to me because he knew how much I was enjoying it. Regardless I would fall for the little show often and soon had all of his little moles and blemishes memorized and saw his cock in every state of being and shape it had. Yes he even had an erection or three that I didnt know if he were showing off to me or if he was simply unaware that I was looking at and just being himself with. I sure wanted to see, touch and feel all of him. But I am far too reserved for all of that. 

Although we did shower together from time to time in the communal shower, he no doubt knew what he had to compete with. I would really love to see old Elrod naked again and perk him up like this memory has done to me.

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An original story (whether it is a true personal experience only the author can say) by Thorn. Posted on Yahoo Groups: on January 10, 2008.

I didn’t know Eric that well. He was the brother of two girls that I knew and I would meet him occasionally with them. He was about 18 years old at the

time, quite sexy in a boy-next-door way. On this particular occasion there was a big group of us and Eric and I were sat together at one end. We started talking about cars. We talked about cars we lusted after. Cars we owned and cars that we had driven. It was then that the conversation took an interesting turn. Eric explained that he had been driving on the main road south when his car had broken down. He had had a puncture and had to stop to change it. In the process he explained his trousers had split completely.

 At this point I noticed he was glancing at me as if testing my reaction. I found it difficult not to look too eager! The vision of Eric with his underwear, or more, showing through split trousers was quite exciting. It appeared Eric was enjoying telling me the story. There was more. Eric went on to explain how he took off the torn trousers and replaced them with another pair from his overnight bag adding, as if I had forgotten: “I was standing right beside the main road in a pair of briefs”. Again he was watching my face intently as though looking for clues to my interest. “Did anyone see you?” I asked. 

“Yeah,” Eric laughed, “a couple of cars hooted their horns - one was a minibus full of lads going to a football match!” “Sounds like you enjoyed it,” I replied. “Yea, I did,” Eric replied. Having established that he liked the thought, I said “sounds good to me”. There wasn’t much more that I felt I could say when we were sat in the group and it would become obvious that we were getting interested in each other. “Come and see my computer,” I said standing up and heading out of the room. Eric followed. “I think the most daring thing I did with a car, was to drive round the block wearing nothing but a T-shirt,” I said as soon as we were out of earshot. “Wow,” said Eric, adding, 

“I wish I had been there!” “Yeah, that would be fun,” I said. “Dare you,” Eric said. I looked at him to see if he was serious. He was. “OK, you’re on. But you have to do it too,” I replied. “OK,” said Eric. “Can’t be tonight with these people here,” I pointed out. Eric agreed. “Tomorrow,” Eric said. “OK,” I replied with my cock jumping to attention at the thought.

We went into my room and sat down at the computer. “What other daring things have you done?” said Eric. I pointed to the window of my room which looked out on the street. “I sometimes stand there naked,” I said. Eric went over to the window and looked out on the street. 

To my amazement, he unbuckled and unzipped his jeans letting them fall to the ground. Leaving them round his ankles he pulled his briefs down. His dick was superb. Slightly hard, but smooth and with a sweet foreskin. Under that I reckoned the tip looked slightly moist. Eric was getting harder and peering along the street. I stood up and walked over. I looked from behind Eric and saw why he was getting excited. Along the street were coming two really cute lads about our age in football shorts. Eric was stroking his dick now and I stood behind him making as if to hold him in the window so he couldn’t chicken out. The guys were

getting closer and closer. When they were almost right outside, Eric started to back away from the window so he wouldn’t be too obvious, but he continued stroking his now hard dick. The first guy glanced at the window and his eyes locked on to Eric who was still stroking. 

He nudged the other guy who turned round and both stared. At that point Eric exploded with a shudder. The two guys looked approving and one gave the thumbs up, before walking on. Eric was breathing heavily. “Wow!”, I said, that was amazing that got me really horny. “Your turn,” said Eric. I looked along the street and there was another guy walking along the street. I dropped my jeans and briefs and started stroking. Suddenly I became aware that Eric was snuggling up behind me and his hand was now reaching round and stroking my cock, which

was now rock solid. The guy was really cute with longish blond hair a white T-shirt and white shorts. I stayed at the window as long as I dared, then backed away as Eric had. 

Again the guy glanced round and locked a stare on the window when he saw me with Eric massaging my now rigid tool. His jaw dropped as he stared and stared, slowing his walk right down to get a good look. It was too much for me, too, and i came. They guy in the street gave a half smile and a sheepish thumbs up and walked on. We cleaned up and returned to the group, having arranged to meet up as planned the next night for our dare.

Male-Male Flashing with A Buddy: Combining CMNM with Flashing
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Play Time.

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Kelly asked me if I might want to contribute to this blog, and because of that, I started to think of what was my first CMNM experience. I’m a 20 year old Norwegian student, by the way, but this happened the summer four years ago.

It all happened by coincidence. I was at a small get-together at a friend’s place - a barbeque. We were six guys wearing shorts and t-shirts and enjoying the sun in the garden. The food was great and the beer (which we were actually too young to drink - by law) was also getting us in a good mood. One of my friends (his name was Martin), was telling a story and waving his hands when suddenly he happened to knock his beer into my lap. My shorts got soaked. He was very sorry, but offered to wash it for me, and, almost without thinking, I just pulled it off and let him walk away with it. I had been naked with these guys lots of times, in the locker rooms at school, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I had never been naked while they were dressed. And at the same time, it dawned on me that there were houses nearby with windows facing this garden, which meant that I could be seen by strangers as well.

Obviously, this situation wasn’t lost on the other guys either. They started to make all sorts of comments on the situation, including claiming (for no apparent reason) that I would not be able to get a hard-on in two minutes with all of them looking at me. This turned into a bet, which I won easily…

Actually, the evening ended with all of us going to a nude beach - I guess my nudity inspired them. However, what I remember most is the sensation of being the only one naked, with the attention I got because of it. Later, I’ve been naked with clothed people several times, and it tends to feel good. Clearly, there is some exhibitionism in this, partly there is also some love of being naked in nature, but there is also something else which is harder to pinpoint.

(And, by the way, later I found (the good way) that two of the five friends - in addition to me - were gay.)

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Submit your own WNBR pictures

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Where is belongs….and he knows it

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 image_122963 Originally uploaded by guys2ncmnm

This is just a sample but still important earlier post to the Guys into CMNM blog. We are trying to make this blog a GROUP effort, but we need to decide on some basic guidelines and procedures so that we won’t run into problems later – either with Google (owner of Blogger) or Yahoo (owner of Flickr) or worse - among ourselves.

There are photos in the 3 first posts below but where they come from makes a big difference. This first one (the naked kid snuggling the crotch of the leather vested guy on the kitchen chair) is hosted on Flickr and was blogged from my photostream collection there. The next two entries have photos that were uploaded directly into the Blogger editor (where you can create, compose and edit (making corrections, adding links or importing photos from a PC or from someone on the web).

In the case of this first photo, it was not imported to Blogger - but instead it was ‘blogged’ from Flickr (rather like 'shipping it over from one website to another via RSS). I have made this photo a public Flickr photo. It was uploaded into a new Flickr account from where

it was directly blogged - which is a handy utility. Pics and blog text can be written, composed, copied as HTML from other sources or even mailed indirectly into the blog (via Flickr) and in that latter case, there are some filtering/censorship and Yahoo/Blogger TOS (terms of service) issues to consider. I discuss this a bit below because it’s relevant to whether we are going to include pictures (that may be questionable) in this blog or not.

Why I made the photos public? Because that’ s the only way one can blog it to a 'public’ Blogger (owned by Google) blog. If we make the blog for INVITED friends only, then the Flickr photos need not be public, but can be private (viewable) by friends only.

The other photos in the Thorn stories below were uploaded directly from my hard disk - so censorship insures are not a problem - except if Blogger (Google) decides to crack down.

By the way, you can also blog photos and text using email or even a cell phone - which makes moblog or copy/paste blogging much more convenient but also creates a whole set of issues about copyright ownership and restricting access to minor, censorship of pornographic photos.

Using email (via Flickr) to blog pics and text (along with the title (email subject), the text is the body of the email message and can also include tags and permission codes by sending an email a PC, web-based email service (Yahoo or Gmail) or from a cellphone is great. A single file attachments (jpeg) to the email will be displayed in the blog entry (like the one here). More about that later (if you want to know).

To send a post to this blog, Mail some text and with subject (title) to:  (inquire for address)

(If you include an attached photo (jpeg) file, it will be added to the blog as an illustration to accompany the text (body of the message) with the SUBJECT made into the blog entry title.

The explicit photo problem is a bit tricky. If we make the blog 'private - for Friends only - no one can just casually browse by the blog or be directed to it without actually having to SIGN up (or first must be invited as a Blogger Blog 'friend’ ) Please note that these 'Blogger Friends’ have NO relation (although they might be connected or one in the same) with those who are 'Friends’ ( Contacts who can view private pics) in Flickr.

So…then we are right back to the same problem that we face by trying to 'internally’ keep up with CMNM information inside the limits of some else’ s (such as Dudenudes, MySpace (and its gay counterparts (Lifeout / Dlist / Gaywatch) or on something like Facebook.

The solutions are several possibilities:

1) just chance it - and if the blog (or the pics where the original — along with that Flickr id: guysN2cmnm ) gets deleted by Flickr (more than likely) or Google (probably not), then so be it. or 

2) We can just NOT post any explicit photos (such erect penises, or sex acts, etc) - just sensual male nudity.

3) We can use altered / doctored photos - only those with blacked out gentitalia or pics that have been chopped or edited - which is a lot of extra work but probably the best compromise.

4) Try some other HOST service for what we are trying to do: Create a permanent source of information and place to discuss our sexual lifestyle preferences and practices related to Clothed Men with Naked Men (CMNM).

The Blogger / Flickr connection is nice - while free, it obviously has its share of limitations. So it may not be the best 'solution’ - perhaps there are others: Yahoo360 or other blog services (most cost money for such premium services as mobile blogging), Yahoo Groups might work, but the audience is so limited (private groups never get found), etc.

What do you think about this issue? I can already think of several more. For example, if we allow explicit photos, then do we require that they be copyrighted by the poster? It’s an endless set of problems.. I can definitely see why being a webmaster can be a very time-consuming, tedious and contentious job.

Is it important - well, sort of… the nature of what kind of blog and information resource we will create (and can expect other to use/join) depends on how useful, accessible and resource-rich the webHOSTing service is that will house it.

Write me back on Dudesnude or at sunbunz (at)

Otherwise, someone who stumbles across this and wishes to participate, should contact me via another of my own blogs: Thanks,


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originally published at Guys Into CMNM
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