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Places for a newbie to enjoy gay nude beaches and camping areas

Photo at the top shows a guy (me, a few years ago) who was cruising naked in the dunes on Gran Canaria.

See the full article with photos at:

Original posting: ky_gui [msg]
14 Feb 2011, 18:11 I will soon be turning 21 and I don't really consider myself to be a bar and club kind of person.
I have been looking around on the internet and have stumbled across male only (gay) clothing optional camping. 90% of the camp grounds i have looked at are BYOB, hence the 21+.

What I was wondering is, "Has anyone on here been to any?"
Are there good ones, compared to the bad ones?

I will not lie, and say I am educated on these kind of areas, I don't know anything.

I am not really worried about money, but I don't really want to fly across the USA to get to the place. I live in the mid-west. So something in that general area, maybe??? like i said i dont know.

Any input someone can give me will be greatly appreciated, who knows maybe i will find some one to go with. lol.

One last thing, a lot of the the camp grounds i looked at were gay friendly, I think i want it to be male only. not that I have a problem with lesbians, I just don't want to camp with them. lol (that was sposta be a joke... I'm not really that funny)

Follow up: pedrobill [msg]
14 Feb 2011, 18:37 No mate, that joke didn't really come off, but I thought your profile was pretty funny! I'm gay, and I like to go camping, but other than that I don't know anything about "Gay Camping" - don't you just find a flat bit of ground, put up your tent and hey presto - gay camping!

Follow up: ky_gui [msg]
14 Feb 2011, 18:52 See I was leaning toward the clothing optional part. And I just dont know if I'm brave enough to camp anywhere and just be naked. lol! I'm pretty sure knowing my luck I would get arrested.

And I don't know of anywhere remote enough to get away with it.

Follow up: pedrobill [msg]
14 Feb 2011, 18:59 Ah yes, I realise now, the header is key, ie clothing optional. Actually I was being just a little mischievous. I do like to get to some fairly remote places, where you can be reasonably assured of not being 'spung', and yes I'm the same - wouldn't quite be brave enough otherwise. Though sometimes it's not really the remoteness that matters. Half an hours walk off the track is often as untrammeled as somewhere that is deep in the forest but on a recognised path. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what others with more experience of organised 'clothing optional' venues come up with.
Happy camping.

Follow up: hairydaddy [msg]
14 Feb 2011, 19:59 sure, I've been to gay campgrounds with clothing optional........but not sure what would be out your way..........I camped in New York State and Pennsylvania where there are several.........know of them in Canada too..............scout around on google......for a campground near you

Follow up: fitladrobb [msg]
14 Feb 2011, 20:20 shame that your not in the UK we have some very good clothing optional sites here. include a

few that go down to age 16 if unaccompanied by adult or young-family ones.

have you tried there are LOADS of contacts on there for you.


Follow up: irish8986 [msg]
15 Feb 2011, 01:40 I live and grew up about 2 miles from one here in PA, doesn't help you out much tho. It's a fun thing to do definitely try it out if you get the chance

Follow up: chrisslond§ [msg]
15 Feb 2011, 02:09 Here are a few sites to check ml , and are some to look at. I have camped at The Point near Turkey Point in Ontario

Canada and some other places. Each August, my partner and I go to the Gay Naturists International Annual Gathering that is at a camp in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. There are usually more than 500 naked guys there for up to 10 days. It is great walking around buck naked for 10 days in the summer.
Give it a try and find out how enjoyable it is.

Follow up: hotnredi55 [msg]
16 Feb 2011, 07:56 I have a couple campgrounds that are in the midwest, but still a distance from you. one is Campit Resort, near Saugatuck, Michigan. It is a very nice facility with lots of room for tenting, rv'ing, sleeper cabin rentals and bed and breakfast rooms. It is gay and lesbian, leaning more toward the men. one area is set aside for nude camping. and after about 1am, you are fairly safe to sit around your campfire naked, in at least one other area. Any woman walking back at that time of night, Wants to see naked men.

the other campground is totally men, and clothing optional in almost all areas further back from the entry area. Camp Buckwood, south of Indianapolis, Indiana. and

Check them out. Both have wonderful facilities, and friendly staff and fellow campers. I have had wonderful times at both camps with other men, and with my boyfriend.

Follow up: dungeonrat [msg]

16 Feb 2011, 08:07
Located in South-Central Missouri.

Follow up: Rood [msg]
16 Feb 2011, 09:47 www.midwestmalenaturistgathering. org/

Follow up: asshunter [msg]
16 Feb 2011, 11:54 we are members of The Woods campground since 2004 love it.

Follow up: bcbud4u [msg]
16 Feb 2011, 11:59 here in the Kootenays there are so many secluded lakes and areas to just hang nude, swim in the buff, and have a sweet camping weekend, why go paying for a private campground when you can find a place horseback, 4X4 or quad 4 free?

Follow up: BldngStrng [msg]
16 Feb 2011, 12:04 Well BC are lucky to have that close by and available...not everyone has a horse or a 4X4 or Quad.....and the beautiful BC wilderness at their doorstep.

Follow up: balllicker [msg]
16 Feb 2011, 12:20 This won't really help you since it's in New York, but for others, I had a great time at this place:

There were probably only a handful of guys there as young as me, but the older guys were a lot of fun and I loved the attention.

Follow up: bcbud4u [msg]
16 Feb 2011, 12:29 woah BldngStrng, nice build bud! though sorry, I wasn't really thinking... it was kind of an invite... what I should have typed, if a guy's going to travel to pay for camping, why not head where you can do it for free... my apologies.

Follow up: sunbuns99*
16 Feb 2011, 22:32 I've not taken time to read the entire thread so my response and ideas may have been mentioned.

You're obviously more interested in a clothing optional experience and finding a place to do that with other men (hopefully gay males) for an extended period of time - not just a few minutes or hours.

However, there is one place no too far away from KY (ky_gui = Kentucky Guy ?), but who's living in Iowa.

Timberfell Lodge is clothing optional resort and campground in the foothills of the Appalachians (about 80 miles east of Knoxville.)

They only have weekend events in the winter (rooms and bunks bed are sometimes half price, but in summer it's a full time gay camping community with a lot of social / sex-related events. I'd say the main type of guy you find there are bears, but that's not all you'll find. It's almost clothing optional everywhere -- although sex acts are forbidden in common areas, there are plenty of dark and deserted spots -- especially at night.

Campsites at Timberfell are $15 a night plus choice of 2-3 meal plans (costing an extra $10-25).
There sell beer inside the resort which means you can't bring it,but you can BYOB wine and hard liquor.

See for next events and details.

I have tried to organize a CMNM National Meet-up (clothed male / nude male) at Timberfell Lodge for the second weekend in August (actual dates vary) which is all the annual Mr. Timberfell Contest weekend.


There are also other options / places where you can get naked and possibly engage in cruising for sex. Most of the nude beaches around the country have gay cruising areas. Like it or not, that's likely one reason for the crack-down on clothing optional public beaches in quite a few places across the country.

Being able to camp textile (required clothes) and then walk to a nude beach is a good option - but quite rare except in Europe or at all-gay clothing-optional resorts.

You can find some at Palm Springs, Key West, FL, Haulover Beach (Ft Lauderdale, FL,)

Russian River area - 90 miles north west of San Francisco in and around Guerneville.
See They have campsites available as well as rooms and bungalows, but the nudity must be restricted to pool and jacuzzi.

There is also the possibility of some naughty free skinny dipping while floating down the Russian River.

Baker's Beach in San Francisco (no camping of course but you'll feel it's the great outdoors once you're inside the Golden Gate Park and surrounding recreation areas.

Provincetown (Cape Cod,Mass) - although there has evidently been a crackdown on public nudity (by anyone) at the famous Herring Cove (state beach) that is 15 minute walking distance from P-town. That's what I used to do. Camp among clothed at night, spend all day among the naked during the day .
There's a commercial campground with easy walking distance of P-town (out on Hwy 6), Dunes' Edge Campground, and you can walk, bike or drive from there to Herring Cove Beach. I've heard that people still get nude at the P-town beach, but they have to be discreet because the park rangers patrol often and hand out tickets (or worse) to naked men in the sand dunes. Most everywhere they are more tolerant of non-sexual nudism, particularly where there are mixed groups.

Overseas there are many more....

Big Island (Hawaii) Kalani is a gay-owned, and nudity friendly retreat for all types -more focused on spiritual, yoga, and new age trends, the pool area in clothing optional after 4pm , and there is the famous Kehena Beach (also clothing optional and alternative / new age oriented, with a wonderful assortment of naked people from every age and walk of life.
Kalani has accommodations from camping (which were to be phased out in 2013) to villa suites, meal plans or pay as you go are options.
There is a public (county) campground about 3 miles from Kalani (and the Kehena nude beach).

The world's largest nude beach and sand dudes (gay cruising area) is at Maspalomas (at Playa del Ingles on southern end of the island of Gran Canaria).
That 's where I'm headed for the 5th time next March 15-22).. I'm not camping but staying at a two-hotel hotel for about $30 a night (self-catering), sex city at night and sunshine and naked male skins for days on the beach.
Men cruising the dunes are aged 40+ and higher so it is not everybody's preference.

Photo at the top shows me, who was cruising naked in the dunes on Gran Canaria (on the largest of Spain's Canary Islands).
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Open Showers for Men - A fond memory or still in use?

Recently there was a discussion on the YMNA2,(Young Men's Nudist Association) Yahoo group. It started when an old advertisement for Bradley Showers was shared (see photo above). Actually, the changes in acceptance (or tolerance) for nudity between men in places where it was formerly both accepted, required and even encouraged has caused there to be a lot of similar discussion in men's circles for many years now. One such example, a lengthy one, on a straight men's discussion board can be found at:

Here is the discussion over the past few days:

atitlan wrote: My thanks to the blogger who found this. I can't believe that the artwork for the advert wasn't done by someone with a wicked sense of humour - "pull and turn", the equipment says.

Pete added: Judging by the expression on their faces I would guess they've all pulled and didn't have far to 'turn'!
Can only have been done by someone with a great sense of humour or completely naive.

Aussie Kevin replied: I LOVE the eye-line on the guy on the left!

Actually, this is really heart-warming...and sadly something that most young guys would avoid, in Australia and the States anyway. Showering together, enjoying it openly, just being free and open and natural with buddies! it actually has a really nice energy to it. From days gone by though, sadly.

James of Louisville added:

Here's another ad for the product and a similar product in use.
The Bradley company is still in operation.

RESPONSE by atitlan:
Thanks, James, for these - excellent research! I remember moving from one gym with its long line of gang showers to another gym that had pole showers. I didn't like the pole variety overmuch. They were rather too intimate for comfort if all the shower jets were taken. Because we were so near one another, there was little personal space and always a risk of backing into people either side. Yes, that might not always have been unwelcome, except then there was then a further risk of developing a hard-on just inches away from a group of ostensibly straight men.

Pedro chipped in:
Those are the type I had in high school. A friend of mine would soap up my back for me.
This is where I started to develop my reputation as a tough guy.
I took cold showers.

Jason brings up his point:

I have fond memories of the pole type showers like Bradley Corp makes. We had them in junior high and high school both! talk about having nowhere to hide and really getting to check out your classmates!

I haven't seen one in use since then in all of my travels around the States, so I am not sure who is buying these products from Bradley! Even the new gyms I go to which have gang showers have the shower heads built in to the walls around the room. They don't have the 6-person "pole" variety. I do wish I could go to a shower room that has them though!

William wanted to know:
Several years ago I frequently went to the gay bath The Club, or Midtowne; they had the Bradley shower heads, and everyone loved them. Have no idea if they still use those or not. Anyone know?

ZeroFear replied:
The YMCA I belong to in New Hampshire still has a locker room with gang/open style showers that has both the shower heads built into one wall, and then in the middle of the room it has two of the pole showers. Each pole has either 4 or 5 showers heads on it.

Sunbuns (Kelly - that's me ) adds his experience:

The pole shower is still used in places like public beaches, where close contact isn't expected to cause a problem. You
can find the 'Bradley' type showers along public beaches in Hawaii and Spain (I'm sure many other places, too).

What's nice about them is that you can take a shower in public and stand close to some guys while each of you is occupied with the getting clean without appearing to leer or be inappropriately 'interested.' It's fun when a guy pulls his swimsuit out from his body (or even down somewhat) to help wash out the sand. You can sometimes get a glimpse of his pubic hair, ass or even more.

It seems obvious to me that some guys - straight ones - seem to enjoy this chance to do a bit of mild flashing - at least in the sexually repressed US. Sometimes, a few teenager or older young men find it the perfect time to horse around - such as pulling down a unwary friend's suit, and so on. So when I hang out at the beach, I find it very entertaining to stay not very far from the Bradley public shower.

On the nude beach at Gandia (Spain) in Sept this year, it was nice watching guys use these open-air showers either alone or together and, especially when I had timed my shower with some other dude's.

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CMNM is a not only about men liking men: It's a male bonding ritual

CMNM is a not only about men liking men: It's a male bonding ritual

Loving to be with guys who are naked (or being naked with guys who aren't).... that's the core of what CMNM (clothed male / naked male) situations are all about.

Some (of us) are really in to it.. and seek out such situations whenever possible - of course, it's a gay thing for many of us.

By the way, it is NOT ONLY about homosexual attraction. I could go on and on... but men need (and enjoy) using nudity between themselves and in groups of men (like sports teams, fraternity, army/military, clics and groups of buddies, while in temporary all male situations, such as camping, scouting, etc) and have done it since the beginning of societies... (I'm not talking physical desire or lust between men) to express friendship, belonging to a group, male affection and camaraderie, and dependence/interdependence, control/authority, loyal, leadership, bravura/machismo, and platonic or brotherly love.

I think almost every guy has some times (or even a lot) when he wants to see them naked or be seen naked by his buddies. It's part of identifying with being a man. We've had this discussion in bits and pieces many times on this forum before. When you absolutely 'need' to be naked or be the clothed guy around naked ones (for various reasons - different for every person) then you are said to be into CMNM or have it as a fetish (if you need it to get off).

I've gone forward (evolved?) in exploring CMNM in myself, and also socially. I have set up many online CmNm groups, and have been trying to organize off-line real CMNM events, meet-ups, parties, etc.

I have a regular blog devoted to the subject: Guys Into CMNM at:

From the Guys Into CMNM blog, you can find your way to both local and international groups, and several online social networks devoted to CMNM activities and interests.

Find out more at in my JUB blog post just below or at the CMNM Party at FLEX Atlanta, August 16 and again on August 23
See details at:

If there's enough participation (well in advance), we'll be hiring stripper, and clothed/costumed performers for parties / CMNM role-playing at a private residence. Some events are public or low cost, others required advance booking.

You can also keep up with updates on the CMNM Twitter:
or read updates as they are posted/re-posted and tweeted at:

Hope you can 'show' up! But if not, then some day there may be a CMNM Event near you. )

Kelly, organizer (sunbuns / sunbuns99 / sunbunz )
-- You can also read about this and more CMNM posts in my JUB blog or visit:
Guys Into CMNM


The spirit is willing but the flash is weak-- day and night.
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CMNM Party at FLEX Atlanta, Sat. Aug. 16 and Sat, Aug. 23

You are invited to the following event:

Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:

Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 9:00 PM
- to -
Sunday, August 17, 2014 at 2:00 AM (PDT)

Flex Atlanta
76 4th St NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

Location Info:!atlanta/cwxe


Come out Atlanta FLEX, 76 4th Street Northwest Atlanta GA, on August 16 and again on August 23 fro 9:00pm - 2:00 am for some Clothed Male Naked Male fun indoors and outside. No charge for the CMNN Party, but there is an admission fee for FLEX (locker or room charge).

View Map

Attend Event

Share this event on Facebook

We hope you can make it!

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A 'Classic' CMNM experience and what it means

This seemingly simple posting on a site devoted to exhibitionism is definitely a true example of the basic aspects of CMNM experience and not simply male-to-male flashing. (For those of you just learning what CMNM is and the forms it takes, I decided it was time to re-post some critical or key articles that have helped me define the real nature of CMNM. I insist and offer evidence that it is not simply a sexual fetish.

stephen wrote on DickFlash:

I'm a VERY straight looking and acting Bi guy and LOVE getting seen naked by straight men. I really enjoy having Workmen, Truck Drivers etc see me in the buff. I keep it TOTALLY straight though.
I recently went for a bike ride on a hot day, and came accross a Truck Stop. There was a Truck Driver washing his truck. The area was kinda hidden from the main road. I asked the Driver if there were any taps around to cool off. He pointed one out next to his truck.
I stripped off and had a shower under the hose! He knew i was naked, and it was obvious he didn't care, nor was interested- PERFECT!
I then walked up to him starkers and started chatting while drying off.
I love this sort of thing, nothing sexual- just Blokey nudity!
Anyone else into the same?

Forgive me for crossing posting and now re-posting .... but this CNMN thread was far down the list (and probably NOT going to be read unless it has a 'new' posting)

The above story by Stephen is the kind of non self-gratifying erotic or intimate experience (no or little arousal or orgasmic climax - at least not then - maybe later) is exactly what I've been talking about (on this site and others and my new blog) - as the classic CMNM experience.

I think it comes from a basic need for most (gay or str8 ) males to express intimacy between themselves and other men - - it's not just sexual lust (although it certainly can be and - for some people -- it IS a large part of it - for other (perhaps like Stephen - it is not - it's more social and psychological- emotional) -

So, CMNM is using 'nudity' to symbolize and actualize this intimacy. Think about it... what could be MORE intimate than bearing your nude body to another guy (clothed or not) - it's a kind of symbolic act - NOT SUBMISSIVE either -' although for some guys it could be )-- but it's like saying: "Hey, dude. I am me - see me as I am and accept me for what and who I am. I want to be your buddy and for you to be mine."
Often times, it is easier for guys to start to really communicate once one of them has 'bared' his soul and his body to his buddy (or even a new friend or stranger)..... We can see this theme repeated over and over again on the different posts on this board....

CMNM occurs when one male 'needs' to be nude - actually naked - and the other guy(s) are clothed - they are apparently NON-plussed by the fact of the nudity or just oblivious, unconcerned or feigning disinterest. For some the 'clothed' person becomes an object of desire IF he seems to be interested and excited by the sight of the nuditiy - other's seem to get their rocks off by the embarrassment that such causes to the clothed viewer.. all these are simply variations on the basic theme.

I know somebody is going to say I'm over intellectualizing - I can agree with that... but no matter how much I 'talk' / lecture - or NOT... it doesn't change the fact that male-to-male intimacy and the lack of it is at the core of what drives us to return to this site and these discussion and to tell our stories and experiences...

Stephen's experience is what I call what I call an 'authentic' CMNM experience
It's not really about flashing, which is a specific kind and more directed or focused sexual experience than the one that Stephen is describing above.

For more info see my blog (or contribute to it):
Guys into CMNM
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Doctor/Patient Exams: A Special CMNM Fetish

Popular Urban Legend: This was originally posted on by HazeMaster

See more posts at: Guys into CMNM blog

A naive young newbie on his first job is tricked by his buddies into thinking he is scheduled for an annual physical.

His pals send the rookie to an empty examination room after the Employees' Health staff has left for the afternoon.

A "doctor" arrives, tells the greenhorn to strip, and begins a routine physical.

The "doctor" tells the newbie to sit on the examination table doggie style while he administers a thorough and extensive anal probe. The newbie can't see what's going on behind him, and has no idea of the varied objects the "doctor" is inserting up his butt hole.

Meanwhile, a security camera is recording the exam, and the rookie's pals are cracking up watching the show on closed circuit TV. After the rectal work-up, the "doctor" milks the newbie's dick to get a smear of pre-cum for a slide (or 2 or 3). The "doctor" tells the greenhorn the pre-cum looks suspicious, and says he'll need a semen sample.

As he pumps the newbie's dick, the "doctor" asks the rookie extensive (and embarrassing) questions about his sex life: When did he first masturbate? How often does he masturbate nowadays? Has he ever masturbated with other guys? Ever have oral sex with guys? Ever have anal sex? Ever have sex with a woman? With a hooker? How did he lose his virginity?

The "doctor" keeps pumping away at the newbie's dick. But no matter how many times the greenhorn shoots, the "doctor" says the semen sample isn't adequate for lab tests. Finally, when the rookie is completely drained and exhausted, and has answered all the doctor's questions about his sex life, the "doctor" says he can get dressed and leave.

By this time, the guys watching the show on closed circuit TV have all jacked off, and got themselves a brand new video to play at stag parties.
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Ass flashing : A discussion by guys who get off showing off their butts

bradjup :=D:
May I flash?
Post subject: flashed and sucked swedish guy

See this article with the full photo set:

So I go to this place after work, only a few dudes, 3 others today, oral sex club mainly but nudity is allowed, since there were only few people I took it all off and the first dude touched me in the patio mainly observed.

I like to keep walking and not get too involved since my main purpose is to flash my erect cock and ass, inside another young dude grabbed me and did a hand job, while an older husky guy watched. We simulated fucking while he had his pants on, later went to the patio where a third guy, older but attractive was really into grabbing and touching then he pulled his pants down and took shirt off and put a condom on. By the way one of the men that work at this place was smoking a cigarette in the patio and saw it all.
I never get fucked but he had a smaller dick and i just spread my cheeks so he could take a good look and all of a sudden he fucked me.
It felt good to feel penetrated while standing naked in the patio, anybody could have come out and watch me getting penetrated.But I didn't want him to cum or me to cum and so I went back in.

This time a Swedish guy just came in, young and built, immediately all the other guys were following him to suck him but he saw me walking around naked and got interested, he followed me back to the patio and undid his pants, I sucked his uncircumcised 8 inch cock while he moaned, and I pulled his pants down all the way and touched his ass.

I wanted to lick his ass but he was only into getting sucked, a few min later he came on my face.
He told me he had arrived from sweden a few hours earlier hehe.
This all happened in a matter of an hour or so, I got out and saw some coworkers on the street, it was kind of weird since I was still high from all that sex.

Response by sunbuns
Desperately flashing nobody

Location: Hawaii, San Diego, travel a lot US,Asia, Europe, etc

Your experiences always get me horny... wish we had a bar/place like the one you've described here often... that is almost 'public.'

Not to say I don't get my chances for sex with anonymous guys.. but they are normally in a private area inside a gay baths/sauna (so people can't free enter).

Still there are TV rooms and lounges inside these where semi-clothed guys (usually wearing a towel or a gown) come to sit/rest. I love being the only totally naked guy in those rooms, and it's really hot when one of more of them takes a big interest in my ass-ets (butt or cock)..

Every once in while, some guys (or guys) will initiate sex or try to get me stimulated to cum... or start sucking or rimming. It is truly hot being watched having sex by other guys and knowing that it's really turning them on too.
So I know what you must be experiencing .. thanks for sharing those times..

The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!

May I flash?

Post subject: thanks yeah it has become my thing to do on Fridays after work, I grab a beer and take it in, undress and walk around naked while i drink, I love to show off for fully clothed men, it is interesting at this place since most of them are respectful and wont grab me unless i let them, i love when they get curious and just examine my bod, spread my ass cheeks and look inside, or open my peehole, sniff me while i just stand there as others watch, i just stand there patiently.

Once things get more involved it is hot to be watched and moan and grunt a little to show others how I am enjoying the experience.

There is a new place i found on mondays and it has a few folks. I have a huge curved dick so guys always love watching it since it is so different, but the biggest turn on for me is to have a guy spread my ass cheeks while another watches, once this dude was sniffing and this other dude was asking him what my hole smelled like and the dude was talking about the smell, and sweat, while i was just there spread open silent just letting them examine me.

Desperately flashing nobody

Location: Hawaii, San Diego, travel a lot US,Asia, Europe, etc
Post subject: Another hot!

That's really cool that you are so turned on by being naked and having clothed men watch or examine you. I know that is what takes me back again and again to the gay saunas.

It's hot too - that although you have a big cock (let's see it sometime LOL).. you really love have your ass observed and explored. But you never mentioned what some guys really love (getting their asses fucked).

I think you are really into CMNM (clothed male / naked male) -- the point of it being an absolute turn-on for you. Evidently, it is for the guys who watch you and sniff your ass or who put their noses or fingers in your hole. This site / board is called 'dick flash' but obviously there is a lot more to it than showing one's penis in public.

I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to keep my tongue out of your butt -- if I found you naked like that in one of those bars/clubs or maybe something more solid (*he he*). I'm sure you have to 'fight off' some penile invaders - every once in a while (LOL). The trouble with me is that I can't fight off the temptation - once my ass gets the 'royal' tongue/finger treatment then -- it seems to ache for something bigger. So it's all over pretty soon after that - especially if a few guys are watching me get fucked (or fucking somebody esle) - it puts me over the edge in no time at all.

If you'd allow, I'd like to re-post these specific conversations on my CMNM blog: Guys into CMNM. There are guys into that - who would never consider themselves 'cock flashers' and might not ever visit this site.

By the way, I recently found the video of a guy on Xtube who loves flashing his erect cock and naked body in public restrooms (in Japan) - all the while videotaping himself and the guys who watch and sometimes grope him or his dick. His id on Xtube is: matuatama

Look him up or check out one of his vids on my CMNM blog (linked above).
The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!
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My Exhibitionism Leads to Public Sex Outdoors

As an ardent would-be exhibitionist, I find that I'm really more like a avid nudist/naturist who would like to be seen by other males. Although true trench coat cock flashing is a rare activity, love to get naked where it's not quite expected and love getting others to be naked with me. I write about this on my blog or at dickflash dot com.

See the full photos with this post at:

My most memorable 'flashing' experience was in a public park on Tokyo Bay (at Odaiba) in June a few summer ago. I was sitting nude (there were other people in various states of undress, but none completely naked) in a semi-secluded area (regular pedestrian parks goer couldn't easily see, but anyone who had mind too could get an eyeful.

I was far enough away from the other people or from the Rainbow Bridge in the distance to not be obviously exposing myself naked. Still, I had a few guys come up and get a glimpse (one even chatted a minute). But the highlight of that afternoon was when a cute Japanese guy about 20 year old who seemed overly curious, arrived and noticed me. He kept getting closer and closer, pretending to be looking out the ocean scenery, but obviously throwing glances at the naked foreigner.

When I started pulling on my now erect cock, he took the bait and eventually came up and stood nearby. He was just too intrigued and wanted to see my cock and see me jack off, so he stood almost over me - in the end, he stood right over me, spreading my legs wider with his own, and giving me soft verbal commands to beat off until I ejaculated. He didn't get naked himself, but it was one of the hottest exhibitionist experiences I have had - to be approached by a perfect stranger who turned me on and was himself turned on my public sexual behavior.

It was one of my first CMNM) (clothed male-naked-male) experiences that involved sex (well - I reached ejaculation - although it wasn't mutual). That experience sort of ratcheted up the level for what I expected from flashing and exhibitionism from myself- but since then, I've not really had the same of level of exhibitionist experience. Having sex at a gay nude beach is pretty hot especially while other guys watch - which is definitely why I go to gay baths or public cruising spots (it's being seen nude that is so arousing), but it's almost expected there - meaning it's not that out of the ordinary.

Recently, taking a new friend to a nude beach - and getting him to go naked with me was a really fun time. But it was about sex, really. I could go on but will stop and continue enjoying other guy's stories.
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Virtual Flashing and Social Networking - What's the difference?

Anyone who's a member of Flickr or Facebook or Xtube (and the alternatives) like the young man (Ross Lynch fake) above probably knows that there seem to be thousands of people who like him (and me too) 'flash' their nude bodies and genitalia for strangers whom they have designated as 'friends'. By the way, he's got a LOT of genitalia worth showing off, too. In some case, they just make their nude and/or explicit photos open to the public (Flickr usually catches up with them and deletes their accounts). The same is true for video-sharing websites which seem to be proliferating so fast I can't keep up with them all (e.g. Xtube, etc)....

I'm not complaining -- I do the same thing myself.

See the full photo set with this posting at:

Before some religious-right morality freak goes on an anti-flashing terrorist rampage and condemns real-live dickflashing, they should just take a look at all the 'flashing' happening virtually.

We don't categorize them as exhibitionists just because they are putting up nude photos of themselves but what's the differences if they are putting them up just SO they can be viewed (via the Internet) instead of live. The other day I was commenting on a Flickr contact's pics coincidentally while he was uploading them. He wrote back.. "please write more comments because it gives me a big hard-on knowing that people are viewing my pics. " Of course, I did -- but is that what we've all come to - vicarious 'flashing'. I guess he should set up webcam.. the feedback would be a lot quicker.

All of this guy's pic are nudes and all are open to the public. He's a Flickr contact - but perhaps he got other reasons that just showing himself - I think he's selling himself (not for sex) but as a future partner.

I realize defining what it really flashing and what is 'virtual flashing' is probably a matter of intent and also has something to do with the will of the audience/ viewer. A 'real' flasher (true exhibitionist fetish) seems to need to be seen by people (whether or not they want to see him). The most extreme fetishist needs to be "seen" doing sexual things (being naked or jerking) in order to get off. Just posting yourself in nude pics or even showing yourself aroused or engaged in masturbation or sexual intercourse in photographs might be exhibitionistic but it doesn't make them (us) a true flasher ... I suppose. Maybe I'm just self-talking (this post or my blog) to try to justify or rationale by own use of virtual flashing.

I guess I'm trying to say that there seem to be a lot of people with exhibitionist tendencies -- so many that I find that my own form of peekaboo flashing and 'accidental' exhibitionism (wearing skimpy or revealing clothes, or going to nudist beaches, being naked in hostels with clothed roommates, etc ) to be not that extreme.

Sexual preferences, fantasies and fetishes are unique and sometimes strangely so. But societies love-hate relationship with sexuality and sexual behavior - especially male-male sex -- is even weirder.

What's your take on it?

The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!
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The fundoshi - the traditional Japanese undergarment

I am not really into fundoshi (wearing them myself-- freeballer here), but I certainly enjoy seeing other men wear them. It's the traditional garment (actually undergarment) worn by most Edo era men under their kimono or yukata (before arrival of Perry's black ships circa 1857). For nearly a century, it was still used as underwear and the bathing suit for men, but it's popularity as an everyday article of clothing declined after the American Occupation introduced Western-style underwear for men.

See the illustrated (with photos) version of this posting at:

It's now become garment of choice for many 'masturi' - Japanese traditional festivals - many of which celebrate the coming of age of young men and involve some type of virility or fertility ritual or ceremonial tasks. A variation of it, the 'mawashi' is still worn today by sumo wrestlers.

In 'matsuri', groups of men (old and young) don the fundoshi (with or without happi coat) and parade the streets and shrine grounds carrying the heavy wooden floats (actually portable shrines, 'mikoshi'), heaving it up and forward with their loud chants and boisterous energy. Quite often when ONLY the fundoshi is worn - with nothing else - the festival is frequently referred to as a 'hadaka matsuri' or naked festival.

It's true that some department stores in Japan got the idea to 'rename' the fundoshi and market it as 'samurai pants' or something like that, but it's
still rather a special item that most men wouldn't own. For example, how popular is the thong for underwear or a bathing suit? Still there are a few men who wear kimono on a daily basis (instead of Western suits or pants) so I'm sure that you can find fundoshi at department stores and speciality stores. Even if not don one publically, some men might like the masculine image of the fundoshi and may be wearing them under
their western attire - sort of like men who like to wear a jockstrap instead of boxers or briefs. A lot of men at the age of 20 (for both men and women) celebrate Coming of Age Day (2nd Monday in January) and some of them wear traditional kimono (and may be wearing a fundoshi underneath (although I have my doubts). Summer festivals and firework display bring out hordes of people, particularly young men and women, in the traditional lighter cotton print 'yukata' (cheaper version of the often outrageously expensive kimono). I bet a few men wear a fundoshi (or like I do - nothing) underneath.

Some of my Net pics on Japanese male bonding, including many with men in fundoshi:

Mr. Wada is photographer who specializes in Japanese festivals and seems to capture men in fundoshi at literally hundreds of festivals.

An online store's ad for fundoshi:

A blog by Japanese guy interested in naked and semi-naked men:

(He has several categories, included the one for matsuri and fundoshi above)

YouTube vid on how to put on (tie) a fundoshi: (in Japanese - for modesty's sake, the model is already wearing a fundoshi as the instructor demonstrates how to put on (over the existing one).

So you can imagine what it's like being where a lot of men are getting dressed in fundoshi. He explains in Japanese that most people can't get a fundoshi tied by themselves (you need a third or fourth arm). So you can see why I think male bonding is one of the functions of Japanese festivals - you have to get naked and up closer and personal with another guy and then groups of men in order to wear a fundoshi and participate.

Well, I was wrong about one thing - YOU can put on a fundoshi by yourself. The same instructor completes his training of the younger fundoshi wearer - and put him to the test. A follow-up section of the earlier video (see my last posting for the URL).

This time he starts out without anything on underneath.
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