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Leslie Lohman Gallery - Erotic Drawing Workshops - a fascinating experience with academic CMNM

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Months ago, I created a user-documented database using a Web 2.0 site called Wufoo. The point was to try to get readers of this blog and other CMNM sites to post their personally favorite locations worldwide where CMNM situations take place either naturally, accidentally, or deliberately. Not many people have responded. We're still in need of getting thousands of 'Naked Places for Clothed Men', but there have been some surprising revelations as a result so far. One of them is described below: the Erotic Drawing Workshops at the Leslie Lohman Gallery in New York City. The organizer may or may not appreciate getting some 'free' advertisement for the Workshops, but in this economic reality, I imagine he cannot complain too much.

CMNM Places
Name of the place: *
Leslie Lohman Gallery - Erotic Drawing Workshops
Select the type of location: *
Institution/Organization (university, club, etc)
Specific category (esp, if open / public / outdoor area)
Select a category (if outdoors)
Which is most likely to happen? *
Interaction between naked and clothed men
How do you know about this place? * I have been there many times.

Notes/Comment/Describe its CMNM possibilities:

This is an erotic drawing workshop where a model (normally a dancer or other very fit man) poses for others to draw. The models are of all types but generally very attractive and some of them get erect or even masturbate at the end of the session.

Despite the intense hotness of the situation, it is very businesslike. Participants' interaction with the model is very limited and touching is strictly forbidden. In a way that just makes it hotter. You don't have to be a great artist to participate, but some experience in life drawing is required. You do also have to bring the right supplies, at least make an effort at drawing, and not be a distraction to others. It's a lot of fun if you are into being a CM and can be respectful of what's going on.

You must be accepted into the program and have a reservation to attend. Call Bob Rosen at the
number below.


Leslie Lohman Gallery 26 Wooster Street New York,New York United States
Phone Number (if applicable)
(212) 431-2609
Web Site (if it exists)

The Erotic Drawing Workshop has five rules, which seem to be a good model for how a CMNM event might be organized. Obviously, since there may (or may not) be overt sexual behavior at other types of organized CMNM events (some of which I have attempted to set up and often discussed in blog entries here), there would likely have to be more than just 5 rules. Rules or guidelines addressing sexual behavior and the limits and bounds involved would have to be made clear with additional 'rules'.

The workshops are clearly academic sessions intended to help both novice and accomplished artists polish their skills in drawing human anatomy and the corresponding changes that occur when males (and possible females as well) are engaged in erotic behavior - either alone or in couples or groups.

Clearly not everyone is an artist, but there may be other forms that such artistic and academic endeavours might take that would draw upon various other skill set and aesthetic consciousness, such as 'naked chamber orchestra', musical composition workshops drawing upon nude male bodywork and instrumental use of the male human body, naked dance workshops, naked theatre workshops and nude poetry studios, and performance art installation studio that meld various aspects across multi-modal forms of artistic expressions while being centred about the role of human nudity and male sexual identity and behavior.

Note: This entry is also posted on my Kelly's Second Life (blog).

THE EROTIC DRAWING STUDIO HAS FIVE RULES. (from the Leslie Lohman website page).

1. Artists are asked to make a reservation by replying to the email announcement when they plan on attending a session. They should also let us know if their plans have changed and they must cancel the reservation.
2. No one may speak to the model, and there is to be no interaction between the artists and the model, when the model is ON the model stand, except the one in charge of directing the pose.
3. If an artist finds the model so alluring that he cannot concentrate on drawing, he may not simply sit and gape. He MUST at least PRETEND to draw.
4. Each artist must clean up after himself, i.e., if you have left pencil shavings on the floor, please sweep them up.
5. Photography is not permitted unless a special prior arrangement is made with the studio director and the model.

Perhaps there are members of the CMNM social networking sites or other interested, and

serious men, who might be interested in attending the Workshops described above. Someone in the New York City area should contact the Studio/Gallery organizer to see if a 'special' workshop session might be organized. Perhaps there are some of the current models who would be willing to participate in a CMNM event outside the normal 'rules' that the Gallery needs to impose.
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Wrestling naked: Is it male bonding, homoeroticism (CMNM), or just guys being athletic?

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Is wrestling - especially naked with your buddy or team mate a type of CMNM behavior that is for male bonding, homoeroticism, or just guys being athletic?

For me, thinking of nude wrestling brings back some powerful memories. It never started out as nude wrestling, but it often turned out to become that. A college buddy - who was supposedly straight and I would always get into a wrestling match after every time we got drunk -- it might be after a Saturday night's college party (we tended to give one or go to one every weekend), or it might be on Sunday afternoon when he and his girlfriend, my dorm mate (we had tiny private rooms) and I played cards and drank wine throughout the afternoon.

Eventually, as we got sotted, he and I would challenge each other to a wrestling match that always started in our underwear (I didn't freeball then like I do now). The object of the wrestling match often was to tear off the other guy's briefs. Our spectators just cheered us on and it is truly a wonder that I didn't get caught with my a big hardon because I really had a crush on him -- but it was more like I wanted to 'be' him than just be with him sexually. So that's what nude wrestling means to me .. it's kind of homoerotic, but it's about asserting your masculinity or manhood in a strange kind of way and bonding physically with another guy - -whether he's gay or str8t doesn't really matter. Actually, I can't really say I've ever had the same feelings toward a gay man and haven't actually wrestled a gay man in the nude -- I mean --- sex comes into the picture long before we get around to wrestling.

These events happened during my junior-year-abroad in France. Patrice was studying judo at the time so he would usually get the upper hand in our sweaty wrestling matches - so I didn't actually get to pull off his briefs or expose his cock very often -- maybe that's why I kept trying [grin.]When we had a party, I was typically the one who got the drunkest and acted rather strange (I came from a rather puritanical, family)- like taking off some or most of my clothes, or climbing trees and telephone poles. Patrice and his girlfriend were the ones who helped me get back home and I would find myself in my own bed without any clothes on later the night or the next morning.

I always really wondered which one of them enjoyed 'taking care' of Le Petit (as they used to call me). One of the hottest (and nostalgically regretful) memories for me about those wrestling days in university (in France) was the time after one of our more intense wrestling bouts that Patrice told me privately in the dorm kitchen (where his girlfriend and my roomie could not heard) that he wanted to fuck my ass: 'You know what? - I'd fuck you in the ass.' I just joked about it, and replied that there was no way he was going to get my ass, and then passed it off as if it were nothing but I dreamed for years about what would have happened if I had taken him more seriously.

It scared me because I knew how strongly I was attached to him emotionally and how much physically attractive he was. I had just come out to myself (and to other guy - my dorm mate). Shortly after that incident, our wrestling matches ended - perhaps from our having reached some kind of irrevocable turning point, and also it was about time for me to return home.

Another memory was the time that we all went out in early May to the beach (I was studying in Montpellier), I ended up getting one of the worst sunbuns I've ever had despite it being a partly cloudy spring day -- Patrice and his girlfriend brought me home, took off all my clothes (I was conscious but in great pain), and rubbed me with burn cream and kept me warm and with plenty of liquids -- if I had not been in so much pain I would have been excited beyond belief to have Patrice rubbing my body-- as it was I was scorched and grimacing in pain - nothing pleasurable about it. I visited him in France years later - he is married, has two children and teaches English in high school. At this point, we've sort of lost contact, but this posting brought back memories of those idyllic days.

If you like nude wrestling, frottage, Spartan love and then take a look at the full site (where the pic above is hosted).

P.S. Matt Damon stars the movie, The Good Shepherd. In it, you can see him doing some naked mud wrestling as part of a secret university club initiation rite. For more info and some screen captures, go to posting about it.

Scene from the Matt Damon film "The Good Shepherd". These CMNM scenes (nude mud wrestling and initiation ceremony in the Skull and Bones club) are not the main parts of the film, but do help explain some essentials of the story.
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CMNM at Parties: guys often get naked for their fellow party-goers

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Repressed Japanese men gone naked
Posted by: TokyoCherie on: April 27, 2009

In: Cherie's diary

From: Erikag59 on his CMNM google group

All over of the world and particularly during the college-age years when drinking alcohol seems to become the required form of activity in achieving social acceptance - especially in groups of male friends who have just become acquainted, the clothes come off after several bottles of beer de rigeur have been consumed. Later, these friends join clubs, fraternities, or just set up their own parties, where alcohol is the elixir of male camaraderie - which begats a whole new set of 'naked' antics. It is currently that time of year in Japan (the beginning of the school year - at colleges and universities nationwide), and since it is Easter, it's also in close proximity preceding or following Spring Break for many other campus communities worldwide.

Thanks to Erikag59 for sending out these photos to remind us of how nudity figures into the male culture of student university life. I'm sure many of you have similar experiences. Write in and tell us about When I was that age, I had a stark revelation -in both the meanings of the word. My strict Protestant parents had forbid me to drink (smoke, dance, play cards or have premarital sex too - of course - religion was a package deal for them -- all or nothing - intended to prevent one from sinning (LOL). Fortunately, that helped me avoid or curb most of the seven deadly sins, but it also stifled my social development to some degree as a high school teen.

Anyway, I dreamed of escaping these 'moral' restrictions. During my freshmen and sophomore years at the local state university, I lived at home, studied a lot and also worked part-time, so I was well behaved in their eyes. But when the opportunity to study abroad came up, I jumped at the chance to participate in the Junior Year Abroad program, choosing to spend 10 months at a university in southern France. Sure enough, one of the first memories is having an alcoholic drink (chantilly -a simple beer cocktail (draft beer mixed half & half with Seven-Up (or limonade as they called it there. ) It was delicious and slightly 'dangerous' and made a nice buzz. Later, I graduated to red wine and started attending (and helping organize) parties along with my new found French friends, and also other American / British students who were also studying as exchange students at the Faculte de Lettres (College of Humanities (Literature, Languages, and Arts).

To make a long story much much shorter, I would get drunk and start removed my clothes. Eventually, I would end up inebriated and either passed out or asleep and naked. Along the way, we would be playing the typical games and antics -- along with just some plain old full. Although was surely attracted to the men around, I had not actually ever had sex with a guy (except for one furtive blow job with another anonymous (and faceless) student in my university library back home. These photos - some of them - bring back memories. Others certainly conjure up fanatasies.

Some times I wonder how many of today's universit frat parties are just precursory semi-erotic experiences for younger guys who will later (or not) affectionately recall their naked antics in college life when they reach middle age. The big domestic news of the week was the arrest for public indecency of mega-star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi on Thursday. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is one of the most charismatic members of the SMAP boys band that has been popular for as long as I can remember (to be specific, 1990). Kusanagi was reportedly found nude at a park in 3am drunk, completely wasted.

I can’t believe it! I can’t believe that it is the biggest domestic news of the week since last Thursday and that most Japanese news stations would discuss this incidence ignoring the swine flu, He is called “crime suspect” and no one shows sense of humor. He has been criticized widely for his behaviour and dropped from commercials and advertisements by various corporate sponsors (for God sake, he just got drunk, that’s all!), his nudity picture cannot be found anywhere on the internet, no where to be seen!!!
getting drunk and stripping is not a peculiar behavior in Japan. Many Japanese men (not women lol) strip down to underwear when they get intoxicated.

The fourth point is most surprising to me. I have actually heard from my friends and family that they have seen such behavior in various places including college drinking parties, wedding after parties, and even in office parties! Apparently, these people habitually strip themselves when intoxicated.

For example, my friend’s boss is known for this behavior and, everyone in the company knows about it and whispers “he’s gonna get naked again tonight” every time there is an office social event. Another friend of mine was a member of golf club in university, where several members were regular strippers when it comes to drinking party (nomikai). For every drinking party (nomikai) there was, they would come prepared to get stripped, by wearing fundoshi, traditional Japanese underwear for adult males, made from a length of cotton and looks like a thong. It is certainly not an appreciated behavior for everyone, but people generally accept these strip shows in the basement.
Always for a laugh. At least, no body would report them for harassment!

What is up with this behaviour?
I asked my Japanese friends, my father (who has worked in a Japanese company for years) , and my sister (who went to Japanese university and has seen such strip boys) and they all gave me the same explanation, that they strip out of repression. These men are repressed in the Japanese society and they can only free themselves when they strip off their business suits and reveal their true self. Under family stress, school stress, work stress, social stress, and even stressed in dating scene, they can only release their frustration by stripping off their armor and show their peers who they are. You see, the point is that they strip in front of their peers, colleagues, team mates, or school mates, and not for strangers.

So… Kusanagi stripped in a park for the public, people who has been idolizing and worshiping him, hoping to liberate himself from repression. The most we can do for him, is to laugh and put the pictures up for the public eyes so he can relieve his stress.

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My first exhibition - An original story by Thorn

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[This story was originally posted on the Yahoo Group [thorngay] by Thorn.]

This is an absolutely true story of my first real exhibitionist experience. It was really hot.
I was with a bunch of guys who, for a laugh, decided to tie one of the group to a bench. They tied his arms and his legs to the bench and everyone had a good laugh. I remember being disappointed that no one took the opportunity to mess around with him, or get him naked.

I was feeling pretty horny, so I persuaded the guys to tie me to the bench. I had a thought that I could probably wriggle out of my jeans, and possibly more and make it look like I was just trying to escape.
I was tied to the bench and everyone was looking at me. I felt even more horny and I felt my dick getting hard.

I started writhing and wriggling in pretense of trying to get free and, sure enough, I could feel my jeans sliding down. The guys were still watching and joking. I wriggled and squirmed harder and felt the waistband of my jeans slipping slowly down my butt.

The guys were still watching, a little more intently I thought as the movement at the back translated into the revealing of underwear at the front. I was getting really horny now and wriggled more and more until the jeans were off my butt and half way down the growing bulge in my briefs.
The guys were by now even more intent and others were coming into the room to watch. Wow, what a turn on!

A little more wriggling and my jeans were down my thighs and my bulging briefs were in full view of about a dozen of my teenage mates. Their eyes were popping, but I wasn't finished.
With some wiggling of my legs I managed to get my hard dick towards the vent in my briefs, where it started to show proud and hard and partly naked. With one final push I got my dick to pop out of my briefs and stood to

Mike, who was one of the group said "Let's get him fully naked" and yanked my shirt up over my shoulders. Right then, Mark joined in and pulled my briefs down to my ankles. The thrill of his hands pulling them was too much and I shot a creamy load all over the place.

Getting naked for my friends became my party piece from then on.
My first exhibition by Thorn
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Strip poker - Boys love naked games

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[From: atitlan on his ymna2 yahoo group]

Strip poker is a CMNM / CFNM / CMNF game that has inspired millions of teens and adults alike to 'bare it all' for the sake of fair play and fun. There must also be a cultural aspect to such activities. In the US, we have 'strip poker' and spin-the-bottle, but I wonder what games other cultures invent to get each other naked or to engage in some touchy-feely pre-sexual dialogue or physical interaction - obviously sometimes leading to overt sexual behavior.
What was your favorite game involving elements of stripping, exposing or touching body parts, or complete nudity? Add yours as a comment to this post.

When I was 19 turning 20, I had just started taking (imbibing) some alcoholic drinks. This was in France so it WAS legal to drink at that age. Inevitably, I would get a little too drunk and then - likely as not, I would start removing my clothes. It seems (from later retelling by my friends) that I was the first one out of my clothes at parties and I would somehow love to get to the highest place in the room (on a table, on the back of the sofa), stripped to undies or nothing at all. I vaguely do remember climbing naked up a telephone pole on a suburban neighborhood street near by university in southern France. My friends had to coax me back down. Funny how alcohol tends to play a role in these 'naked games'.
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Butt Doctor: Medical Fetish

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From: Adam Pollard submitted to (from the Erotic Story Archive)

Subject: Butt doctor

Most men merely endure their occupations, never really finding their particular niche. Others, like myself, manage to find a profession that
allows them continuous pleasure.
I'm a proctologist. I'm never happier than when I have a splendid male ass in my face.

I'm able to smell them,finger them, inspect
them thoroughly...
all in the name of medicine! Now you'd think
that in order to
maintain my professionalism I would have to be content with those cursory

Fact is, I take on only male patients, supposedly because I specialize
in prostate problems.
But I also do examinations of pre-pubescent and pubescent males,along with having a
large gay clientele.

Some of my most pleasant dealing with young patients actually amount to what could be called booty calls. There are teenage boys afraid to come out of the closet who
come to me for release when they become unbearably horny.
They will feign constipation to their parents, for instance,
and ask to be allowed to see me for a local enema or a high colonic.

Just last week sixteen-year-old, Bobby, one of my favorite
repeaters, had his mother call me on a Monday afternoon asking
if I could see him first thing Tuesday morning.
Pretending that I was clearing the decks just for
her lovely son, I told her that he could come in at 8 a.m.

My medical secretary and my male nurse were not due at work until 9:00.

Bobby, a blond boy of average build for his age, had a marvelously
attractive anus that was shaped as a vertical slit, rather than
your usual circular winker.
It always aroused great lust in me it looked so fuckable.
Bobby loved giving it up to me after the customary warmup preliminaries.

That morning I arrived at my medical office at 7:20.
I took off all my clothes and put on just my white lab coat
and sweat socks. Bobby rang the bell at 7:54 and I let him in.

After telling him we would be all alone until 9 he grinned
lasciviously and gave me a bear hug. "Ooo, Doc, is that
a stiffy under your lab coat?" I bent down and gave him
a wet kiss on the lips.

"What seems to be the problem, Bobby.
Are you stopped up?"

"No. I had a good douche this morning. It's
just that I have blue balls and was hoping for a thorough prostate massage.

"I see. Take your clothes off and bend over
the end of the examining table while I get on
my roller stool behind you."
He assumed the position and spread his cheeks
so that I could gaze at his delightful vertical slit. I moved in and tongued it, laving it up and down to his excited whimpers.

My mouth filled with saliva which I drooled into his winker.
I pulled back to look at his moist hole so enticing! I pulled on a rubber glove and gently probed until I found the G-spot
inside his rectum and strummed it. He moaned with pleasure and wiggled his butt.
"Oh, Doc, that's great! But stand up and give me the real thing. Sink your shaft into my
vertical slit.
I know you're lusting for it."
I rose, unbuttoned my lab coat and shrugged it off.
As it fell to the floor I took my throbbing erection in hand and brushed the head
of my dick around

Bobby's anus, teasing it. Then I lined it up with his fetching opening and pushed against it.
It winked and sucked in my glans. Then I sank the rest of my shaft up to the hilt
in his hot love chute.
I set up a rhythm of humping as we both vocalized our feelings of extreme
sexual pleasure.

Bobby grabbed the sides of the examining table with his two hands as I increased
the intensity of my thrusting into his mucous membranes.
After about three minutes of serious fucking sweat was dripping off my brow
on to his back. When he cried out in his climax and I felt his sphincter
spasming around my shaft I howled and started ejaculating into his beautiful
buns. I lowered myself and lay down across his back as we both tried to bring our
breathing back to normal. After my dick deflated I pulled it out and Bobby turned to embrace and kiss me, pushing his sticky package against mine.

"Oh, Doc. That was wonderful. How much do I owe you?"
"It's on the house, Bobby. In fact, here is a five-dollar tip," I said as I fished a fin out of one of the equipment drawers.

The End
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Sharing my most intimate moment

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An original story distributed on [Public Naked Guys] on Yahoo Groups on June 5, 2009
By Bucklebuddy

Isn’t it great when life presents us a chance to live out one of our fantasies in real life? Well that happened to me just last Friday. I haven’t written about it sooner because I’ve kept all the little details to myself for my private jack off sessions. About me … Well, I’m a country boy at heart … raised on a farm in Mississippi and living in the big town of Memphis. Yes, I know it’s technically a city but don’t get me started on that! I look to be late 30’s, masculine in every sense of the word, athletic, broad shoulders, nice legs, 7 x 5.5 cut cock with a pretty smile and devilish look.
You see, I’m an exhibitionist at heart. I love be seen naked. I do prefer that my audience be limited to guys because they are less likely to be offended, but certainly don’t mind ladies seeing if they are interested in looking. I go on walks through certain trails naked often so you never know when you’ll stumble on me. Anyway, yesterday I was feeling … frisky … we’ll say. I posted an ad on Manhunt that said ….

Want me to JO for you?
“Seriously. I have always had a fantasy about being the only person naked in a group and jacking off for the groups entertainment. Would love to perform for a small group this afternoon. Not $$ motivated; just living out a fantasy. I'm better than average looking, 6', 194#, athletic build, masculine, athletic, broad shoulders, nice legs, average size pierced cock that is 'pretty'. If you and some buds want an erotic show today, get in touch.”

Well I had a few people get in touch and agreed to meet this one guy right after he got off work. We actually arrived at his house at the same time. I was a bit nervous about this whole thing but had promised myself that I was going to do it. As we went inside I asked him pointedly “Where would you like the show?”. “I’ve got a really nice patio.” he said, “Would you mind doing it out there?”. “No problem” I said, thinking to myself that if he was comfortable with someone jacking off outside his house, then I was comfortable being the guy doing it. It was his neighbors, not mine.

We went outside on his patio and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. Nice shade on a warm, yet not hot day … a perfect day for pleasuring myself outside. I striped naked and sat on a bench on his patio and he sat in a chair directly across from me … fully clothed but obviously a bit excited. I had, with great determination, kept myself from thinking about what I was going to do before getting there. I didn’t want to get all hard and close to cumming in the car. So as I sat down, I had a nicely hanging soft penis that I began to make slow sweet love to. I tugged it downward and stretched it out before pulling it up and massaging my nuts with my other hand. I’d squeezed and tugged and slowly but surely my friend came to life. It started with a slow swell getting a little thick and little long on each tug. Growing each time I stroked until he was fully erect and harder than he has been in a long time!

“Do you ever let anyone touch it?” he asked, waking me from the trance I was in with my cock. I noticed that he was getting worked up … my desired reaction. It meant he was enjoying the show as much as I was enjoying doing it.
“Yes” I said, “... but not today”. He groaned and I went back to playing with my cock. I love feeling a hot throbbing cock and that is exactly what mine was while I was showing off. It was great to pull him on the downward stroke and let go and watch him fly up and hit me in the stomach. My fully clothed audience member seemed to love seeing the show but REALLY wanted to participate. Again, my desired reaction.
“Do you ever let anyone suck it?” he asked. “Yes” I replied, “…. but not today”. It was a part of my cat and mouse game to keep him really turned on. “Would you please stand up?” he asked. I didn’t immediately respond but I did eventually stand up and walk over to him. It was great. I was hard as a rock and jacking my cock off about 4 inches from his nose. He sniffed and tried to reach out with his tongue to touch the tip on my penis. We played the cat and mouse game a bit with me pulling back a little each time before finally pushing forward and entering his throat unexpectedly. He gagged just a bit and slowly adjusted to taking nice long slow draws off my cock. Of course, I’d pull out form time to time just to make him want more.

He had my cock good and slick so I sat back down (much to the dismay of my audience member) and started stroking my cock again. I’d jack and get myself right to the edge of cumming so that a little drop of precum would form before backing off so I didn’t cum just yet. I’d take my finger and scoop up the bit of precum and, while looking my audience member right in the eyes, would lick the precum slowly off my finger. For another 10 minutes or so, I kept making love to myself …. Letting a perfect stranger see me enjoying my own body … letting someone watch me during one of my most intimate moments with myself.
“This is really hot!” I said, momentarily distracting him from staring at my cock. I was really enjoying making someone else all hot and bothered. It made me feel sexy and I loved it! “Would you please stand up again so I can see your thighs?” he asked. I stood and turned so that he could see my back side hoping secretly that he’d fondle my ass for a bit. I wasn’t disappointed for long before I felt two hands on the globes of my ass squeezing and massaging it. I continued jacking myself, all the while facing his next door neighbor’s house, but just couldn’t turn away from a good ass massage for several minutes.

I was close to cumming so I had to step away for a second and turned back around so he could continue watching the show. I continued my slow methodical pleasuring of myself; making love to my cock and balls for the pleasure of this stranger. He was really into the show and practically drooling. “Can I touch your thighs?” he asked. I was really getting close to cumming so I paused for a minute or so and sat back down on the bench with my legs spread so he would have a clear view of my crotch as I pleasured myself.

I wanted him to be close to my cock when I shot my load so I motioned him over and he got on his knees between my legs and began rubbing my thighs, crotch area, chest, etc. He was rubbing everywhere that I wasn’t. I continued to jack my cock ever so slowly feeling the cum starting to boil in my balls … heck I had been jacking off for a complete stranger for nearly 40 minutes at this point. I knew I was close and his face was only inches from my cock. It was time to cum! I enjoyed him rubbing around the base of my cock, never touching my cock but rubbing all around it. I jacked faster. You know the tingly feeling that you get right before you cum? I was so turned on that I felt that wondering feeling more intensely than I had ever felt before. My cock erupted like I’ve never seen before. I’m normally more of an “erupter” than a shooter but this time thick white ropes of cum shot out straight up into the air landing on my stomach, back on my cock and even some landing on my strangers face. It was one of the most intense orgasm’s I’ve ever had because I was sharing my most intimate moment with a complete stranger. Letting a fully clothed person see my “cum face” as my cock continued to pump its juice everywhere. As I came down from the high created by my intense orgasm, I scooped up some of the cum off my chest with my fingers and while looking him right in the eyes slid my fingers slowly into my mouth and licked off my own cum. He had to adjust the way he was sitting … apparently something was causing discomfort inside his pants. Again, my desired reaction.

“WOW!” was all he could say. “WOW!” he repeated. “That was so fucking hot!” he said. “I’ve never done this before” I said, “and it was hot! I’d love to do it again for you and a group of guests sometime”.
He’s emailed about a dinner party he wants to setup for some friends out on his patio… something about needing a naked waiter that could provide after dinner entertainment. I guess that story might be Chapter 2.
I hope you enjoyed the story. This is a true story that happened just last weekend. It was one of the hottest things I’ve done in a long time. It made me feel good to feel like someone else enjoyed watching me. If you liked the story and would like a photo of the author, just email me privately at bucklebuddy @ com (remove the nospam part to reply).
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George let me into his nude life

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An original story as retold by an anonymous user on the JUB Forum - (Topic: cmnm) posted on June 11, 2008

There was this guy, George, in the room across the hall from me in the dorms. He is such an exhibitionist. He was always walking around his room naked or in his briefs and such. One day I walked down the hall after class and he was coming out of the communal shower at the end of the hall with only a towel on. We walked the length of the hall together and he told me to drop off my books and then come on him and keep him company. I tossed the books in my room and came over to his room. He was the only one there tho he did have a room mate. He invited me to have a seat on his bed on his side of the room. We chit-chatted about our day and he filled his sink with water and put shaving cream on his face and started shaving as we talked.

At some point he removed the towel from around his waist to wipe his face and continued talking while standing there looking into the mirror to shave with me sitting on his bed next to him at about cock level. He had the nicest, cleanest, cut, dangly cock hanging there. It was bent outstretched over the roundness of his balls. I could practically count the hairs of his pubes. He put his face up close to the mirror and was checking out his face with his hands and his cock slid along the white enamel of the sink and I could see the pores stretching open and pressed under the pressure of the movement. The scar line of his circumcision was darker than the rest of the shaft and zigzagged a few times under the underside before straightening into an equator around the rest of it. His piss slit opened and closed from the pressure of his body pressing against the porcelain and stretching it open and closed. I couldn't tell if he was tempting me or if he was just so casual at being naked that he didn't it a second thought. He combed through his head hair, brushed his teeth, flossed and did all of his preening with me sitting within 3-4 feet answering his questions and throwing in an occasional comment of my own. He then put his feet on the rim of the sink one at a time and trimmed his toe nails. His ass was so close on occasion that I could have kissed it as he swiveled and turned to get his foot at the correct angle for trimming.

The muscles of that ass stretched and moved and I could see the fuzz of it broadening and disappearing into the crack between the two great muscle masses. I could see his ball sack from the back and the tip of his cock hanging just past them as he worked on the other foot. He then turned with his back to the sink and stretched his neck trying to look into the mirror to check out his shoulders for zits and such.

As he did this he thrust his pelvis forward with his cock sticking way out and the hairs broadened and his cock sprung forward and up. The pores of the head of it were rougher and more ridged than the shaft. the hairs disappeared into the valleys of wrinkles in his ball sack. They were much fewer in number than the pubes above the shaft which made a beautiful orb to each side of that shaft. I was mesmerized watching his most prized private parts up so close and so natural in their movements and sat there with my own cock hard and fighting for space in my jeans and tighty whities. Then he toweled himself a bit more and lifted his ballsack in a few last swipes of the towel. He reached over to the desk and picked up a pair of jogging shorts and slipped them on before sitting on his desk chair facing me and pulling on his tennis shoes. As he rocked from side to side tieing them I could see up the pant legs of his shorts and appreciate the tug of the fabric against his member and the power his man meat had to push back against the fabric.

As he stood he pulled on a tee shirt and invited me to go get a coke with him. We walked out the door together like we do everyday and we walked across the campus to the sub. But this time I watched for the bounce of his cock in his shorts. I checked out his crotch each time he readjusted himself in his chair. I loved seeing the shape of his cock and balls against the stretch of the fabric and ogled every hair and the texture of his ball sack when it ventured out from the confines of the pant legs. What puzzled me was that he was a preacher's kid. I didn't know if he was like this at home or if it was because he was finally out where he could do his own thing and if it was all innocence or if he was some how showing it all off to me because he knew how much I was enjoying it. Regardless I would fall for the little show often and soon had all of his little moles and blemishes memorized and saw his cock in every state of being and shape it had. Yes he even had an erection or three that I didnt know if he were showing off to me or if he was simply unaware that I was looking at and just being himself with. I sure wanted to see, touch and feel all of him. But I am far too reserved for all of that.

Although we did shower together from time to time in the communal shower, he no doubt knew what he had to compete with. I would really love to see old Elrod naked again and perk him up like this memory has done to me.
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Male-Male Flashing with A Buddy: Combining CMNM with Flashing

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:
or ]Male-Male

Flashing with A Buddy: Combining CMNM with Flashing

An original story (whether it is a true personal experience only the author can say) by Thorn. Posted on Yahoo Groups: on January 10, 2008.

I didn't know Eric that well. He was the brother of two girls that I knew and I would meet him occasionally with them. He was about 18 years old at the time, quite sexy in a boy-next-door way. On this particular occasion there was a big group of us and Eric and I were sat together at one end. We started talking about cars. We talked about cars we lusted after. Cars we owned and cars that we had driven. It was then that the conversation took an interesting turn. Eric explained that he had been driving on the main road south when his car had broken down. He had had a puncture and had to stop to change it. In the process he explained his trousers had split completely.

At this point I noticed he was glancing at me as if testing my reaction. I found it difficult not to look too eager! The vision of Eric with his underwear, or more, showing through split trousers was quite exciting. It appeared Eric was enjoying telling me the story. There was more. Eric went on to explain how he took off the torn trousers and replaced them with another pair from his overnight bag adding, as if I had forgotten: "I was standing right beside the main road in a pair of briefs". Again he was watching my face intently as though looking for clues to my interest. "Did anyone see you?" I asked.

"Yeah," Eric laughed, "a couple of cars hooted their horns - one was a minibus full of lads going to a football match!" "Sounds like you enjoyed it," I replied. "Yea, I did," Eric replied. Having established that he liked the thought, I said "sounds good to me". There wasn't much more that I felt I could say when we were sat in the group and it would become obvious that we were getting interested in each other. "Come and see my computer," I said standing up and heading out of the room. Eric followed. "I think the most daring thing I did with a car, was to drive round the block wearing nothing but a T-shirt," I said as soon as we were out of earshot. "Wow," said Eric, adding,

"I wish I had been there!" "Yeah, that would be fun," I said. "Dare you," Eric said. I looked at him to see if he was serious. He was. "OK, you're on. But you have to do it too," I replied. "OK," said Eric. "Can't be tonight with these people here," I pointed out. Eric agreed. "Tomorrow," Eric said. "OK," I replied with my cock jumping to attention at the thought.
We went into my room and sat down at the computer. "What other daring things have you done?" said Eric. I pointed to the window of my room which looked out on the street. "I sometimes stand there naked," I said. Eric went over to the window and looked out on the street.

To my amazement, he unbuckled and unzipped his jeans letting them fall to the ground. Leaving them round his ankles he pulled his briefs down. His dick was superb. Slightly hard, but smooth and with a sweet foreskin. Under that I reckoned the tip looked slightly moist. Eric was getting harder and peering along the street. I stood up and walked over. I looked from behind Eric and saw why he was getting excited. Along the street were coming two really cute lads about our age in football shorts. Eric was stroking his dick now and I stood behind him making as if to hold him in the window so he couldn't chicken out. The guys were getting closer and closer. When they were almost right outside, Eric started to back away from the window so he wouldn't be too obvious, but he continued stroking his now hard dick. The first guy glanced at the window and his eyes locked on to Eric who was still stroking.

He nudged the other guy who turned round and both stared. At that point Eric exploded with a shudder. The two guys looked approving and one gave the thumbs up, before walking on. Eric was breathing heavily. "Wow!", I said, that was amazing that got me really horny. "Your turn," said Eric. I looked along the street and there was another guy walking along the street. I dropped my jeans and briefs and started stroking. Suddenly I became aware that Eric was snuggling up behind me and his hand was now reaching round and stroking my cock, which was now rock solid. The guy was really cute with longish blond hair a white T-shirt and white shorts. I stayed at the window as long as I dared, then backed away as Eric had.

Again the guy glanced round and locked a stare on the window when he saw me with Eric massaging my now rigid tool. His jaw dropped as he stared and stared, slowing his walk right down to get a good look. It was too much for me, too, and i came. They guy in the street gave a half smile and a sheepish thumbs up and walked on. We cleaned up and returned to the group, having arranged to meet up as planned the next night for our dare.
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Erotic or obscene? What about the photos? Dilemma or no problemo?

[You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post on either:

Originally uploaded by guys2ncmnm

This is just a sample but still important earlier post to the Guys into CMNM blog. We are trying to make this blog a GROUP effort, but we need to decide on some basic guidelines and procedures so that we won't run into problems later -- either with Google (owner of Blogger) or Yahoo (owner of Flickr) or worse - among ourselves.

There are photos in the 3 first posts below but where they come from makes a big difference. This first one (the naked kid snuggling the crotch of the leather vested guy on the kitchen chair) is hosted on Flickr and was blogged from my photostream collection there. The next two entries have photos that were uploaded directly into the Blogger editor (where you can create, compose and edit (making corrections, adding links or importing photos from a PC or from someone on the web).

In the case of this first photo, it was not imported to Blogger - but instead it was 'blogged' from Flickr (rather like 'shipping it over from one website to another via RSS). I have made this photo a public Flickr photo. It was uploaded into a new Flickr account from where

it was directly blogged - which is a handy utility. Pics and blog text can be written, composed, copied as HTML from other sources or even mailed indirectly into the blog (via Flickr) and in that latter case, there are some filtering/censorship and Yahoo/Blogger TOS (terms of service) issues to consider. I discuss this a bit below because it's relevant to whether we are going to include pictures (that may be questionable) in this blog or not.

Why I made the photos public? Because that' s the only way one can blog it to a 'public' Blogger (owned by Google) blog. If we make the blog for INVITED friends only, then the Flickr photos need not be public, but can be private (viewable) by friends only.
The other photos in the Thorn stories below were uploaded directly from my hard disk - so censorship insures are not a problem - except if Blogger (Google) decides to crack down.

By the way, you can also blog photos and text using email or even a cell phone - which makes moblog or copy/paste blogging much more convenient but also creates a whole set of issues about copyright ownership and restricting access to minor, censorship of pornographic photos.

Using email (via Flickr) to blog pics and text (along with the title (email subject), the text is the body of the email message and can also include tags and permission codes by sending an email a PC, web-based email service (Yahoo or Gmail) or from a cellphone is great. A single file attachments (jpeg) to the email will be displayed in the blog entry (like the one here). More about that later (if you want to know).

To send a post to this blog, Mail some text and with subject (title) to: (inquire for address)

(If you include an attached photo (jpeg) file, it will be added to the blog as an illustration to accompany the text (body of the message) with the SUBJECT made into the blog entry title.
The explicit photo problem is a bit tricky. If we make the blog 'private - for Friends only - no one can just casually browse by the blog or be directed to it without actually having to SIGN up (or first must be invited as a Blogger Blog 'friend' ) Please note that these 'Blogger Friends' have NO relation (although they might be connected or one in the same) with those who are 'Friends' ( Contacts who can view private pics) in Flickr.

So...then we are right back to the same problem that we face by trying to 'internally' keep up with CMNM information inside the limits of some else' s (such as or its gay counterparts (Lifeout / Dlist / Gaywatch) or on something like Facebook.

The solutions are several possibilities:

1) just chance it - and if the blog (or the pics where the original --- along with that Flickr id: guysN2cmnm ) gets deleted by Flickr (more than likely) or Google (probably not), then so be it. or

2) We can just NOT post any explicit photos (such erect penises, or sex acts, etc) - just sensual male nudity.

3) We can use altered / doctored photos - only those with blacked out gentitalia or pics that have been chopped or edited - which is a lot of extra work but probably the best compromise.

4) Try some other HOST service for what we are trying to do: Create a permanent source of information and place to discuss our sexual lifestyle preferences and practices related to Clothed Men with Naked Men (CMNM).

The Blogger / Flickr connection is nice - while free, it obviously has its share of limitations. So it may not be the best 'solution' - perhaps there are others: Yahoo360 or other blog services (most cost money for such premium services as mobile blogging), Yahoo Groups might work, but the audience is so limited (private groups never get found), etc.

What do you think about this issue? I can already think of several more. For example, if we allow explicit photos, then do we require that they be copyrighted by the poster? It's an endless set of problems.. I can definitely see why being a webmaster can be a very time-consuming, tedious and contentious job.

Is it important - well, sort of... the nature of what kind of blog and information resource we will create (and can expect other to use/join) depends on how useful, accessible and resource-rich the webHOSTing service is that will house it.

Write me back on Dudesnude or at sunbunz (at)

Otherwise, someone who stumbles across this and wishes to participate, should contact me via another of my own blogs: Thanks,
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