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Where can you post naked photos of yourself (beside Tribe) for friends only?

   Sat, May 29, 2010 - 9:22 PM
[One of my new gay (online) friends asked me where he can post nude photos of himself so that only I and his other gay friends can view them. Here is my lengthy reply. ]

One thing you may not know is that: IT ONLY MATTERS WHERE YOUR NUDE PICS ARE HOSTED. Japan does not block outside sites (at least most ISP companies in Japan do not). Your blog was hosted on Blogger so the photos were not kept in Japan but were stored on Google's own web servers in the U.S.
It is not a crime to post naked photos of yourself that do violate international legal standards when the photos are not physically stored on Japanese host web servers.

BLOG Privacy versus SITE PRIVACY

Your 'Out There' blog was not private at all; however, it was also not really possible to find it without seeing the URL in some profile of yours.
Blogger does not password protect blogs but you can make them for 'members only'.
However, you can make it completely private and only allow specific people to view it by sending them an invitation by email.

There may be other blog sites such as LiveJournal, Wordpress and Typepad (or others) where you can set up a password protection for members only.

There are plenty of gay sites where a viewer would first have to become a member (usually free) before he can actually see your profile or any pics on it. I have shown some examples of such sites below: such as Dudesnude or Manjam or GayWatch or EMAIL: One thing that I do is to have completely SEPARATE email accounts for my married, straight father / professor self, and another completely set of email accounts for my 'gay' self.

I think you're mixing up the two of them - which is perfectly for today's young people. We are older and part of an established institution would not be so happy to have our 'gay' identities shown to everyone.

So I suggest you to make a 'gay/bisexual-only' email account and to use it solely when sending email and logging on to gay sites.

Also, there is a benefit of using email which is already part of a securely encrypted mail server: NOTE* the URL for a site: https://
Google email uses such a system. The 'extra' s after http <--- means that it has better security. Sending naked photos through email isn't a good idea since copies of the photo may be left on it. While most people don't ever look at 10,000 of emails every week (or day), there might be someone who could do so. If you are using a secure mail system, then all the files and email messages are encrypted and the image or words cannot be seen as copies left over on the server. -------------------

My Blogger blogs (Google):

I can also make you a contributor (member) of one of my blogs so that you can upload photos or write message/texts.

It will probably be best if you used a different email address that the one you are using for your work, family, and 'straight' friends.

Tell me what email address is. It's probably not good to use the one we are communicating with now but it displays your full name.

0) Of course, you can post naked photos of yourself here on, but (as far as I can see) 'free' members cannot limit who can actually view them. Click the link to see my p

In fact, most members (free or paid) may not know that they can have a blog, and a gallery of up to about 200 photos. Click the JUB link above to see my profile, blog and gallery.

1) There are quite a few places where you can upload nude photos.

Probably the best place is Flickr
It is easy to use and you can set the privacy for your photos - at four different levels for EACH photo: public (anyone can see), friends only, family one, friends and family, and completely private.

You have to create a Yahoo account. Also, you can only upload 200 photos but that's a lot of naked pics.

I can send you an invitation to see some of my naked photos on Flickr: It will come from one of my several Yahoo accounts: hardtwoholed

Here is my Flickr account:
YOU CANNOT see anything until you sign up and also change your SETTINGS so that you can look at sexual content.

Here is another Flickr account:

(There are no naked ones of me in there) So the account is considered 'safe' by Flickr (owned by Yahoo). If your post a nude photo of yourself publicly, then Flickr will warn you and also will make your account labeled as 'unsafe.' Unsafe accounts cannot be viewed by just anyone - so that also helps protect your identity.

Actually, I have at least 5 Flickr accounts since I can only save 200 photos, I sometimes need more for other types of photos.

2) Goggle also has a similar site: Picasa (Google Photos for saving and sharing photos).
The photos you uploaded into your 'Out here' blog were uploaded also into a folder in the same Blogger account - but since you may have deleted it completely they might not be there anymore.
You can make each folder public or private. You can send invitations to people (like me) who will be able to view you private pics (but no one else can).

3). One site I enjoy is

It's not for just gay people - but there are all kinds of people from countries all over - but there are also a lot of men who are gay. In Tribe, you can create your own profile and add photos, a blog, and other stuff (pretty simple); you can also join (or create) your own tribe group - where members can share photos and have discussions privately. Only people you admit as 'friends' will be able to see your private photos (or the photos in a private group). There are many tribes that are related to sexual interests but NOT only those kind.

I will also send you an invitation to join (after I know what email address of yours I should use to invite you.)

You can see my profile here (but you can cannot see my own 'private' naked photos - until I make you my 'friend' on Tribe.

4) Inside some sites, you can upload some private photos and then only your 'friends' can view them.

There are both gay and non-sexual sites .. such as

A. - You are already a member of Webjam, and also one of my Webjam friends.

When you look at my webjam profile, you can see much. But when you log-in, you will be able to see see my naked photos which I have made for friends only (people who are 'members' of a webjam are 'friends.') See PHOTOS page (tab).

It's a little bit complicated to use Webjam, however. You have to make new pages and add new 'modules' - which are public, private, or for members only (friends).

Here is your own webjam profile:

(Webjam is very flexible and powerful too for creating useful social networking sites): I have webjam one several topics (You belong to at least one of them)

B. Glowfoto is another site where you can upload photos and then allow only friends to see them.
You cannot see my photos without knowing the password(s).
You can have a different password for each folder. I don't know what the limit for the number of photos, but it will allow you to upload a lot.

C. Facebook changed it's privacy policy about a year ago.
Now it's possible to upload photos that can only be seen by the specific people you allow. However, at this point, I do not trust Facebook to keep its word about this policy.
So far, I have not uploaded any naked photos of myself in Facebook.

But I really enjoy using it to stay in touch.

(of course, I also have another Facebook account for my 'real self' - the married college professor father)

D. There are plenty of gay sites and also quite a few iPhone applicationswhere you can create a profile and have public and private pictures.

You can see all my PUBLIC photos but not the ones I have made 'private.' There is a password that is needed in order to view those. There is a limit (about 25 I think) to the total number of photos you can upload on your DN (dudesnude) profile.

You can choose whether or not to allow this profile to be published or not, and which photos will be private or public. There are ten of thousands of members of from all over the world. So it's popular with the gay population.

Manjam is another site:

(You can't see all the photos until you log in).

OK.. that was MUCH more information that you probably needed or wanted to know.

Let me know your other (or bisexual/gay) 'email' address, then I can send you some invitations to view my hidden sites or photos.

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Mon, May 31, 2010 - 9:23 AM
other sites
There are other places you can post naked pics of yourself:

That last one isn't mainly about naked pics, but many people (like myself) post naked pics in the photo album.
Tue, June 1, 2010 - 6:25 PM
Thanks for the tips on more sites. There are, no doubt, plenty more.