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Guys Into CMNM, new Ning community continues to grow

   Fri, November 14, 2008 - 7:53 PM
In September, I experimented with the social network-building site called Ning. So I have created a Guys Into CMNM Ning community. You are invited to join it. We're interested in active participants.

It's a private group - only members can see inside the Ning community. Currently, there are over 220 members and 2-3 new guys apply each day. Filling in a questionnaire is required for membership. (It's free to join - of course) But please add your profile photo or icon/avatar, and tell us something about yourself (or link to your Flickr or another web profile).

See a screen shot of the site:

It has some features that might make it interesting for members of this Flickr CMNM Group.

1) personal profile page (free form design - add-on applications and page elements including, text, files, HTML, scripts, RSS /Atom feeds, photos, videos, widgets and gadgets). There are shared (pooled) photos and video galleries.

2) Upload photos (or import your Flickr sets directly) - make them available for friends only or open to all in this Ning.

3) Videos can be uploaded (or shared from other video-sharing sites by embedding the code).

4) Text chat and I've also added a webcam chat feature. (Check out the Menu Tabs across the top to see the various features available).

5) Discussion board, Event schedule, Groups (sub-groups with this Ning community), blogs, content-rich RSS feeds, notices by email, and more.

NOTE: There is some possibility of getting some 'live' CMNM events going. The initial survey asks about your interest in doing so. Specific geographic groups could target a time and place for setting up live CMNM events or off-line get-togethers.

Another small advantage of using Ning would be the fact that your photos would be 'safe' online if Flickr deletes your account. However, the photo section of Ning is not as versatile as or as useful as Flickr's.

You can also access this Ning from a link (badge) on my Guys Into CMNM blog.



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