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A dad fucks his own son

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The following are a collection of stories and confessions (some of which may not be true or only partly false). They were retrieved from a public forum on gay incest and father-son
relationship at the discussion forum.

You can read these and more of the older forum posts at:

First off - yes, I am a new member. I've read the entire topic and I know first-posters are under certain suspicion, but a recent poster did bring up the good point that people with fewer posts probably are the ones sharing their true experiences while those with many are more likely making up some (though a few of those could still be true).

So since there's no way to prove this is true, of course, I'll just get on with my story and hope y'all enjoy it.
Yup... I have had sex with my dad, and it was a relationship that lasted maybe three months right before I moved out when I was 18. For a couple of years before that, I had moved into a fetish of watching incest porn, and while I'm into straight sex too, I'm primarily gay so the father-son incest really did it for me. Naturally I started thinking about my dad sexually, but I had read about male homosexual psychology and how it was very common to have those feelings, as well as straight men for their mothers and so forth. So I stuck to jacking off and never made any moves on my dad.

Right near the end of my first year at university, I was coming home through the back door where the computer is, and there's a window right there so anyone at the computer can see anybody coming up the back stairs. Dad must have been a bit too engrossed in what was going on on the screen, of course, since he didn't notice me until I walked into the kitchen and started taking off my shoes.

He turned around and I was able to see the screen, which had a porn video on it. Straight as straight can be. He jumped a bit when he saw me, but he had all his clothes on, so I made it humorous and said I'd take off my shoes in the porch so he could finish watching.

I did that, and came back in and he was already logged out. He apologized and said that he had been searching for "red neon tubes" when he accidentally came across a porn site that specialized in coloured condoms lol. We had a laugh and then I went into my room... I wasn't too bothered or anything, but I was honestly glad to see him watching porn since I'm a healthy believer in sexual activity no matter your age.

In my room, I'm on my floor sorting through notes and stuff when he comes in and stands in the doorway. I thought he was feeling guilty, so I just told him what I thought in the above paragraph, and he appreciated that. Then he hesitated and said he wanted to tell me something... and it was right here when I simply realized what was going to happen. I knew he was going to ask something personal, sexual... I just KNEW he was going to ask if I wanted to have sex with him.

He didn't get to the point right away, but said first that he loved me very much and was proud of me for taking university, a job, and moving out all together and being in charge of my destiny when he and my mom had supported me all the way. He was glad to see me off, but wanted to have as few regrets as possible... and also reassured me that I could ignore him and we would never need to speak of it again. By now I had no doubt what he was going to ask.

"[name], I'd like to have sex with you. Yes or no, or think about it, or never speak about it again. I'm your father and I respect you, and I want to experience this with you."

(Sound artificial? Well, yes, kind of. He's a logician and so am I, so we're like that when we know the wording has to be careful in a conversation. Again, this story is true or not depending on what you want to believe.

As well as being a logician, I'm pretty skilled at putting aside emotions and getting to the heart of the matter. I wanted to be totally clear we were on the same page... and my heart was pounding and my mind was telling me not to be silly, that it was perfectly clear what he wanted and it was what I wanted too, just once... but I asked him anyway, what exactly he meant.

He was blunt - "I want us to blow each other, be naked, have sex, cum together, and so forth. I want to do this with you. I've watched videos so I know how to do it."

At that, I kind of cackled because it was such a silly and funny thing to say and it was just like my dad to say that. And I knew what we were going to do. I immediately stood up and let down the blinds over the window, then said, "Do you want it here or on your bed, or...?"

He said, "my bed," where I had slept with my parents when I was too afraid to be alone... and now we were going to fuck in it. Here was where I kind of caught my breath and he looked worried.

"If you are really not sure about this, you need to say no now. You can say no at any point and we'll stop, but better now than halfway through."

"No, I want this. I've been thinking about it for like years now, and it's just crazy right now because I can't believe I'm getting this."

He told me he couldn't believe it either, and we both smiled and went to his bed, just across the hall (small house, one floor). Once there, I also pulled the blinds over the window and then we kind of looked at each other across the bed where he and my mother had no doubt fucked countless times... and she was out of the house all day, so we knew we wouldn't be interrupted if we really went along with this.

My dad suggested we get naked now so that we don't have to worry about it on the bed, which would be hard for him to do since he was overweight (I don't have a thing for large people at all, this was just my dad). I was fine with that so we took off our shirts, always looking at each other, and then I took off my pants and socks while he took longer. Both in our underwear, I decided to slowly strip my underwear, which he loved and said,

"I've dreamed about this so many times... I know I'd be called a pervert, but it's just something I can't control. I can't believe we're going to do this."

My cock came out of my underwear and something must have snapped in his head, because he just came right around the bed and pushed me onto it, face up, and buried his face in there. He didn't blow at first, but he got to that right away, and I loved it. Really, it was a blowjob like any other, but I watched it and it was MY DAD. Just unbelievable. He was pretty good at it too, surprisingly...

Then he took off his underwear and got on the bed with me too, and he was actually bigger than

I had thought when seeing him semi-nude in the past. About 6 inches while I'm closer to 5.5. He laid back and I returned the favour. The head was really big and I just wrapped my tongue about it... again, thinking, this is my freaking dad! I have my father's cock in my mouth.

I blew him for a couple of minutes, and then he brought out the lube and condoms and we got right to it. I wasn't a virgin so I kind of gave him advice on how to go slow at first, porn doesn't really show that well but he had suspected so it was all good. I laid on my back and really splayed my legs and lifted up my butt so he could get in there... I didn't expect it, but seeing and feeling his big belly roll over my cock was a crazy turn-on.

He fucked me really slowly at first, gasping a bit and making me worry he was having trouble breathing. But he got it and then started really fucking me. Feeling this huge body moving over me and into and out of me was amazing. And over and over I kept thinking of this incredible fact: This is my dad I'm having sex with.

He came soon after, and I jacked off and came like 20 seconds later. We laid there for a bit and then talked about how we loved it... and he kind of looked at me slyly and said, "is this going to keep you home now?"

Funny. I was moving out in 3 months or so, and that was in stone. So we both knew we'd be doing this again...

And we did, all while my mom lived there. If she ever finds out about it, she'd probably freak although she's the best mom a gay son could want... but we really had some close calls!

Like one time dad and I were both in the living room and mom said she was going over to the neighbour's for a few minutes. So right when she left, we looked at each other and I immediately went down on him, in the armchair he was reading in while the huge window was open and the door was still ajar. He came in 5 minutes or so when I jacked him at the end, and then he had to hurry into the bathroom when I saw mom walking back up the sidewalk. Whoo.

And another time we were in the van driving away from a school event and we went down a really abandoned alley, parked, and I got on top of him in the driver's seat and let him fuck me. (We kept condoms in the van.)

Mostly we would fuck in my bedroom or his bedroom, nice and traditional whenever mom was out of the house, but we really loved those risky ones. One time I was blowing him at the computer, sitting under the desk while he watched porn, and suddenly he tapped my head really fast and sharply so I stopped, then he pushed me back into the wall under the computer. Then I realized he was talking to the neighbour through the window, had just barely seen him coming and then called out to him to talk through the window. They talked for like a minute before I said to myself, heck with this, and went on blowing him! Their conversation lasted 5 minutes! Quite a few times dad had to excuse his weird voice for a sore throat, hah...

And now I'm living away from him and barely see him anymore, but he can drive over sometimes. If my roommate's out, we definitely get up to stuff in my room. But it's very rare now, I'm so busy now, so I consider it mostly over. Sad. =(

That's my story... hope you guys enjoyed it even if you didn't believe it, heh.
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The Fishing Trip, Part 3: A story by R. Keith Peck

[You can see the fully illustrated version of this story at some of my blogs:
or ]

You can find more great stories like this one along with the real-life excepts from Dorian Smith's sexually active lifestyle in London. He's got a great personal blog, and it's complete with accounts of encounters with men in the underground of London, and also relates how his sexual relationship with his own father affected him.

Read more at:

The Fishing Trip is a story by R. Keith Peck

"Son," he says, "son."

I spread my legs, arch my back, pushing my ass up at his hands. I'm looking up at him with naked hunger in my eyes. Daddy grins. With glacial slowness, he starts to slide one hand down my back. It creeps softly over my skin. Knob by knob it traces the course of my spine, going lower and lower, towards a part of me that needs to be filled. I shiver. I plea with Daddy in my head. His grin widens. By drinking his semen I've obviated the need for language. Daddy and I are free of names or words. We can, like animal males, live by instinct and lust, free of the insanity of civilization. One finger goes down my buttcrack, probing the sweaty valley. The anticipation ... how I've longed for this.

My father lustily caresses my ass. I'm wet back there, with sweat, wet like a pussy, so his progress is smooth as he moves downwards and deeper with agonizingly slow motions. Daddy's teasing me, like he did when I was a boy, but in a different fashion. Lower and lower, deeper and deeper. I have my father's fingers between my asscheeks. I'm encompassing them, and there's a rightness to this. Humans proscribe incest because they fear its power. My Dad's finger is almost there, almost to that spot, that place that now is more important to me than even my own cock. Clenched tight, it's the sealed portcullis into a castle of unearthly delights. I know he's wondering at the hairlessness there, the slick smoothness that he's caressing. In time, in time, I think. I'm not yet a real man. He touches my pucker. I arch my back, looking up at him, feeling Daddy's finger just about to touch my butthole, feeling his cock throb against my belly. The only guy who I'll let fuck me has to have a dick my size -- or bigger. I don't want this ... I need this.

I pull out of his embrace. Water boils up around my feet as I race to the shore, next to the packs and bags we've dropped. I laugh, watching Daddy grin at me, then turn around and present my ass to him, bending over to spread my cheeks. The breeze cools the semen coating my belly, crotch, balls. I bend almost double, long hair falling into the lake. Looking back between my thighs I see his grin, his erection, his burning eyes. His hands are on his hips, and ropes of jism sway from his cock. I'm downwind of him, and I trip on his smell, the sex we're having, the love we're making.

"You're hot, son," Daddy says. And he starts walking forward.

I've fantasized about a certain position, and I want Daddy to take me while I'm crouched in it. So like a quarterback I plant my right hand on the ground, squat down, rest my left forearm on my knee, and stare straight ahead. I don't know (or care) if I can stand the pounding Daddy will give out while I'm bent like this, but it satisfies the major requirement of this moment: Daddy can access my butthole. He comes up behind me, kicks a backpack aside. I purse my butthole at him. Daddy blocks the air that's been the only thing cooling the fire in my crack. I whimper. I know what's to come. There's no anticipation left, just the eternal moments that will pass until me and Daddy are one again. Daddy touches my crack. I shudder and moan. The anticipation stretches, and I breath the hot air in. The shimmering sun, the molten lake, the pines like whispering guardians -- days like today are axes upon which galaxies revolve. Daddy's finger plays with my hole -- moves slow over the corrugated surface, as if he's marveling at the tightness and heat of it. There's no hymen to break here; what'll be shattered is the stuff of needs, desires, poetry, far less substantial than anything physical but part of the basic urges that surge in living creatures.

My world shrinks down to the need I feel between my legs, the very male demands lurking inside my asshole, the perverse desires that burn within a loving son's breast. Daddy's dick presses urgently between my cheeks. He wants this badly. This is the main course; our other orgasms were just appetizers, this is the prime evil that Daddy and I do. I close my eyes -- don't need sight anymore, just my butthole. Daddy's hands go to my hips. He's mounted me. I can feel his strength as he holds me. I'm a colt to his stallion. My dick slaps against my belly, pumping fluid. We moan, entranced and ensnared.

Daddy's slick cockhead slides over my pucker, then it steadies, centered and aimed. His fingers dig into my flesh; biceps tense. Daddy's cockhead punctures me. Does it hurt? Does it matter? This is my father who's fucking me, and we're completing an act ordained since his sperm rewrote the code in my mother's egg. It's been our fate to rejoin -- and I'm no longer a sperm that could swim back up his urethra to live happily ever after in his testicles. I can only open myself to my Daddy, and let him fill me. And fill me Daddy majestically does. One smooth stroke and he's in. As easy as two spaceships docking.

My colon bloats around his fat instrument. The fires burning in my ass are stoked by that huge cock. I can count Daddy's heartbeats with my rectum. We're moaning, ecstatically joined, father to son, rigid rod up clenching butt, coupled. I feel his pubic hairs deep between my cheeks, pressing against my flesh, while his cock yearns inward. He's had these hairs longer than I've been alive. I can't stand it. Helplessly I squirm, skewered on his cock. My balls churn, I moan like a ghost howling in an empty house, and long jets of my love explode out of my penis. My butthole clenches on that cock, my prostate throbs against that log of gristle and flesh, and I shoot all over the lakeshore, and I fuck myself blind on Daddy's rod.

He holds his cock still until my sperming stops, till I'm squatting there, head raised, panting, eyes closed, shuddering and twitching in the afterglow. His hand, gripped to my hip and pulling my butt into his crotch, opens suddenly, and he pats me lovingly.

"Good one, son," Daddy says hoarsely. The hand closes, fingers dig into the flesh. Then he starts to fuck me.

Daddy's fat penis slips down my rectum, the glowing cockhead retreating towards my clenching sphincter. I'm so hypersensitive to him that I can feel the swollen walls of my rectum closing up as his slides out. Then it reverses direction and crashes in, charging forward like an army attacking a fort, and again I'm suddenly full of my father. Air gushes out of me. Daddy's cock rams against my gut, and my knees almost turn to jelly. His balls swing between our legs; sweat sprays. I watch the droplets fly as Daddy's cock slides out of me and continues that primitive rhythm that drives men's lives. His fingers dig into my flesh, I hear him moan, and the pace of the fuck picks up. The sound of wet flesh smacking together obscures the lapping of the waves, the sigh of the pines. I roll my hips around his thrusts, enjoying this like a mare being serviced. There ought to be pain, I guess; burning or something, while my Daddy's hot cock churns in my guts, but there isn't. The pleasure I feel is what Mom feels when Daddy fucks her.

My prostate is swollen as big as an orange, and I can feel Daddy's cock powering alongside it, loving it, warming it. There's immense power in Daddy's strokes, but somehow I'm keeping this ungainly position, squatted down like a tight end, while Daddy takes his pleasure in my rectum. Then his fingers jab into me, down through my tensed muscles until I feel them on my pelvis. His cock rams faster and faster.

I can feel air bubbles now, between the tight tube of my ass and his huge cock. He's fucking wet farts out of me. He's moaning, panting, a strange sound, something like a demon in the throws of pleasure. He yanks out till I feel his corona holding my sphincter open. Eternity passes. Inwards it suddenly thrusts. It stops. And Daddy cries out.

His arms jam me hard between his muscled, hairy thighs. I feel tense muscles on my buttcheeks, swollen testicles throbbing against mine. And I close my eyes, knowing what's about to happen. Somewhere in my dank guts Daddy's pisshole gapes. Blood pulses in his member. The thick gravy gushes up his urethra, shoots out laser-like into me. Into me. The Father fertilizes the Son with his potent seed. It pumps and pumps, coating the hot tissues, relieving a pressure Daddy and I have felt since my birth. His balls are tight against mine, and I feel them contract and writhe against my flesh as they frantically fill my colon with his love. I feel the waves as sperm moves up his cock and into my ass. My Daddy is coming in my butt. I shudder, moan helplessly like I heard Mom do when she had this penis, and I explode. When we're done he bends down and kisses me deeply. His hands caress my flanks, stroke me, soothe me. His long member is still in my ass, and it is not soft.

"I love you, son."

"I love you, Daddy."

He begins to move in me again, and I moan again, and we remain one through the long session, the longest continual multi-orgasmic fuck in the history of the human race.

After our third orgasm, I heard a guffaw, and I bent down to look back between my legs, under my cock and Daddy's pounding, dripping balls. The bass boat had drifted round the point, and it had three rednecks in it. One sits in the bow chair, one in the well in the middle, one by the big outboard. Young, not too much older than me, built, blond, tanned. Sweaty beer cans in their hands. They laugh, point, cheer this big burly stud who is fucking this slim, hairless, long-haired blond. Daddy doesn't miss a stroke. He keeps churning in my ass, puffing like a locomotive, pumping those sperm-rich farts out of my guts with his big hard log. He doesn't seem to know that three guys are watching him screw his son, but I know that he didn't care.

The whistles and catcalls don't die out. They get louder. I stare back between my legs, watching the boat drift between my jism- and sweat-streaked thighs. The good ol' boys raise their beer cans high, whooping and hollering like Indians in an old John Wayne movie. They're shirtless and wear tight faded jeans. Sweat runs down their flanks from their armpits. The guy in the middle, sitting beside the Styrofoam cooler, has big nipples, almost like Daddy's. In the midst of my passionate fuck with Daddy, I feel lust for him like a stroke of lightning. Daddy's cock, sawing at my breech, is enough to keep me faithful. For me, just Daddy.

The boat keeps drifting. Daddy keeps fucking. I keep moaning. The cheering and guffaws stop. I knew this would happen. They've drifted far enough to one side to realize that Daddy's not screwing some woman. They see my big prong now, jutting out from between my thighs, foreskin retracted, precum dripping. They can see my straining muscles -- hard, male muscles -- as I hold this position, letting this big man plow me. They see my thick pubic bush, my balls drawn up tight, perfect images of those of the man who fucks me.

"Shit! Fucking faggot bastards!" It's the big guy in the middle, the one with the tits. His snarl is filled with the hate of a cornered animal. I can't stand the level of pleasure that Daddy's fucked into me, so I start to jet spurts of jism.

"That fucking shithead likes it!"

Daddy's hips still move. He's pubic hair still scours my butt. But I feel him bend over me, feel his chest hair brush against my back. His iron grip on my hips relaxes. While the rednecks cuss and scream, Daddy's tongue snakes into my ear, driving me to new heights of pleasure. I feel his panting breath while I squirm in my orgasm.

"Get down on your knees, son," Daddy says.

I hear wet plops in the lake. The rednecks have thrown their beer cans, but they're too drunk to aim accurately. They're chanting "Fucking faggots!" like a mantra. The guy with the hot tits is scrambling to get the cooler top off to get more ammunition. Me and Daddy kneel together, slowly.

My cock is still spitting jism whenever Daddy's cock barrels deep into my asshole. His rhythm never breaks. Daddy is the consummate stud. He reaches into the backpack beside us, and I laugh, toss my hair, and grind my hips into his fucking strength.

"Fucking faggots!" The guy with the tits stands high in the bass boat, a can of cold Bud in his clenched fist. His voice drips with fury, contempt, hate. Daddy pulls the .357 revolver out of the backpack. Shiny and black, it glistens in the sun like a shard of obsidian. Daddy rotates the cylinder three notches. I know how the gun is loaded: three rounds of snake shot, the rest flatnose bullets to deal with humans.


Daddy straightens up, still fucking me, pace unbroken. I love that man. He turns, aims squeezes off three shots. Two spouts of water erupt by the side of the fiberglass hull, one by the guy in the bow and one beside the guy at the engine. One spout appears on the far side of the boat, and the guy with the tits drops the dripping Bud. The slug has passed between his thighs, two inches from his balls. His mouth is open in a silent scream, eyes wide in unbelieving shock. A wet stain spreads from his crotch as he pisses his pants.

I moan, watching him piss, and explode in another orgasm, my ears ringing with the force of the gunshots. The good ol' boys rev up the engine, spin the boat on a dime, flee. Daddy has his orgasm in my butt. He shudders, spits, curses, and floods me with another thick load. The thick gruel runs swiftly down my rectum, out my sphincter, down my legs. He puts the gun down, picks me up by my hips so that we resume our previous position, and we resume fucking.

Our last orgasm is simultaneous, and father's and son's souls communed in that eternal moment. You don't need to know about that. It's private.

The sun's changed position in the sky. It's lower, but it's rays are still fiendishly hot. I'm wet as a jock's headband. It feels like a different world. Me and Daddy have journeyed into a different place. Daddy's hot semen -- a hundred million unborn brothers -- pours out of my asshole in a brownish-tinged gray tide.

We're exhausted. It's only the reason we've stopped. Our legs vibrate with the effort of keeping us standing. Daddy says, through great gasps for air, "Son, I've got to lay down." So we drag ourselves over to that boulder where Daddy so sexily lounged a millennia ago, our legs screaming, dicks slowly drooping into that sexy male post-orgasmic slightly- swollen state.

We fall onto it together, side by side, but I do my best to twist to one side so I can face my father, and look into his eyes, and hold him. We embrace, and I feel something I've longed for ... my Daddy's sweaty, thick mat of body hair pressed against my naked body, from my own chest, down to my wet crotch. One of his powerful thighs holds mine apart. His arms encircle me, and I lean my cheek on his forearm, only inches from his armpit and that wonderful smell. We lay entwined, chests heaving, staring into each other's eyes until love prompts us to exchanged tongues in a kiss. Our sweat pools beneath us. Daddy's hands caress me, running over the knotted muscles in my back, massaging me like I had done for him those long years ago when he came in tired and exhausted after jumps from a C-130.

I dig my fingers into his thighs -- they're hard as steel, and they vibrate like a tensed spring.

"Son," Daddy says through opened, dry lips, "son, I've wanted that for so long ... "

I hug him and hold back tears.


" ... never done anything with a guy, and never had anything like that with a woman ... " his voice trails off.

"Daddy," I say between heaving breaths, "Daddy."

Daddy's lips turn up into an exhausted grin, and he kisses me, which is pretty much how this moment will play out.

"Son, I think I got hard, holding you on the day you were born."

I laugh, flop down onto his hard biceps. I watch rivulets of sweat pour out of his armpit.

"Love you so much, Daddy." He laughs too.

"You're like me, son. You love things with all your heart and mind, but most especially with your dick." I grin.

"Yeah, I guess." And I reach a free hand over, slip it between our sweaty bodies, and hold my father's cock in my hand. It's big and rubbery and feels like a policeman's truncheon.

"You're the sexiest man I've ever known, Daddy. Jesus!" He laughs.

"Yeah, Jesus, boy. You're the best."

"You never been turned on by a guy before?" I ask. Nosy, and stupid, but I want to know. It's easy to ask a parent about his sex life, after you're done fucking him.

"I've seen some guys I've got the hots for. Back in the barracks, when I was a DI, seeing guys around in the buff. Big muscles, lots of hot sweat, hot butts, big dongs. There was a big blond guy named Jones, had an ass as hot as yours." He laughs, looks down at me, laughs, seeing the look on my face.

"He was a runner, would jog fifty miles a day. Long thighs, big calves. He was a dope fiend. I caught him at it, told him I'd turn him into the MP's and the JAG, unless ... "

"Unless? Did you fuck him?" Daddy laughed.

"You're a horny one, son. Do you think I fuck everyone?"

"I think you ought to," I said.

"Well, son, I didn't. Got him a different way. I had him running a hundred miles a day. Keep his ass moving. Put him in some sweatshorts and jog him up and down the streets at Bragg, out into the drop zones, back, then out again. He always started sweating in the crack of his ass, but pretty soon it'd all be wet and clinging to it." Daddy laughed.

"I used to run along with him for a while. Then I'd run his ass back to the jeep, and I'd get in and follow him around."

Daddy grinned down at me. "And I'd jack off in my fatigues, watching that hot ass in those shorts."

While Daddy tells me the story, I feel the blood fill his cock, and I know how powerfully he felt that lust.

"You didn't try anything, Daddy?"
"No," Daddy says. "Loved your Mother to much."
He slips a hand over to me, takes my cock in his hand, holds it. He slips a finger under my foreskin.

"Besides, my first man is you."

He strokes at my cockhead, and I shiver.

"And you're the sexiest man I've ever known."

Daddy's finger is digging out some of the drying sperm from under my skin.

"Why'd you let me keep my 'skin, Daddy?"

He's got me rolling around, squirming in his arms, while he plays with my dick. Daddy pauses.

"I heard that guys with foreskin got more sensation out of screwin'. And I knew you'd want that. 'Cause I knew you'd be like me -- horny all the time, wanting to get it on with someone, anyone. And I wanted you to get out of it stuff I couldn't." He stops. "Also, the first time I held you, just after you were born, you were naked. And I looked down, and you had this big dong, even at that age, and it was hard and looked so hot with that skin. So I told your Mom it wouldn't get cut off. And it wasn't."

"I'm glad you didn't." I can feel my cock getting hard, and I want my Daddy again, but there's deep rooted exhaustion in my muscles, and I know I can't muster up the strength to fuck just yet.

"Yeah, me too," he says. He closes his hand around my prick, jacks it. Father masturbates son. My eyes close.

I get shaken awake a little bit later. My Father's prong is pressed into my side. His lips are glued to mine. I feel his beard. I slip a hand through the hairs on his chest until I feel nipple, and I pinch it. His groan wells into my throat. He pulls away.

"I've never been fucked." Which is as clear a statement of desire as we need. So I laid down on the rock, that big boulder that Daddy had picked as his lounge chair when we got to this spot, the old fishing hole. Daddy, looking down at me, grins. He throws a leg over me, straddles me and the boulder. He bends down and kisses me, and we share the light as we do so. Then he squats down. As Daddy's puckered butthole rests on my fat shaft, gathering its energies for its virgin penetration, I scheme how I'm going to replace Mom in Daddy's bed.

The End
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Asian Exhibitionists: How do those guys get away with it?

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry at either:
or ]

Davincith - public male-to-male street flasher

[ Excerpted from discussion on the DickFlash phpBB ]

Flash for fun and profit!
Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 10:40 am Post subject:

That whole bus must have seen you! very hot!
Naked and Shaved Toronto asian male

Wish you were watching...
Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 11:35 am Post subject:

MAN U R TOTALLY AWESOME .................B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

Comment from Sunbuns about explaining why Davincith blatant exhibitions seems to go unnoticed (or not)

Having lived in an Asian country (off and on for a long time), I can both appreciate what makes his doing this both possible and almost compulsive for him.

See my recent post: One reason that he can 'get away' with it is that actually nobody can SEE him - I don't mean their eyes cannot take in the image - but their minds just don't register it as nudity or they can perceive the erect cock at being that.
Westerners (esp US society) is so hung up on anti-nudity / anti-sexual prohibition of the US-brand of convservative religious ethic/edict that almost everyone (in the US) is sensitized to 'showing skin'. If somebody saw Davincith's upper torso (naked chest or back) they might assume he' naked down below and they would look to try to confirm that.

In Asia (well certain countries anyway and surely not only in Asia either) showing naked flesh is no real cause for concern, alarm nor does it pique people's basic interest to "look to see more" like it would in the US. Most people (normal Asian society) cannot be bothered to waste their time getting scintillated by looking at a stranger's body or they would just be ignoring most external stimuli in the first place.

If they're riding the bus, it's because they've got some place to go and something they need to do or a job to get to / from and they're just engaged in doing that - getting from one place to another. Most people are reading, talking to a friend or family member, writing text messages or listening to music (or playing games) with their handheld or mobile device so trying to catch the odd and unimaginable 'naked' person in some chance encounter is so incongruous that they MIGHT NOT even 'see' him he we standing up in broad daylight - facing the bus. They certainly would know how to react either - probably too embarrassed to even mention it to the passenger (strangers) near them. It would be a bit like calling 'wolf' for boy, Peter (or should I say calling "Peter' for the wolf.

I've described the situation in a rather exaggerated way - but it's the basic principle. I'm also NOT trying to be stereotypical or discriminatory in my explanation (my theory) but it's a plausible and even likely reason why Davincith can get away with this kind of exhibitionist behavior.The problem for me is (where I am feeling the urge to flash) is that I am a white (caucasian) middle-aged man so I might just attract those very eyes that normally don't even see Davincith in his naked glory.

By the way, I love his antics but I'm not here to burst the bubble but it's not as impossibly daring as it might seem on first inspection.

Response from Davincith

Thanks for your opinion. I don't mind your opinion that make my daredevilry in this collection to undestimate in another people's sight.Some part of your opinion is right but another part are wrong. I will make it clearly.In my country (Asia). People are quite anti-nudity more than Western People -- particularly the old people.They are not just look to confirm nudity but they try to catch and bring to the police. I don't want not only people on the bus see but also motorcyclist that can stop to look me that is exciting point for me.

Reply from sunbuns

Davincith, I don't mean to say that you are NOT doing some very daring and also very exciting. Hey, you've got a great body and beautiful cock.. I'd be dancing the streets if more men did that here. Wooo!

I agree if people do see you, they'll want to catch you and string you up and hang you right then and there. It's totally amazing then that you can get away with it. Because it IS so amazing that it can happen, I am just trying to explain (to some part) why it might pass off AS IF unnoticed.

What I'm saying also is that some people might not even notice because they aren't really looking to see anything at al - they are just occupied with living and doing what it takes to get through life. They can't believe their eyes so they just don' t believe.
Someone one said - "Never underestimate the power of perception" I would add - "never underestimate the power of people to misperceive anything."

My own limited experience tells me that -- in the Asian country where I live now (obviously somewhat different from your country)-- when I go out in mesh see-thru shorts or actually almost any kind of pants for that matter, I almost get nobody (male or female) watching my crotch and looking at me in a way that shows "what's he wearing now?" "Oh my god, I can see thru his pants." Or "I wonder what color his underwear is?"

However, if I did that back in the US or Europe, I couldn't get 20 meters down the road before somebody would notice, some would smile or laugh, and a few might freak out and then have the cops on me before I even realized that they'd seen me.

I don't think this is totally my imagination or misconception of Asian societies. I admit that are NOT the same - each is unique so it's tough to make any big generlizations. Maybe it just seems true because I, myself, am not an Asian man - maybe nobody here (in the country I live now) wants to 'see' me at all - not matter what I am or am not wearing.

How do you explain that you haven't been caught by the police?
Or are the ones who see you just happy to find such an extraordinary thing that they just smile and go on?
Davincith explains: They don't watch you because they see you are westerner. Most of you never meet with high temperature like them and me. They think your doing is decreasing temperature in your body. They understand your doing so they watch you in a short time and they look on your face. They will think"Oh,He is a westerner,I don't mind his doing."

Sunbuns wrote:

How do you explain that you haven't been caught by the police?
Or are the ones who see you just happy to find such an extraordinary thing that they just smile and go on?

1. I have to find places that have people not much in there and I will plan with my friend how I act,how I do in a short time.
2. Yes.The ones are often teenagers.They don't interest in catching me and bring to the police.They like to see me naked.
Fitmale responds:
Well, sunbuns, I'm Asian and travel to Europe quite often. I'd like to say that the perceptions of people (westerner & asian) may be similar (of course, they'll shock), but the reactions of them are different. The westerners seems to react straight away (i.e. screaming, freak out, laugh, take a second look or stare at you and say "oh my god...") when they see you naked on street, but asians would be silent & say nothing. People may stop what they're doing for a millisecond

(i.e. stop walking or chatting with friends) as they're shocked but then will continue for what they're doing. They'll giggle or call a cop later, after you walk pass them. Therefore, it's not because they don't see you. I read one thread (from "experience forum" about a guy who flashed; jerked off in front of a lady with big boobs on a train at night. That lady grabbed a camera and took his photo. She might think that she's got the right (human right) to do so. I can say that such reaction (from the lady who was flashed) will not happen in Asia. The most she would do is to walk away silently and run (or inform the officer) because normal people would think that she could be raped or killed in that situation.

In the situation that you're middle age westerner living in Asia, it'll be another issue. If you wear a mesh or see-through pants and walk down the street, nobody would say anything. That's because they consider you as a white guy who has different culture (people would think "well, it might be normal in his culture"). Meantime, they definitely can see you but they would choose to say or react nothing, but they'll talk about it behind you and you'll lost respectation from people. They might think that you're nuts (hey...that crazy guy come again...). If you don't live & belong to that area, then it's fine. If you live or stay in that area for a long time and you go naked, people will react nothing in front of you but talk about it behind you. If you later i.e. go out to buy something at the grocery store nearby, they may say nothing but giggling behind you when you left the store. It's not because you're not noticeable.

I was once in a foot massage course in my country where the weather was hot and there was no air-conditioning system. It's just the electric fan at that place. There were about 30 chairs with foot stools in that room. Each student (or participants) must swap with their buddy to practice the massage. Then there was one western male wearing t-shirt and shorts with no underwear, and he was alone. So he had to be paired with another local fat woman. He might be happy to flash, I think.

That woman reacted nothing to him but turned to all people around her and talked in local language telling people that how ugly that he's not wearing any underpants and she cursed a lot. Then she just concentrated on her buddy's foot and tried not to look up. She talked to people around her about him all the time. When she talked to him in English, she just looked at his face and speak with a normal voice tone. That happened all day long. She didn't even ask for changing the buddy or reported him.

Everybody looked at his crotch from time to time and said nothing, just talked to that woman as usual. It's just the next day when he didn't join the practicing class, that people giggled and laughed and talked about what happened the day before. Meantime, that western guy might think that no one noticed his flash, because people still chatted as usual in their local language, not being noticed even by his massage buddy who never looked up throuth his pants.

Going out of the house shirtless, in Asia, is fine if you look "down to earth" & walk around your house (i.e. to buy something) or after jogging. If you look "posh" or "well groom" or even "look good", it will look totally weird & look a bit that you walk shirtless "on purpose" or "on display" (eventhough you walk around your house or go jogging).

So, don't expect people to be scream or freak out or laugh if you flash them in Asia, and meantime don't expect people to be silent when you flash them in Europe. By the way, the perception of people you flash would be the same, it's only the reactions that different.

Toras adds: I really disagree with this discussion of nudity in "Asia", treating as if it is a homogenous unit. That's dozens of countries with diverse cultures, you CANNOT lump all of them together as one. Even in the same country, you would get different responses in the city and suburbs. For example, in Japan, I have heard that their attitude is "I don't see it" if someone appears naked in public. In Hong Kong (where I'm from), you *might* be able to get away in a rural area, where farmers would ignore you, but in the city the cops will definitely be called. BTW, a typical response of a Chinese girl when faced with a naked man is to cover her eyes and perhaps scream.
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Flashing cock in public or, at least, in front of an appreciative audience

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at: ]

I recently heard from one of blog readers (Guys Into CMNM) about a 'secret' society in London where certain guys are invited to perform sex (in pairs or threesomes) for the viewing pleasure of other couples or small groups of onlookers
None of the viewers are allowed to remove their clothing or touch the 'performers'. The sexual performers are typically meeting and having sex for a audience for the very first time. It is hardly what I would call 'public' sex since the whole thing occurs behind locked doors in a private residence for consenting adults. However, he reported that doing it (just this past Monday, Oct 11) was the thrill of a lifetime. Ha ha. He's been asked to do so again in 3-some in 2-3 weeks from now.

So.. do exhibitionist-voyeur events happen in Zurich, London, Canberra, and Chicago. Probably the answer is Yes. I guess they very well might be happening in a lot of places.
Anybody want to help me organize such a private sex show for a few 'good' men in Tokyo, London, Barcelona, New York, San Francisco, Honolulu, or Berlin? Smaller cities might work too. These in a sense are more like actual CMNM (clothed male / naked male) events, but in a special category: private sex performance.
Does anyone else want to confess to their own cities doing something similar? Have you been invited or participated as 'performer' or viewer (voyeur). Let me let you tell your story.
Posts are welcome for including in our CMNM
Any invitation to participate will also be accepted (lol) or forwarded for broadcast on our Guys Into CMNM social networks.

Kelly (editor-in-chief)

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Awakening Recognition of CMNM by Aidan Quinn

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry at either:
or ]

I came across this blog (Guys Into CMNM found at ) when I was Googling for male exhibitionism; and I guess I was looking for some discussion on the matter.

That's really difficult to describe, and I think there's a whole range of emotions behind it, some of them contradictory. CMNM is not something I've considered before, so I can't say I'm necessarily into it - although I am interested in elements of voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Photo is aidanqn, taken to accompany this entry.

You see, I'm a bit messed up ;) When I was younger, I was always frightened of my endowment - and I guess I still am a bit. But the funny thing is, I'm vain, too. I remember taking a photo of myself with my flies open and my red briefs sticking out when I was in my late teens. I also used to draw pictures of my crotch, wearing just briefs, when I was about 14. And many years ago, I saw a picture that a cousin took of himself. It wasn't rude, but my grandmother asked him why he took it. Inside my head, I knew exactly the reason. It kind of got me to figuring that deep down that nearly all men are vain/exhibitionists.

Recently, I have taken up swimming. The pools aren't big, and there's quite a few private cubicles. I never go in there, but go into the public area to change. I wear speedos. I noticed that the other guys use the private ones, but I always thought that was a bit effeminate; and they wore swimming shorts, too, rather than speedos.
I think that what I'm trying to say is that from a naked man's point-of-view, being naked is like being the alpha male. I think it's a huge turn-on to know that my own body is giving pleasure to others. It feels like a powerful position, rather than one of powerlessness.

A number of years ago, I was at a party, and a man and a woman were fondling me a little. Then the man gave some instructions to the woman as to what to do with me - well it never led to sex, and I was clothed the whole time - but I got really turned on by the idea of being a kind of toy - giving pleasure simply by receiving it - and being the object of lust. There was a vid on YouTube showing a wrestler's package. A woman said "It makes a nice change to see the objectification of men".

I responded because I thought: that it contained an implicit inferiority complex about being a woman in relation to a man (I didn't actually write that, but that's what I felt) that being objectified shouldn't necessarily imply a position of inferiority on the part of the person objectified. For those with a healthy self image, being a source of admiration was a source of strength; and conversely for those with a poor self image, a source of further weakness. So, it all depends on your point of view.

Things are also hot from a clothed male's point of view. I like the idea of touching a man whilst I'm fully clothed; and then watching him get sexually aroused.

I once saw a vid on XTube about a military examination. It was really hot to see 6 guys lined up, being ordered to take off their clothes, and then be intimately examined. Some the guys seemed to like it, too!

For me, it's not about "emotional" dominance. I think it's a turn-on when both parties are aroused by the experience, but a turn-off if one side is feeling abused and not enjoying it. So, for me, it's about pleasure, not about bullying or intimidation. If one side is feeling belittled, then I don't like it.

====== Note from Aidan Quin: ===========

By the way, feel free to blog about this message and your reactions. I thought you might like a photo of me, which I've attached. (Photo is posted at the top of this article.) I've written "CMNM" across my hips so that you know it's really from me - plus I kind of dig the whole "tattoo" thing. I would never get a tattoo, but I think a temporary one would be really cool. Feel free to post the pic, too! Maybe it will start a trend ;)
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My Personal Update and CMNM Party Plans

Hey nude dudes (and clothed ones too). Are you into CMNM? Clothed male / naked male erotic situations. I organize CMNM events and also admin several Guys Into CMNM (blog) and from there you can join one of several social networking sites devoted to CMNM.
So get in touch - I'm not just trying to hook up, but want to get a lot of guys together for CMNM events in many parts of the world. You can find more about it at my

A complete list of all My Other Blogs and current Net profiles can be found at:

My Blogger blogs:

Travels with Sunbuns

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男 Otoko -The Japanese Male
A Father’s Pride and Joy
Guys into CMNM
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The Spirit is Willing but the Flash is Weak, day and night.
All Natural Men http//

I organize private CMNM events in during my road trips while on holidays. If you're not a follower on Twitter - see

If you might want to join us for one or more CMNM events d(or at future event there or elsewhere), then find out what we have in mind...

You can see what CMNM events that we're planning at our Club CMNM page on Eventbrite :

Also tweet me at @cmnm (on Twitter) or my personal account:
You may also let other local guys in your area know about our CMNM events, or your friends and online acquaintances that who are traveling to these areas who might want to join.
They are great ways to meet other men - since there is no requirement to be naked or to have sex (except as it just happens - depending on the place/venue and who's attending).


Mr. Timberfell Contest and CMNM Meetup
When : Aug.7-9, 2015

Where: Timberfell Lodge, >
Place : Greeneville TN

IF MY INBOX is full, send email to sunbunz (at) gmail (dot) com
or find me on Facebook with that email address or my name:
Kelly Lewis

There is no age limit or target group, but we'll normally be separating into young men's group, a middle-aged and mature men's groups for part (or all) of the event(s). If there are enough guys, we can alternate or rotate groups and activities. We're flexible and want to make all attendees comfortable, and that both the older and the younger guys are happy.

These events do NOT require sexual behavior -- and do not encourage bareback or unprotected sex; we refuse underage (under 18 y.o.), and prohibit any illegal drugs or activities that abuse or would potentially cause hurt, pain or injury (included psychological damage). These are NOT BDSM parties - by any means.

In some cases, special Daddy / Boy, Coach/Athlete, Teacher/Students, Uniformed Officer / Young Citizen (needing a spanking) events will allow mixed aged erotic encounters that involve mild bondage or spanking, etc.

If you are interested, let me know.. mahalo, Kelly.
Who knows, if successful .. we may be bringing a CMNM event to a place near you soon.

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I often travel, sometimes on business and other times for pleasure (hopefully more of the latter), and while doing so, I often 'organize' some CMNM (clothed male / naked male) meet-ups / hookups/ parties/ sleepovers, picnics, etc) in various cities: Hawaii, Atlanta, Boston/Provincetown, Nashville, San Francisco, San Diego, Tokyo, Osaka during March 2016. During summer time 2015-2016, I'll also visit Europe (London, Ireland, Oslo (?), Spain (Canary Islands - Gran Canaria or Barcelona), Paris, Berlin (and/or Munich).

To see descriptions of the 'planned' events (as they are now), visit

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My home and heart are in Pahoa (The Big Island, Hawaii) but actually I don't live there but part of the year. I travel frequently for my work and spend more time off the island than on it. Currently, I'm based in Japan, but I travel quite a bit in North America, Europe and Asia during the year.

I'd love to hear from anyone into these sexual interests. I'm particularly excited about CMNM, and make it a kind of hobby -- at least, I have created a blog and a few social networks related to the Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) sexual lifestyle.

CMNM / nudism / nudist / naturist / dickflash / exhibitionist / voyeur / flashing / public sex / freeballing / exposing / expose / dares / public nudity / outdoor sex / toys / dildos / gloryholes / glory holes / tearoom sex / toilet cruising / nude camping / nude hiking / commando / cottaging / dogging

Most desirable types of men - but I am not a slave to my desires alone:
Ethnicity: Asian, Japanese, Mixed race, multi-ethnic, multicultural, happa, half, Hispanic, Latino, Brazilian, Argentine, African, Afro-American, Caucasian, European, Scandinavian, Greek, Arab, Middle Eastern, South Asian, South East Asian, Pacific Islanders, Hawaiian
Race: white, black, yellow, red, beige, cream, tan, brown, beautiful, rainbow, color blind

Avocation: surfer, scuba diver, beach bum, skater, skateboarders, geeky, Harry Potter, academic, professional, business, artist, designer, musician, uniformed services (cop, police officer, delivery, blue collar jobs - mechanic, etc)

Body style: slim to medium - studly, muscular are all right (bears are great - but not really my main thing), skinny is A-OK, slim boyish types, being versatile is important, more skin than hair (smooth is great, but I'm not against a hairy chest, legs, ass), bubble butt, .. Oh, and a guy should have a cock -- otherwise I'm not too picky (LOL).

Age / Social Status: I like guys my age or younger, although I actually get along well with men far older and far, far younger. I tend to prefer a man in his late 30 - 40 or 50s - just because we often share the same economic level and what that means. No, I'm not the sugar-daddy type and I don't want to support another 'son' or 'lover' who can't make a living for himself.

Personality: Of course, it's important. But people are different and everybody has admirable qualities and things we don't particularly care for. So.. I take it as it comes. Besides, we're probably not going to live together. To be honest, I prefer sexual encounters - not romantic adventures (for the most part). I am not looking for a Long-Term-Relationship (LTR) -- although I do make a really great friend/buddy -- even if sex isn't in the picture.

Sex .. though.. is different. Guys of any age can be great sex partners. Sex, though, is not only what life's about. Although I realize of course, that's why you and I came to this site.

---------------- My Net Life --------------------

NOTE: Yahoo (sun.buns) & Flickr deleted my accounts on their photo-sharing service. My blogs have 'blanks' that once were photos stored in Flickr. It will take a good while before I find another photo-sharing site or get around to replacing those photos.
or sunbunz (at) gmail (dot) com

My Twitter id is: sunbuns

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Interests: scuba diving snorkellng world travel eco-tourism cooking photograhy underwater photography orchids cactus volleyball aikido ethnic music musicals opera dance ballet US politics and international news and politics real estate

Naked camping, nude beaches and nude outdoor activities "au naturel" along with scuba diving are some of my favorite leisure pasttimes, but NOT the only ones. I travel a lot, and while doing so, love to cruise gay beaches worldwide when I'm not enjoying the cultural or natural environments, the latter are really my true passions. Sex and/or romance may be important, but it IS NOT the completely dominant theme of my life.

As you can probably tell by the tone and content of my message here, I am not looking for a relationship of any special or limiting sort except true friendship. I like sex, of course, but by far there are much more important ways to appreciate one's fellow man than by simply fucking/sucking and by emotionally screwing each other over than what the typical male (probably especially the typical gay male) knows or can even comprehend.
To keep things simple, basic, and just primitive, I would love to meet up with guys who just want to get naked in public or challenge other (and photograph it) to naked male dares.

I enjoy hot scenes on the beach, maybe in a public place ; but I am mostly a regular guy who loves or camping out naked, or hiking nude with buds in the great outdoors or I am equally at ease enjoying a meal - one that we cook together is even better, or take in an event (museum, concert, street fair, etc) together (these cultural events are NOT in the nude, well - probably not)).

Just talking and enjoying a view of the beach, mountains, or urban city street is also a good experience too.

I am not always a horny bastard -- I supremely enjoy nature but also the arts, cultural events (music, dance, theatre, open), travel, discussion, ethnic food and music and more. I like writing and enjoy organizing things - events, people into groups, trips....

Recently, I've started writing more (or at least collecting my posts into a themed journal on my blogs:

I love collecting nude and explicit photos of all kinds of men and their sexual pursuits. I have done so for many years to my personal collection is pretty impressive - although I wonder about its legality
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My teacher was good at making me behave

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:
or ]

My teacher was good at making me behave. Not exactly my own teacher, but my first full-fledged gay sex was with a college professor.

I was studying in France (Junior Year Abroad) and joined the university choral club. It turned out that one of the older guys (the club was open to anybody on campus) took a shine to this 19-year-old American guy. So he kept winking and being friendly during and after rehearals - I was really new to noticing such attentions.

After several months, he eventually invited me over to his apartment a few blocks from the campus. It was the first time that I had actually been able to act both romantically and sexually with another guy in a mutually gratifying encounter.

He asked me to sit next to him on the couch and the sexual vibes were electrifying.. it wasn't but a few minutes later -- while we were looking through one of his photo albums that we just abandoned all pretenses, and started kissing passionately. Minutes later, he took me to his bedroom and then proceeded to instruct me in the realities and pleasures of gay sex. I got fucked in the butt for the first time by a guy who was about 40.

Unfortunately, he was not really interested in a relationship -- except jus sex from time to time. It was very disappointing for me and I learned my first 'lesson' about what can be the difficulties in maintaining (or establishing) a relationship especially because it was such a closeted time. His being a teacher was problematic for us both so he never wanted to see me on campus. Eventually, I gave up seeing him and before too long returned home.
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Supernatural: One Frozen Winter - Chapter 1

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry at either:

An original fictional story based on the TV series

(Co-written with Cha )
Pairing: Teen!Sam/Dean
Rating/Warnings: NC 17; Slash; incest, 17 year old Sam
Characters : The Characters from the t.v. show Supernatural belong to Kripke, we're just playin' with 'em

Summary: Sam's hormones are on overdrive but getting pulled out of school and dumped at some isolated cabin with Dean means he won't be getting any relief. Or does it? He really could use a teacher and who better than Dean to demonstrate? Light/fun. Slash, incest

Wonderful banner by cha

The problem was Dean. Dean made everything look easy. Sam had spent two weeks sneaking around behind Dean watching him kiss girls. After fourteen nights of watching, Sam had ended up with Poison Ivy on his ankle, a vague notion of how to kiss and a pretty constant hard on. He fell asleep thinking about how to kiss and he woke up thinking about it. He had been all set to launch his plan to kiss Bethia at school when Dad had told them to pack. Now, here they were in the middle of nowhere in a lakeside cabin. There was no TV, no cell reception, no electricity, no Bethia to kiss and every time Sam looked at his older brother he could only stare at his lips.

They were out on the porch. Dean was sitting in a rocking chair... a fucking rocking chair, swatting fucking mosquitoes, and staring off at the dark waters of the lake. It was so damned hot and sticky, he leaned forward and pulled his tee-shirt off, tossing it at Sam's face, grinning at the annoyed look Sammy shot him. "Get me beer." At least they were stocked.

Rolling his eyes Sam balled up the shirt and threw it on the floor, eyes gliding over Dean’s chest as he walked past. He made sure to slam to screen door behind him, grabbed two beers and went back out to the porch. He tapped the bottle against Dean’s shoulder and waited for his brother to say something about the beer he'd brought out for himself.

Dean turned and grabbed the bottle, then stared at the second one in Sam's hand. He looked up into Sam's face and could tell little bro expected him to put up a stink. Instead, he touched his bottle to Sam's and just said, "Drink it slow. I don't want to haul your drunk ass inside."

Sam grinned and sat down on the top step by Dean's feet. "It sucks here, Dean," he took a sip of beer, "it really sucks." Wiping his mouth he looked out over the lake. "How long did Dad say we had to be here?"

Shaking his head, Dean answered. "Beats the hell outta me. Tomorrow will be too late." He was about to go out of his mind with boredom. Knocking back some of the beer, he swatted a mosquito and cursed. "This has got to be the worst place we've been, and we've been in plenty of dumps. Hope he gets done with whatever soon." Yeah, but when had he ever gotten back in less than a week? "If it weren't so hot that the cards would stick to my fingers, I'd teach you to play poker. And don't get started with you already know how... you gotta work on that poker face."

Sam shrugged and took another sip of beer. “So, Dean,” he cleared his throat, “there was this girl, you know, back in Camden.” He picked at the label on the beer bottle feeling his cheeks start to burn; scratched his nose then pushed his hair out of his eyes. “You know what? Never mind. Let's play poker - we're gonna go nuts if we sit here doing nothin'.

Studying Sam's profile, Dean started to smile. "Nah, let's not play poker. How about you tell me 'bout her. This girl in Camden." The silence didn't surprise Dean. "Did she have nice... you know," he motioned with his hands as he asked whether she had a nice rack. That was sure to get Sam tripping over his tongue and get him talking

“Jesus, Dean!” Sam put his beer down on the step beside him, thinking, remembering. “She did… I mean, I didn’t,” he closed his eyes for a moment, “yeah.” He grinned and looked at Dean out of the corner of his eye. “She was really pretty though, you know? Long black hair, real tiny,” he looked up at Dean, “she would have fit right under my arm.” He lifted his arm up almost unconsciously as if he could see her there. “Smelled really good too,” he muttered almost under his breath. He let out a big sigh and picked up the beer bottle again, taking a long drink.

"You sweet on a girl, Sammy?" He teased, but a sadness swept through him. He knew Sam had a tendency to take things to heart, and a need to make long term friends. When he said he liked a girl, it probably meant a big time crush. How often would he get to explore something like that for more than a blink of an eye? That was one of the reasons Dean had learned to move so quickly on a girl. If he did the old dating before kissing thing, he'd never get laid. "Should'a told me." Yeah, he'd have given his brother some tips... after he gave him some shit of course.

Sam shrugged again. “I guess. Doesn’t matter, I never got to … well, I was gonna … you know kiss her.” He puffed out his cheeks and let out a long breath. “I didn’t really know… well, I was going to try.” Cringing, he waited for the abuse to start.

"Oh yeah?" Again with the silence. "What happened," Dean asked, not a hint of mockery in his voice.

"Nothin'." Sam chuckled softly, the smile fading quickly from his face. "Seriously, nothing. I didn't know where to start." He looked cautiously at Dean, trying to gage the mood he was in. "I didn't know what to do, Dean. How to start, like..." he turned to face his older brother, feeling a bit more confident, "how do you let a girl know that you like her... that you want to kiss her?"

The wise cracks about being irresistible and not having that problem died on his lips the instant his brother's gaze met his. "I don't know that there's a magic formula. I mean... it's trial and error. You just gotta," he sniffed, "you know, think there's nothing to lose. What's the worst that can happen? She says no, or maybe you get slapped." Okay, a crack slipped out, but it wasn't a bad one and it was the truth. "Some girls... you just know they're not gonna be prudes. Others... ah, let's go inside and play poker," he said, changing his mind.

"No! what?" For a minute there Sam though his brother was actually going to help him instead of just brushing him off. "Come on, Dean, I don't have anyone else to talk to!" It came out louder than Sam intended but it was true. The way they moved around Sam was lucky if he could even keep people's names straight. He was frustrated and pissed off. "I used to think I would die a virgin - now I think I'm going to die without ever even kissing someone." Sam slammed the beer bottle down on the top step splashing it up his arm.

"That's nuts... Sam." Dean got up and joined him on the stair, stretching his legs out and looking over at him. "You are not gonna die... you know I won't let you," he said, pointing at him with his bottle before he took a drink. Damn, he could get emo over the smallest things. "I was just gonna say, you can sometimes tell from the way they hold their head. You know, kinda tilted to the side, hair partly in their eyes... means the chick's flirting with you." He demonstrated the pose. "And ... I dunno, pupils get dark... kinda big... and if they sway toward you, even little," he moved a few inches toward Sam, "and if they're looking either in your eyes or at your mouth... it's in the bag." He took another swig, leaned his head back and swallowed, then looked back at Sam. "And if their lips part... real slow like this... then it's guaranteed."

As Dean's lips parted Sam felt a little jolt, it brought back memories of all those times he had watched Dean while he made out with some girl. He knew what Dean was talking about, well, some of it. He'd seen the way the girls looked at his older brother - like they wanted something from him. His eyes jumped down to Dean's mouth, his full bottom lip, then back to his brother's eyes. He looked up at Dean from behind his floppy bangs. "Then ... what do you do first?" he almost whispered.

"Yeah, kinda like that," Dean agreed, seeing Sam emulate the girls and nodding. "You know what I do next, not like you haven't seen it often enough," he grinned. He didn't mind that Sam shadowed him, he liked it.

Sam's eyes widened and he leaned back a little. "I was just .." he felt around behind him blindly for his beer, grabbed it and finished the rest of the bottle, gulping it down. He took a deep shuddering breath. "I was trying to see how it ... worked." He could feel a blush creeping up his neck and warmth growing in his belly. Looking at Dean from under long dark lashes he gave him a weak grin. "I kinda liked it." Okay, that beer was going straight to his head.

"Hmmm? You got that far with her? And liked it?" He noticed that Sam had finished his drink, no wonder he wasn't making a hundred percent sense here. But hey, that meant he might share things he otherwise wouldn't. "So ... arm go around her? You know, when you were liking it." Dean bet that was code for getting a stiffy.

Sam looked confused for a few seconds, "Me? Did I like.... oh...." crap "That's not what I meant. I liked .. You know - watching you." Suddenly feeling like he couldn't really breathe he tugged on the neck of his t-shirt. "I mean," he ran his hand down his face, "I liked watching you kiss girls." He moved as if to get up, "I should probably go ... to bed or something." Why couldn't he stop talking?

"Oh... that." He tried not to laugh at Sam's worried expression. "I get off on porn, you get off on soft porn," he shrugged, trying to be as casual as he could about it. "Here's the thing... it's a hundred times better when you're getting it, than watching," he pointed at Sam. "You know it's true. So next time you see someone you like, get them to that point with the swaying... don't hesitate. Go for it." He put his hand on Sam's back, patting him. "You've got it in you, you're a Winchester.

"Yeah, I guess." He leaned back into Dean's touch, liking the feel of his broad hand. Dean's lips looked really soft, no wonder there was always a girl. Sam leaned a little closer, staring at the drop of beer on the corner of his brother's mouth. Go for it Darting forward he crushed his mouth against the corner of Dean's, pulled away and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Everything happened at once. The sudden press of firm warm lips against his, a familiar burning... aching sensation, and the realization he'd been kissed. Sam had kissed him. He'd.... His heart sort of stuttered, and Dean told himself it was from shock. Then he tried to think about how many beers he'd had... three, just three, not so many that he would have imagined it. Instinctively, he licked his lips... and holy crap, he tasted Sam there, and no way... no way was he thinking of leaning in and...

He cleared his throat. "Right, just like that. Only with your arms around her," he said, finally figuring out he was an idiot. Sam had been trying the technique out on him. Course if the kid hadn't had that beer, he wouldn't have. And sure, he probably should be slugging him, or kicking his ass... but he found he couldn't get himself worked up enough to do that. "Just like that," he said more softly, this time leaning back on his elbows braced on the stairs and looking up at the moon. Yeah... he really needed to find Sammy a girl. Both of them...

Sucking on his bottom lip Sam sat very still, watching his brother. That had felt really good, and Dean tasted like Sam thought he would; beer, salt and, well, Dean. He shifted down a step, scooted a little closer and reached out shyly, sliding his hand over Dean's stomach, curling his hand over his brother's hip. "Kind of like this?" he asked tugging Dean a little closer.

Dean's stomach clenched under his brother's touch. Hell, other parts of him that shouldn't be standing at attention seemed to suddenly come alive. He sucked in his breath, trying to explain this to himself. Telling himself it was because they were bored to death, with no end in sight, and he was not reacting to his brother specifically, it was just a reaction to a touch... he was so hard up, any touch would do. His gaze met and clashed with Sam's and suddenly he wasn't so sure.

Swallowing hard, he reminded himself he was the older brother. It was his job to take care of Sam. If Sam was so drunk he wanted a demo, he shouldn't take him up on it... cause that would be really bad. Real bad. "Just like that..." his heart slammed into his chest. Dean took his brother's hand off his hip and sat up, trying to ignore the scorching heat left by Sam's hand print. "Let's get you to bed, Sammy."

Sam bit down hard on his bottom lip, tasting blood, sliding away from Dean quickly. He straightened his back, swaying a little, feeling a little dizzy. "I'm ... sorry, Dean. You mad?" He pressed his fingers to his bottom lip and then grimaced when they came away red. "I bit my lip."

"Mad... no." Maybe he was drunk... he had to be, cause why else did he find himself cupping Sam's chin, why was he wiping his lip with the pad of his thumb, and why the hell was he swaying toward Sam, wanting a proper taste? Jerking his face slightly so his lips ended up sliding along Sam's cheek, and moving over his ear instead of his original target, he whispered. "No one could resist your moves, Sammy, I'm pretty sure about that." He barely recognized his own voice and refused to analyze why he'd said 'no one' instead of 'no girl.' Afraid of these strange sensations sweeping through his system, Dean stood up and put his hand out. "Time to turn in."

Sam felt like his knees were going to buckle when he felt Dean’s breath on his ear. Felt so good. Glancing down at Dean’s hand, he reached out and slid his fingers slowly over his brother’s rough palm, then grabbed on and pulled himself up. Stumbling, he tripped up the step in front of him and fell against Dean’s Chest. “I think I’m a bit drunk, Dean.” He grinned at his brother, grabbing onto the waistband of his jeans to hold himself up. Dean smelled so good. Sam turned his face into Dean's neck, breathing deeply.

As Sam's body collided into his, as it felt almost like Sam was about to pull his pants down, Dean barely bit back a moan. Fuck... he knew better, knew he shouldn't be feeling like this... no matter how many drinks he'd had, Goddamit. Sam was a guy... and not just any guy, he was his little brother. Emphasis on 'little'... you listening down there? Didn't matter what he thought, his blood was definitely surging to his cock, and Sam wasn't helping any... the way he was practically nuzzling him.

"I know you are. Let's get you inside." He tried to keep his voice normal, putting his arm around Sam, his palm sliding down his side to his waist, over tight muscles that had developed overnight it seemed. "Come on..." Yeah, he was talking to himself as much as to his brother. He got him up the stairs, and they staggered a little. Each time Sam jostled against him, Dean gritted his teeth, fighting his feelings. "Keep that up and I'm picking you up, Goddamit," he finally snapped.

“You’re bossy.” Sam smiled and pressed his lips against Dean’s neck, lingering. There were so many feelings rushing through him, and it all felt so good. Maybe it wasn’t right, wasn’t how it was supposed to be, but Dean’s hands felt really good on him. No one loved him like Dean… it just made sense. He tucked his hand into Dean’s back pocket curling and uncurling his fingers against his brother's firm ass. He tried to walk straighter to please Dean.

"You bet I am." Dean's voice went from low to high pitched. He had to have imagined that kiss... had to, but Sam's hand in his pocket... no matter how hard he tried to unimagine it, it was still there... pressing into his ass, making him wonder what would happen if he pulled Sam close, held him the same way. No, no, no... This was just making him wish he was drunk. Then he'd have an excuse. Maybe.

"Sam, come on," he said more sharply, practically dragging his brother inside to the bedroom and shoving him down onto the bed. The distance between them allowed him to breathe again. "Get... get undressed. I'm gonna lock up," he said a bit tightly, for the first time in his life shying away from the sight of Sam in boxers. What the hell had gotten into him?

Turning, he left the room and went to secure the house.

For a few minutes, Sam just stared at the ceiling. His fingers drifted to his lips, the taste of Dean’s skin still there. Shit. Dean was going to kick his ass in the morning. Pushing himself up off the bed he kicked off his boots and pulled his socks off, almost falling off the bed while he struggled out of his jeans. He palmed the slight bulge in the front of his boxers, feeling his cheeks redden again. What the hell are you doing to yourself Sam? He snorted and grabbed the hem of his shirt. After a brief wrestling match, he threw the shirt on the floor and slid under the sheet.

Taking more time than he needed, Dean drained the rest of his beer, left the bottle on the kitchen table and headed back to the room. A part of him wanted to hit the bottle, reach for something stronger than beer. Another part of him worried about consequences... if he wasn't thinking straight now, what might he do if he had some whiskey inside him?

Generally noting the lump under the sheets that told him Sam was in bed, he kept his eyes off Sam. In the morning, this would all clear up and yeah... he'd find them stuff to do, just to keep the hormones from making him do or allow something they'd regret. Dad, it's all your fault I kissed Sammy cause you left us in fucking Merliville... yeah... not gonna cut it.

He undid his belt buckle, and unzipped. Pushing his jeans down his hips, he practically kicked them off since he was barefooted. Glancing at the ceiling fan, he wished it was circulating something other than hot air. The heat had to be getting to his brain too... yeah that was it. Crossing the room, he shut the light and got into his bed, leaving the sheets off. Hands behind his head, he watched the fan turned. "Night Sam."

Sam watched Dean get undressed through squinted eyes, his brother moved so easily; Sam still felt like he was all arms and legs. The light turned off, he heard Dean’s bed creak and his goodnight. Sam ran through the evening in his mind, listening to Dean’s breathing from across the room. He couldn’t stop thinking about the way Dean’s mouth had felt when he had kissed him, it was softer than he thought it would be, his brother’s lips smoother, warmer. Sam shifted in bed, leaned up and held his breath to listen. Dean’s breathing was deep and even, he was sleeping.

He sat up, slid out of his bed and padded quietly over to Dean’s bed. Sam just stood there for a while, listening to Dean’s breath, watching the rise and fall of his chest; then he sat down as gently as he could on the side of Dean’s bed.

Dean didn’t move, his breathing still even and calm; Sam leaned down slowly and pressed his slightly parted lips against Dean’s. He waited, and when Dean didn’t stir, he leaned in again, drawing Dean’s bottom lip into his mouth ever-so-gently.

"Mmmn..." Dean started to complain as something disturbed his sleep, but before he came awake, the sensation of soft lips against his, sucking on him, turned the complaint into a moan of pleasure. Good... good, but he wanted more. Parting his lips, he dipped his tongue slightly inside, finding the heat of that silky mouth pressing so damned sweetly against his. He moved his hand, cupping the side of his dream date's face and kissing just a little harder, like he was almost afraid that if he was too aggressive, his date would bolt.

A moan built somewhere in Sam’s chest when he felt Dean’s tongue slide into his mouth, so slick and smooth, surprised he gasped into his brother’s mouth then just let the pleasure wash over him. Letting his weight settle cautiously against Dean’s chest Sam turned into his brother’s hand, so rough on his cheek. He let his tongue slip out of his mouth, licking along the velvety smooth bottom lip he’s been staring at all night. Don’t wake up, don’t wake up, don’t wake up. He felt like he couldn't catch his breath, shifted closer so he could press up against Dean's thigh, Holy shit. His heart was thundering so loud in his chest he was sure Dean would hear it.

The instant Dean sensed weight pressing into him, he closed his other arm around his date, running his hand up and down, then resting it on is date's ass. As their tongues tangled, he slowly became aware of something hard pressing into his thigh. Other things shifted into place too. There wasn't much softness to the body he was groping, it was all tight muscle... it belonged to a male. Goddamn Sammy for doing this to him, making him dream of a guy. And Goddamn himself for not forcing himself awake, and deciding to enjoy it.

Slanting his mouth, he deepened the kiss, caressing the roof of the guy's mouth... not just any guy, he tasted like Sam, tasted good like him, felt like how he thought Sam might feel. He tangled their tongues together and then started a thorough exploration, mapping every corner of his mouth, his breaths growing slightly ragged.

Felt so good. Sam didn’t know what to do with his hands, with his legs, his hips rolled forward into Dean’s leg- which kinda scared him and kinda felt really good, too good. He was just learning though. Right?. Just learning. Panting into Dean’s mouth Sam’s arm snaked over Dean’s hip, his fingers pressing into the hot flesh above Dean’s shorts. Dean's tongue felt so good in his mouth, he couldn’t stop himself from sucking on it, trying to pull it further inside his mouth.

"Yeah baby," Dean encouraged, molding the boy's body to his, deciding he needed more. Without breaking the kiss, he cupped the guy's ass, fingers digging into partially clothed flesh as he started to roll them over, needing to be on top, to control the kiss and gain the pressure he was starting to need to ease the throbbing ache between his legs.

Sam groaned and twisted out from under Dean sliding off the bed and thudding onto the floor. His heart was beating so fast it felt like it was in his throat. Jesus Dean that was too good, too much, and totally not about learning anything anymore. Kissing your brother shouldn’t feel like that, shouldn’t feel like it’s setting you on fire somewhere deep inside your stomach. Sam sat there trying to calm himself down.

Reaching blindly out to grab his would-be lover, Dean complained loudly. "C'mere... need you. Don't be like that." His body was on fire, and he just fucking wasn't used to being left high and dry. "Whatever I said... didn't mean it."

Sam’s head fell back against the bed as his breathing slowed. He wondered who Dean was dreaming about, knowing it wasn’t him. He sighed and kneeled up to look at Dean’s face, watching his furrowed brow, reaching out he ran his finger along Dean’s lips, knowing he’d never get a chance to do it again.

Dean chased that finger, managing to suck part of it into his mouth and smiling triumphantly as his hand shot out and unerringly gripped the boy's wrist. "Stop driving me crazy... Sammy."

Sam jumped jerking back against Dean’s strong grip. What the hell? “D D Dean?” He tried to tug his hand away, to no avail. “Dean, I’m sorry, I….” he looked down, out of words.

The sudden movement combined with Sam's voice brought Dean awake. He jackknifed to a sitting position, "what... what happened?" Then found he had grabbed Sam's wrist, and that his brother was standing next to his bed. He could smell Sam... could smell his scent on himself, could taste him. He remembered the kissing on the stairs the... oh crap. Releasing Sam, he cocked his head. "Did I.... say anything?" Please God... don't let me have said anything about the dream... but he knew he must have, or why else had Sam awakened and come to investigate?

Sam’s mouth dropped open, then closed, then opened again as he tried to figure out what to say. He licked his lips, “S’okay Dean, go back to sleep,” his voice was husky, deep, “I’m sorry I … woke you.” Why did he feel so crappy? Why did his heart jump when Dean had said his name? Just the idea of Dean knowing it had been him… Sam sighed and tugged his arm free, going back to his bed, climbing in and rolling away from Dean. "Night, Dean." He pressed his face into his pillow.

"Sam?" The silence made him think maybe he'd imagined Sam had been right there. Nah, he knew he had been, but what had he heard, and why was he apologizing? Maybe he didn't wanna know. Telling himself that, he dropped back down on the pillow, rolling to his side and watching Sam. Only when he realized he was checking out the lean lines of his body visible in the semi dark room, did he roll over on his stomach, barely holding back a groan. Tomorrow, he was gonna tell his dad to get his ass back here. Okay, maybe not in those exact terms but...

* * *
When Sam's eyes cracked open in the morning he had a few moments to savor the deliciously cool morning air before everything came flooding back to him. The thoughts seeped back into his consciousness in no apparent order; the taste of beer on his lips, firm muscles under his hand, low-voiced words of advice from his brother, kissing, oh god kissing, Dean’s hands digging into the muscles of his ass. He sat bolt upright in bed eyes darting across the room to Dean’s sleeping form.

In slumber, Dean’s face was serene – he never seemed to look like that during the day. Sam’s eyes traced the smooth curve of Dean’s spine ending in the slight twist of his hips….. he scrambled out of bed. What the hell was wrong with him? There was no beer to blame now. Snatching his jeans off the floor he hopped around quietly pulling them on, focused on getting away from Dean for a while. He stopped briefly to scrawl one word on a scrap of paper on the bedside table, ‘swimming’. As he turned to leave his hazel eyes trailed once more over Dean’s face – then he darted out of the room.

It was a short walk to the lake, the breeze was nice as it ruffled his shaggy hair and the grass felt warm on his bare feet. He really needed a haircut. The water was still, blue, clear and Sam shucked off his jeans and waded in, gritting his teeth against the cold. Wearily, he looked down at his hands, splashing some water onto his face, he had to make sure everything was okay with Dean. He had no one else, pathetic as that seemed. He dove into the water and swam.

Next Chapter
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Why so many cock shots in the gallery?

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:

A recent response to a question about nudity (cock shots) on the reader's gallery:

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:42 pm Post subject: Why so many cock shots in the gallery.
I'm new to the site and to freeballing and don't understand why there are so many pictures of just dicks in the gallery. There are a few peek-a-boo crotch shots so you know he's a freeballer - which is cool - but photos of just dick? Why?
It's hot here in Hawaii! Let your boys swing free!
sunbuns Joined: 24 Jul 2006 Location: Pahoa, HI, Nashville, TN, Tokyo, Japan

Localrice, That's certainly a fair question. The gallery states clearly that there should be 'no nudity.' But I think there are a few reasons - which may not be obvious - especially when you consider the function of the Net in our societies. First of all, I think we all have to have a little historical perspective on what this site is and was, on what freeballing means (on the surface and also in a deeper sense) and what freeballers mean to each other. Perhaps, more importantly, we need to consider the role that this board plays in some people's development (hopefully growth and growing up).

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:54 pm Post subject: The gallery

You need too to realize the role in plays in creating a (virtual online) community - finding balance between what attracts (draws members in) and what makes the participate in a community member - while maintaining a sense of purpose, identity, and belonging - without fear and discord (in-fighting and blame).

I realize you're not exactly complaining - just asking a question. You probably did NOT expect anyone to respond in so lengthy a message. What you brought up is important and lies at the heart of what makes this board work as a successful (online) community. But if you put up a fuss about it or worse, it'll probably do nothing but hurt and possibly alienate and isolate a lot of guys who freeball and who want to have some assurance that others do too.

The nudity is only part of the 'larger' picture and once you see beyond that it'll help you understand what's really going on. (safe play and friendly boast, 'see what I got, can you beat this' - sort of male cockmanship - that's how I see the gallery). It's a technical problem too. How can you show you're freeballing' and not show any nudity (there has to be some skin at some point). So herein lies the rub (Shakespeare).

Where do you draw the line? Breasts - but no nipples. Pelvis but not pubes? Cocks but no erections? It's a nightmare trying to police that. The gallery and nudity are also there out of practical economy - saving time and resources on the part of this forum admin. It's probably one of the things that attracts people to the site -- even when there is no new message on the board, there is often a new photo or two. It's also about market share (would there be anyone posting regularly if this were a text only bulletin board). We lost about half the membership when this site stopped allowing photo upload in posts (as attachments).

Just go and take a look at the older version (there were a lot more frequent messages). Sometimes weeks go by with no postings nowadays. But such is life (and the state of the economy). Second, the site admin would be deleting half the membership if he rejected every person who has uploaded (in the gallery) or in messages a photo with nudity. The older version of this phpBB even allowed direct photo uploads. (which eventually became to costly (for web host storage space and bandwith) to support on this free site. I don't mean that all people come here just to see the cock photos -however a few do and maybe they NEED that While there are plenty of places on the Net where you can get all the nude and sexually explicit photos you could ever want -- of all sexual persuasions. Not everybody is a porn perv or wants to be consider one (even by his own standards).

So... having a 'nude' gallery gives some guys a chance to 'try on' the merchandise - find out if the male penis has any appeal to them beyond simple self-comparison. Lord knows they get little chance to do that with a real male counterpart in today's world. (I'm well over 40 so I know what the 60's and 70's were like having lived in the South, it was more like what America was in the 40's and 50's as far moral standards and sexual mores goes.

So.. it probably makes it a bit 'naughty' for some members (and guests) to look freely at some dudes' dick and freeballing pix - those same guys normally wouldn't be caught dead looking at a Net porn site (at least not on their home computer) and especially not viewing or having to register (or pay) for a gay porn site. Posting cock pics is not a bad thing. It's just a human body part. People are fascinated by nudity and how it relates to their own and other sexuality and sexual stimulation. Showing nude male bodies including genitals does serve an important function.

In today's rather paradoxical sexual moral (mores) environment, we (all 300 million in the US - ages 5-105) can hear in the news about a US Senator (supposedly) cruising for sex in an airport restroom or the Pope apologizing to an assembly of thousands of young people for the sexual abuses of his priests (as he did in Australia last week), but it is now almost impossible for young men, teens, and boys to see another guy's dick and balls, or a naked body in 'real' life.

Public facilities have only private changing rooms; adult men who used to walk around naked in the locker room now get dressed hurriedly to avoid 'offending' some (supposedly) impressionable and over-protected (and probably highly sensitized because of it) school boy - who has never seen a naked male body before. I could go on and on about the fundamentalist approach to banning the human anatomy from our society while at the same time it opens up topics and mental images for its citizens (of all ages) that are far more shocking, explicit (i.e. obscene) that any photo on this site - possibly more so than most porno sites. I know I must sound like I'm on a soap box. Perhaps I am.

Glad you brought up the topic. I have said it before - this site is one of the very few places on the Internet where people (particularly men) of all ages, size and shapes, races, ethnic and social backgrounds, economic status, religious creeds or belief systems, and sexual preference can join together in (sometimes) meaningful discussions and exchanges without bickering over what makes up different from one another.

It's OK to discuss the diversity and why we think, believe and feel differently. It's the repression of other points of view - (such as acceptance of nudity) that really kills a sense of community. Sort like that recent gunman in Knoxville who walked into the Interfaith church and shoot people because they espoused diversity and human rights for all religious (and sexual) persuasions.

(NOTE* Being (possibly) from Hawaii, you should understand more than most what is valuable in preserving diversity and in respecting the individuality and uniqueness of all. It's one important aspect of the spirit of Aloha, isn't it? Freeballing truly seems to set us all free - free to be ourselves, free to be different, and free to share out sameness and diversity, and also to not fear that someone else's idea of what makes us a man (or what God is, or what is right or wrong) is the only standard that we must be judged by. It is not at all a 'gay' thing to post a naked pic or a cock photo. Perhaps you are a bit naive or inexperienced with all the social networking sites and photosharing sites on the Net.

The fact is (I should probably say my 'own' view of the 'facts') , some guys who decide to freeball or who are attracted to the idea and have put it into their reality (and how they define their lifestyle) have a need for bonding with other men (non-sexual). They (or others) may also have strong desires for male companionship and affection (non-gay but gender identifying and reassuring). There are others who are definitely turned on to idea and the reality of masculinity as a sexual object or preference, and still others are seeking out (unconsciously or consciously) sexual interaction with men -- in other words, homosexual (or homoerotic) behavior. I'm not saying guys who come to are 'looking for a blowjob' or to get sexual partners. But in any room of males, there are always some who are interested in sex. I just think it's the nature of the beast (grin). By far, most of the people (guys make up 99% or more) are here for the camaraderie, for some fun, for some chit-chat and sometimes for some serious discussion (like me).

Believe me.. I love freeballing but even more nowadays, I'm into to 'freebody' - complete nudity - wherever and wherever possible - NOT just blatant exhibitionism (naked under a trench coat flasher) for it's own sake (although I can see why some guys really enjoy doing that too). So you have to take what comes with the territory. I believe the guy who started this board probably realized that 'hidden' fact (whenever men gather the topic of sex and nudity will inevitably come up) and fortunately for us, he has allowed the 'rules' to be stretched and to 'be bent' with the needs of this community (online and virtual as it is). BTW, once you've realized there are dick pix in the gallery, you don't really have to go looking at them -- if you don't want to see them, right? (LOL). Let me close this 'sermonette' (I'll be on vacation from Friday and will have less chance to post for a while). Welcome to this board, localrice and the other new members. Hope you'll post messages or questions ( It seems you don't appear to want to post pics (LOL at least not nude ones). But that's OK too - by me.

Aloha, Kelly

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What makes us the way we are? Gay or str8 or what?

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry at either:
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A participant in an online discussion board at JUB asked for some advice about his sexuality. Here are his request (story of his new experience and then my response. There were other responses by a lot of different people, but I'm only putting mine here.

I only started thinking about men last summer and tried it for the first time a few months ago..... ....... I found a fuck buddy a few weeks ago and make regular visits to his room a couple of times a week now. Basically I always thought of myself as straight, but I prefer to have sex with this guy than other woman.....thats how intense it is for me.

I was never one for eating a woman's pussy... ........but sucking a big cock is an incredible experiance compared.   
So basically im just not sure what to think anymore, am I gay, straight.........hell I don'
t know anymore??

I realize that the discussion over this type of self-identity struggle is partly WHY this site exists. . However, the reality of my own experience, tells me that trying to categorize yourself is an artificial exercise and mostly will not lead to any absolute definition of whether you are now gay or str8 or bi or whatever.

It's so human and -- unfortunate in my humble estimation - that we cannot just BE who we are but feel so compelled to fit into someone's (the society and the small part of it that we find ourselves).
I would say you are not gay or straight but just a man who finds pleasure and rewards from sexual and interpersonal relationship on different levels with different genders.
That the sex with men that you've evidently discoverd recently 'feels' so much better isn't so surprising - you've already admitted that it feels 'dirty and more intense' so you can see that the pure adoration of the male anatomy and form is NOT what gives you the biggest thrill in having sex with a man.

I would venture to guess that's its the freedom from self-repression and the mere fact that you CAN enjoy the lust and the sensuality of it. I suspect that you're holding back something with women - partly because you know you ARE or WILL be more emotionally or spiritually (romantically is the usual word) with them but you feel released from the 'binding' or lingering burden with men -- since you intuitively know you are not going to develop a full-on romantic relationship with him.

That's my take on it .. I am married and have two young adult children but have always been 80% gay. Although I have

found my relationship with my wife to the most satisfying and important one for me, I still have a constant and intense urge to express my love of male sexuality. I'd say .. 18-20th century definitions of human sexuality are outdated and now in a state of re-definition in the post-modern age. Sorry to go socratic here on you... Just chill and go with it...

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