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Guys Into CMNM, new Ning community continues to grow

In September, I experimented with the social network-building site called Ning. So I have created a Guys Into CMNM Ning community. You are invited to join it. We're interested in active participants.

It's a private group - only members can see inside the Ning community. Currently, there are over 220 members and 2-3 new guys apply each day. Filling in a questionnaire is required for membership. (It's free to join - of course) But please add your profile photo or icon/avatar, and tell us something about yourself (or link to your Flickr or another web profile).

See a screen shot of the site:

It has some features that might make it interesting for members of this Flickr CMNM Group.

1) personal profile page (free form design - add-on applications and page elements including, text, files, HTML, scripts, RSS /Atom feeds, photos, videos, widgets and gadgets). There are shared (pooled) photos and video galleries.

2) Upload photos (or import your Flickr sets directly) - make them available for friends only or open to all in this Ning.

3) Videos can be uploaded (or shared from other video-sharing sites by embedding the code).

4) Text chat and I've also added a webcam chat feature. (Check out the Menu Tabs across the top to see the various features available).

5) Discussion board, Event schedule, Groups (sub-groups with this Ning community), blogs, content-rich RSS feeds, notices by email, and more.

NOTE: There is some possibility of getting some 'live' CMNM events going. The initial survey asks about your interest in doing so. Specific geographic groups could target a time and place for setting up live CMNM events or off-line get-togethers.

Another small advantage of using Ning would be the fact that your photos would be 'safe' online if Flickr deletes your account. However, the photo section of Ning is not as versatile as or as useful as Flickr's.

You can also access this Ning from a link (badge) on my Guys Into CMNM blog.

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Wrestling naked: Is it male bonding, homoeroticism (CMNM), or just guys being athletic?

Is wrestling - especially naked with your buddy or team mate a type of CMNM behavior that is for male bonding, homoeroticism, or just guys being athletic?

For me, thinking of nude wrestling brings back some powerful memories. It never started out as nude wrestling, but it often turned out to become that. A college buddy - who was supposedly str8t and I would always get into a wrestling match after every time we got drunk -- it might be after a Saturday night's college party (we tended to give one or go to one every weekend), or it might be on Sunday afternoon when he and his girlfriend, my dorm mate (we had tiny private rooms) and I played cards and drank wine throughout the afternoon.

Eventually, as we got sotted, he and I would challenge each other to a wrestling match that always started in our underwear (I didn't freeball then like I do now). The object of the wrestling match often was to tear off the other guy's briefs. Our spectators just cheered us on and it is truly a wonder that I didn't get caught with my a big hardon because I really had a crush on him -- but it was more like I wanted to 'be' him than just be with him sexually. So that's what nude wrestling means to me .. it's kind of homoerotic, but it's about asserting your masculinity or manhood in a strange kind of way and bonding physically with another guy - -whether he's gay or str8t doesn't really matter. Actually, I can't really say I've ever had the same feelings toward a gay man and haven't actually wrestled a gay man in the nude -- I mean --- sex comes into the picture long before we get around to wrestling.

These events happened during my junior-year-abroad in France. Patrice was studying judo at the time so he would usually get the upperhand in our sweaty wrestling matches - so I didn't actually get to pull off his briefs or expose his cock very often -- maybe that's why I kept trying [grin.]When we had a party, I was typically the one who got the drunkest and acted rather strange (I came from a rather puritanical, family)- like taking off some or most of my clothes, or climbing trees and telephone poles. Patrice and his girlfriend were the ones who helped me get back home and I would find myself in my own bed without any clothes on later the night or the next morning. I always really wondered which one of them enjoyed 'taking care' of Le Petit (as they used to call me).

One of the hottest (and nostalgically regretful) memories for me about those wrestling days in university (in France) was the time after one of our more intense wrestling bouts that Patrice told me privately in the dorm kitchen (where his girlfriend and my roomie could not heard) that he wanted to fuck my ass: 'You know what? - I'd fuck you in the ass.' I just joked about it, and replied that there was no way he was going to get my ass, and then passed it off as if it were nothing but I dreamed for years about what would have happened if I had taken him more seriously.

It scared me because I knew how strongly I was attached to him emotionally and how much physically attractive he was. I had just come out to myself (and to other guy - my dorm mate). Shortly after that incident, our wrestling matches ended - perhaps from our having reached some kind of irrevocable turning point, and also it was about time for me to return home. Another memory was the time that we all went out in early May to the beach (I was studying in Montpellier), I ended up getting one of the worst sunbuns I've ever had despite it being a partly cloudy spring day -- Patrice and his girlfriend brought me home, took off all my clothes (I was conscious but in great pain), and rubbed me with burn cream and kept me warm and with plenty of liquids -- if I had not been in so much pain I would have been excited beyond belief to have Patrice rubbing my body-- as it was I was scorched and grimacing in pain - nothing pleasurable about it.

I visited him in France years later - he is married, has two children and teaches English in high school. At this point, we've sort of lost contact, but this posting brought back memories of those idyllic days.

If you like nude wrestling, frottage, Spartan love and then take a look at the full site (where the pic above is hosted).

Tags] adolescent, boyhood, buddy, competitive, development, friends, guys, memory, naked, nude, rivalry, wrestling
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Guys into Clothed Men / Naked Men Scenes CMNM Blog

** --> After many months, I'm finally back on The problem with my ISP seems to have corrected itself. <--**

Guys Into CMNM is my new blog:
I've started this as a cooperative blog project. It includes stories and experiences (both mine and from others). including photos and a few links and resources. There is also some discussion about the role of nudity in male sexual and social development.
If you'd like to contribute, please send me an email with your story (illustrative photos are appreciated too).
I can also make you a blog 'team' member if you'd like to contribute more often.
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New Xtube Group and new Blog - Contributors needed

You can find and join Xtube's Group devoted to CMNM (clothed male - nude male scenes).

This Xtube group will be a good place to upload photos (well, we CAN do that here on the Tribe - I realize) and videos related to CMNM.

By the way, this group was started by the same person (sunbuns99) who started the Blogger blog: Guys into CMNM

Contributions are welcome to either and the blog and groups are an attempt to reach a larger set of men interested in discussing and sharing resources or events/activities related to CMNM (which is quite a broad area), which was the purpose of starting this 'private' Tribe. However, the above are currently open to the public (so keep your private information confidential).

Description of the CMNM Xtube group:

A group for guys into CMMN (clothed-male / naked-male) scenes. CMNM is not simply a fetish or sexual perversion; for some, it is a life-stye choice. Guys into CMNM blogThere are elements of it in many aspects of social groups of men and interpersonal, romantic and sexual relationships between men. Men, straight, gay or bisexual, use nudity and exposure of body parts and the genitals to communicate affection, friendship, intimacy, group identiity, and camaraderie, but also to express power and control, to show emotions that cannot be spoken, and even demonstrate love and lust and even distain or disgust. CMNM is a broader category that includes such scenes and situations as: frat and college parties, hazing and initiations, male nude performing (male stripper for males), street fairs that involved public nudity, doctor's medical exams, massage and erotic or sexual body work, unexpected nudity, use of nudity to express political or social conscience issues (Naked Bike Ride, etc) and finally exposing one's nude body or watching such exposure in places where it socially acceptable or would be forbidden or shocking.
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What is CMNM? - Expanding the definition and a new blog

CMNM = Clothed Male Naked Male. Basically the idea that for some guys, it's sexually hot to be the only naked guy in the room when everyone else is wearing clothes. (which I can't totally agree with...) but a like CMNM has a lot more to it than just that.

I am compiling my experiences and collected others' along with stories and resources/links on a new (group) blog:
Guys in CMNM

I think that many guys who visit (lurk) or participate in the forum on or on the CMNM Tribe (private) and on and other gay and men's sexual social networking sites are actually CMNM participants or very curious about the erotic nature of nudity between males-- rather than true dick flashers. I would like to expand the definition a bit given above:

In CMMN, everyone else does NOT have to completely dressed (there can be a mixture or dressed and nude people in the same situation. It can be a private one-to-one relationship or in a social group or even the public community (such as New Orlean's Mardi Gras or SF street fairs, Burning Man,etc). There can be more than one nude guy - it's just that there must be at least one clothed guy too. Often, guys can get CMNM thrills by being the dressed one or the naked one alternatively.

I know that it works this way for me. I'm not passing any critical judgement: some people are turned on by multiple form of sexual stimulation - some of us are bisexual (past / present and future) and some of us get off flashing or simply just being exposed (or getting to see those who do). A true (extreme) dickflasher seems to get off by showing an erect cock in places/situations where people don't expect it and are shocked to have the 'space' invaded by a hard dick.. at the extreme, it may be the only way he can get off (ejaculate). It seems that there are actually very few guys who fall into that category. The CMNM (being exposed where clothed guys can view (and/or be visual stimuated) seems to find his (me being one of them) thrill in being naked in front of guys (dressed or in a state of dressing/undressing) where it's is more or less socially acceptable or at least tolerated (even glorified) - like a public street fair or a no-pants or strip night at a male-oriented bar, etc, or more 'innocently' in a locker room or frat party. But I know that in my case, I get a lot more social/psychological fulfillment / satisifaction (?) and some erotic/sexual pleasure from being in a CMNM situation - especially where I can establish a personal relationship with the clothed (or naked) guys. Recently, I find this often happens in a hostel or similar situation (campground, at the beach or gym showers, or clothing optional resort, etc, where you meet and befriend strangers who later get to see you naked or even aroused - almost by 'accident' not totally by design).

There is also a private group in Flickr devoted to collecting photos of CMNM.
** RECENTLY, (May 29, 2008) my Flickr account was deleted so I have yet to find a webhost for storing my CMNM photos. **

Actually, there are also thousands of Flickr groups (little discussion but lots of photos) devoted to different aspects of this same idea: Frat parties, doctor's physical exams, being naked in public (not just flashing from a alley or window), sports locker rooms, etc. My own Net photos collections are categorized in sets as such. There are also scores of Net porn sites devoted to some particular 'flavor' or scene that is strongly related to CMNM. There are also a few private and public groups on Yahoo and devoted to CMNM.
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Erotic or obscene? What about the photos in these blogs? Dilemma or no problemo?

This is just a sample but still important first post to the Guys into CMNM blog. We are trying to make this blog a GROUP effort, but we need to decide on some basic guidelines and procedures so that we won't run into problem later -- either with Google (owner of Blogger) or Yahoo (owner of Flickr) or worse - among ourselves.

There are photos in the 3 first posts below but where they come from makes a big difference. This first one (the naked kid snuggling the crotch of the leather vested guy on the kitchen chair) is hosted on Flickr and was blogged from my photostream collection there. The next two entries have photos that were uploaded directly into the Blogger editor (where you can create, compose and edit (making corrections, adding links or importing photos from a PC or from someone on the web).

In the case of this first photo, it was not imported to Blogger - but instead it was 'blogged' from Flickr (rather like 'shipping it over from one website to another via RSS). I have made this photo a public Flickr photo. It was uploaded into a new Flickr account from where it was directly blogged - which is a handy utility. Pics and blog text can be written, composed, copied as HTML from other sources or even mailed indirectly into the blog (via Flickr) and in that latter case, there are some filtering/censorship and Yahoo/Blogger TOS (terms of service) issues to consider. I discuss this a bit below because it's relevant to whether we are going to include pictures (that may be questionable) in this blog or not.

Why I made the photos public? Because that' s the only way one can blog it to a 'public' Blogger (owned by Google) blog. If we make the blog for INVITED friends only, then the Flickr photos need not be public, but can be private (viewable) by friends only.

The other photos in the Thorn stories below were uploaded directly from my hard disk - so censorship insures are not a problem - except if Blogger (Google) decides to crack down.

By the way, you can also blog photos and text using email or even a cell phone - which makes moblog or copy/paste blogging much more convenient but also creates a whole set of issues about copyright ownership and restricting access to minor, censorship of pornographic photos.

Using email (via Flickr) to blog pics and text (along with the title (email subject), the text is the body of the email message and can also include tags and permission codes by sending an email a PC, web-based email service (Yahoo or Gmail) or from a cellphone is great. A single file attachments (jpeg) to the email will be displayed in the blog entry (like the one here). More about that later (if you want to know).

To send a post to this blog, Mail some text and with subject (title) to:

(If you include an attached photo (jpeg) file, it will be added to the blog as an illustation to accompany the text (body of the message) with the SUBJECT made into the blog entry title.

The explicit photo problem is a bit tricky. If we make the blog 'private - for Friends only - no one can just casually browse by the blog or be directed to it without actually having to SIGN up (or first must be invited as a Blogger Blog 'friend' ) Please note that these 'Blogger Friends' have NO relation (although they might be connected or one in the same) with those who are 'Friends' ( Contacts who can view private pics) in Flickr.

So...then we are right back to the same problem that we face by trying to 'internally' keep up with CMNM information inside the limits of some else' s (such as Dudenudes, MySpace (and its gay counterparts (Lifeout / Dlist / Gaywatch) or on something like Facebook.

The solutions are several possibilities:

1) just chance it - and if the blog (or the pics where the original --- along with that Flickrid: guysN2cmnm ) gets deleted by Flickr (more than likely) or Google (probably not), then so be it.
2) We can just NOT post any explicit photos (such erect penises, or sex acts, etc) - just sensual male nudity.

3) OR We can use altered / doctored photos - only those with blacked out gentitalia or pics that have been chopped or edited - which is a lot of extra work but probably the best compromise.

4) Try some other HOST service for what we are trying to do: Create a permanent source of information and place to discuss our sexual lifestyle preferences and practices related to Clothed Men with Naked Men (CMNM).

The Blogger / Flickr connection is nice - while free, it obviously has its share of limitations. So it may not be the best 'solution' - perhaps there are others: Yahoo360 or other blog services (most cost money for such premium services as mobile blogging), Yahoo Groups might work, but the audience is so limited (private groups never get found), etc.

What do you think about this issue? I can already think of several more. For example, if we allow explicit photos, then do we require that they be copyrighted by the poster? It's an endless set of problems.. I can definitely see why being a webmaster can be a very time-consuming, tedious and contentious job.

Is it important - well, sort of... the nature of what kind of blog and information resource we will create (and can expect other to use/join) depends on how useful, accessible and resource-rich the webHOSTing service is that will house it.

Write me back on Dudesnude or at (underscore is my DN id).

Otherwise, someone who stumbles across this and wishes to participate, should contact me via another of my own blogs:

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How does 'flashing' count as CMNM activity?

One aspect of the CMNM lifestyle (sexual preference) is just how and where such kinds of experiences actually occur.

There are three broad categories for how and where CMNM occurs --
1) planned situations where both parties involved, the clothed man (males) and naked ones are participating willingly and in predetermined locations (such as a bar, Pride event, male strip club, male lap-dancing, or private group sex parties. Some examples are nude nights at some gay bars, or stripping contests, or amateur strip nights, or hiring a nude escort or sex 'massage' escort (not to be confused with a real licensed masseur or massage therapist). Some are these 'planned' CMNM events are a part of a larger men's gathering or nude or sexual retreat - CMEN, Burning Man, or Street Festival (Southern Decadance in New Orleans or Dore Alley Fair in Cisco).

2) pre-meditated, semi-random or semi-accidental one-way CMNM (this is a very gray area - so it's not clearly definable)..

In these only ONE of the two manipulates (or at least it appears that one side is cognizant and the other side is ignorant (or innocent) of 'planning' or 'willingly' participant in sexually stimulating their counterpart. So the exact environment or conditions are very important but also very unique and specific to the situation (like good timing in while visiting your Uncle's home, etc) so that one male can either be nude or be the clothed one who enjoys seeing the nude male in a place where nudity may or may not be expected. One essential determining factor is whether power/control and whether the sexual arousal is experienced by both (Clothed or Nude) particitpants and more definitely whether or not it is a voluntary act or coerced or forced on the other party (by force, persuasion or manipulation that physical or psychological or social or even some combinations of all three.

3) accidental or unintended CMNM experiences (like when someone opens a toilet stall door and exposes a naked (or masturbating/erect guy), or getting locked out (pushed out) of a hotel room by college buddies, etc... ).

There are all kinds of variables that come into play and thehuge extremes in the level of conscious and unconscious sexual turns-on with all of these variations. the subtleties or the directness (blatantness) are different for every purpose and every person.

Certainly, one aspect of CMNM involves flashing. Flashing is a form of exhibitionism - from mild to wild to extreme - exposing one's body, specifically the genitals and/or buttocks (or breasts in women) to another person or group of people (who may or may not be clothed). Mild forms of it are 'accidental exposure' or peekaboo flashing -which are so very common among some social groups and situations -- so much so that it is absolutely NOTeven regarded as any form of 'sexual' behavior at all - especially in some circles or subcultures.

Peekaboo flashing often takes the form of nudity at college boy dorm and social events or frat parties, nudity at sporting events, rock concerts and public events where young and often drunk people gather to 'have fun'. But it also exists on a more personalized basis .. such as between college dorm roommates or when regular handymen or deliverymen come to a person's house (sometimes repeatedly) and some accidental exposure to (male) nudity occurs.

There are legions of stories -- many probably urban legend -- about the voyeuristic adventures of pizza delivery boys, UPS truck drivers, and newspaper delivery boys - some of which they have documented (in blogs, Youtube, porno, etc) but more they themselves often are actually the targeted brunt of someelse's desire getting naked-for-the-pizza-guy prank. I have a strong feeling that many times such 'jokes' actually have latent homoerotic desires or subcurrents underlying the 'urge' to strip or to have someone stripped. Why then would getting the guys naked or panstied or teabagged be the NUMBER ONE hazing or college party pranks for seemingly millions of boyish breeder-types (twinks and young college or NON-college men up to age 30 or so).

Spend some time searching YouTube or similar sites (or more blatantly risque or explicit video-sharing sites) to get a better idea of what I am talking about.

The following is a written interaction about how to flash a plumber. It was originally posted on DickFlash (a publically accessible discussion forum) on January 14, 2008. Within it, you can find some of the basic issues and nuances of what CMNM experiences are all about.

One of the discussion participants on DickFlash posted this message and request on January 14:

"This guy came about two weeks ago to work on my sink in my kitchen. He had the plumber's crack thing going on, but in a good way...he has a nice ass. I know he's married with kids, but he was very talkative and friendly. I want to know how to "accidentally" flash him. I'm not sure the "I have to take a shower..." thing is going to work. I need something more subtle. The thing is, short shorts aren't really in fashion these days, or
I would slip a pair on and let my balls "accidentally" fall out or spread my legs open, etc. Any suggestions?"


I'm good at coming up with possible ways to flash but I don't often really put them into practice.... so take what I say with a huge grain of salt. By way of further 'excuse-making', let me explain -- I don't live alone (4 people together) and so can't arrange 'things' so easily for workmen or delivery men flashes. But here are some suggestions... and some advice.

1. The baggy shorts (not just shorty shorts ) or mesh shorts might be one option - You can wear them or sit so that he can look up them (or see through them) and carry on your 'friendly' banter. If you just act like you don't know any about what he's seeing it would probably work.. but if you are like me.. it's the being seen that is the arousing part. If you have to completely IGNORE his act of seeing, it is ....well.. not like flashing at all. But it might work differently for you. Anyway, just think about it especically from his 'point-of-view' (so to speak), do you think he is going to engage you in a long, friendly conversation while you are 'blatantly' sitting there with your balls or cock or asshole in full view (or partial view). Most married men (unless they are closet gay voyeurs) will politely turn their eyes or simply back off or turn around .. even if they make a joking comment about it or are not embarrassed by it.. it will make them slightly uncomfortable. Then he'll be more wary or even resentful...for having been 'friendly' was NOT his intention - he's probably NOT just chatting you up .. but he's passing the time amiably because it's not a very fun job -- except for those times he gets to actually talk to his customers.

If he is THAT comfortable with seeing a nude male and chatting, then you could probably try something much more direct. You've met him before so to start out with something 'new' at this point may not work either, but at least you'll have some ideas for the 'next' time (another handyman or deliveryman).

For example, explain that you are a nudist (or you can use some wording or terminology to disguise this and then 'explain' what that means... such as a naturologist or FKK scientologist (hey.. like a nude Tom Cruise fan club member) or that you are practicing nude yoga or nake self-massage, essential oil therapy or some such ruse... as a spiritual discipline and this is your morning (afternoon) to engage in your regular session.

If he doesn't baulk, then ask him if you can be nude in front of him now because you always make it a practice in at the time and you need to meditate in the nude. He'll probably believe you unless he's also Asian - the typical WASP North American doesn't know anything about any religion or religious discipline other than their own (rather narrow) Protestant or Catholic dogma (and many barely even know much about those - although they pretend to be 'Christians'. For white Americans (of a certain age) it would be so non-PC (i. e. politically incorrect) to doubt you or to call your 'nude' religious practice into question because to appear to ridicule it or doubt would be tantamount to prejudice or discrimination - most people will not say anything. In fact, if he's really 'interested', he just might show so much interest and encourage you to take off you clothes or ask you to explain it or show him how you do it... then you'll have to be able to bull-shit your way through an actual sample session.

What is important is that you need to believe in what you are doing. You have to really have a plan and a clear purpose in your strategy. Actually believing in something helps you actually come up with some ideas (on your own) that will work FOR YOU (to actualize it)..... When you don't believe in something you want to do (and why you want to do), it becomes all too self-evident to others and to yourself that what you are doing is just a ruse or fake.

People are masters as self-delusion - but they can smell out fear or a fake a mile off (not that they always mind or even complain). We (here on DF) can make suggestions that are excellent or extensive (or until we are blue in the face)...but YOU are the one who actually has to make them work or not.

It helps enormously if you really believe it too. Think also about why you want to flash this guy... is it the naughtiness that stimulates you? or the sense of having sexual power over someone (esp a stranger? or do you think you might have a chance to get laid or have sex or are you looking for a romantic/sexual fling?

Flasher, know thyself.

2. The 'shower' thing is about the only plausible other reason (rationale) that you could have for 'accidently' exposure 'beside the flimsy clothes or the nude meditation.. I know you love showing your butthole, Rimluvr -- we've seen that sweet and delicous little bronzed pucker here on DF more than one ocassion.

Scenario A.... Leave your cellphone in the kitchen or bathroom or whever he is going to be doing his plumbing stuff.. and be sure to have set the alarm on your phone to make it ring while he is in there. You could set multiple alarms to 'simulate' getting a call first from some and talking just minute to tell them you are getting in the shower, and and then have a second alarm set 10 minutes later - perfectly timed so that you have to come bounding out of the shower or whenver you are -- practicing nude yoga, etc in the room. You may need to leave the phone where he can' t see/reach it.... among your dirty clothes or in a pile of fresh laundered stuff... etc.

When you then come running into the room (or even jump out of the shower or laundry room or where) so try to 'get that important call'... either you'll be nude (and dripping) or clutching a towel.. or you will 'loose' the towel then your 'clumsy' hands try to get the phone open and up... He won't be able to ignore a phone ringing (if you've got the right phone it will sound just like a real ringtone and will continue to ring 4-5 times -- just begging to get his attention too ..

Therefore, he'll have backed out from under the sink or wherever just in time to see your towel drop and your exposed jewels or rose-bud come into full view... it would be even best if you have the phone strategically placed to that he can't avoid staring up into your crotch or buttocks.

You could also pull of that phone trick by using your cell phone to call your landline (extension in the kitchen or getting some to do so).. No.. I'm not volunteeing. But you could even get your mother or a friend to call you at exactly a certain time (say.. to wake you up or to help mind you to bring in the recycling bin (or whatever).

3. Combine all or some of the above suggestions... Answer the door in mesh clothes, explain about your 'nude yoga' or naked scientology mediation session, then have the phone (alarm) set to interrupt you. You have to sound convincing so you have believe it. It's easier to believe when it is not a lie - so start practicing Buddhist nude oil massage and Naked Zen meditation today. Hope you enjoy my suggestions and advice... Kelly (sunbuns) - I have lived too many years in Asia and now I spend so much time in Hawaii -- where East and West mix so well ... so I guess I have been indoctrinated - one way or another.

_________The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!

Submitted by sunbuns (as hardtwoholed)
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Male-Male Flashing with A Buddy: Combining CMNM with Flashing

An original story (whether it is a true personal experience only the author can say) by Thorn. Posted on Yahoo Groups: on January 10, 2008.

I didn't know Eric that well. He was the brother of two girls that I knew and I would meet him occasionally with them. He was about 18 years old at the time, quite sexy in a boy-next-door way. On this particular occasion there was a big group of us and Eric and I were sat together at one end. We started talking about cars. We talked about cars we lusted after. Cars we owned and cars that we had driven.

It was then that the conversation took an interesting turn. Eric explained that he had been driving on the main road south when his car had broken down. He had had a puncture and had to stop to change it. In the process he explained his trousers had split completely.

At this point I noticed he was glancing at me as if testing my reaction. I found it difficult not to look too eager! The vision of Eric with his underwear, or more, showing through split trousers was quite exciting. It appeared Eric was enjoying telling me the story.

There was more. Eric went on to explain how he took off the torn trousers and replaced them with another pair from his overnight bag adding, as if I had forgotten: "I was standing right beside the main road in a pair of briefs".

Again he was watching my face intently as though looking for clues to my interest. "Did anyone see you?" I asked. "Yeah," Eric laughed, "a couple of cars hooted their horns - one was a minibus full of lads going to a football match!"

"Sounds like you enjoyed it," I replied. "Yea, I did," Eric replied. Having established that he liked the thought, I said "sounds good to me".

There wasn't much more that I felt I could say when we were sat in the group and it would become obvious that we were getting interested in each other. "Come and see my computer," I said standing up and heading out of the room. Eric followed. "I think the most daring thing I did with a car, was to drive round the block wearing nothing but a T-shirt," I said as soon as we were out of earshot. "Wow," said Eric, adding, "I wish I had been there!" "Yeah, that would be fun," I said. "Dare you," Eric said. I looked at him to see if he was serious. He was. "OK, you're on. But you have to do it too," I replied. "OK," said Eric. "Can't be tonight with these people here," I pointed out. Eric agreed. "Tomorrow," Eric said. "OK," I replied with my cock jumping to attention at the thought.

We went into my room and sat down at the computer. "What other daring things have you done?" said Eric. I pointed to the window of my room which looked out on the street. "I ometimes stand there naked," I said. Eric went over to the window and looked out on the treet. To my amazement, he unbuckled and unzipped his jeans letting them fall to the ground. Leaving them round his ankles he pulled his briefs down.

His dick was superb. Slightly hard, but smooth and with a sweet foreskin. Under that I reckoned the tip looked slightly moist. Eric was getting harder and peering along the street. I stood up and walked over. I looked from behind Eric and saw why he was getting excited. Along the street were coming two really cute lads about our age in football shorts.

Eric was stroking his dick now and I stood behind him making as if to hold him in the window so he couldn't chicken out. The guys were getting closer and closer. When they were almost right outside, Eric started to back away from the window so he wouldn't be too obvious, but he continued stroking his now hard dick.

The first guy glanced at the window and his eyes locked on to Eric who was still stroking. He nudged the other guy who turned round and both stared. At that point Eric exploded with a shudder. The two guys looked approving and one gave the thumbs up, before walking on.

Eric was breathing heavily. "Wow!", I said, that was amazing that got me really horny. "Your turn," said Eric. I looked along the street and there was another guy walking along the street. I dropped my jeans and briefs and started stroking.

Suddenly I became aware that Eric was snuggling up behind me and his hand was now reaching round and stroking my cock, which was now rock solid. The guy was really cute with longish blond hair a white T-shirt and white shorts. I stayed at the window as long as I dared, then backed away as Eric had.

Again the guy glanced round and locked a stare on the window when he saw me with Eric massaging my now rigid tool. His jaw dropped as he stared and stared, slowing his walk right down to get a good look. It was too much for me, too, and i came. They guy in the street gave a half smile and a sheepish thumbs up and walked on. We cleaned up and returned to the group, having arranged to meet up as planned the next night for our dare.
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