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Why I started flashing, enjoying public nudity, and CMNM

My love of being nude outdoors and hopefully in front of other men probably stemmed a lot from what happened (or didn't ) in childhood, in my pre-teenage years and in adolescence. Of course, it depends on what you mean when you stay started flashing.' But that's a whole other issue.

One of my first 'flashing' or exhibitionist experiences was in the 3rd grade - age 8. I had a school friend whose house was far from mine (we rode a school bus). Sometimes, in order for us to play, our parents would allow me to ride home with him, and then either mine or his mother would bring me home. He had a real wooden 'playhouse' in his backyard - complete with furniture, windows/curtains, and he also lots of toys and also clothes (his mother's mostly) for playing 'dress up.' We'd strip naked and put on the old clothes. I have an image of me running around his yard with a thin chiffon blouse with nothing else but a hard-on underneath. NO... I did not (and do not) get

aroused by wearing female clothing - it was just the act of getting naked to dress up (only partially clothed) that excited me. I vaguely remember us comparing stiff dicks but I don't think we really did anything with them - although I kind of have a faint memory of us doinng something with granulated sugar on our prepubescent woodies. My family moved every year during this period, so I didn't stay there long enough for things to develop further.

At about the age of 13 or so, - just about the time I discovered masturbation, I remember going out often after dark at 9-10 at night and then stripping off my clothes and sneaking around the neighborhood homes' backyards, garages, etc. One reason was the fact that I really did not have a place to jerk off. There were six people in the family and only one bathroom. While the basement was being turned into a third bedroom and family room, my brother and I had to sleep in the living room - just steps from my parents' room - so there was little privacy.
The basement floor of our house, whose back wall opened to the outside since the house was on a hill, so it was easy enough to go out without my parents knowing (and my brother was asleep). My mother was a nurse and often worked the 3-11 shift.

Once during one of these 'night walks', I was naked and my clothes were out of reach. I was sitting on a low rock wall behind my neighbor's house and was jacking on my cock in the moonlight. All of a sudden, a kid a year or so younger than me and whom I didn't know personally appeared out of the darkness. "What are you doing?" I was surprised and was so startled I lost my erection quickly. I guess because I knew he lived about 8 houses down on the next street - it got me scared that he tell someone or the word would get around. Actually - I realized later by the way he kept asking more questions about what I doing, he was probably curious about the jerking off.

He asked me if I lived next door, pointing to my house. But I denied it, saying I lived on another street. I got up and grabbed my shorts and shirts, put them on hastily and got out of there. Later when I got back to my bed, the fear lessened, and reasoning kicked in, and then I realized how much it had turned me on to be discovered like that - naked and jerking.
Later I wondered what he was doing out alone at night and further from his house than I ventured. Probably he would have joined me in getting naked and jerking if I'd handled it differently.

I guess that these events might account for my continuing habit of getting naked in public whenever I could. Later as a teenager, I used to take long rides on my bicycle and eventually find a place to get naked out in the country. Since it was broad daylight, I never really had the guts to risk getting caught - so I stayed pretty well sheltered from direct public view. But the excitement was always there because I could have been caught (or seen), and I never failed to cum quickly once I was completely naked.

One time a couple of summers ago, I got naked in a public park overlooking Tokyo Bay. I ended up being seen by a couple of curious male onlookers (casual strangers who were walking by and who seemed to 'know' that seeing sunbathers was common here). Of course, I think I was the only sunbather who was actually nude. Well. one of the curious onlookers was a young Japanese guy who eventually got closer and closer and finally came up to me with his passions obviously enflamed by my daring. I was lying naked in the grass, and standing over me (clothed), he encouraged me to beat off to ejaculation right in front of him. It was a very hot experience and one that has kept me trying to 'repeat' it for a couple of years of dickflashing experiences since then.

I wrote about this in my latest JUB blog entry and also on my Guys Into CMNM (Clothed Male / Naked Male) blog.
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Web links on male nudism and nudity


Visit his group at


Dailymotion - there is a search mechanism on the home page but it is
often better to go into a Dailymotion member's page and then into the
groups he lists. You can find more Dailymotion groups by clicking on
other members who have posted a relevant video to that group. Here is
one start point:

Vimeo - similar to Dailymotion in having members' pages and groups, but
there are also forums, channels and 'likes'. It is probably more
extensive too. This link will take you through to around 3000 video
clips liked by one Vimeo member:

Youtube - they used to have zero tolerance on clips containing nudity
but have relaxed their policy in the past couple of years. You need to
sign in and click you are OK about watching mature images. Use the
search mechanism and then choose a video to watch. From there, click on
other videos by the same user or on similar clips listed on the right
side of the page. Here is one point to get you started:

Note: you should be able to download any of the streaming videos posted
to the above sites - and to many others too - if you have the right
software. I believe there are several possibilities, but as a Firefox
user I simply click on the free Downloadhelper add-on.

Other sources of on-topic videos:

Some groups and blogs post videos of real-life male nudity, including
groups belonging to Eric and Gaydorado.

A few blogs post short movies with a gay theme and sometimes full-length
ones too, e.g.

Some other blogs post bare-in-public videos but many are in it for the
money they make from the file-sharing sites they use. One long-running
blog that does not, having thousands of clips available to view on-line
but most unfortunately of poor picture quality, is:


Groups with a nudist theme - and a male nudist theme in particular -
have fallen right away. Those on Google have mostly been deleted by
Google, whereas many groups previously on Yahoo have disappeared or
migrated to blogs.

Several with a wider remit do continue. I no longer recommend Gaydorado
following his increasingly hysterical tirade against 'liberals' and gay
activists (despite being a gay man living in Russia under its anti-gay
laws). However the great Eric has been around even longer than me and is
still posting. Find his group and his blog here:

Another group owner who started about the same time is Lowell. Like
Sean, he specialises in video compilations. His video links on Picasa
can be difficult to activate, though his Mediafire links are not, at
least until Mediafire deletes him:

One group I do recommend for its discussions and photos, especially for
the bears among you, is:


There are several different blog providers, but these days Tumblr
carries the large majority of blogs. You may have to sign up to Tumblr
to see them, but it is free and quick to do so and you do not have to
create a detailed profile or post any pics yourself. There are many
hundreds of Tumblr blogs that include photos of male nudists or
real-life male nudity (as distinct from posed pics of models). Some have
been around a long time, others seem to come and go. The links below
were active a couple of days ago.

Blogs mostly about nudism and which include images of males (not a full
list and not in any order of preference).
Add archive after those with a link to see clickable
thumbnails of previous pictures:

Blogs mostly about real-life male nudity but sometimes with images of
male nudists and/or porn too. This is just a selection and again not in
any order of preference.
Add archive after those with a link to see clickable
thumbnails of previous pictures:


Again a selection. Many are not English language.


My own blog. It has a few hundred images of nudists and World Naked Bike
Ride participants, as previously posted to the group, but most of the
blog is about other things that interest me:

Have fun!

You can receive these messages if you are subscribed to the Google Groups "ymna" group.
To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to
To post to this group, send an email to ymna (at)
Visit this group at
For more options, visit
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Gay and Tourist Hawaii - What's there to do?

Original posting: jockdude11
12 Dec 2012, 10:57Any tips for fun/adventures in hawaii? gay spots?

Follow up: 69hawaii§ [msg]
24 Dec 2012, 08:55Diamond Head Beach in Waikiki, Polo Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, Little Beach on Maui, Donkey Beach on Kauai, Kehena Beach (southeast of Pahoa) on the Big Island. Hula's Bar in Waikiki.

Follow up: sunbuns99
30 Dec 2012, 08:13
Take at look at Odyssey Magazine of Hawaii

In addition, there are some more spots:

Max's Gym (gay gym and also gay sauna)
Queen's Beach (a section of Waikiki Beach just before the Aquarium. It's frequented by gay and gay couples)
Diamond Beach (below the Light House) can be cruisy, and sometimes guys go nude sunbathing there (or in the bushes above it), but the police do cruise for public lewdness violations so be discreet.

Ask at Hula's Bar (or see gay events/activities in Odyssey Magazine) - such as gay volleyball, and a gay catamaran cruise, etc.

Camping on the Big Island:

A little known fact is that you can go camping all around The Big Island of Hawaii, using a combination of County parks, State Parks and private commercial campgrounds.
Start by using the Hawaii County site:
You can also write to the State office to get a camping permit for state parks.
Also check out It's a 119-acre eco-resort which has camping and also a lodge and villa accommodations, too. Kalani is quite gay friendly, and also has some organized gay activities as well as new age / spiritual retreats, and dance and yoga workshops.

There are plently of other things to do on the Hawaiian Islands besides gay stuff:

On Oahu
Climb Diamond Head crater for lookout views at the top (walkable from Waikiki or take a taxi and walk back down afterward)
Pearl Harbor visits to War Memorial
Hanauma Bay for snorkeling
Drive up to Kailua - Kaneohe (views from Pali Point) Hyw 3
North Shore (Polo Beach was mentioned), but there are lots of fun things to do and see on the North Shore, (stop at Dole Plantation for a taste of pineapple ice cream)
Deserted beaches out at Leeward Coast (I've been nude many times out passed Makaha but discretion advised).
Ala Moana Shopping Center (also has a nice food court with Thai, Hawaiian, )
Try Maui Tacos in Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center (food court on 2nd floor)
Eat a Maui-style taco (the wettest taco in the world with Kona Longboard beer - on tap in the bar on the same floor. You can bring in food from the Food Court and eat in the bar).
Some of the great Waikiki landmark hotels have beachside grills and bars -- You can have an authentic Mai Tai, served at the place where it was invented.
Hilton Hawaiian Village has set of attractions inside its grounds. Even if you're not staying there, it's worth a walk through the Village to see the sites, shopping, food and attractions (the penguin and tropical bird zoo is interesting). From HHV you can walk along Waikiki Beach all the way to Kapiolani Park (Zoo and Aquarium, etc), and vice-versa.

On Hawaii (Big Island):
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Kilauea Crater
Visit the lava flows
Hilo (Old Town)
Akaka Falls
Laupahoehoe Park (memorial to tsunami victims of the 1964 disaster, get camping permit on the Hawaii County site).
Parker Ranch (Waimea) once was the world's largest ranch
Waipio Canyon (hiking down and back up)
Hawi / Kapa'a in the far North of Kohala
Kailua-Kona Town
Scuba/ Snorkeling with Giant Manta (near Kona)

Lava Tree State Monument (near Pahoa)
Pohoiki (Kapoho-Kalapana Road Hwy 137 'Red Road') - interesting tropical forest drive
Kehena Black Sands Beach - largest clothing optional beach on the Big Island, located at milemaker 19 on Hwy 137
You have to hike a short distance down (so not exactly wheelchair accessible), parking lot at street level, (Don't leave any valuables in the car, or simply take everything and roll down windows). Family-oriented and also lots of locals too. Famous Drum Trance Dance on Weekends.

Kalani Honau Resort - Great organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner (best deal is breakfast 7:00-8:30 ($10), Lunch 12:00-1:00 ($12), Dinner 6:30-8:00 ($22) (not far down Hwy 137 from Kehena, gay friendly resort with rooms, villas and a campground and gift shop. Clothing-optional pool and jacuzzi area after 3pm daily.

On Maui
Little Beach on Maui is nudist, but has no amenities (so take plenty of water and sunscreen, etc). A toilet is nearby on the larger textile beach. Maui Sunseeker Hotel is the (only) gay hotel on the island.

One or two words of caution

1) Don't leave valuables (or anything - for that matter) in a parked car). Break-ins are very frequent. Robbers will smash a passenger window and steal everything. Locals just leave the windows open to show that there is nothing of value in the vehicle.

2) It's hard to park in many areas of Waikiki. So leave your car in Ala Moana and jump on a city bus (correct change needed) or sightseeing trolley (a couple of latter are free if you have a certain credit card).

3) Don't be stupid about the ocean and nature (such as the volcanic lava) and the dangers therein. Many people drown and some die because they are simply stupid about volcanoes. Walking into a pool of hot lava can kill you, or breathing sulfuric acid and liquid silicon will NOT be good for your lungs.
Please be aware of tides and the dangers of waves and drifts. Every year some unlucky and unwise tourists die or undergo major injuries because of not being aware of and taking simple precautions. Shark attack are quite rare, but bad cuts on coral reefs, from sharks of lava rock, and poisonings from certain fish and jellyfish occur far too often - particularly for the uninformed tourists, and risk-taking newcomers.

Follow up: mvmfla
01 Jan 2013, 04:06I just got back from Hawaii

Diamond Head hike was fun with a great view of Waikiki. Hanauma Bay for snorkeling was also fun. Loved Pearl Harbor and the North Shore. Hula's is the big gay bar in Waikiki ( 134 Kapahulu Dr., across from the Zoo, near intersection of Kapahulu and Kalakaua (main boulevard along Waikiki Beach)

I really loved the island of Kauai (nothing gay there, that I found).
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Best Gay Nude Beaches anywhere...

Sometimes there are very useful or information forum threads on, but after a while, these discussion threads just disappear, and are lost forever. Although you can save one or two, you cannot save them all.

So I've reposted the one about Best Gay Nude Beaches Anyway... because it contains some names of beaches and locations that are very difficult to mine for on the Net. I hope the Dudesnude posters, who are listed herein, will understand my desire to preserve their information. It is available publicly to anyone who signs for a free. So I hope they don't mind that their DN names being made public accessible. Still, the circulation to this blog is very limited.

You can view the original discussion and a Blogger blogspot version below:


Original posting: puffnstuff§ [msg]
30 May 2012, 23:16
I love to travel, and have only recently been brave enough to go to nude beaches, and loved it. What are the best gay nude beaches in the world? And would it be worth the trip from NYC just for the beach?

Follow up: puffnstuff§ [msg]
31 May 2012, 06:11
whats the name of the beach, Cali?

Follow up: vvin69* [msg]
31 May 2012, 12:08
provincetown ?

Follow up: Gimme35§ [msg]
31 May 2012, 15:10
Sitges in Spain

Follow up: sfhottie§ [msg]
31 May 2012, 15:38
Sitges, 20 minutes south of Barcelona. Great gay hotels and nightlife as well.

Poster: OtterMA
31 May 2012, 22:29
Rock River - outside Brattleboro, VT

Follow up: Gus70 [msg]
01 Jun 2012, 04:13
Depends if you want to be crowded on a gay beach or not I guess. SItges, although beautiful has a tiny gay beach which normally gets far too crowded. I love the gay part of the Espiguette in the South of France - also the Calanques has nude areas and is very beautiful. Ile du Levnat is also great (Naturist Island of the the South of France) Many Greek Islands offer deserted beaches where you can be naked all day and not see another person. (Alonissos springs to mind) Perfect if you're a couple perhaps :) (Picture is the Calanques in the South of France)

Follow up: hairypecs1 [msg]
01 Jun 2012, 06:25
Has anyone been to Studland in Dorset, England? Is it good?

Follow up: bottom47 [msg]
03 Jun 2012, 10:14
Turtle cove in Cairns Australia is a private Gay beach.
Kings beach northern NSW, Tyagra between Brunswick heads and Byron bay... Heaps of hot men at these beaches always.

Follow up: vortimer [msg]
27 Jun 2012, 12:42
baker beach in san francisco near the golden gate bridge and black's beach in san diego

Follow up: RonnieG196 [msg]
27 Jun 2012, 13:00
It is harder to find places in Kansas City. When I travel, I find nude beaches, but not places catering to the gay community. Most places I visit are better for couple or groups of people.

Follow up: 64fly [msg]
28 Jun 2012, 07:22
In Sydney there is Obelisk Beach on the North Shore and Lady Jane at South Head
they are both very nice city beaches

Follow up: JTinTO§ [msg]
29 Jun 2012, 20:03
Loved Obelisk Beach in Sydney.

Hanlan's Point in downtown Toronto. It's legal, but gets really busy on weekends. Unfortunately Lake Ontario is freezing cold year round.

Cayo Largo, Cuba. Beautiful beaches, but not gay unfortunately.

Follow up: DC7§ [msg]
02 Jul 2012, 20:32
Sitges is probably 45 minutes from Barcelona if you take the train. That's La Rambla area hotel to sitting on the beach.

Follow up: Gimme35§ [msg]
02 Jul 2012, 21:13
Sitges has 3 gaybeach areas - 2 of them are nude beaches.

Follow up: hotgynow [msg]
02 Jul 2012, 21:33
Haulover Beach in Sunny Isles Beach (Miami metro area). A huge nude beach with more than one gay 'section'.

Follow up: Gimme35§ [msg]
07 Jul 2012, 05:24
I´m in Sitges right now....the gay nude beach is still the best - and the activity in the forrest behind the beach is so hot. ;)

Follow up: latsexman1 [msg]
08 Jul 2012, 01:12
Haulover Beach, just north of South Beach in Miami, crowded but gets hundreds of naked gay men

Follow up: bifun [msg]
12 Jul 2012, 23:29
Maspalomas in the Canaries, Spain - a great sand dunes beach

Follow up: bobbinrobb [msg]
13 Jul 2012, 20:42
hi where is the best place to go for gay nude beahs or just nude in croatia realy want to go this year or plan for next spring summer cheers

Follow up: defenderV8§ [msg]
14 Jul 2012, 03:30
Sandy Bay in Cape Town. One of the most beautiful beaches, fully nude / optional, completely wild and undeveloped. Water can be cold as it is on the Atlantic side. Water is the most beautiful azure colour, white sand beaches and rocky outcrops. On a good day there are dolpins, seals even whales at the beach.

Follow up: w1_guy§ [msg]
14 Jul 2012, 05:45
I've just spent a fab w/e at an exclusively gay nude beach in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.

Well worth a visit

Follow up: sunlover22 [msg]
15 Jul 2012, 00:11
haulover beach in miami

Follow up: w1_guy§ [msg]
15 Jul 2012, 18:41
Just come back from two weeks in Barcelona/Sitges. Wonderful nude beaches there and Sitges has one that exclusively for Gay naked men, can't get better than that.and Gay Pride was on for a whole week, not the damp sorry affair that passed for London this year.

Follow up: w1_guy§ [msg]
15 Jul 2012, 18:45
and another

Follow up: chukalatee [msg]
15 Jul 2012, 23:32
Right now for me, 2 of my favourite ones are Balzi Rossi on the french italian border and St Aygulf.

Follow up: FunGuyonGo [msg]
16 Jul 2012, 04:21
In Florida, it's Haulover Beach in North Miami. It's very popular and can be crowded. There are smaller, more private beaches around but they are not designated as 'nude' beach.

Follow up: wellness1 [msg]
19 Jul 2012, 05:15
Sandy bay, Cape Town

Follow up: thornboi [msg]
21 Jul 2012, 19:08
Maslins Beach , South Australia

Follow up: manseeker1 [msg]
02 Aug 2012, 01:41
Sauvies Island out side of Portland Oregon is a river island with a great nude beach which a portion of is used by we gays.

Follow up: GymBulge [msg]
04 Aug 2012, 19:49
Holkham in Norfolk is considered one the best beaches in the world and part of it is nude, its not packed but worth a visit in warm weather.

Follow up: Bulge* [msg]
08 Aug 2012, 08:44
Wreck Beach in Vancouver, BC - the best!

Follow up: surfski [msg]
10 Aug 2012, 18:23
Morfa Dyffryn in NW Wales is the best nude beach in Wales, if not the whole of the UK!

Follow up: SandMan116 [msg]
12 Aug 2012, 14:35
Blacks Beach in LaJolla, Ca
Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, NJ (you can see downtown NYC right on the beach)

Follow up: wall_e* [msg]
12 Aug 2012, 14:45
Maslins Beach in South Australia!!! It's a legal nude beach.... Gays tend to hang out near the rocky end of the beach on the far left side of the stairs!

Follow up: 1universe [msg]
18 Aug 2012, 12:05
I haven't been to many nude beaches in the world as yet, but the one we have here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is probably one of the best. Of course, our climate during the winter is crappy so it's only good during the dry & warm summer. You can't swim in the water but nice to lay along the beach in the sun, looking at plenty of men, go occasional (or frequent) cruising in the woods behind the beach(it's under the cliff with lots of trees and bush) and free to go "Push in the bush" actions.;-p

Follow up: 69hawaii§ [msg]
19 Aug 2012, 04:44
Little Beach on Maui

Follow up: rouputuan§ [msg]
22 Aug 2012, 04:53
Zipolite on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca state, in Mexico. A place where nudity has come to coexist with textility, but where it is so cool to get buffered in the buff by the Pacific surf...

Follow up: Teagueboy* [msg]
22 Aug 2012, 11:14
My favorite: Black's Beach in San Diego. But maybe because I attended UC San Diego on the bluffs above.

Follow up: MUDBUNNY [msg]
22 Aug 2012, 12:06
In San Francisco there's Baker Beach (where Burning man was born). It's pretty straight but very nice. I prefer Marshall's Beach (aka Golden Gate Beach or Dirty Boy Beach) which is right by the Golden Gate Bridge. It's worth it for the view alone but it's almost all gay anmd can getpertty cruisy some days. I also like San Gregorio beach. A couple of gay men own the access to the beach and it is wonderful. It's very wide with lots of sand and driftwood 'nests' to lay in (and receive visitors...)

Poster: sunkmanitu
22 Aug 2012, 13:19
I love Haulover Beach!

Follow up: triguynv [msg]
27 Aug 2012, 07:55
Little Beach on Maui gets my vote....although you do have to share it with the heteros (but great naked body surfing).

Black's Beach in San Diego is generally good - but way too many shy gay guys wearing trunks. It spoils the whole experience.

Follow up: sunbuns99* [msg]
31 Aug 2012, 10:35
The famous nude (or gay) beaches are easily to know about and to find. What happens when you are NOT somewhere there is a popular nude beach. That happened to me recently since Sivwas visiting southern Sweden on business. I located a few sites to glean enough info to venture out in search of a gay nude beach or at least somewhere to sunbathe nude and maybe cruise. I found which lists member added gay spots, giving directions and other info.
1. Help out a fellow gay traveler. Join it and add your favorite nude beach, cruising spot, or other gay place. Too bad DN doesn't have such a function.
2. There is are a couple of iPhone apps for finding nude beaches. One is called iSwimNude (free app) and allows you to Add a listing when you are at that location.
3. Some other gay sites and apps allow members to add a listing for gay places which can include nude beaches or other cruising spots. Among these apps are Pinkmap, Maleforce. The sites are: and

If everyone listed just one, then location directory would, in effect, be a huge resource.

Follow up: sunbuns99* [msg]
31 Aug 2012, 11:05
In no order of preference:

Saltholmen (nude beach and gay cruising area, outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. Take tram #11 to end)

Kehena Black Sands Beach, Big Island, Hawaii. At mile marker 19 on Hwy 137, south of Pahoa

Wailea Beach (north cove) known as Beach 67 (number on telephone pole), South Kohala, Big Island, Hawaii

Black's Beach, La Jolla (San Diego) CA

Playa del Ingles (Maspalomas), Gran Canaria, The Canary Islands, Spain

Spain has dozens if not hundreds of nude beaches; followed by Greece, France, Croatia, and almost every European nation
Spain: Sitges (near Barcelona)
Gandia (south of Valencia)
Portugal: just outside Lisbon is Costa de Caparica, Beach 19.
Tavira, Portugal (one of many along the Algarve Coast)

Most urban nude beach is probably the half nude and half clothed meadow in the Englischer Garten, a huge city park in downtown Munich, Germany


Follow up: atlantaguy [msg]
31 Aug 2012, 21:59
Sitges, Spain!! It's amazing!!!

Follow up: CharlyA [msg]
03 Sep 2012, 14:46
Sandy Hook, NJ

Follow up: grkmscltop§ [msg]
15 Oct 2012, 13:04
WRECK BEACH in Vancouver. Paradise.

Follow up: Gambit39§ [msg]
15 Oct 2012, 13:08
Haulover in Miami, Fl.

Follow up: leantopguy [msg]
19 Oct 2012, 23:58
come to the NOrth of PORTUGAL , almost ALL beaches nude , and unspoilt..wonderfull

Follow up: Photog [msg]
04 Nov 2012, 13:02
Sandyhook Gunnison Beach, Jersey Shore.
I was there almost every weekend this summer.
fucking awesome!!
good looking and YOUNG guys running around.

Follow up: Photog [msg]
04 Nov 2012, 13:02
Haulover Beach in Florida is very nice when I am there visiting once a year.

Follow up: Wright1 [msg]
05 Nov 2012, 21:39
Hoping that Sandy Hook was not damaged too badly by Sandy
Anyone have any idea?
I was my all time favorite beach to go to and made the trip at least three times a year

Follow up: undieslova* [msg]
07 Nov 2012, 16:48
we need a gay nude beach here in tasmania australia, or any type of nude beach. somewhere i can take my clothes off legally lol

Follow up: donkey0103 [msg]
12 Nov 2012, 05:28
Balmins. Sitges, Spain.

Follow up: DFWStroker [msg]
23 Nov 2012, 11:32
Little Beach in Maui is great. Not too big, and not too crowded. Gay area is all the way at the end, but you will have a mixed crowd, but have never seen any problems. Just people enjoying being naked. Sunday evening is the Drum Party, that is a must. And while in Maui, stay at the Mauisunseeker in Kehei. The island's gay resort. Great place, great value, and you'll see most of the other guests at the beach.

Follow up: JO Bud SF§ [msg]
24 Nov 2012, 16:53
For action, San Gregorio has a very fun private access gay nude beach, about 45 minutes drive south of San Francisco. Closer to San Francisco itself but still a drive, Black Sands Beach (not the San Diego one) is on the Marin (north) side of Golden Gate Bridge and a few miles up Coastal Highway -- fun boys and secluded play area.

Follow up: bifun [msg]
26 Nov 2012, 18:55
Heading to Singapore and Bali in early December, anyone know any good beaches or other places to hang out?

Follow up: martmuc [msg]
04 Dec 2012, 06:42
Maui Little Beach
Munich Germany Isarbeach at Pupplinger Au

Follow up: puffnstuff§ [msg]
17 Dec 2012, 23:36
Love it... this thread became the best resource on the interweb! :)

Follow up: muscledogg§ [msg]
20 Dec 2012, 19:09
Herring Cove Privincetown MA

Follow up: m2mfun* [msg]
21 Dec 2012, 11:22
Little Beach in Maui is fantastic. Go on a Sunday for the drum circle. Most beautiful sunset i've even seen and a "naughty pines" area for a little play over the cliffs. was fucking awesome.

Follow up: @bondi [msg]
22 Dec 2012, 21:15
Lady jane beach in Sydney, mainly coz its at the end of my street..

Follow up: johnjwabi§ [msg]
22 Dec 2012, 22:15
Sandy Bay in Cape Town is good, only drawback for me is the temperature of the water
Umhlanga Lagoon, a few km north east of Durban is nice and private as well. Not officially a nudist beach, but generally accepted as one.

Follow up: westTOPvt [msg]
23 Dec 2012, 20:56
Rock River, outside Brattleboro, VT

Follow up: Kloud9Proj§ [msg]
24 Dec 2012, 08:30
Vrouwenpolder and Zaandvoort in NL are also worth a trip, but the season is short.

Follow up: somedepth [msg]
26 Dec 2012, 08:18
I enjoy Swanbourne in Perth. 2km long of white sandy beach. Straight either end with all the action happening in the dunes behind. This is where I spent Christmas, set up for the day.

Follow up: somedepth [msg]
26 Dec 2012, 08:19
At Swanbourne

Follow up: fetjr [msg]
26 Dec 2012, 16:11
Secret Cove at Lake Tahoe.

Follow up: Sagitarius [msg]
27 Dec 2012, 07:03
Greek islands..
Croatia islanda..
Kawaii island..

Follow up: BAC-UK [msg]
30 Dec 2012, 16:55
Bannana beache Skiatos Greece
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Would a Joint Tribe JUB Dudesnude Adam4adam Manhunt Grindr Recon Gathering (Party ) be Possible?

Joint JUB Dudesnude Adam4Adam Manhunt Gathering/Party -
Do you think it could be possible? Why? How? Where? When?
Got any ideas about how to make it work?

It seems that JUB and even members ( members are hosting small gatherings across the US.
I'm wondering if guys on,,,, Recon, would be interested in organizing some private parties?

Is anyone here actually participating in those -- attending and/or planning? I wonder if another large online virtural community like could do the same? Would there be any benefit of trying to hold a joint party/gathering?

That brings up the idea of a "joint" cross-group event - -but after all, isn't that what PRIDE events or the annual street fairs are all about (such as Southern Decadence).

I am not nixing the idea of a Off-Line Mixer, or DN party or RECON convention or some other event, I am just making some suggestions so it might actually happen. For example, we could hook-up with an existing event and thus attract more Tribe / Manhunt / JUB or DN members to attend. I am also explaining what I think is needed to be decided in order to get one organized.
At least, we could start by having local / JUB/ Manhunt/ or Dudesnude members sponsor one event at a major Gay Pride / Gay Carnival event (on their continent or region).

As I thought (and wrote) more about it the idea of a Tribe/ Manhunt/ Dudesnude-JustUsBoys Gathering seems more possible and more fun -- so I have started making real suggestions (at least on I have approached the idea to anyone here -- except through this blog entry.

The realities of actually organizing 'party' / 'convention' - 'round-up' or whatever it is called are daunting if you try to actually get many DN members to attend.
Instead, there may be some wisdom in starting on a smaller scale. It does takes a spark -- a somebody(ies) who will take the initiative to set a place/time, have a clear purpose/events/activities, make contacts and coordinate communication.

It seems to be a bit difficult to come up with a 'purpose' for a such a giant party -- if it a sex party/orgy then we'd better call it that. If it's a social gathering or an organizational meeting then we'd need to get that clear. If it a sponsored event that is part of another major gay (men's) event or an event or series of events organized for one of these sites (on its own) that's great but we need something to focus on: a parade float, BBQ, camp-out, beach party, ice-cream social, apres-ski party, pot-luck supper (in the nude) etc) then that would work.

If is going to have mulitple purposes then that's got to be decided or at least sorted out, but it seems that we're not likely to come up with ONE general purpose because of the diversity of men, locations, ages, and interests.

Still, if somebody got one party/convention organized, once it has been started and successfully held, it would be model on how to proceed with others (or how to improve upon the idea).
Also, why not have them rotate from venue to venue and occur several times a year?-- instead of trying to have simultaneous 'parties/conventions'.

So ... I'll help organize one in Tribe / Manhunt / Adam4Adam/ JUB / DudesNude Gathering for winter spring 2013 in the US (several locations), or Europe since it would be possible for me to attend.

The First Gathering could be easy - If enough guys are interested, then we could set up a BBQ picnic in designated city and location, such as public park, so the Jubbing around ( good clean fun - such as talking, chatting, playing games and any Dudenuding could go on at the (unofficial gay/nude beach or at a private residence or hotel room (suite).

Stay tuned below for more info and an Evite (electronic invitation) or MeetUp and also listed on each of the gay social network sites listed above.

Palm Springs -- we could stay where we like but gather at one site (Inn Exile, CCBC, or wherever) for the main party/event(s).
Sometime in February 21-March 5 either Honolulu (lots of hotels and also plenty of beach), or The Big Island (nude gay beach party on the Puna shore, accommodation could be at Kalani resort - from camping to bungalows to hotel-class rooms )

Playa del Ingles / Maspalomas (Gran Canaria, Spain) Carnival 15th March - 20th, 2013
or perhapas later March 19-28
There are cheap flights from London, Germany, Amsterdam, Madrid. We could organize shared accommodations at both gay and vacation condo/hotels and have a huge blast on the largest gay beaches in the world during the day (all in the nude) and then split up into small dance/bar-hopping by interest groups at the many clubs in the Yumbo Center in the evenings.

Tampa or South Florida, March 12-15

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria (Nude Gay beach party)
March 18 - 28 (dates to be arranged)

I could attend one in Europe (and maybe help out with one) in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest) in March -- if the Gran Canaria does not work out.


TRYING OUT EVITE or MEETUP (both have websites and also iPhone apps) as ways to help organize (and/or just poll the members about enough interest to pursue the idea, and to actually start planning a location/time.

If you guys will indulge me, I have created an Evite to test its ability to actually find out WHO would attend a JUB/Dudesnude party or Gathering.

If you can or can't, I need a few JUB/DN members to try out the Evite link below:

Since it is may be a BROKEN URL link (yes, I understand very well why it may be), then you can piece together the parts of the URL and send me a reply at the EVITE site. Or you can send me e-mail and I will send you an Evite directly. It includes some of the features -- liking polling, brining things, that future JUB and/or DudesNude or Joint JUB-DN gathering hosts might need to know and info they'd need to be able to do collect.
So I'll someone who reads this will try it out -- even if you can't really attend that event on Jan. 1st in Honolulu.

Since I don't know the everyone's e-mails (nor would I send it to EVERYONE even if I did), but I do need a couple of people to try to see if the evite works.
One major stumbling block to actually organizing an DN event or party is the fact this is not a email LIST or group (Yahoo or MSN, etc). So there iis no way to send everyone a message (apart from site host / web admin) - and they should NOT have to organize events AND run / host this site too.

So here's the link and hope you can make it (or at least try to send a RSVP or decline the invitation).
It will give me (and maybe someone in a different location) a resource for helping to organize a JUB/ DN event (if it works).

If the URL link is broken or incomplete, try piecing together the three parts in your browser. I hope you can please try it (if you have time and are willing to test out the Evite system as a possible vehicle for helping organize future events (and more accessible to more numbers of DN members).

Sunbuns99 (Kelly) or
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The Scenic Boys: Men to Idolize or Idealize

(Evidently they are trying to move sites, but for now, you can view the past posting here the URL above).

They are young, cute, gay and Very Eco-Friendly. Dusty and Garet live in Seattle and started making videos a few years ago (posted on Vimeo) to accompany their delightful and very readable blog, which was recently nominated for one of Lonely Planet's Best Travel Blog Awards. Dusty and Garet describe themselves this way:
[We are] boyfriends, naturalist, adventure seekers and photographers. [The blog tells] where they and friends go on outdoor recreation trips. We're two 28 year old boys from the Pacific Northwest. We've been together for 3 years and live in downtown Seattle with our kitty, Tonka.
I have to add, too, that they are consummate naturists - willing and eager to get down to nothing but the all-together at the drop of a backpack. Grin and bare it must be their unspoken motto! They almost never miss a chance to get bare-assed naked in the Great Outdoors. Yet, they share their passion for exploring the almost sacred natural beauty of these earthly vistas and talk about it from a very wholesome and pragmatic and very modern way - none fo that preachy or fiery rhetoric for often hear from fist-rising, whaler-boat ramming eco-activists.

Yes, beside being Earth's Lower Angels, Garet and Dusty are nice on the eyes. Boy o' Boy(s) - how scenic does it get -- because they has some nice bubble butts to bare (excuse my lechery - leering grin!), and smooth tight bods and blond hair galore. What they do for our edification and entertainment is truly something all of would like to do: get naked in the sunshine. But rarely can most people actually put that wish into practice - except of a few hardy nudists and outdoor naturists (like me too). That's an affinity we definitely share, and with a whole lot of people (gay straight, male / femalel - around the world).

That is certainly the reason I accidentally discovered them, stumbling upon their blog and videos online in the first place. I have frequently searched the Web for these and similar interests. Just as so might you have been doing in finding this blog post. But search no longer, my friends and naked outdoor recreationalists, the Scenic Boys are on the trail again for Spring 2009. The Boys are back -- and in all their glory -- so I cannot wait for what's in store this season.

Incidentally, their nakedness is never blatant or simply for its own effect. This is NOT the 'cock-in-your-face' gratuitous poofery that the new Internet Web 2.0 so often shoves in our face. Although guilty of sometimes doing that too am I , and also certainly a die-hard fan of watching nude and aroused guys, (check my other blogs to find out how much). I really really love wha the Scenic Boys stand for. They represent a kind of new breed (or species) of the Gay American Male (couple) - perhaps such great nature-loving gay men have existed for eons (and likely for longer in Canada and Europe).

Let me be sure to point out that their online nudity is clandestine, totally natural, supremely classic (artistic), and occurs seemingly spontaneously in the most appropriate and unobtrusive contexts that you almost don't even notice they are naked! The excursions are immersed among some truly glorious natural landscapes which balance - even overshadow the masculine physical beauty of their bare subjects - mostly each other, but occasionally a naked friend or two, who is accompanying them. The nudity isn't even highlighted in either their blogs or videos - so they make it a non-issue. The two scenic lover boys habitually go to places where the spatial perspective, remote or interesting geography, varied terrain, splendid timing, and often gorgeous weather invite all human visitors, who would be blessed to pass among such pristine natural splendor, who could not resist the unbridled desire to remove all clothing and be exposed to the audacious beauty of Mother Earth and Father Sky. It is going natural (au naturel) in the ultimate sense of the word: naturist, naturalist, and Earth-protecting, and respecting eco-nudist, seen in his finest form and his own element.

It helps (terrifically - LOL) that the Scenic Boys are both rather nice looking or 'scenic' themselves. No slouchy couch potatoes with too much Seattle Java under their belts here, and Ugly Fuzzy and Dust_monkee - in their alternate persona on Flickr - are very easy on the old eye-balls, not to put too crass of a spin on admiring their earthly delights.

Dusty and Garet (known to me as Gareath -(as if from an ancient Gaelic myth), leaving modesty or the lack of it aside for a moment, don't mind sharing their love for each other, and the simple joys of friendship and life's little pleasure, and their equally brilliant admiration for the bountiful riches that Mother Nature offers to all who will partake of it throught hiking, camping, boating trips not very far from home. They lead us on short weekend visit - how to just enjoy living and breathing deeply outdoors - in mainly the North West of the US.

Don't get me wrong or get me righteous.... these are not porn stars or blatant exhibitionists... not that I have anything against those two categories of men either. But they are just two very sweet, emotionally mature (although they might not admit it), really-down-to-earth, thoughtful and sexy guy-next-door dudes that you can't help but fall in love with (OK.. I admit it).

What more could modern (queer or straight) America ask for? These are the true American idols -- emblem boys for a Post-Modern Greening of America and for today's Obama-generation which includes 8 - 88 year-olds, crossing all former social lines of separation: age, race, gender, sexuality, and politics.) They don't comment much on religion.

If you haven't met them or 'scene' the down-home, earthy, yet well-made, videos posted on the Scenic Boys blog, then you don't know what you've been missing. Take a gander and you'll be back regularly for more outdoor adventures with the two handsome trekkers and the consort of friends in local and faraway places.

Their photographic and videographic work is very nice done. You can get a close-up view at their Scenic Boys blog. More importantly, it depicts their wonderful pastoral romps through America's and (a few) other nation's natural vistas , bathing in warm hot spring pools or relaxing at a pitched tent camping spot in the rugged terrains on their many weekend and vacation journeys around state and national parks. Remarkably they often do in te bare naked 'state' as well in which they arrived the our beloved Earth.

I cannot wait for them to visit Hawaii. Hopefully it will be at a time when a few of their fans (and friends) can join them. I'm going to suggest some ideas for a Big Island Naked Hiking Adventure, which will originate from Kalani Honau Oceanside Resort, a gay-friendly retreat spot on the shores of the Puna Coast. For further info, visit on the web.

Garet and Dusty are the Scenic Boys; they show us all - the good, the great, the naked male and the woodland creatures ( flora and fauna, too - animals with fur or feathered birds among the clothed and unclothed humans frolicking in mountain springs or strolling grassy knolls). They do so with a grace and flair that perhaps only a couple of strongly purposed, good-natured gay men who love each other almost as much they do our sacred but scarred and endangered Mother Planet, Earth.

Recently, I had a brief chance to contact them.

A fan of Scenic Boys

I love what you two mean to each other and to our shared love of Planet Earth..
Thanks for being courageous enough to be yourself and for showing us - not just your bodies . but your spiritual bond with the Earth and each other.


Hi Kelly,
Thanks for kind words! It's always nice to meet a kindered spirit. So long as there are people who appreciate and connect with what we do, we'll keep posting sharing.
Take care,

Scenic boys are back - Spring 2009

Dusty and Garet (GarEarth)
I love what you two mean to each other and to our shared love of Planet Earth..
Thanks for being courageous enough to be yourself and for showing us - not just your bodies . but your spiritual bond with the Earth and each other.



Dusty wrote back:
Hey Thanks!

That was such a sweet message. :)

My Response to my Ideal Couple Idols: (the real American Idols).

Dusty (and Garet),

I suppose I have such an idealized view of you too that I might be surprised (or disappointed) if I even met the actual two real humans - who go by such names as dust monkee and ugly fuzzy. (LOL) But probably not.

At any rate, I do idolize what you have. By all appearances, you live your lives without fear or malice, reveling in the simplist of pleasures that life on Earth has to offer -- and with all the cool and subdued exuberance for which youthfulness can rightly be blamed (smile).

My 'net' personas are disguises - but only partly so. Each just shows one perspective on my real personalty and actual life. It's a major I simultaneously both love and hate the Internet. I would never know of you and your Scenic Boys blog/vids but I have to do so under a covert identity.
Not to preach to the choir, but the older generation of gay and bi men who survived the initial blast of the HIV epidemic were also irreparably scarred - perhaps almost emotionally twisted - in the process. In a positive way, I can say it's partly like being a 'bonsai' - a huge tree that has been bound by restraints and held back from succulent growth by painful prunings so that it is now only a diminuitive replica of its own potential self.

I enjoy you two for being able to be exactly who you are - in any context. That's perhaps something you can really fathom.

Sorry to wax philosophical .. it must be that Season of the Year.

(Hey, I really let loose with the nice 'phrasing' .. ==> to be posted on a blog ( and/or Facebook.


Kelly ( not my real name) - Kelly was a college age guy that I had an intense man-crush on when I was a young teen (13-14 y.o). He used to help my dad with carpentry work, and he wore cut-off jeans and a tank top. So I 'adopted' his name for my gay persona (Forgive this insignificant confession).
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Japanese dudes use nudity for establishing group 'norms'

This is a repeat post (July 30, 2009) which has been (temporarily) deleted by Google's Blogger.

I posted a new update on the university frisbee soccer teams and its sexy exploits - something I witnessed recently. Evidently, that entry got the attention of Ryu, a regular contributor to QueerClick Sticky! (Ryu on QC Sticky)

UPDATED ENTRY with added real photos: What a blast! I returned the same place as I had described a couple of days ago, and sure enough, the same frisbee soccer team was there practicing as they had been doing on Sunday afternoon. The difference was - both the male and female teams were both there on the practice field - although they were not really practicing together, they nevertheless were sharing the same field. It did seem to put a bit of a damper on the demonstrative male posturing that I had seen the other day, and there was not as much occasion for CMNM, but it was great to get to see those same guys again and THIS I had my camera. The first few shots are of the two main characters I had described below in the body for main post: 1) the alpha male (the practice leader), 2) young cute dude who was taunted and teased in an amiable way when he got nude (while stripping out of his sweats clothes), and a few more team members (only one of whom did I catch with his butt exposed). The alpha dude was wearing tights under his mesh athletic shorts (evidently he was more 'modest' since the women's team was around. Also, the guys didn't spend time leisurely getting undressed out of their sweaty practice clothes and therre was much clowning around. I guess maybe is was a 'real' work day practice instead of the very casual weekend frolic like I ha d seen just two days earlier. Updated Sept 2, 2008



Original Story as witnessed and describe on August 31, 2008 by Kelly (sunbuns)

Yesterday we had a beautifully sunny afternoon. It was very warm - as is usual for late summer in Tokyo, but not too humid. The sky was an uncharacteristic azure blue that was lavishly piled high with billowy, almost frothy puffs of white clouds - the remnants of the week's thunderstorms.
So I decided that - since these kinds of days are sometimes a rarity, especially recently due to number of hurricanes this season (typhoons as they are called), it would be a great idea to go cycling along the river. I'm still partly on summer vacation - at least work has not started yet. So I wanted to spend a little time in the sunshine (and get naked if I could find a spot).

See caption below

'These photos were NOT taken yesterday, but it does accurately show the location and what the frisbee dudes might have looked like if I had gotten this close with a camera. The last one represents the kind of 'antics' - clowning around that was going on when one of the group was getting undressed/dressed - in particular, one of the cutest one was getting a whole lot of attention from some of the others guys).

So I headed out wearing as little as possible (bare chest, sandals, and a very thin pair of linen (almost mesh)short pants, which are very transparent when the sun shines through them. Well. to make a long story short, I got the river bank and floor zone bordering it and noticed a group of college age guys practicing frisbee. It was evidently a regular club that (hopefully) meets here every Sunday to polish their skills for frisbee soccer tournaments and exhibitions. One of the guys was wearing see-through athlete shorts that were more transparent than mine and you could see the outline of his smooth, muscular buttocks every time he bent over or jumped to catch the disk.
I was spellbound and regret not have a camera - they were too far away for a cellphone camera to show much. Finally, when they finished up practice, they started gathering to one corner of the field. Each one of the guys seemed to take his time getting out of his sweaty practice clothes, but they seemed to have timed their own 'strip' so that each one was the only one doing so at the time -- it was an amazing nude choreography too. Each was hold a small towel in front of this genital area, then he would use the other hand to slowly lower his shorts and in some case his lycra athletic tights or undewear, until he was completely nude -- there in broad daylight. The others seemed to caste glances or would otherwise cajole the naked one - or try to distract him from performing his 'laborious' task. One-handedly, he would find get all his clothes off, and then he would grab his boxers shorts or underpants, and step one foot at a time into them, and begin the slow process of pulling them up with one hand. The other hand was securing clasping his hidden cock and balls.

One of the cutest and also most enthusiastic players during practice was taking a very long time to get undressed. When he was finally naked and holding his towel coyly in front of his loins to cover his junk, several of the other guys started to joke around with him, engaging him with banter and wise-cracks, almost it seems in order to keep him naked as long as they could. He appeared to really be enjoying the extra attention and played right along for what I thought was a very long time. Admittedly, they were not doing so for my benefit since I was completely away from them on the far side of the field. But it was about 4:30pm and there were dozens of passers-by, cyclers, and families out for a Sunday afternoon stroll.... Most everyone (except me) was oblvious and probably rightly so. While blantant nudity and -- god forbid - even pubic hair is a no-no for publication in any broadcast or print media, casual nudity that is expected or necessary don't really send up alarms signals - as it might do so, if some guys has been stripping nude to get changed on a typical sport field in North America. Maybe people here don't notice, of maybe they just mind their own business or maybe they just see it (if at all) as a matter of necessity - since there are not public restrooms or changing rooms in the miles and miles of this public recreational area. How weird is that, duh?

Well.. I was fascinated as a I said even more. I watched and stared. My staring drew more attention from other pedestrians I noticed - instead of the fact that some cute college age guys were getting naked across the field . I wanted to see one of the last guys get undressed. He was the one who wasn't wearing much from the start - just those thin mesh shorts which I had spend 20 minutes drooling over earlier. He was actually the best frisbee thrower among them, and with his constant chatter and cajoling as the practice went along, I could also tell he was the 'alpha' male - the leader of the group or at least the most demonstrative and athletic. So its little wonder if did not mind showing off his ass (assests) *LOL* because he had no reason to be self-conscious about showing his sports talents and seemingly none about showing his physical prowess (and maybe his dominant male sexuality either - or so it was revealed later).

But damn.. if he didn't intend to change after all. He started putting on clothes, instead of removing them. I was very disappointed, but not for long. Although he was dressed, he was ready to call it day - at least, not until he had had some fun with that one cute frisbee teammate I described earlier.

When that cute one -- he was a bit shorter with a shorter haircut - maybe he's a new member in the group - was completely naked, the 'cool' one with the mesh shorts came over and just would not leave the cute one's butt alone. He tried smacking it, and hitting him his own small hand towel - undoubtedly soaked with sweat. Then - when they did not torment the cute one enough, he pulled that towel through the younger one's legs and tried pulling it up to give the cute boy a wedgie. The other guys took notice and joined in laughing. Some made grab-ass gestures of their own. I began to perceive that this had probably happened before in this group and may be it happened often to this cute guy- for the very reason that males use nudity among themselves (in a group often) as a form of affection or communication. It was also happened to this kid because he was good-looking, good-natured about the rough-house way he was 'affectionately' treated, and he had a nice really bubble butt that might be making some of his teammates horny - or at least it appeared that they couldn't seem to keep their hands off it.

Eventually, he was able to fight off his suitors --it was all in good-natured fun - as 'buddies' I'm sure they all accept each other and would not abuse one of their own- although perhaps not so true when they are outside the social boundaries the group or not in so public a place as they were now. However, it makes me wonder what goes on when there are two of them alone or sleeping over.

After everyone was dressed, they drifted off either individually, or in small groups; most were on foot and this meant that they had probably come here by train. The alpha-dude ended up getting on his scooter (50 cc moped) and scuddled off in another direction from the rest - with a loud shout to bid his mates farewell. He was the only one who had a vehicle evidently - although a couple of the guys had bicycles - once again underlining his status as the resident 'alpha' male. Most of them started leaving the flood zone that borders the Tama River, and serves as recreation area and provides grounds for various sports. They headed off toward the station - about a kilometer away. I noticed that the cute younger one had put on his khaki pants and a green t-shirt. They soon disappeared over the embankment, so I gathered up my stuff as started to head back toward where I live - also in that same general direction.

In the bike ride back, I'd forgotten about them with a few minutes and was planning whether I would go directly back home or not. When I got to the train station, I decided to park and ride to Shinjuku. I had to hold my bag in front of me, so as to make it harder for people oo see through my see-thru clothes. I guess you'd have to say I'm not really into flashing. (But that's another topic). I was pleasantly surprised to see a single guy with a green t-shirt waiting in front of the steps to the train station (the entrance goes underground to the wickets and then once through, you climb back up stairs inside station to the platforms - one on either side for the tracks, which are at ground level in this part of the rail line. I was glad. I would finally get a good look at the face that was the other end of a really beautiful male behind. By the way, it's really not that odd to see Japanese mens' butts -- there are actually many chances and for some reason that I won't try to explain now... the butt is not considered a private or sexual part of the human anatomy is say .. the genitals and by association the pubic hair are considered.

There is little wonder then that ass photos can be easily be seen in lots of places -- in fact, I happy to say it can be very stimulating for someone (like me) who has a strong fixation on the male arse (butt / buttocks) -- like the ones I have collected and displayed on this blog - here in this posting and many others.

I noticed that he seemed to be waiting and therefore turned one way and then another, in doing so he caught a glimpse of me approaching. After looking away, he turned back in my direction again and took a better look. I almost said something to him -- like "Hey, your face looks even better than your butt, dude. " But he would probably not make the connection --and consider me some pervert freak. Instead, I just smiled and glanced back as I descended the stairs. He was watching me - Yes! I don't know if it was my clothes that had caught his attention. Or it may have been the fact that I looked at him and smiled - actually, that is a rare kind of social behavior in this country. People normally have a very closed and impersonal demeanor in public and particularly where interacting with complete strangers is concerned. Then again, it crossed my mind -- that he 'knew' what I was probably thinking about him too --the memories of his fantastic ass and the way he had genuinely seemed to enjoy showing it off in public and especially to his teammates in the frisbee club. Perhaps, he had seen me watching him and his buddies. My 'staring' could have a topic or conversation - or perhaps, he'd only done his long strip and butt-antics just to tease the old pervert whom they had all noticed. It was possibly something that happened often during their team practices. And maybe it will again.

As I bought a train ticket, I peered up and could still see him waiting. He kept glancing down in my direction - although he was obviously waiting for someone (one of his teammates was probably picking up something at the grocery or at the ATM across the street). I kept wondering why. I was hoping he'd descend the stairs and get on the same train and in same car (well. I'd make sure of that), then I'd have fun. I would 'flirt' with him from a distance and try to get him to look at my own form of flashing - another kind of kinky communication that may not be so unlike the mating dance of the male frisbee warriors I had just witnessed a little while earlier.

The photos below are representative and also illustrates the type of behavior (male bonding / posturing and clowning around) that uses nakedness (a bit different connotation than the world 'nudity') that I am describing and observing in groups of males, in particular Japanese men.

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