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Non-traditional male attire and freeballing, peekaboo flashing

   Sun, July 16, 2006 - 7:59 PM
Although I am NOT judging the practice (wearing mesh shorts) - -because I wear those kinds of clothes myself, both at home and sometimes when I'm outdoors, I think it is euphemistic to call wearing see-thru and mesh clothing (without any outer garments) -- simply another form of "freeballing."

I guess it CAN be considered one form of freeballing but if you're not wearing anything to conceal your cock/balls or ass, then you are really just flashing (or partially exposing yourself). I call it 'peekaboo flashing' or semi dickflashing. I'm cool with it and enjoy seeing it (and even doing so myself).

Don't get me wrong I don't see anything wrong or perverted about it - it's great to see and fun to do, but I find it a bit funny that we seem to be ignore the fact that it really is more than just not wearing any underwear under your pants or shorts.

There would probably be a pretty large degree of difference between the intentions of a guy who just doesn't like the confinement of underwear and so never wears 'em (a purist freeballer), and the guy who enjoys the idea of getting his genitals seen directly or indirectly and hopefully appreciated, envied - if not downright, lusted after.

All that being said -- I believe it is perfectly possible to both a freeballer most or all the time and to also enjoy letting yourself be semi-exposed or to peekaboo flash. But I think there are lot of guys on this site who don't cross that line of distinction and maybe just don't want to accept it might be a continuum of the same tendency -- or maybe I'm just being naive.

I do think that being nude or semi-nude (in public) is as widespread a practice as freeballing. For example, just think of the enormous popularity of nude beaches (in some parts of the US, Canada and other places in the world) and also think of the 'Boys-Gone-Wild', Spring Break parties, Mardi Gras, etc.. where it seems people love to be naughty / get nasty and get naked when they are having a hell of good time (typically under the influence, I admit).

So after my little lecture -- please forgive the tone, I am also an avid nudist but feel some responsibility to protect the rights of those who do NOT want to be or who think freeballing is really something that is completely the opposite.
In any case, I am ready to contribute my own source for ordering provocative and erotic see-thru and sexy attire:

BodyAware has a wide assortment of underwear and swimwear in very erotic styles and designs for purchase online. Their clothese are of fairly decent quality, and pretty reasonable in cost. They ship everywhere and send out their merchandise quickly.

Their newest design for this summer is "The Ghost Collection" which is an assortment of flesh-colored, mesh underclothes. Amazing coincidence since we were just talking about mesh shorts.
I don't have any of that series myself (not yet anyway), but I have bought and used some of their earlier sheer and mesh designs on the beach and in other 'special' circumstances. Incidently, I really like their Wallace Skirt -- sort of a extra short short plaid kilt -- it really looks sexy but I'm just not sure where I'd find a place (or have the balls <grin>) to wear it. I own and wear a mountain hiking kilt (see another thread) but it is classy and quite a bit longer in length.
The Ghost collection is REALLY see-thru - photo below.

They also have some cool see-thru swimwear -- photo below.
Another online supplier of various underwear, swimwear and sports clothing - esp the erotic, intimate and sexy/see-thru styles is:
Hey, if you ARE doing to wear swimwear on the beach or need to wear underwear under your clothes, then you might as well make them as fun, sexy, attractive, and as comfortable as possible!
See their DIQ Bikini or Microfibre Lace-up Pant as examples from ABC Underwear:

ABC Underwear has some other types of clothing that look cool (on the beach - I guess most guys would not wear these anywhere esle - although you can in some parts of the world - and in Hawaii - off the beach too).

Though I haven't bought from ABC Underwear, I have my own sarongs and pareo, yukata and jinpe (Japanese traditional wrap around clothing for men), and African / Middle Eastern long shirts/gowns.

I love wearing a sarong on the beach and when I need to get off the beach for some quick shopping or errand, it a great wrap around. It is even more fun when you freeballing while wearing it.

I also have a nice long sheer lime-green pareo that looks great over a swimsuit or over mesh undershorts and simply feels great too with nothing underneath -- if you double up the material is NOT completely see-thru so you aren't blatantly flashing but the air flows through and it can silahouette your hips, legs and features, including your cock and ball nicely.
Below is me wearing my sheer pareo near Kehena, our local nude black sand beach.
The wind was up and I was readjusting the tie.

Enjoy -- see you in mesh, in nothing or whatever on the beach this summer!


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