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The Power and the Glory: The Fascination with Gloryholes

The Power of the Glory Hole: Part I (posted previously on the my blog: sunbuns99)

This blog entry is partly based on responses from various people (as noted) on a popular gay forum:

"I sucked my first cock through a gloryhole sunbuns!" (Matt37)

"I had a fake ID and used to go in one at 17. It was a thrill to watch the vids and JO, stick mt cock thru the hole and get sucked. so intense."(Taddy7)

"I got my first blowjob through a GH, which was my first sexual experience. Still love it to this day, although the places to find them (other than sex clubs) are very few and far between." (MRMATTX2)

Not all of the experiences and opinions are favorable though.

"A friend of mine put his cock thru' a glory hole waiting to get sucked and, instead, the door burst open and the guy flashed a police badge at him. So apart from diseases and unclean dudes, there's also the danger of getting sprung by the law. And what about the queer bashers? Nope, there are too many negatives in my book!!!" (Lambada)

It's pretty amazing how many guys have actually said that their first 'gay' sex was anonymous. Of course, many boys and men grow up experiencing some kind of sexual exploration with other boys - something that - maybe -most boys do, but that's not the purpose of this blog entry. Maybe another one later.

Part of this blog entry is based on some forum discussion at JUB and other sites.

My reaction to this discussion and the topic of the power (and glory) of gloryhole:

Sex with a guy through a gloryhole was also my own first 'real' gay (M2M) sexual encounter

First suck...first sex.. yeah, that was it for me, too. It wasn't a gloryhole but I sucked my first cock at 19 under a stall in the men's room of the university library. I never saw who it was - just his shoes. I was nervous but excited as hell. He sucked me first and then I did him -- he came so quickly but was polite enough to ask if I could take it - I mumbled something with a mouthful of dick, which he took for a 'yes'. Since my first sex was with an anonymous male, doing it like that has held a fascination ever since. It's probably very different for young gays who've grown up more recently. (sunbuns99 )

I guess I've got a fetish for them or at least am totally fascinated with the idea of gloryholes.
Anybody else? I've put some my pics on a Flickr group (now I'm putting some of my pics of gloryhole sex in this Tribe - it's way for to pool everybody's collection but still retain the pics as your 'own'.) You may need to sign up for the group (and to Flickr, of course) to see them.

Under Stall Action/Gloryhole was the Flickr group, but it has been deleted. There are now a couple of other Flickr groups with the biggest one at:
You need a Flickr account (with safe search 'off' in order to view and join it).
You'll only see the few public pics until you sign up/join the group

Below is a RECAP some previous posts on JUB Forum and other related discussion threads here and elsewhere:

Are there any ways to find public glory holes in your area?

You can also find possible gloryholes at

Look in the LISTINGs section, search by location (city/country).
The info is not always up-to-date because such places have a tendency to come (cum) and go! I mean.. the situation and circumstances change -- sometimes overnight... but then a good hole is hard to find but also hard to lose.

Adult bookstores are just the right palce to enjoy porn and blow job at glory hole. Gay bathhouses have glory holes for added pleasure.

Adult bookstores are just the right palce to enjoy porn and blow job at glory hole. Gay bathhouses have glory holes for added pleasure

Try in your town to find gloryholes and cruising spots. For other sources great for finding gloryholes:

======================== Glory Hole Mania ===========================

In a recent posting on another discussion board, the topic of glory holes came up. It's seem I am far from the only person who intrigued, fascinated and somewhat obsessed with the form of invasively impersonal (well - intimate is not quite the right word) and anonymous gay (male-male) sex. I add the m2m (male-to-male) because there are many men (and quite a few women) who don't identify with being gay, but who enjoy participating in glory hole, under stall, and public toilet cruising for sex with strangers. It's called 'cottaging' in Commonwealth English.

Neovirgin wrote: Not too sure where to put this ..... have any of you ever taken candid pics of guys' cocks that have been pushed through gloryholes in a public toilet? In other words, pics of their cocks without their knowing it? If you have, I would love to see the pics! The closest I have seen is what appears to be a genuine candid video of one guy wanking another one under a toilet partition until he cums.

I wrote back to him but ended up adding more than he expected.
Funny, that's often the very thing that happens in real glory hole and under stall situations.
- - - - - - - - ----- - -- - - - -
Nordicboy (-- also a DickFlash member/poster) has collected some of those on his own blog from Xtube and elsewhere.
He's posted the link on DickFlash before, but there are definitely some vids there about anonymous dicks sticking thru glory holes (apparently real - not staged porn).

It would be VERY hard (smile) to actually get away with videotaping such things.. most g-hole are too dark and not many people except sort of hard core flashers are going sit there and willing let a complete stranger video or photograph them erect and cumming thru a g-hole. -- so unless the other guy is aware of what you're doing, it's not actually REAL true flash -- it's just amateur porn, then.
Another person responded with something I found quite amazing and so, I was doubtful, and responded his point that he'd actually videotaped at glory holes.

Growler: I have videoed this and other types of voyeurism for years. Yes, it's amateur porn but then so is videoing someone flashing. When you stick your dick under a partition or through a hole you usually don't see what the other person is doing or who it even is. That's why it's anonymous sex.

What I was referring too what was requested in the ORIGINAL post (quoted above) written by neovirgin. He was looking for genuine candid video and pics of "guys' cocks that have been pushed through gloryholes in a public toilet" - where they don't know it. That's what I was saying - It is rather difficult to find them on the net -EXCEPT in some kind of amateur porn (uloaded to video/pic sharing sites).

To Neovirign <<--- You might try Flickr - there's a group for pics only called Under Stalls and Glory Holes - that has some pics of that nature - I have contributed many myself (not of MYSELF) - although I'd be happy to oblige.

To Growler <-- If you been videotaping these for years, then you can probably help in out my sharing your stash - or do you ONLY sell that for fun and profit as amateur porn. There is nothing wrong with that or I don't even mind you're being a PhD sexual behavior research whose writing a book on the subject..

From my own experience ---from both side of the glory hole - most times both guys know what/who (at least they know it's somebody they want to suck or be sucked by) and why they want their cocks through a glory hole.
If you don't take a least a peek to see who's there and if they're showing interest, you might just pull back with a bloody stub. ... we're talking public toilet glory holes - not backroom bars or gay sauna/baths were you CAN expect with 99% accuracy that your dick's going to be swallowed with appreciation and with great gusto.

I still have a hard time imaging that you take a video camera in the men's room at Home Depot or some state Hwy roadside restroom and shoot pics of stranger's dicks thru g-holes. Damn, it's even hard to find them these days.
I couldn't and wouldn't dare try to get away with using a cellphone cam/vid without the other person knowing or encouraging me first. Way too risky for me.. Most bathhouse and saunas now prohibit photography or cell phone. The one in Waikiki will NOT even allow bags or backpacks AT ALL., and San Jose's Water Garden checks all bags (for liquor and camers/vidcams). Somewhere I went had me check my cell phone with my other valuables - shutting it down first.

Not to cause a needless argument about this - NEOVIRGIN - don't bother looking for pics - go find yourself a busy glory hole and enjoy the view. <g>

I would like to see a few of yours , Growler- and NOT just to prove your point.

Great stuff.. You've got more guts (and probably bigger balls) than I do - taking those. Would love to hear some of your stories - about taking them. I am sorry there are cheats and liars (people who steal pics and videotapes) who republish - but if someone you know or you are in them, you DO have legal recourse (hardly worth unless he's making a bundle).

I guess I've only partly learned my lesson. But I never pass up a good glory hole - love to give and get it - from both ends (safeway.. (not BB) of course). I just hope some places don't have hidden micro-cameras - I'd have to be shown on 60 Minutes some day! LOL

Some dickflashers and guys who like to frequent glory holes and who look for public m2m sex are NOT gay (meaning they don't see themselves as queer and don't want to idenitify with being a gay person or lifestlye -- I realize that -- but one perv can't call another a BIGGER perv -- unless...he IS small(er) and not many will admit that. LOL.
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Advising a young man about freeballing - Part I

A young man, who calls himself 'relover69' on expressed recently his thoughts and misgivings or fears about wearing sweat pants and not having on any underwear. I've seen him for several years on that discussion board as an active communicator about the issue (or hobby) of freeballing. He's written a lot on many different issues related to being gay and freeballing, and also how these relate to how he's getting along with friends, family and school life. Now, he's a college student and has a different set of concerns.

Relover69 wrote:

I LOVVVVE to freeball in sweats in the winter, very rarely in public though, but I just love the way to fleece feels on my bare *** and also how much freedom there is in the front for my penis and balls to flop around every time I walk.

I sadly do not have any good stories of me freeballing in them, but do you??

I also see many guys in sweats at my college, but I never look hard enough to see if they are freeballing or not . If I had the total confidence of freeballing I would freeball to school in sweats every day. But it shows off way too much of the head of my penis and if anyone wanted to pay attention, they would definitely see I am without underwear.

I once freeballed in sweats to math class the day we had a test, and I was BEYOND comfortable, but I was too self conscious. In reality I got hard once in the car [on the way to school, but it] went down by the time I had gone to class, and then once while in class, and after that went away, I was so relaxed and comfortable in them...

Do you know anyone who regularly freeballs in sweat pants on a daily basis, everywhere they go??

My response to relover about his dilemma (smile)

Kelly (sunbuns) responded:

I wonder what's holding you back, too. Well.. like Triangle said, it's obvious that you want to do it, but I'm just considering what's keeping you from doing that.
Are you afraid of how you'll be viewed if you end up getting a boner in school while freeballing in sweat pants?

Do you have some kind of guilty conscience about exposing the shape and size of your dick while freeballing in them?

Maybe you're not satisfied with your total appearance? It seemed really hot when the good looking guys and buff jocks (in high school and college) would wear tight jeans or cut-off t-shirts that showed their navels and polished abs or sleeveless shirts where you could see their nipples sometimes when they turned or their underarm hairs. Those emblems of masculinity shown so boastfully are forgiven by girls and guys alike when the guy doing it is popular (which usually means he's rich, good looking or talented in sports or something else or can make people laugh or garner support by making fun or otherwise influencing others).

So maybe you need to work on your image. I'm not saying your self-image needs work.. it's up to you to decide that. But maybe you should try a make-over. That is try out a significant change in your looks, attitude, fashion or behavior and see what effect it has on people. It will likely also have a pretty big effect on you, too, once you see how people react to and notice you differently.

As an example, I sometimes try an experiment at my school. Being a college professor I can pretty much dress as I like: jeans and t-shirt, three-piece suit, ethnic attire (kilt or Japanese yukata), or just casual khaki pants, shirt and jacket. Of course, I'm (mostly) freeballing in any and all of these. However, it can notice a difference from the very fact that I dress differently -- even though no one may draw attention to the fact that they even notice the change. People's eyes move to places and parts of me that I hadn't noticed them doing so before, or people who normally don't greet me will, all of a sudden, say 'Good morning.' and even start casual conversations.
So you should try it out first -- without freeballing as an issue -- first of all. Find out how much you do or don't like the extra attention. If you find you like it, then your own self-image will change, and consequently, so will your confidence to freeball (or not), and to be your own person.

Of course, good hygiene, clearing up skin acne, a nice haircut and a little styling, trimming down or buffing up the body using by getting a good diet of the big 5 and regular exercise, as well as a little muscle and stamina training will also do wonders.

Finally, I suggest you try my long standard 'wardrobe fix'. Here's the way it works:
Wear open front boxers under your sweats, but then pull your cock and balls through the open fly in the boxers and pull them up. You'll feel a little constriction which might make your cock swell up and fill out. But if you do pop a boner or drip after a piss or leak precum, you'll have some 'protection' to cover up with -- just in case. Beside, the lift it gives you dicks and balls looks and feels great.

If you're going to freeball, you might as well to it in sweats, then everybody ought to get the benefit (so let them see that you don't care about whether guys or girls (or horny teachers -- like me) see your junk.

If you really can't because it'll just be obscene, then gradually work your way up to that by trying the technique above or my wearing different styles of pants, trousers, jeans, dress pants (suit), athletic gear, hiking pants, etc...until you start to feel free, comfortable and not afraid to show off what Mother Nature (and your DNA) intended you to possess.

Go for it, dude.
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Fxcking in Public or at least in front of an (appreciative) audience

Private CMNM Parties for exhibitionist sexual performance? Where are they happening?

I have become aware that there do exist private CMNM groups where clothed men arrange for a naked couple or trio of men to engage in sex in a private home while they watch. It's happening now in a couple of major world cities. I recently was contacted by a person who was to 'perform', and he related how this came about and his own anxiety about doing such an exhibitionistic performance in front of other men. I promised my informant that I would not go into any details publicly about that specific situation. But it certainly highlights the fact that CMNM (Clothed male / Naked Male) scenes and homoerotic experiences are certainly about to come-of-age.

If there are any other men groups that are currently operating as either CMNM or exhibitionist-voyeur groups with regular or irregular events, we'd all be delighted if you'd shared some information about them (no specific contact names, location, or photos are required). I think it would be an inspiration to the thousands of readers of this blog.
Please contact me via a message or comment if you have something you can contribute.

Fxcking in Public or at least in front of an (appreciative) audience

I recently heard from one of blog readers (Guys Into CMNM) about a 'secret' society in London where certain guys are invited to perform sex (in pairs or threesomes) for the viewing pleasure of other couples or small groups of onlookers

None of the viewers are allowed to remove their clothing or touch the 'performers'. The sexual performers are typically meeting and having sex for a audience for the very first time. It is hardly what I would call 'public' sex since the whole thing occurs behind locked doors in a private residence for consenting adults. However, he reported that doing it (just this past Monday, Oct 11) was the thrill of a lifetime. Ha ha. He's been asked to do so again in 3-some in 2-3 weeks from now.

So.. do exhibitionist-voyeur events happen in Tokyo, Zurich, London, Sydney, New York and Chicago. Probably the answer is 'Yes'. I suspect they very well might be happening in a lot of places.

Anybody want to help me organize such a private sex show for a few 'good' men in Tokyo, London, Barcelona, New York, San Francisco, Honolulu, or Berlin? Smaller cities might work too. These in a sense are more like actual CMNM (clothed male / naked male) events, but in a special category: private sex performance.

Does anyone else want to confess to their own cities doing something similar? Have you been invited or participated as 'performer' or viewer (voyeur). Let me let you tell your story.

Posts are welcome for including in our CMNM blog:

Any invitation to participate will also be accepted (lol) or forwarded for broadcast on our Guys Into CMNM social networks.

Kelly (editor-in-chief)

Posted by hardtwoholed at 8:42 AM 0 comments on one of his blogs at:

Tags (Labels): CMNM, events, flashing, gay sex, in public. exhibitionist, outdoors, performers, performing sex, private parties, public, sex show, voyeur
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Gay Halloween Street Party in Tokyo, Advocates Cafe, Oct 30, 9:00pm-1am

Visit the Crush3r link below to see details and links to maps and the street cafe in Tokyo, where this is becoming a sort-of annual event.

In Tokyo's gay district of Shinjuku Ni-chome, Halloween is starting to become a bigger commercialized American 'festival' - of sorts. I am one of the few people who attempts to get gay-buds to dress up and go out on Halloween weekend. We're rounding up in Tokyo Ni-chome gay district on the Saturday before Halloween for a costume street party. The sexiest costume wins no prize, but you might have a lot of offer to get your treats from quite a few hot tricks.

Check out the Crush3r link below of maps and to RSVP (not needed, since it's a commercial bar and open to the public, also viewable from the street since it is mainly right on the street).

or you can also read more info about our Oct 30, 2010 Halloween Gay Street Party at the end of this blog entry.

However, there used to be a time when hundreds of costumed foreigners would gather at Shinjuku train station for a raucous ride around the green circle train, the Yamanote Line. At a designated time on the Saturday before All Saint's Day or Tous Saints (Nov 1) (or All Hallow's Eve (Oct 31), as many as 500 foreign residents would all board a late evening train headed counter clockwise around the center of Tokyo. At each station, approximately 2-4 minutes intervals, the whole gang would jump off the train car (actually more like a subway although mainly above ground) and then dash into another train car in a mad howling mass - before the doors closed. Of course, it causes chaos and a lot of local commuters were also pushed and shoved. So it used to be a kind of revenge act for all those other 51 weeks when we are involuntarily packed like sardines on our way to and from work every day.

People wore all kinds of simple and elaborate costumes, but I love to see the straight men wearing a yukata (summer kimono) with nothing on underneath, so their freeballing ended up becoming a point of departure for an interesting conversation over beers after the 'wild ride.' Invariably, you would meet a new group of mildly acquainted people and stay out in the bars and streets under the sunrise.

Because there was a lot of 'incidental damage' to the trains (broken light fixtures, trash, and people getting hurt - mainly some drunk participants slipping or getting caught in train doors), the police decided to put a complete stop to the shenanigans a few years back. So hundreds of them arrive around the suspected witching with shields and riot batons, ready to stand firm (and maybe 'erect' too) if a crowd of mainly white people in weird clothes shows up. So far no one has seemed to see that simply choosing another station on the circle or working in tandom with cellphones from various small stations would allow the 'Wild Ride' to go on. The problem is that 500 strangers don't usually meet up and then go in cohoots to plan what might be considered a urban terrorist act.

I'll be at the Gay Halloween Street Party that is starting to become a micro traditional in front of Advocates Cafe (gay bar) in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ni-chome district ( a 10-minute walk from the main Shinjuku Train station).

If you are in Tokyo on Sat, Oct 30, then drop by Advocates (in costume or without) or you could try your luck for another spontaneous Wild Ride at Shinjuku JR Station at about 10pm that night. But beware the police will be out in droves to prevent it. Still....

Back in Shinjuku, I'll be dressed as a Greek Senator - in a toga, the one I described from N2N in an earlier blog posting. Stop by and give me a Trick or Treat, or just say hello.

Kelly sunbuns99 / sunbuns / sunbunz
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Halloween is a great time to freeball and expose oneself in public

[ Originally posted on my TypePad Blog also Kelly's Second Life blog. So you can see this entry with additional photos if you visit: or

A recent discussion of was about what would be some good ideas for costumes for Halloween?

As luck or planing would have it, I could share what I've found and done since I've been searching and researching possible Halloween costumes for this season and years passed as well.

My reasons are simple and practical. I love to freeball but like being exposed even more (we've had related discussions concerning the connection between freeballing and being an exhibitionist or voyeur (or wanting to expose oneself to other men) by wearing no underwear, and clothes that reveal that fact.
So I definitely want to Halloween costume that can I wear 'safely' in public (meaning legally - so as to NOT be arrested) AND which shows as much of my body, cock, ball and ass as possible or at least gives the viewer the thrill of possibly getting to see my junk and goodies.

Kilts and togas etc are great. But both are special types of clothing that aren't usually worn much any other times (especially Greek or Roman costumes). A real kilt can be worn for St. Patrick's Day parties or parades or for weddings or other public events.
So I began to look for something cool and potentially revealing that can also be used for another purpose.

So, recently, I found something that was being sold at N2N Bodywear: It' scalled the Dream Robe, which strongly resembles a Roman toga or Greek one with a hoodie. It's wrap-around so you don't have to raise your arms to get it on and off. Very handy for quickly flashing your body underneath - whether completely naked or not.

See the link below. It's a new lounge wear item that they have just started selling. From the back, it looks exactly like you're wearing a Greek or Roman short toga. So freeballing in it would be a blast for a Halloween or costume party and the benefit would be that you can wear it at home (or at the pool, in the yard etc, as functional clothing.

If I am going to pay $29 - 69 (US) for some crappy costume, it would be much more worthwhile to spend $46 for this garment and then add my Greek or Roman 'accessories' - sword, lace-up sandals, armbands, or armor, etc. Obviously, those too could get expensive - but not if I can trade with friends or wear the a few years in a row (especially it's popular, sexy, and comfortable).

My recent past 'costumes' for Halloween been as:

A Scotsman - kilt (actually a 'hiking kilt' that I purchased from River Outfitters, not a heavy pleated one) along with billowy long sleeved plain shirt and plaid sash (I didn't have a 'sporan' - the leather accessories bag that hangs in front your crotch -- it sort so holds down the 'family jewels' but that wasn't what I wanted or needed since the idea is to reveal them and give them a chance to shine or be exposed when the opportunity affords.

A Gay Devil
Last year, I went to a public Halloween 'street happening' in a gay district that I was partly responsible for instigating.

I wore black mesh athletic pants (with the lining removed), a bright red mesh sleeveless t-shirt, and I had devil's wings and a devil's horns (headband). Instead of sword, I carried a big fat dildo (rubber cock) which was certainly a bit of conversation piece on the street. (The bar is a well-known gay place that has open air table around which dozens and dozens of people gather every weekend night but even more during Halloween -when the curious and straight people come out to 'view' the gay Halloweeners (wieners (LOL)- as in dicks - not hot dogs). Anyone who looked closely would have seen the outline of wiener in those mesh pants. However, it did eventually get a bit too cool so I eventually had to wear something warmer (since I was standing outside most of the time).

I'm toying with ideas and with purchasing one of the costumes (moderatately cheap) from the selection of men's sexy costumes at

Of course, it really helps if you have buff, muscular body like these models, which I don't. I''m slim, but far from buff. I have a notion to go as 'Hentai Tarzan' since I have furry little backpack thing that looks like a monkey. It actually can be worn like a fake animal-fur jockstrap. It looks like I have a monkey that's glued to my crotch, giving me a blowjob since my cock actually does slip into the pocket. But it'll probably be cold again so I'm thinking what I can do (add or change costumes) later on in the night.

Decisions .. decisions. Man, but ain't it fun being a homo (lol)!
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How long will the uncensored free blogs last?

[For that matter, how long will Google's half-blind eye stay turned away? Despite having appeared to cracked down on obscene material in its free Blogger service, it does appear that Google isn't simply bowing to the extreme-conservative moralists. But then again, the bottom line may not be able to save us (sexually mature, explicit content bloggers, either. Consider what another company, Typepad, may be doing in its own self--marketing strategy. I don't think we have much to fear from either or banning adult content. However, we can't be assured that these sites/companies can actually stay in business. So our blogs and other content could disappear for an entirely other reason. This NOTE added to this entry by the editor, Kelly, and reposted from my Typepad Blog]

I really have to wonder when the AXE (ALL X-rated Excluded) will fall? Time and time after, some new or even well-established some Web 2.0 company - either a rising star or wannabe (such as Flickr, Facebook, Ning, etc) gets on a moral high horse and decides to rid itself of all the adult and sexually explicit content and -- of course, millions of users which have actually promoted them to world-class status for members and bandwith use. They ostensibly do so to 'save the children', but if that had been a priority, then safeguards would have been in place from the beginning.

Evidently, the idea was to create a startup with a lot of freedom and thereby 'hook' in huge amout of porn smurfs, explicit sex and pornography sellers (and advertisers), a smattering of adult-content blogger types (like me) , and a whole mass of everyday netizens, who contribute little of nothing, but who are simply consumers (viewers/readers). Once they reach a certain level of users and bandwidth, th e-company then attains some advertising potential and garners some clout. Inevitably, when the greed for revenue finally become a strong possibility of realization, they must then bend their policies to those of the 'wholesome' advertisers who are now wanting to financially support them. Thus is spawned the crackdown on sex-related content, so sexually mature or porn-like material gets banned and so do all the users (well... not if they are smart).


This may be what TypePad is thinking. They are likely to 'allow' adult content (after proposign to ban it all 6 months for now) for those users who opt in for a paid annual subscription. I can see the handwriting clearly embedded in the walls of this non-brick & mortar edifice.

It's pretty predictable that Typepad by offering this 'free' mini-blog is rather desperate to hold on to its meager share of the blog market. Actually, it has only recently allowed the current 'conversational' blog as a free option. So I suspect that with a few weeks' (or maybe several months even a year's) time, TypePad will get all high & mighty because they have failed to set up precautions (actually it is by conscious design - as explained earlier) that will restrict minors from viewing the newly created blogs, many of which will undoubtedly contain adult content and sexually explicit photos.

So.. when that time comes, you may find that my TypePad blog or profile has been deleted without warning (yes, it can and does not happen).

You can also find most of my posts in one of the following blogs, or at least, you can find links to the blogs where I'm likely to post what I want to say and show:

* Kelly's Second Life (my R-rated personal blog; it also has links to all of my other blogs, profiles, sites and groups. I manage about 10 different gay sex and porn blogs, of which the most popular by far is Guys Into CMNM It is devoted the sexual fetish/lifestyle for men into clothed male / naked male scenes)
* Tribe: My profile (with blog) on (Not as nicely laid out (only one photo allowed per blog entry; you have to be a Tribe 'friend' to be able to read the adult content entries, or belong to an adult Tribe. So a log in is required for that (free, of course.)
* JustUsBoys My profile and blog on JUB contain many of the blog that I have posted elsewhere and likely has some unique ones too. You can find it at:

Now waiting for the axe to fall.. since I have my many eggs in a lot of baskets. Of course, when Google goes clean, then the world will come to an end -- probably during the year 2012 (evil smirk).

In the meantime, keep'em coming, broz.

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Where are all those hot Asian boys into black or white guys?

The real question is why are they so hard to find? The photo above is NOT of this type of gay male couple. It's rare enough to find white guys coupled with an Asian male, so even locating a representative photo proved difficult.

I'm not either (black or Asian), but inter-racial sex and couplings interest me a lot - for a couple of reasons. I am an extreme racial minority (gay white male in Japan), but GBM (gay black men) are even more rare here.

[ This post was in response to a Dudenude forum discussion topic "Where are all those hot Asian boys into black guys?"]

The lack of evidence of sexual interest and LT relationships between black men and Asian men is not so surprising. Some of it is still buried 'under the covers' because Asian societies are not very open about sex and sexuality at most every level: personal, societal, national media, etc.

What is more surprising, though, is to find -- even on gay men's social sites like this one -- the frequent attitudes expressed that border on demeaning or belittling certain ethnic groups. No, it's not a large 'tea party' type swell of people, but I hear/read too often from men (usually Americans) that 'I don't like Asians' or 'I'm not attracted to Chinese/Japanese/Indian men.' It a bit stranger when you realize that you actually rarely (if ever) hear them say the same things about blacks or Latino (Hispanic) men.

The truth is that several Asian nations do and even purposely discriminate against certain ethnic populations. The Japanese (government and media, but many individuals are also guilty) have never been very openly welcoming to Africans and thus African-Americans. I am not making accusations falsely. Being 'white' has proven to be a benefit and I have seen with my own two eyes how my African and Black American friends has been treated - not exactly welcomed with open arms. Among the 10s of thousands of English teachers in Japan, teaching public and private schools from the middle grades into graduate school, it is actually rare to find a person of African origin or black person from North America. Perhaps.. a lack of familiarity breeds contempt.

I think the social history of racial/ethnic interactions in the US was very very warped (in the past and some can argue that is still is). The issue of race and ethnicity and the conflict of identity and relations between different (racial and ethnic) groups will still affect how men (and people) of all races get along, and how they are socially and sexually compatible, for a far longer time than than the old discrimination (and prejudicial opinions) about being gay, gay marriage, and being gay and out in the US military are distant memories.

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Timberfell Lodge proves to be a great gay getaway in the backwoods of East Tennessee

I promised (myself) that I'd write a review of Timberfell Lodge, the outdoorsy gay resort in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. I posted an earlier Tribes blog post about the event:

Before the great memories fade completely, I'll try to get some of what occurred there during my first visit to Timberfell. It will definitely not be my last time to go.

SPECIAL NOTE: Timberfell would make a great venue for a Daddy-Boy Retreat, a CMNM Weekend, completed with circus tent for live role-plays and exhibitions. I think I'm going to try to get one started here for next year -- hopefully in August (between Mr. Timberfell Contest Weekend and Labor Day) -- perhaps in conjunction with these or other existing annual events.

Although it is located in rural Tenn, there is most everything you'd want to the resort grounds: dining room, variety of accommodations, plenty of men of all ages, body types, races, persuasions, and passions, lots of nooks and crannies for anonymous sex, great sense of community, isolated for complete nudity, reasonable rates, exciting home-spun events with enough technicality to be enjoyable,... and more.

There is still time this season (Summer 2010) to camp out - although they do have rooms and a bunk-bed dorm for the less outdoorsy.
Labor Day Weekend is one of their biggest events, and the last major one before the pool closes later this month, followed on by their annual Cocktobear-Fest in October.

What's hot and what's to do?
1) Bears galore - If you're into them, you'll have a large assortment to dazzle your fancy. There are other types of guys too.. like me (gray fox), and otters, panthers, and wily coyotes, too. There are NOT too many twinks, however (awhhh!).
When I attended the Mr. Timberfell Contest Weekend, there were only 4 young men (20s), who were there because one of them (a hunky stud) was competing for the title.
I'd say the average age is 45 - and there are plenty of older men, and quite a lot of younger ones 30 - 45. But only a few below 29. I did meet a 20 year old who was into older guys, and a 70 something into younger. It's all relative.. after all.

2) Location is isolated so you can go nude anywhere on the resort (except the dining room),
3) Festive atmosphere for the weekend events,
4) Bar is open to outsiders, day visitors, and to guests
5) Sex is not guaranteed but highly likely if you've got what it takes (smile). Public sex is not allowed but there was plenty going on in the private areas
6) Nice facilities - byob for wine/liquor, cannot bring beer but can buy it there, the food served is like home-style buffet - if you're not really a camp-style cook, pool and large sun deck, sauna, steam room can get active - especially at night - they open all night for your pleasure (smile).
7) Best thing was meeting the great guys - I had great conversations and still managed to get off at the right time

Costs: Check it out online - but campsite $15 for 1 person per night, breakfast $6, dinner $20, poolside beer $3, snacks $3
From camping (in a tent or camper), to a bunk in the bunkhouse, to a room with shared toilet, to a fine private room with private bath. It's all up to you! They have events all year long - even when it's too cold to camp outdoors.

ADDED Bonus: The events are not very expensive, and day-guests are abundant on weekends. Also, there is actually a community of gay men who live (and a few work on site) at the resort full-time, particularly in the summer months. There are rentable trailer and RV sites for those who want a live-in gay nude resort experience 24/7.

Find out more at:
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Japanese onsen and bathhouses: healthy, wet and gay?

* Originally, some of this discussion was posted on a Dudesnude discussion forum in August 2010

Wondering if any of you have had any experience on trying the Japanese Onsen or hot springs?

by occa 10 Aug 2010, 21:52

Guys, wondering if any of you have had any experience on trying the Japanese Onsen or hot water spring? any tips or hints on what should you do in there? i could google it but I wanted to know and hear the first hand experience from all of you who had tried it. I heard that for uncut guys it is a no no if you keep your cock head covered with the it true?. Well, would love to hear from you as I will visit japan next month and might have the chance to try one of the onsen or bath houses. . First time experience for me to be naked around other men. Can't wait.

Follow up: Ernie
10 Aug 2010, 22:23

I lived in Japan for several years and it was a real treat to go to the Onsens/Sento. There's a lot of etiquette to observe but the main one is to wash before you get into any bath - doesn't have to be a thorough wash as you usually have a good scrub/shampoo after you soak anyway...but you never get into a bath without a bit of a 'token' wash.
Main thing is NO soap anywhere near a bath. 
I found the Japanese a little peculiar when it came to foreskin - it's considered infantile to publicly 'display' your foreskin so most men keep them skinned back - I didn't have to worry about that! I had Japanese friends who didn't care either way so don't fret about it.
I got so used to seeing knobs on display that a couple of times when other 'foreigners' were bathing, I got quite shocked to see long floppy skins!
Hope you enjoy it, it's great getting naked with other men and throwing water everywhere
Follow up: jax2nola
10 Aug 2010, 22:57
Remember that Japan is still very much a closed society, not terribly tolerant of outsiders. At the mainstream onsens, you might not notice it much. There is a great one at Odaiba, a touristy island in Tokyo Bay, called Oedo Onsen that is made up to look like a Japanese 1800s village with huge indoor and outdoor bathing areas. At the gay baths (24 Kaikan in Tokyo was one we went to), you might feel a little ostracized. Also know that if you have tattoos you might not be welcome at all, as the Japanese associate tattoos with the yakuza or mobsters. Have fun!

Follow up: spunkhole
10 Aug 2010, 23:59
people take a small towel into the communal bathing area with them (leave your big towel outside in the changing area). most guys hold this over their cocks when walking around, though not always so careful to hide everything. a token effort is enough to be polite. this little towel is used to wash yourself and to wipe most of the moisture off before you leave. dry off in the cooler changing area. the baths are usually hotter than westerners are used to, so it takes a while to cool down a bit.

the onsen are great (so many to choose from), especially in remote areas and in winter when there's snow on the ground. the same etiquette applies here as in city bathhouses, which are also good for a visit. many now have saunas installed too,which gives a better opportunity for very discreet cruising.

Reply by sunbuns99

Let me remind you that there are several types of 'baths' in Japan.

There are 3 main types. The first two are for everyone - either for relaxation or healing as is the case of onsen, or for cleasing of the body, which is what 'sento' (or public bath) is for. The third are saunas (or health spas) while many are straight and just for relaxation or health self-treatment - a lot of these later ones are for sex -- some are for gay men.

-1. onsen 'hot spring' baths . There are both natural ones and man-made ones.
The owners pride themselves on the mineral content and temperature of their natural hot springs - so the man-made ones try to imitate those qualities.
These 'onsen' are normally (and almost always now) divided into male and female dressing rooms and the baths themselves are separate, but until only about 15-20 years ago, it was still possible to find conjugal ones (where men and women got into the same bath - after changing in separate room). I use to go to one like that at Ikuho on Mt. Haruna in Gunma Prefecture. Ikuho is one of the oldest commercially operated hotsprings resorts in Japan.

So you can travel to certain locations that are famous for their 'onsen' or you can sometimes find one in a major hotel or resort (man-made) - even in big cities. For example, there is an 'onsen' in the ritzy chic shopping district of Azabu Juban (not far from Roppogi).

One interesting variation is the 'rotenburo' - or open-air hot springs bath. In some onsen resorts (and even the man-made ones - like Odaiba mentioned above), part of the hot springs bath is in the open air (outdoors) - while usually divided by gender, that is not always the case so you'll need a towel handy to keep covered for modesty in mixed baths.
Noboribetsu in Hokkaido is a famous example, but there are some in most onsen resort locations (such as Hakone, about an hour by express train southeast of Tokyo).
One of my favorites was the free public open-air outdoor hot spring bath right on the beach at Shirahama, Mie (about an hour south of Osaka). It's really fun to be able to sit in warm water right next to the cool ocean water - or to take turns soaking in each. (P.S. I have no idea if it is still operating).

2) 'Sento' are public baths. There used to be one in every neighborhood but as times have changed and indoor plumbing virtually universal in Japan (except some places in the countryside), public bath (or sento) are pretty much few and far between.
Those that are still operating successfully have usually upgraded their facilities and offer onsen-like features like a dry sauna, and open air bathing or have installed mineral baths, which actually piped in artificially-made hot mineral water.

Yet, there are a few of the old-fashioned ma & pa 'sento' still around. In these, you pay when you come into the dressing room, where an older man or woman sits atop a high seat that overlooks both the male and female dressing rooms. Don't worry - he or she has seen it all a million times - meaning your nudity is not going to shock them - albeit you may be shocked to have to undress in front of a withered old woman or man. The 'sento' that do still operate are usually frequented by the old-fashioned types who just enjoy the naked camaraderie (or 'skinship') of a good soak in a large hot tub, but more likely by those who must live in cheap or communal apartments that do still exist even in Tokyo. They are young men (or women) with low paying jobs who probably couldn't finish high school, older day-laborers, or one of the few foreign blue-collar workers who lives cheaply in order to send part of his earnings back to his family in his native country.
I can't tell you how many times I have enjoyed watching one of these young hunky workers peal back his foreskin for a good cleaning or wash his butt hole. Somehow it always seemed that they were just preoccupied with their mundane chore to notice the wide-eyed onlooker sitting opposite them, partly hiding his growing erection behind the low mirrored partition that separated us.

3) The saunas or health spa ('herusu') are the third type. Of these, there are 3 basic types: A. a genuine sauna for straight people; B. a gay bath house; and C. a straight sex club where men can pay for sexual favors - usually a soapy hand job from a female 'attendant'.
I don't know much about the A or C, but I've been to the gay bath houses in Tokyo and Osaka several times. The major ones in Tokyo are the 24 Kaikan (there are several, but the one in Shinjuku is probably the best). I found Hokuokan in Osaka to be even bigger and better, but maybe it only because it was new for me (I rarely get to visit Osaka).

Info about the gay district in Tokyo on my own Travel with Sunbuns (blog)

Popular gay spots in Tokyo:

Info about Tokyo's 24 Kaikan (gay bathhouse):

Info about Hokuokan gay bathhouse / sauna in Osaka:

That's enough info for now.

Kelly (sunbuns99)
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