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My first trip to Bali: Indonesia at its best and its worst, and finally most realistic

[Updated on Dec 1, 2012]

On January 2nd - 8th, 2012, I spent my first vacation in Bali, one of the Indonesia islands that gets millions of foreign tourists. It was a very interesting and enlightening trip. I went scuba diving on two different days at two different locations - once among the soft corals of Mendanjan Island in the far northwest, and also dived about the ruins of the USS Liberty, an American cargo ship torpedoed in Indonesia waters by a Japanese submarine on January 11, 1942 (70 years ago today as I write this). Because it did not sink, it was docked at Tulamben,
where the 1963 eruption of Mt. Agung caused it to be rolled into the sea just off shore.

I visited several gorgeous Hindu temples, including Tanah Lot Temple, a picturesque Hindu temple built in the 16th century on a huge rock 100 meters off Bali's west coast, and surrounded by water during the high tides. I took two days of a private tour, one arranged by a the driver from my hotel, Villa Layang Bulan, and the other conducted by my scuba instructor. We took very scenic drives over small roads overlooking beautiful rice terraces. One of these brought me to the mountain village of Kintamani, which offers spectacular views of Lake Batur and the volcano. We stopped by the Elephant Cave or "Goa Gajah", a hermitage from the 11th century, used by both Buddhists and HIndus, where a huge collapsed statute of Buddha lies in ruins among the fresh water spring that opened when it fell (presumably due to an earthquake).

I took in a traditional Monkey Forest visit, where these socially astute creatures can be quite agressive in search of food. I visited the town of Ubud, where I stayed in a beautiful villa boutique hotel that seemed more like a temple itself. Ubud is the largest aritsan town in central Bali, where I shopped for silver and gold jewelry, ornate wood carvings and all kinds of souvenirs. I visited its temples and also attended a kechak dance and fire dance performance that evening, after running to it soaking wet in one of the daily rainstorms. There wasn't constant rain - except for my very last day. Generally, it was sunny with scattered clouds. If it rained, it usually came on quickly and didn't last long (15 minutes to an hour). Temperatures ranged from a cool 18 at night and even cooler in the higher altitudes to a high of 30 or more in the daytime.
I ate chicken noodle (mee ayam) and sate (kebabs with peanut soy sauce) at a roadside warung (portable eater). I enjoyed my visit to hhe Mother Temple at Besakih, Bali's most holy and the largest Hindu temple, built in the 11th century. It's built on the slopes of Mount Agung at an altittude of 1000 meters.

The people I met were perhaps one of the most interesting of Bali's features. I'll hold off telling about them until I get else confessed.

I needed to make it clear from the start that I did enjoy my first visit to Bali. From what I tell after, you may get the impression that there wasn't so much that I didn't like about Bali. That's far from the truth. It's different from many places I have been - but probably not so different from most. There's much about the island that is beautiful, exciting, and attractive, but I would be totally honest if I omitted telling that I was also disappointed by some aspects of Bali: its crowded roads, the heavy commercialization, the level of street smarts needed to get things done, the deceptive friendliness of the people, and the heavy religiosity practiced everywhere.

While none of these problems was unique to Bali -- perhaps they are not so much 'problems' as different approaches to live and interpersonal communication to which I was not accustomed -- and can be found in many places. However, you hope to be able to relax on a vacation without having to be constantly hassled by these societal contraints. While I was able to relax to a large degree, there was an undercurrent of tension with all of the complaints mentioned above that it sometimes was difficult to overcome negative feelings.

First, let me explain. I went to Bali - mainly as an escape from cold winter weather. Secondly, it was also intended to be a sex vacation. I had heard stories about how wild Bali could be - at least, those stories of wild gay abandon with some muscled brown bodies of hunky Indonesian men loomed large in my consciousness before arriving on the island.

The person who make a big impression was a beautiful Balinese man with whom I fell in love. Surya was my diving instructor. Although he knew I was gay (I had signed up with a gay travel site and was staying at a gay hotel), he himself was straight, married and expecting his first child at the end of this month. I don't think I'm being deluded to say that he actually teased me quite a lot. His boss, the owner of the dive shop is gay (also non-Indonesian). Surya, no doubt, knew the effect his body, voice, eyes and hands were having on my psyche, but he played that out to his advantage as he kept hinting that he could make himself available if the price were right. I'm not quite sure he had anything more in mind than a regular back rub (oil massage), but it certainly sounded like he could be persuaded to do more or even let me do more. However, he insisted that he had never done such a thing before and had not, in fact, ever had an intimate conversation with any of his clients before. I don't actually know if he was telling me the truth or not - although I have no reason to doubt him and plenty of reasons to believe that he told the truth.

It started innocently enough. He came over from the second boat when we were having lunch and sat down next to me to eat his meal. He asked if I might be interested in going out for another's day diving later in the week, but - at the point - I was already tired and just wanted to explore the beaches and the area around Kuta / Seminyak (the gay area of Bali) more so I said I wouldn't be interested. After we returned to shore after our second dive, we were all getting packed up and ready to go. I needed to change out of my small bikini swimsuit (actually it was see-thru if you looked carefully). I knew Surya was going to be the person who drove the van back to Kuta Beach so I mentioned to him that I was going to go get changed. He dropped what he was doing and offered to show me where I could get a shower at the small shop about 100 meters up the dirt road. When we got there, I pull off my swimsuit and showered naked next to him. I was hoping he would take off his own boardshorts, but he didn't. It was the kind of spontaneous CMNM experience that I had been craving, and which I suspect that Surya knew full well was making me more and more attracted to him. He casually showered himself next to me, glancing down from time to time to look at my cock and balls. I feigned innocence because, in reality, it was nothing more than just a shower with a fellow diver. After showering, he moved into the toilet, where I supposed he changed into this street clothes, as I did in an adjoining changing room.

Playing around with a gay guy would be a dilemma for Surya since he was very cognizant of needing the money because of his wife's having a baby (and stopping her work), but also he told me of his good friend from his hometown whom he had grown up with. He told how that friend had allowed himself to be used as a 'kept boy' for a older rich Frenchmen, who even now visits the island every six months, lavishing gifts that included a house and car on his friend who is also married, but still engages in sex with the older 'daddy'. The moral and economic dilemma seemed to weigh heavily on my Surya's mind. He joked with me about his being available for a nude massage for 2.5 million rupiah, but in the end, he could not find the guts or perhaps I should say -- he finally held out with the strength of good character -- to simply say he was joking, and not really interested. But I suspect he had been sorely tempted - not by my looks, but because I felt that he sensed he could trust me more than he had been able to do with any of client.
Moreover, he really did seem to get pleasure from my words of praise about his looks, his character, and his expertise at diving instruction. When I told him something nice about his looks or character, he would smile broadly and repeat, "I like that very much."

Surya often asked, "Will you be dreaming of me when you return home?" I could only heartily agree that I will dream about Surya for a long time to come. I really loved watching him - his dark coffee-colored skin was a joy to behold. He had wavy jet black hair, a broad smile of white teeth, and wide shoulders and brawny arms, yet not overly muscled or brutish. His voice was godly and he is surely the great grandson of some powerful Hindu god.

[Post in progress - to be completed later ] January 12, 2012

December 1, 2012 It's been a good while. I've digested more of my Bali trip experiences, and forgotten much, but recently, an insight came to me, when I saw an explicit photo I had posted about that time related to my trip. (You must be logged in and my Tribe 'friend' to see).

The explicit sexual scene in the photo (linked above) is what I imagined happening with my Balinese scuba divemaster would have me do that for him (suck his beautiful brown rod). He's the one I described in a blog entry (see above). I am pretty sure he had cock like the one being worshipped in the photo, or at least, that's what he wanted me to believe (smile).

Unfortunately, I never got to actually see it, much less do this to it. Nevertheless, I do have very fond memories of a brief few days together. He's actually a great guy - even if he's caught between wanting what he knows he can't have and being a good son, father, and provider for his family. The specter of sexual 'favors' in exchange for cash is probably one that haunts good-looking men in developing (and developed) nations around the globe, particularly where the economic spheres collide - as is the case in much of the tourism industry. By comparison, we tourists appear to be decadently rich to those who live from day-to-day with only the bare necessities -- which can be quite enough for a 'good' life. However, when their lives and amenities are held up against the background of Western-style luxury hotels, and jet-setting jaunts around the globe, there is more than mere penis envy at play between the Western elderly 'gentleman' and the dark-skinned native son, who 'serves' himself up for the guest's pleasure -- at times, literally.

While I say that I would have done this (fellatio or even more) to S.G., I am also proud of him for resisting the temptation and tarnishing his own image of himself. Yet, it may simply be that I didn't offer him enough for selling out his honor.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to him on Facebook. Simply to say hello and to ask about his family, as he and his wife had been expecting their first child back in early February after my visit to Bali. There is still no answer. I'll not press the matter. Things may have changed completely for Gusti. Hopefully, for the better.... but perhaps he's ensconced in a new apartment with a new car and source of 'side' income, being the on-call night-stand boy for some droopy-eyed gentleman faggot. But probably not.. he's had likely returned to his family's land in the north of the island to cultivate crops, and to assume the position of future patriarch a noble and old religious family, descendants of the Hindu gods.

Adieu, Gusti, and bonne chance.
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Hooking Up with Gay Apps

There are a dozen or so gay apps for finding guys in your own or other geographic areas. It depends on where you are in the world as to which apps are used by the locals.

One strong distinction should be made between iTunes apps and web apps (actually a web site optimized for a mobile phone). In this later category, the three main ones are Dudesnude, Adam4adam, and Manhunt. Being able to put nude and sexually explicit photos as your main profile pic means that you can get a lot said at the very beginning. I realize that some guys don't want to show or don't need to use that form of attraction to get guys, but we all play on our strengths and usually attempt to hide our weak points.
With its single non-explicit photo and limited space for profile content, Grindr is not my first choice by far, despite the hype about it being so popular. A good deal of its seeming popular is because it is so generic, almost non-sexual and therefore can be reviewed by even mainstream media.

In addition to the 3 web apps mentioned above, I also use these iPhone apps: FindFred, Qrushr, Aka-aki, Maleforce, Bender, Purpll, Recon, 9Monsters, Pinkmap, Gaydar, Scruff, and Jack'd

In the end, do I hook up a lot using apps? No, not very often, but I do get a barrage of winks, nods, and smiles, but the reasons have been all alluded to previously -- location, looks, attraction, and timing. Often it turns out we simply exchange useful information about sights, bars, restaurants, etc.

Grindr and Jack'd are handy to see who is near, then you can often find out more about a guy by using one of the others or going to one or all or the web apps. Some of the iPhone apps also have corresponding web sites. The web apps takes it to the next level as far as content and usability go.

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Villa Layang Bulan, where I will stay in Bali

I hope I will glad for choosing Villa Layang Bulan for my vacation in Bali. It was recommended by a couple of Net acquaintances from Fridae and also Dudesnude. I'll be staying in the loft dormitory and so the rates are very cheap, but the general area on a bit upscale and also not too from the 'gay area of Legian / Seminyak on the east and north part of Kuta Beach.

There is a lot of I want to do -- NO.. I'm not talking about doing THAT (well.. maybe a bit). I'll go diving for a day or two, and get to do some sightseeing around the island as well. I hope to see a kejak dance concert, and also will enjoy some great massage and/or spa treatments.
I'd like to learn something about batik, and Indonesia cuisine as well.

See map of Bali here:

More about the hotel below:

Villa Layang Bulan - the all-male spa resort clothing optional @ Seminyak, North Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

*Car parking area, massage room, hot water supply and road from Jalan Batu Belig to Gang Daksina and Canggu have been upgraded.

Layang Bulan (meaning Moon Kite) is located in a tranquil seaside village about 30 minutes from the airport. It caters to men above 21 years of age. Women and children are not allowed.

Our family-style resort has private rooms and dorm beds. It is only 5 to 10 minute walk to many good and inexpensive restaurants along the main road and gay beach. The gay bars of Seminyak are about 10 minutes drive or 20 to 30 minutes walk by the beach from us.

The villa has a lovely Balinese garden, a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor lounges, and reading area. Inexpensive Western and Asian meals, and beer and soft drinks are served here. Our venue is very private.

We offer airport transfers. Spa treatments and traditional Balinese massage lessons by certified masseurs from a renowned spa nearby are available upon request. Private and cost-sharing guided sightseeing tours can be arranged through us at reasonable prices by licensed operators.

There are strong wi-fi in all rooms and public areas, internet access in the lounge, laundry service, cable TV in every private room, safe boxes or lockers for valuables, DVD / VCD player and discs in the indoor lounge and communal kitchen for guests use.

Our private room and dorm rates are inclusive of American or Asian breakfast, drop-off at nearby places in Seminyak (subject to transport availability), coffee, tea and drinking water.

Motor-bike and 6-passenger car rental are available at 50,000 rp and 250,000 rp (with insurance) respectively nett per day (24 hours).

Our rates include tax, staff service charge , credit card charge, good American or Asian breakfast, drinking water, coffee and tea. You can follow free drop off at nearby places within Seminyak eg the gay bars (subject to transport availability), which we provide to the private room guests.

Airport transfer is 85,000rp (about Us$10.50) for one way. We charge the same as taxi. By taxi, you would need to bargain to bring the price down to our fare.

Our resort is only 5 minutes walk to gay beaches of Batu Belig and Callego (aka Ganesha), 5 to 10 minutes walk to many inexpensive eateries frequented by tourists along the beach and Jalan Batu Belig, and 10 minutes walk to the famed Callego Cafe and Potato Head - where gay men from all over the world gather in the
afternoon. From Callego Cafe, it will take you another 5 to 10 minutes to Seminyak Square. The gay bars of Seminyak are about 10 mins drive or 20 mins walk by the beach from our place.

We look forward to having you with us. Attached are images of our facilities, team and activities. You will enjoy it because we treat everyone like family member. Many have extended their stay or returned.



Location and directions:

Villa Layang Bulan
Jalan Batu Belig, Gang Daksina 10b, Kerobokan, Petitenget, Seminyak, Kuta Utara, Bali 80266.
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Looking for ways to hook-up with guys interested in your fetish?

by sunbuns99
November 24th, 2011, 08:20 PM
iPhone or Android Apps and the increased appearance of X-rated Web apps for gay men

(Originally posted elsewhere on Jan 31, 2011, and updated Nov 24, 2011)

Ever feel like a hostage to your technology tools?

Does anyone else use the IPhone app- Free Foto Messenger? (FFM) A fellow Dudesnude members says "I'm into it in a big way at the moment. It's great way to trade live pics and chat. His name username is: jboy82 You can find more gay guys wanting to chat or find sex friends, gay connection or romance (LTR) on several iPhone apps. I have also become intrigued to find out what iPhone apps for gay connections will work, and how well they do so.
FFM (Free Foto Messenger) might become popular. Reviews, however, are ranting badly on the March update version; but so far so good for those who had downloaded a previous version. I often test iphone apps for several different markets and also different regions/areas of the globe. BREAKING NEWS: A new update of FFM was released April 21, 2010 - it seems to have fixed the problems mentioned earlier. Try it out for yourself.

So you find some more info below (and to be updated continuously in the weeks to come) as I try out gay iPhone apps


About FFM, Since you have to 'know' people already to actually chat - it's not so great for 'cruising' or casual hookups. There are other ones where that works well listed below. Normally in a good Iphone app, you can see the person's profile (m/f, age, location (general or specific), time online (or last time), Some allow choice of sexual preferences: Select a gay apps or a mixed one and then filter for gay men) to find local (or global) guys, and then start a chat - if things match up). Sooshi could have great potential because you can also search in a specific area by 'putting' yourself at a remote location.

So if you are going to be traveling soon, you can hunt for guys ahead (as you can do here on Dudesnude), but they can be online and ready to chat. Unfortunately, almost all but Grindr don't have many locals members - who are active and online. I've also used Grindr (probably the best iPhone app for hookup / making local gay friends) as many people have, but there are several others (see below). Wouldn't it be great if GWIP (Guys With Iphones, the site) and Grindr could be combined? Wow!

Take a look at these other apps when you have time: Purpll (prone to problems with finding locations outside US, allows private pics, also has a website for PC access), PinkMap (mainly for Europe but some global users too, no nudity allowed, has a website too), Gd Beta (nice format, allows 3 public and 2 private pics, local guys online), SpeedDate (requires subscription for any real info - irritating), Skout (recently greatly improved to compete with Grindr), Whoshere, Sooshi, Brightkite, Twitxr, ( both are location-based Twitter spinoffs, updates can broadcast in local area - but u risk getting 'outed' or harassed if public messages are too sexy or pornog. )

Knocking Video (already popular here on DN), Gaydar Light (doesn't work on my iPhone - other?), Aka-aki (gay & straight, based in Europe - slowly growing, but has some problems, cool 'sticker' system to form like-minded groups), Facetime2 (crashes often), I'm still trying out Dokami, and Foursquare for gay connections and usability. NOTE* Some of the above social networking apps are NOT for gay men only. You have to add your gender pref or search/filter for gay men/age etc to locate guys. Some do or don't have push notifications, although they all have free versions.

Anybody else into testing iPhone apps? I'm going to add some guys here posted your FFM ids here. It's for testing purposes - I'm not trying to hookup (at least at the moment). Besides, I live too far away now.

I seem rarely to find anybody online when I try to use the iPhone apps FFM (Free Foto Messenger) and Knocking Video app (username: sunbuns) Maybe that's not the real reason..... but... anyway.

Web Apps

A useful alternative to iPhone apps (or also Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile apps) that have to be downloaded and have restrictions on the content that is allowed (especially use of nude self-pics) is a web app. Web apps work right inside a browser. Safari on the iPhone can access your location, so you can still find out who is 'near' you, and also upload a more appealing profile pic or pics (nudity is allowed).

I have been enjoying the new Dudesnude Web app (optimized for the iPhone) for a long time. Also, in 2010, the new Web app called Radar A4A was introduced.
In both of them, unlike regular iPhone apps, there is nothing to download since it's a browser site alone. If you are member (free) of ( ) or ( ), you can just visit their web app sites and log-in.

They show locations of guys near you, messages, etc, and also web apps allow R-rated and X-rated photos (which Apple bans on any iTunes apps it provides through the iTunes Store). Of course, they are both connected to real websites, too, so you can get double the value.

LATEST NEWS: Manhunt has just released (Nov 21, 2011) its own web app:
Manhunt also has both iPhone and Android apps, but there's a bit of improvement when it comes to using web app.
It's a lot like the Adam4Adam Radar web app, (, but better - in some ways. It's got the same features: see guys near you (both those who are mobile only and those who are members of Manhunt on PC), you can see R and X-rated pics, too.

I do make use of the following iPhone apps for finding, or at least, checking out guys in the vicinity:

(* If it also has a connected social website, then I have added the link)

Qrushr - includes multi-user chat rooms and radio, limited website
Bender - newest, and soon to be on Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry
Grindr - most used, but actually has pretty limited features (without upgrading)

CraigsPro a paid app to view Craig's List sites

They're somewhat different but similar too. Try one or all of them and comment about your opinion.

There have been a couple of threads about various iPhone apps for meeting guys and possibly hooking up - at least for chatting, sharing pics or even webcam vids (taken with the iphone).
I think the jury is still out on Knocking Live Video (KLV). The main problem is that someone you might want to Knock (KLV) or be Knocked by isn't online. The KLV iphone app has to be running (or so it appears) before you can receive a 'knock'.
Free Foto Messenger (FFM) works somewhat better, but then you have to know someone's ffm ID first in order to 'chat' and exchange pics. Grindr and a few others allow you to see who's around your location and then you can chat or message them (depending on whether they are online or not).

There are also other sites for iphone web-camming apps. Have you tried Ustream Broadcaster? You can broadcast live video from an iPhone. It will send out a Twitter tweet to alert your followers when it starts. The video can be saved on your iPhone or on the website. Each user receives free webspace (and shortened URL) for storing his mobile videos which can be viewed directly from that site (on a PC/Mac). If live, people can also comment and Twitter to you (the broadcaster).
My Knocking Live Video Username: sunbuns
FFM: sunbuns

Follow up: sunbuns99* 21 May 2010, 10:30
Using TWITTER as a 'message' board.

If you write a #TAG in your tweet (a key word preceded by a number sign/sharp sign)-- such as #dudesnude or #ustream (or #gustream = 'gay ustream', etc).

Then people (your Twitter followers or friends or even strangers) can search for those #key words (tags) in Twitter or in so see who is broadcasting.
In fact, you use alert anonymous gay guys (and everybody else too) if you are currently logged on to: #dudesnude, #grindr, #KLV, #cam4, #ffm by using these TAGS in your tweets. Twitter tags are searchable and you can also use some other iPhone apps or websites to see WHO is using those tags in your own geographic area -- leading to possible hookups or making new friends locally. Be sure to update your Twitter to add photo, profile info (username or your web profile, cam4 profile, username for ffm or KLV (Knocking Live Video) or DN profile, etc).

If more people start using the TAGs in Twitter, then it will become clear who's online and ready to Knock, FFM or Skype, or other video webchat / iphone apps.
Follow up: sunbuns99 21 May 2010, 10:34
Other topics about phone apps, websites, security and safety issues or specific advise on sites or apps that work (or those that don't) would be appreciated by the Dudesnude readers. Thanks

Further ideas to be discussed later:
Craig's List apps on iPhone and other mobile.
Qik (webcam vids from iphone)
Cam4 - Very hot guys show off on webcam; free membership and you get a profile page for photos and make friends
Other chat/messaging apps on iPhone or Android: Grindr, Manhunt, Bender, PinkMap, Aka-aki (not only gay), WhosHere, Purpll, Jack'd, Dlist, Gaydar, Recon, FindFred, Qrushr, 9monsters
More about Twitter and tagging, lists, etc.
Location-based sites / apps

By the way, the iPhone app does NOT have to be one specifically for gay men's social networking. There are several micro-blog (update status) sites with corresponding iPhone apps which would allow like-minded guys to find each other and possibly hook-up. Among these are: Brightkite, Twixtr, or one of the location-based social networking apps, such as FourSquare, among others.

Here's just one idea. There are a lot a social networking apps (and usually a corresponding website) that's based around making friends via your own location. One popular one is called It might be a good way to actually to to hook up with other CMNM members (and similar minded guys on other groups) for casual (spontaneous) or planned hook-ups or encounter, or just a cup of coffee.

Here's how Brightkite works: Using a PC or your cellphone, you 'check in' to a location - be as specific or as general as you want. You can allow 'friends' or even the public to see your short tweets (160 characters messages (similar to Twitter) posted from that location. Other members can also see who is nearby (within 20 feet (6m) to a 4 kilometer radius(6.4 mile). Your posts can include photos too (from your mobile phone) and it integrates posts with Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook. You can check for updates, set you check-in location also by cellphone. You can also put a Twitter 'widget' module in your profile (here on webcam or other profiles) to let other know where you are and what you're doing.

Give it a try. My BrightKite 'friendstream' is at although you won't be able to see much with first becoming my 'friend' on I have also put a Twitter widget on my Webjam profile page - so you can see the results. You'd have to be a 'friend' to see the exact locations.

There are some other cool tools on Brightkite that integrate with Brightkite and Twitter data - such as Brightkite Google Earth (download KML object), and Brightkite Wall.
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Getting a physical exam by a male doctor or nurse... A homoerotic turn-on?

There was a recent discussion on on the topic of gay men's attraction for medical doctors and physical exams.

The original poster was a guy from Denver who said:

03 Nov 2011, 00:03
Ok here goes... I have this fantasy of getting a physical exam by a hot doctor or male nurse. I'm told to undress and then am examined / touched all over. I'll probably pop a boner and be a little embarrassed about it, and it would be so hot to see the outlines of a boner in the doctor's or nurse's pants.

However, the obvious problem is finding said medical professionals to play out this fantasy with, since it's likely a liability issues. So... I'm kind of at a dead-end and not quite sure how to proceed. Maybe there's a site somewhere that caters to this? I don't know... just throwing it out there to see if anyone could at least point me in a direction.

Follow up by another member:
03 Nov 2011, 00:08
I love that idea too. I've always had a thing for being examined by a doctor...

Follow up by a different member:
03 Nov 2011, 01:41
It is all mostly the realm of fantasy...

However, before I met my partner he had an experience worthy of a short story. He had prostatitis. The doctor's remedy was to stick his finger up my guy's butt and give him prostate massage with hand job. So these fantasies do have some basis in reality. (By the way, this doctor ultimately lost his practice and now sells real estate.)

Another friend of mine went to one of those "no appointment needed" medical centers to get some quicky exam and documentation for work. He also got a hand job.

I guess I need to get a new doctor!

Follow up by sunbuns99 See the original posting on his Typepad blog:

03 Nov 2011, 09:33
Medical exam sex or a doctor's physical that goes beyond purely examination is a frequent fetish / fantasy among guys into CMNM (clothed male / naked male) scenes. So you can find guys and also stories/photos etc related to this medical attraction on such sites and social networks. (BTW, I'm the admin for several of them and also publish the Guys Into CMNM blog (guysn2cmnm (dot) blogspot (dot) com)

This theme is popular among a few gay porn studios, namely, but you can see some of the their photos and video clips at

You might also be able to find specific guy into this by using either RECON (a gay fetishist site and iPhone app)
or at GearFetish In addition, there are some tribes (public or private groups) on the alternative social networking site,
I can invite you to some of the groups, if you contact me (and give an email address for the invitation).

I work at a medical and health sciences university which has two hospitals on its campus - so it's a theme/attraction (not exactly a fetish for me) that is near and dear. Also, when I stayed in a hospital once, I found it very stimulating to be kind of bed-bound (not I wasn't strapped in but just couldn't move about freely), and to be examined by a young handsome doctor every day. I made sure to never wear underwear or anything but a loose fitting gown so he could have easy access, so that I could be 'accidently' nude. It was fun when there was a male nurse during the night shift, but I would sleep as nude as possible and allow the covers to fall off. Evidently, nurses are not embarrassed by much - because he'd just cover my erection with a blanket without hesitating to 'observe'.
Also, I have a friend/sex buddy who is a doctor (a cardiologist) and it's fun 'playing doctor' with him, but oddly enough, he's not really into that aspect of it.
I've wanted and even attempted to organize locally and internationally some CMNM events in which doctor-patient examinations would be one of the role-play sensual / sexual activities. So if you're up for the idea, we could start working now on holding such an event (somewhere reasonably convenient). I can travel (up to a point) almost anywhere.
I suspect that there are hundreds of gay men (and plenty of straight men who get off having a female nurse or doctor examine them).

Fight prostate cancer, ask a doctor (or horny friend) to examine your prostate inside your hole! The best way to become quick and 'deep' friends is penetrating someone body cavities with a finger. The stomach is not the only way to a man's heart (LOL).

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My recommendations for outstanding all-male saunas and baths: Gay World Travel Part 3

My favorite gay bathhouses and sauna are listed below. They are not in any ranked order.

The Water Garden (San Jose, CA, USA) - lovely enclosed outdoor (heated) pool.

Spades 4 (Brussels) - weeknights are more crowded than weekends

Király Bath (Turkish style 'hamman') - not gay but well-worth a visit if you're ever in Budapest, Hungary. (Cruising does occur despite what they say 'officially'). I had a great naked oil massage there, and got totally erect (although no happy ending).

24-Kaikan (Shinjuku 3-chome, Tokyo, Japan) or Hokuoukan in Osaka. I actually go to 24-Kaikan pretty often 2-3 times a month. It's got a nice Japanese style bath (ofuro), and it's kinky with glory holes between shower stalls, and dormitory style rooms with bunkbeds for sex play.

For more info in English visit the Utopia pages about Japanese baths and public saunas for men. I have also posted information and advice about 24-Kaikan previously in his blog and my other blogs (see list on my main Tyeppad Profile page at ).
There are plenty more in London, Berlin, Paris, else where in Europe (such as Montpellier, etc), in Asian cities, and in many North American cities, too. You should look for reviews online before deciding. Try these links:

You can also ask members for or other gay sites, who live in your travel destinations, to give advice via a direct message. There are also loads of iPhone (and Android) apps where you can also get in contact with locals.


My favorite gay bathhouses and sauna are listed below. They are not in any ranked order.

The Water Garden (San Jose, CA, USA) - lovely enclosed outdoor (heated) pool.

Spades 4 (Brussels) - weeknights are more crowded than weekends

Király Bath (Turkish style 'hamman') - not gay but well-worth a visit if you're ever in Budapest, Hungary. (Cruising does occur despite what they say 'officially'). I had a great naked oil massage there, and got totally erect (although no happy ending).

24-Kaikan (Shinjuku 3-chome, Tokyo, Japan) or Hokuoukan in Osaka. I actually go to 24-Kaikan pretty often 2-3 times a month. It's got a nice Japanese style bath (ofuro), and it's kinky with glory holes between shower stalls, and dormitory style rooms with bunkbeds for sex play.

There are plenty more in London, Berlin, Paris, else where in Europe (such as Montpellier, etc), in Asian cities, and in many North American cities, too. You should look for reviews online before deciding. Try these links:

You can also ask members of or or other gay sites, who live in your travel destinations, to give advice via a direct message. There are also loads of iPhone (and Android) apps where you can also get in contact with locals.
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Gay nude beaches in the Tokyo area

I got a direct message (very rare actually) from JguyUSguy, asking me to add something to this forum's discussion about Gay and nude beaches in the Tokyo area.

0) I'd love to start a men's nudist social club for the greater Tokyo area. We could have both gay only or straight-friendly events such as beach parties, picnics, outings to the local gay spots (infamously cruisy or not), and also just create our own outdoor nudist day camp (clandestinely) at Tama River, Arakawa, etc.

Obviously, when it's raining or cold, the nudist events could be held indoors.
Anybody up for the idea?

By the way, JguysUSguys will evidently be closing soon:
Supposedly, some parts of it may still be available. It certainly will be missed the by the larger gay community in Japan, and neighboring countries, and also all of the gay fans of Asian gay men worldwide who have participated so often for so many years.

I'm grateful for all the posts of KazFan (KF) and others since I really hadn't known much about those 'gay' beaches in Kanagawa. Although I had heard that they existed, I have actually never been to Kugenuma and Kotsubo (also cruising or gay hookup spots)

鵠沼 小坪 ハッテン場

I usually get naked anywhere that I can't be seen. Though that makes about 80% of the greater Tokyo area out of bounds, it doesn't mean totally that you can't get naked in public or sunbathe in the semi-nude or as naked as you dare. I do it a lot during September (and even up into October) -- as long as the sun is shining and the temperature is not too low to be unbearable (or should I say 'unbare-able' ? (smile)).

1) My locale of choice for getting bare is Tama River, while I have also done so on the Arakawa
River, too. There are public recreation lands and park-like areas along all the rivers in and around Tokyo so that it's possible to get naked in public and have adequate privacy to NOT get local people alarmed or calling the police. They either don't see me (because I'm invisible (grin)... white foreigner -- or they don't want to see a naked white middle-aged man (for whatever reason), or they just are looking to see anything. I'm convinced too that - even when they do actually notice, they don't have the guts or the indignation to rush off and complain or phone the police, probably because they are sure how to explain that they have been spying on a white naked guy who's quietly and discreetly sunning himself nude (or apparently so). Most people would have to come right up to me to determine - in fact, if I'm fully exposing and not just wearing a tiny g-string bikini.

To make a long story a bit shorter (he he), I can suggest these for Maddog:

2) There is a roof-top sunning space at least two of the 24-Kaikan gay sauna / hotels. The one
in Shinjuku is nice and also convenient. You are NOT supposed to be completely nude while sunning on top of the 7th floor. There are two surveillance video cams, but if you place yourself strategically out of camera view, you can get completely naked and also erect. There is not sexual play allowed because of the neighboring buildings, but the shower area is enclosed. Obviously, if you're horny, you can avail yourself of the many men who have a taste for white cock and ass.

I was there yesterday and the guy lying across from me was totally erect under his extremely small swimsuit.
I usually just wear the little hand towel around my waist and enjoy the sunshine and sometimes the looks of my fellow sunbathers.
Note: During inclement weather or if there is a threat of thunderstorms (or typhoon), the sunning roof is closed. It's also closed and locked after 6pm everyday since they don't want people up there a night (screwing around).

3) Odaiba is also a place where you can sunbathe (almost nude). I'm talking actually about the
man-made islands just off shore from the far right hand end of the beach (Odaiba Beach Park, virtually under the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge).
It can get chilly without clothes when the wind blows and the temp has chilled off, but I've done it discreetly (avoid exposing too much when the tourist boats pass) even later in the year than October.

A friend of mine from Kyushu will be coming for a visit soon (Oct 1-2), so I'm hoping to take him to sunbathe nude with me to one of these places.

4) I'd love to start a men's nudist social club for the greater Tokyo area. We could have both gay only or straight-friendly events such as beach parties, picnics, outings to the local gay spots (infamously cruisy or not), and also just create our own outdoor nudist day camp (clandestinely) at Tama River, Arakawa, etc.

Obviously, when it's raining or cold, the nudist events could be held indoors.

Anybody up for the idea?

See more info about the gay beaches in Kanagawa see links below: (in Japanese)




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Dumpster Diving 101: Out in Public - Interracial Gay Sex

Here's a really hot Rocket Tube video from

It's got all the elements I love in gay porn:

sex in public
anal sex
interracial gay - This time there's a hot Asian top fucking a white bottom.

Check in out on my Typepad Blog
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