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A "classic" CMNM experience and its meaning explored

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These are the 'real' guys who really do it for me... like in this CMNM photo. It's a classic (NON-sexual) situation - but for the 'trained' observer (and practitioner of CMNM(clothed male naked male) .. this is very hot. It's a photo that has story - a set of relationships - buddy-to-buddy and in a group..

It's about being naked (because of and for the benefit of others ) for uniquely for reasons that are different for each person in the room.
And it''s about having fun. They are dancing and naked with friends -- not so much ashamed as just shy or reluctant to brag or show off - but still just enough to want to... the hot young bodies make it the whole scene even more eye-catching and attractive...

The second photo is another classic CMNM example. The guys are just being boys and doing 'what boys do' but so often it involved playful sexually-suggested aggressive behavior. Although he appears to be just all in fun, it's really a lot more about the sensuality of male sex. Sometimes, I'd dare say a lot more than could ever be admitted by them (although eventually 'one' will grow up and confess otherwise).. there is a lot more sexual attraction and downright flirtation in these 'naked fights' than meets the eye.

A recent posting (today or last night) was definitely a CMNM experience and not simply male-to-male flashing.
stephen wrote: I'm a VERY straight looking and acting Bi guy and LOVE getting seen naked by straight men. I really enjoy having Workmen, Truck Drivers etc see me in the buff. I keep it TOTALLY straight though.

I recently went for a bike ride on a hot day, and came accross a Truck Stop. There was a Truck Driver washing his truck. The area was kinda hidden from the main road. I asked the Driver if there were any taps around to cool off. He pointed one out next to his truck.

I stripped off and had a shower under the hose! He knew i was naked, and it was obvious he didn't care, nor was interested- PERFECT!
I then walked up to him starkers and started chatting while drying off.
I love this sort of thing, nothing sexual- just Blokey nudity!
Anyone else into the same? Forgive me for crossing posting.... but this CNMN thread was far down the list (and probably NOT going to be read unless it has a 'new' posting)

The above story by Stephen is the kind of non self-gratifying erotic or intimate experience (no or little arousal or orgasmic climax - at least not then - maybe later) is exactly what I've been talking about (on this site and others and my new blog) - as the classic CMNM experience.

Sports team member is stripped and shows off for the coaches and staff members. [Caption for photo above.]

I think it comes from a basic need for most (gay or str8 ) males to express intimacy between themselves and other men - - it's not just sexual lust (although it certainly can be and - for some people -- it IS a large part of it - for others, perhaps like Stephen - it is not - it's more social and psychological or emotional.

So. .CMNM is using 'nudity' to symbolize and actualize this intimacy. Think about it... what could be MORE intimate than bearing your nude body to another guy (clothed or not) - it's a kind of symbolic act - NOT SUBMISSIVE either -' although for some guys it could be )-- but it's like saying: "Hey, dude. I am me - see me as I am and accept me for what and who I am. I want to be your buddy and for you to be mine."

Often times, it is easier for guys to start to really communicate once one of them has 'bared' his soul and his body to his buddy (or even a new friend or stranger)..... We can see this theme repeated over and over again on the different posts on this board.... CMNM occurs when one male 'needs' to be nude - actually naked - and the other guy(s) are clothed - they are apparently NON-plussed by the fact of the nudity or just oblivious, unconcerned or feigning disinterest. For some the 'clothed' person becomes an object of desire IF he seems to be interested and excited by the sight of the nudity - other's seem to get their rocks off by the embarrassment that such causes to the clothed viewer.. all these are simply variations on the basic theme.

I know somebody is going to say I'm over intellectualizing - I can agree with that... but no matter how much I 'talk' / lecture - or NOT... it doesn't change the fact that male-to-male intimacy and the lack of it is at the core of what drives us to return to this site and these discussion and to tell our stories and experiences...

Stephen's experience is what I call what I call an 'authentic' CMNM experience. It's not really about flashing, which is a specific kind and more directed or focused sexual experience than the one that Stephen is describing above.

For more info see my blog (or contribute to it):
Guys into CMNM (on Blogger)
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A night of splendid sexual and erotic stimulation: Atlanta Flex and Swinging Richard's

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I just got back home from an extended vacation/business/family visit. I was able to visit several cool places and some gay saunas & bath houses, too.

Most recently was Flex Atlanta. Abe (above) reports that the one is Phoenix was too dark for his tastes; however, Flex Atlanta was quite different. Actually, it was one of the more exciting ones I've been to in a while - although it was just a Tuesday night in Atlanta. I was impressed most by the size and layout of the place. For me, being able to sunbathe nude and erect, or to have sex outdoors is a big turn on.

Flex Atlanta is a little known enclave that can boast an outdoors lawn with chaise lounges just next to a busy expressway (I-75) and almost in the shadow for the Olympic Torch Monument and several skyscrapers. I did wonder a bit if the people in the high rises could (or would) actually be looking down on Flex's sexual garden. The staff was helpful and friendly; there was free Internet access (although I don't think free wifi), and both a gym and pool (although the water condition was excellent it was nice to swim in later March, and sunbathe naked in the afternoon. The place didn't get hopping but it had free parking and also in-out privileges, twice in the 8-hour that your entrance fee pays for. There's an Arby's at the corner so you can get food before entering or take a break to go for take out.

The cost was quite good too compared to other baths. ($15 or $20 rooms, $10 lockers but 50% off on Tuesdays) although there is an additional day membership (or longer more economical ones, too). There is a large glory hole section, a lounge and exercise gym, but not much secluded open space to watch the 3-4 porn videos constantly playing except in the hallways. The showers, steam and dry saunas are adequate but a bit old and most people wore sandals because I suspect that athlete's foot fungus abounds. There are many places to sit either except inside the saunas or outside, although there is a small semi-secluded smoking area near the entrance.
It's really worth a try if you are in the Atlanta area. I am wondering now if they will rent out the facility or at least parts of it for a private gatherings, like an club orgy or maybe a CMNM sexual role-play event - just a thought.

However, what makes it a must-return sexual rendezvous for me was the fact that I could stay the night and also use one of my two out privileges (leaving the place without giving up the room) and visit Swinging Richard's all-male strip bar about 15 minutes away by car. Tuesdays is also reduced entry to Swinging Richard's and you'll more then enjoy the hot beefy hunks, chocolate skinned thugs, manly dudes and cute twinks who dance until very late (3 am?) and eager offer to give you public lap dances at your table, semi-private and also very private lap dances.

I have to say that I really appreciate the dance naked Tucker. He wasn't all that young but he seemed so totally genuine and liked what he was doing unlike several of the male dancers. Tucker has an unbelievable smile and charm about him that have kept up his popularity even while his body is showing the signs of advancing gradually to his middle years. More importantly, he has a good personality and seems to know how to please men without being condescending or pretentious. I wasn't drunk at all so I'm NOT raving about Tucker from the effects of a drunk stupor. There were also quite a few men of color: Black, Hispanic and maybe even Middle Eastern (or Greek). Tucker is blond, VGL, and white, but I don't hold that against him (smile). The two young 18+ twinks were really hot, but once I had tasted Tucker's manly desires (no I didn't go for the private lap dance ($140 minimum for 15 minutes), I simply could not even look at the other boys, except, of course, when they were on stage in various stages of undress until full nudity (some of the dancers did not go for the Full Monty). I hope Tucker hears about this and reads my review. Contact me if you do. I'd love to take a raincheck on a separate date with you, Tucker.

Read more reviews elsewhere about Swinging Richard's. I thoroughly enjoyed being rubbed and fondled by a naked hunky man in the VIP lounge. Yes, it's all about cash.. but I admit that it was incredibly fun spending it in this way. I was certainly heated up by the time I returned for a late-night fuck-a-thon back again at Flex. Not surprisingly, there was plenty of sexually unsatisfied men who had hung around until 8am so that I had plenty of reason to get up and get more action from 6am-8am the day I left Atlanta fully satisfied with many blowjobs (given and gotten) and plenty of ass too (yes, both ways). The guy who brought me off early Wed morning wanted to get fucked through a glory hole. I'm glad he did because I had done the same thing with a stocky Mexican dude in the outdoor garden 8 hours earlier.

I can't wait to plan another sex trip to Atlanta again. Want join me this summer, July and August 2015?
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Nude Japanese Men: A hot spring resort (onsen), public baths, or sauna

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Has anyone worked out where QueerClick get all these 'onsen' pictures from? I bet there's a forum or group somewhere, where the original photographs posts hundred of these pictures? The above question is being asked on the Yahoo Group [YMNA2] - Young Men's Nudist Association. So I have offered my own answer.

It's an interesting 'research' question, and one that is particular relevant to me since I live in Japan and visit onsen from time to time, and an all-male gay sauna pretty regularly. I have also posted these pics from Queerclick (giving them full credit) on my Gay Asian Man porn blog

(David (atitlan) can remove the link to this blog if it's not allowed. But I do not have any commercial advertising on any of my blogs, and always give the source of where the photo came from EVEN when all I know is what site or group has distributed them.)
Therefore, since I do visit 'onsen', I wonder when my own naked self in a Japanese hot springs bath/resort may appear somewhere on the Net - without my permission. P.S. I have dozens and dozens of photos depicting my own nudity that I've uploaded myself to various sites over the years, but those were given out with my recognition of the risks.
There is also a few other possible explanations for where these originated.

One of the large gay porn sites and gay porno producers may be selling off these kinds of photos as their commericial material. They could be actually stills or videos collected from video surveillance cameras located in the onsen resort and then leaked or sold to a porn company. The men in the photos (participants) don't appear to even know that their photos are being taken. Japanese act very differently when they are being photographed (nude or not). I have hundreds of candid photos of Japanese guys clowning around and attempting to cover themselves all the while putting on sometime outlandish stunts and gags while undressed partly or fully in the company of their male peers. I find it keenly interesting to observe and have written and shared photos and blog anecdotes about this homoerotic behavior many times (elsewhere).

So ... someone could be a subscribing member of one of those sites or is making still digital photos from the video footage or taking them from a subscription only website inside Japan. Photos depicting clearly visible photos for male and female (frontal) genitalia are illegal in Japan in any form or any media. That's the reason there are 'mosaic' coverings over the penises.

Another possibility is that anyone can make a contribution for photos to Queerclick through its Sticky section of their website. In fact, they ask for submissions and give out an email where viewers can send them.
In Sticky there are some regular contributors - one of whom may actually living in Japan and taking the photos himself (covertly). I couldn't pass as Japanese (being a middle-aged caucasian male) so taking photos of nude guys in the onsen or public baths or saunas would most likely be frowned on and a cause for being banned.

Many of this series of photos appears to be taken from the same location. (Note: the photo in the upper left seems like a genuine private photo (or at least NOT intended for gay male porn sites). Often, hot spring resorts and mineral baths have outdoors pools (and sometimes ornate Japanese gardens), therefore, it could possibly be easier to someone to hide behind a huge rock or tree in the garden and get these shots without being seen. While it doen't have any direct connection, I learned something about onsen and how public baths have evolved in the Japan during the last 10 years.

Lastly, I just learned recently that there are actually 58 location in central Tokyo alone where you can bath in hot mineral spring bath (although the water may be piped or trucked in for some of them, it's still natural spring mineral water, without being added artificially (or so they claim). The chief mineral in most all of them is salt. Some of them have equal or greater salinity than sea water.

I went to one of them the other night about 9:00pm since the price is greatly reduced for night time visits (open from 9am to midnight), and I was impressed by the relative spacious facilities (huge vaulted ceiling), various types of baths and temperatures, and a nice outdoor rock bath (rotenburo). No.. I did NOT bring my camera or cellphone. But there were some nice looking men - ages ranging from college kids to 30s salarymen, and nice-looking men in their 40s or so. It's pretty stimulating when a 20-something comes and lies down naked next to you in the reclining bath.

These are guys not 'gay' at all (or at least visibly), and these are basically like the old public bathhouses prevalent from feudal times until the mid-60s and 70s where the owner sat at the entrance to take the few yen, and could watch both the men and the women as they undressed and put their clothes in the lockers.

Nowadays, Japanese men and women might go as a family and then separate into the two side of the onsen building. Sometimes you can hear the women talking and laughing on the other side, but I have found that men who use these onsen type ofuro (baths) in the city usually come alone, and therefore don't converse easily with strangers. In the case of onsens in resort areas, urban dwellers usually go in groups of 2 - 15 men on a excursion with friends or a company retreat, so there is much more camaraderie, boisterous conversation, and sometimes a little sexy antics - especially if alcohol has been consumed for their entering the bath.

The exception at the urban onsen might be the wet steam sauna. Although it was quite big and could hold 30-40 bodies, and there were more people in it than in the rest of the baths at any one point, most people sat on the tile slabs nude and just relaxed. It was fun to get a nice view of several nude Japanese men in repose together

Maybe this says that (some) Japanese men at the bath were simply wanting to loose weight in the sauna, but it also might means that there is more of the naked body visible others when everyone is not sitting immersed in hot water, so that why more men had gathered there.

I could go on about the gay baths and saunas, but as you expect, those are pretty much similar to the ones in any country (I assume - since I haven't been to ones everywhere), but I have seen quite a lot.

Dare to stay bare for those who care,

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Places for finding sex in public: Cruising areas Part 2

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A Follow up of a discussion on : A response by sunbuns99 / sunbuns

This topic is a frequent one of interest to both gay and bi-curious men, of which the latter are married or involved in relationship with women and thus need some 'male-oriented' sexual release. I have blogged / talked about this many times but as the warmer weather approaches (in the northern hemisphere), thoughts of furtive sexual hunting games and orgiastic and erotic encounters in public places again captures my full attention and brings my (and maybe yours too) to full erection in anticipation of public outdoor sex with anonymous hunks and in reality, most times with regular blokes.

Where do you find the male cruising areas?

The list is not extensive or complete. I am sure many of you can recommend your own favorite gay beach or public cruising area.
Please add any you have enjoyed or know about in a comment below .

Well, it's partly gaydar.. or rather the basic hunting instinct of the male of the species. The place just seems right or you can feel the vibe of the cruisers mentality as you walk down a certain street or alley, enter a public park or seek out a less crowded corner of a local recreation area or beach. Public restrooms figure prominently in these zones of the sexual hunter. Perhaps not simply because they do offer a vehicle for 'semi-public' exposure of one's sexual and, obviously, excretory organs.
But it may be the associations, and the fact that men have just handled or are about to touch their own privates which may heighten their sexual awareness of others - particularly the men that are experiencing similar sensuous emotions - even when they can be put in actual words or envisioned in their minds as any kind of defined sexual act.

The ambiance of the gay cruise area may residence in such factors as: location, convenience, proximity to other male or gay-oriented spots (Home Depot's tool department, garden shop and its restrooms may be notorious in this respect), whether or not the male body can be exposed as normally accepted behavior, such as a public or university gymnasium lockerroom, or public swimming pool, or whether there is some chance of seeing the naked male body or at least parts of it (such as a beach, or sunbathers on grassy lawn in a big city park, or where even more explicit male (and/or female) nudity occurs, such as a strip club, or nude beach or clothing optional resort or camp, or at some public large-group events where nudity may be involved, such as Mardi Gras and Carnival, etc.

Here are some of my recommendations for places to find male-4-male sex (and gay, homoerotic or sexual stimulation or gratification in public places:

Some very large metropolitan parks in major world cities have an unspoken tradition of clandestine public sex. Englischer Garten in Munich’s central park, New York’s Central Park, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, and Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park are all places where (sometimes) and if you only know where to look you can see people (straight and gay couples) having sex. In Tokyo, a few years back, there was a kind of club of guys who made it their hobby to spy on couples making out or fucking or otherwise petting/masturbating each other and attempts to take photos (or at least use night vision binoculars).

Some large public fairs, street events and demonstrations sometimes have episodes of public sex: Southern Decadence (gay event at Labor Day in New Orleans), Mardi Gras, (at various locations), Folsom Street Fair, and Dore Alley Parade, etc… I am inclined to think it might happen at WNBR but I have no evidence to prove it (maybe just wishful thinking).

YOUR FEEDBACK and RESPONSES are appreciated:

The list is not extensive or complete. I am sure many of you can recommend your own favorite gay beach or public cruising area.

Please add any you have enjoyed or know about in a comment below .

If you have several you can also add them to a database of Cruising Spots and Places to Get Naked at Wufoo CMNM Places (online entry form):

The dunes of Maspalomas, near Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, Spain. The Canary Islands are Spanish territories off the coast of Morocco. Tons of gay semi-public and sometimes heterosexual sex going on in the dunes just behind the large nude beach (FKK) area.

2) There are dozens (if not more) nude beaches around Spain (from Barcelona to Cadiz).

Very often you can expect to see a gay men’s cruising area close by and therefore, sometimes you can view sexual acts by people (supposedly gay men) who either don’t know or who don’t care. I can give the names and locations for anyone who asks (politely). Smile!

3) Sometimes the parking lots at large beachside resorts become a sexual playground for a few adventure-some couples. Normally, only male-femalecouples can actually get away with it. But it does happen between men when there are the right circumstances - such as a full moon (April 18 is the next one) or when there is a nude beach nearby.

I watched a mixed race couple (M/F) fuck in the parking lot to Black’s Beach (along with quite a few other people) across from UCSD campus. It was really hot watching a big dick-clubbed black dude butt-pounded from behind a white woman with her bikini rolled down her legs, whom he either had just picked up on the nude beach, or with whom he had been ‘overstimulated’ by spending an afternoon out on the nude beach (mixed sexes).

P.S. Due to greater police and ranger patrols, this seems to becoming rarer.

A few such clothing optional beaches in the US that USED to have some public sex going on (either hidden or safely discreet) were:

Nude or Gay Beaches in the US

A few such clothing optional beaches in the US that USED to have some public sex going on (either hidden or safely discreet).

At least, I had the pleasure of getting lucky with one or more male sexual partners at each of the following public beaches:

a) Herring Cove State Beach, Provincetown, Cape Cod, Mass. (new patrols make it difficult to even be naked, and the rangers also patrol the dunes looking for illicit behavior to arrest guys)
b) Black’s Beach, La Jolla, between UCSD and Torrey Pines State Preserve (Park)
c) Baker’s Beach, San Francisco, near Golden Gate Bridge Land’s End Park, near The Presidio - not far from Seal Rock
d) San Onofre Beach Park, (no longer legally a nudist beach)
e) Williamette River, Eugene, Oregon - near Lane Community College, also near a concrete plant - a river side swimming area used to be a gay cruising zone, and was a place that hippies and college kids could get naked and fuck in peace.

Some very large metropolitan parks in major world cities have an unspoken tradition of clandestine public sex. Englischer Garten in Munich’s central park, New York’s Central Park, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, and Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park are all places where (sometimes) and if you only know where to look you can see people (straight and gay couples) having sex. In Tokyo, a few years back, there was a kind of club of guys who made it their hobby to spy on couples making out or fucking or otherwise petting/masturbating each other and attempts to take photos (or at least use night vision binoculars).

Some large public fairs, street events and demonstrations sometimes have episodes of public sex: Southern Decadence (gay event at Labor Day in New Orleans), Mardi Gras, (at various locations), Folsom Street Fair, and Dorey Alley Parade, etc… I am inclined to think it might happen at WNBR but I have no evidence to prove it (maybe just wishful thinking).
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Russian River - Cool and classy gay summer getaway in California

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or ]

Russian River, at Guerneville, California.

The Russian River resort and recreation area, is located about 70 miles from San Francisco, California; it has changed somewhat since I used to visit there regularly. Then there was the flood of 2006. Some establishments were just wiped off the map - so to speak. Others would recuperate after the expense of repairs and loss of business and have come back with gusto. Others decided to go 'straight' and clean up their act. However, the area is thriving both as a wine producing area that - to some degree - rivals its high profile neighbor, Napa Valley, and as a summer resort / recreation area which has a long tradition of attracting gay and lesbians day-trippers and vacationers. The main 'town' is Guerneville, CA - but there are a sprinkling of little hamlets nestled along the banks of the meandering Russian River as flows quietly to the Pacific Ocean or scattered through Sonoma County.

Russian River remains a great destination for San Francisco residents to escape the urban din or anyone visiting the state or city who wants a more laid-back and pastoral travel experience. It offers a lot: canoeing or rafting on the gentle Russian River, vineyard visits and wine-tasting tours, outdoor recreation like hiking and horseback riding, and all with a hour or so from other great sites, such as San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, Fisherman's Wharf, The Castro, and the Sonoma Coast Beach Parks along with Bodega Bay.

See more info at:

Although I have been there recently since I did go for the Russian River Winegrower's Association Grape to Glass Wine Festival last year Aug 13-15, 2009, I stayed at Highlands Resort. It will be held again this year from August 20 - 22, 2010. You can find the details at:

I just love that Russian River Pinot Noir! It's light red with a delightful bouquet of tastes given to it by the fog along the banks of the Russian River. It was actually my first time to try it, and I have been a big fan of it ever since.

I've already mentioned Highland Resort allows nudity around pool and also at the jacuzzi. It is sometimes hard to book a room/cabin at either so make up you mind soon. Last year, I greatly enjoyed the Grape To Glass (Russian River Winegrowers Annual Festival). You can take part in three days of fine wine, food, music, art and recreation in the vineyards and neighborhoods of the Russian River Valley:
Unique In Depth Tours • Virtual Photo Contest • Live Concert • Cycling & Kayaking • Hog in The Fog BBQ • Live & Silent Auctions • Sparkling Brunch

I didn't attend all the events at Grape to Glass last year, but the private vintner tours and wine-tasting were very nice, especially if you get to meet the winemaker (and all the staff who help grow it). The Saturday massive wine-tasting party and barbeque, called Hog in The Fog BBQ, was quite nice as well.

As far as I know, the only clothing-optional resorts are Highland Resort and The Woods.

Highlands Resort
Nudity is allowed at the pool and and in the hot tub.

The Woods The Woods resort allows nudity around and in the pool.
There are other places listed here:

Fife's has changed hands, now known as Fern Grove Cottages is a gay-friendly resort. It seems the new owners wanted it to be a 'classy' place so they put an end to the camping (I used to try to be nude whenever possible), and also to the cruising (anonymous outdoor sex) that used to go on on its grounds. Too bad! However, things like that have a way of restarting - but I cannot vouch for that.

RRR (Russian River Resort) is another popular gay accommodation right in Guerneville. RRR used to allow nudity in its enclosed hot tub area, but not at their pool, and it may still do so. You can probably still buy a day-pass to get in and use the pool.
RRR was remodeled in 2006 after the flood. They have a new saline pool, hot tub, poolside bar/BBQ, indoor bar and piano bar. The resort also has the wonderful Triple R Bar & Grill restaurant. We are a host resort for many wonderful annual events as well as providing live weekly entertainment.
See their website at:

There is also a nude beach (of sorts) out on the river, but I have never been able to get anyone to explain exactly how to get to it, so I have never been there myself. It's not close to town evidently and takes a good while to walk (or drive). Horseback riding in the redwood forest (nearby) and winery (wine-tasting) visits, plus floating down the Russian River make for a great week (or weekend of fun).

Armstrong Woods Trail Rides
See other activities links at:

Sometime there are events at the gay bars that bring in more people, but it was mostly just a few people whenever I was there in the off weekend.

There is a old theater in downtown Guerneville that hosts a repetoire of classic and kooky favorities plays and shows, such as The Rocky Horror Show, (or at least it had been doing so.) There are also a couple of jazz and rock music festivals and other events, like a airshow that happen throughout the year.
For those who enjoy camping, you can camp out at Highland Resort, or at Johnson's a RV and tent campground riverside right in town.

I recommend driving back from Guerneville to San Francisco via the Sonoma Coast (at least part of the way) and stopping along the road at Bodega Bay, which was a location of the Hitchcock film, The Birds. However, it's pristine coastline views are gorgeous (when the fog has lifted). That fog is what flows up the Russian River and adds to the makeup of flavors in the Russian River pinot noir grapes.
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Nudist Travel in Spain Part II : Advice for the Adventurous LBGT Traveler Series

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or ]

Advice for the Adventurous LBGT Traveler Series: Nudist Travel in Spain, Part II

Nudism on beaches in Spain is very much alive and well, and hardly confined to the recreational pursuits of gay men. There is a wide audience across the nation for naturism (FKK) beaches.

Of course, where you find a nude beach, you may also find men who are out and about cruising for anonymous sex. It's simply what comes with the territory -- so to speak.
Like has been mentioned above, there are clothing optional beaches all over Spain. Sometimes, they are just outside (a kilometer or 2 beyond) the famous textile (bathing suits required) beaches.

For example, near Gandia, south of Valencia, is a pristine white sand beach. But just up coast about 800 m is the clothing optional section (a bit further and behind that is the so-called 'gay beach'). I suspect that a similar layout falls many of the seaside beaches throughout Spain and it is also more or less similar in many other European nations, particularly where the beautiful sea is bathed in warm sunshine, such as Portugal, Italy, Southern France, Croatia, etc (and in some cooler climates as well, The Netherlands and Northern Germany, Norway and Sweden, too.) Even Austria and Czech Republic have their 'baden' where men and women bath and lie out naked to sun themselves at communal baths (although very far from any ocean).

My personal favorite one is Spain is Maspolamas and Playa del Ingles on the southern end of Gran Canaria (one of the Canary Islands). It's also a popular gay resort destination too (in the cooler months of the year Nov- April). In the summer, Gran Canaria is a (fairly) cheap beach vacation for many middle-class families from Europe so there are few gay vacations at that time. I say 'fairly cheap' because I spent far less to travel there and stay than many of the UK/Northern Europe visitors seemed to do. After leaving GC, I visited London. I couldn't believe the prices in British pounds that were being asked for a full travel package to GC (or other Canary Island resorts).

You can make out much cheaper by buying each piece separately: flights (on a discounted carrier), hotel or apartment accommodation with a kitchen, then cook yourselves and eat out cheaply). There is ample bus transportation around the island and back and forth to the airport (LPA) - without getting one of the very pricey tour packages that includes so-called 4-5 star accommodations and a full board meal plan.
Such price restrictions also put a limit on what you can do while you are on the island since meal service is planned for certain limited times. The Yumbo Centre only gets really going for gay night life until after 10pm at night. Thus making breakfast from 7:30-9am a bummer for most gay singles and couples who visit the island.

I just posted a long piece about Nudism in Spain (see another topic here under Travel forum).
You can also see my former post about gay travel and gay resorts at:

Just to be brief, my list of favorite gay destinations is:

Gran Canaria (in Spain's Canary Islands) - famou
London (you can do a lot of gay stuff indoors and also have the world's best travel destination as your playground too).
Provincetown (in the summer)
San Francisco, CA
Near SF, including Russian River Valley (and / or Napa Valley) for wineries
Amsterdam (and gay beaches on the coast)
Palm Springs, CA
San Diego, CA (La Jolla and Torrey Pines State Park with adjacent nudist beach)
Fort Lauderdale (or Key West), Florida
Southern France (from Nice to Montpellier to Carcasonne - offers quite a lot in the way both gay travel, nudism, and natural, cultural and historical sights).
Spain: Madrid, Barcelona/ Sitges, and Southern Spain
Basque Country (Bilbao - less gay but amazing scenery and sightseeing)
Czech Republic
Munich or Berlin (both are great)
Bali, Indonesia (some great sites, and cultural adventures, active gay bars)
Tokyo, Japan

This post was created following a post by person on a different discussion board from Atlanta, who wanted to get some travel advice about taking an 'exciting gay vacation." But I had to remind him that Atlanta itself has some very nice gay places: Swinging Richard's, and Flex Atlanta to name two of them. Sometimes, we miss the best of what we should find in our own back yard. (smile).
and the list goes on.....

If you have some travel advice, then you can contribute it on the appropriate tribe or include it in a comment to this Tribe blog post.
Also from time to time, I will repost with these new added content and also include more than just one photo at:

May the sun mostly shine at your next destination,

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Nudism and Incest: Father and Sons

[Note: To see the fully illustrated version of this blog post, go to either:
or ]

It may be that those who don't have children (of either sex) might possibly 'project' what might be their own doubts (or fears or sexual inclinations) when they consider how gay or bisexual fathers could be perfectly comfortable being naked with their children (especially sons), or even want to make sure that they DO get the opportunity to learn / experience being comfortable naked with their dads and other men.

I don't ever recall having the slightest urge to 'know' my own sons biblically (i.e. in a less than wholesome way) and never gave the first thought to being sexually attracted to them. I'd be less than honest to say that this was not always true about some of their high school friends and soccer teammates. However, I never ever acted on these thoughts - although I wouldn't morally condemn some man who did - that's not what the issue or the original question on this thread is about. I'm not rejecting the possibility that some fathers could have more than an affectionate or fatherly interest in their sons, but I'd bet that most do not.

In my own case, there was no willful desire, ulterior motive or sinistre plan to let the boys see me (and my wife) naked. It was just a natural family thing. We did not raise them in Judeo-Christian religion-influenced America so that probably had a lot to do with reasons why it just seemed natural. We bathed together, went to public baths and hot springs resorts, and a few sometime visited nude beaches (or clothing-optional spots, in other countries - such as Greece and Munich's Englischergarten). Conversations sometimes included references to what they saw or were experiencing and there were the inevitable questions. But it was appropriate and in context - so it was a good way and good time to answer their questions: about sex or sexual attraction or feelings and behavior.

I think my sons today have a healthy respect for the human body and an amazing tolerance for diversity - including my own bisexuality, which evidently was even clear to them long before we actually told them.

I can't say that it's all attributable to our being nude together as a family but I think it was a contributing factor or at least just one in a long series of ways of thinking and ways of treating people and being nude that helped them to be open and honest about sexual issues, and not be morally uptight or self-righteous about gender, nudity and human sexual behavior.

They are both heterosexual and over 21-year-old male adults. I am talking about our being nude when they were infants, young boys and into the teenage years. We don't have as much occasion to get naked together these days.

Well... they do mean something.... what more can I say. I'll try.
I was TRYING to support you in the idea that being nude with your sons (or any kids) can be (even should be) something that's very natural and not a cause for alarm. (like some of the hyper-moralistic gay men are suggesting).

BUT .. it does depend on the situation (where you take them and what you 'show' them both physically and your own mental messages to the boys. And it also depends a lot on the boys' (children) own self-understanding and self-acceptance.
Hey, I'm not perfect. The 'idea' of a father and son being sexually involved is a secret fantasy. I enjoy reading Handjobs But it IS just fantasy material - I find I am not attracted at all to my own offspring. However, the thought has crossed my mind often enough about other fathers and their sons.

I think that all boys have at least one time or another (or maybe more than that) had to come to grips with the thought of their father as a sexual being or even an object of some kind of sexual emotions or physical intimacy. But they usually grow out (of it) and grow up (more interested in other things or girls (or guys) their own age before any attraction toward their dad is acted upon. Close to 90% of boys have experience with sexual 'play' with other boys - it's about being a male of the human species.

Fathers are likely to have experienced these same fleeting feelings (and then usually they passed ) and the realization about their sons growing up sexually. I noticed that the discussion has since about stopped. There was one point that had many people curious. You avoided answering the question about your son's ages. In today's climate of "anti-child predator" and all the media hype about child sexual abuse, and Internet child/teen sex / chat rooms etc, I realize you probably don't want to admit much of anything, but you could have said just that it's private or that it's not important to the gist of the discussion. By the way, I would not fault you if you did admit you enjoy being admired by your sons (I don't care what age they are).

Hope you can get what I meant.
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Caught Jerking in a Public Park by a Young Japanese Guy

[Note: This story is published in its fully illustrated version at either:
or ]

An original story first published on my JUB blog
by sunbuns99 / sunbuns / sunbunz

Some of the photos are of me and a few were even taken on this day by cellphone camera. But the others are just photos found on the Net. I obviously didn't get a photo the stranger who caught me naked and jerking -- although now I wish I had asked him to take a picture.

I do a lot of travelling to Asia -- recently to Hong Kong and into southern China and have lived in Tokyo for long periods at a time. I want to tell about flashing a clothed Japanese guy in Tokyo a couple of summer .. actually, it was one of the first times to really flash a guy and get more than just a reaction. He seemed to really like seeing me nude and enjoyed watching me jerk off. It happened in a public park on Tokyo Bay and the young man was a complete stranger who was attracted by his noticing I was naked in a public park where other people where around. It caused hime to come closer and catch me masturbating and even to encourage me to ejaculate. It was one of the hottest experiences I've ever had with a stranger.

It was in early June and I had some time off so I went down to Odaiba -- which is a large man-made island in Tokyo Bay just across the Rainbow Bridge (I think that is name). There is a beach (not much good for swimming because the water is so dirty, but there are some windsurfers in the water). Out passed this sandy beach which is about 1000 m/yds longs, there is a walkway out to some old man-made islands (one is exactly square).
These were built to appear to be fortifications and there were large fake cannons (highly phallic - if you ask me) that were supposed to scare off Admiral Perry and the American Navy way back in the mid 1800s. Anyway, this area is a public park now. So I headed out there one sunny Friday in June to check it out. I found one corner of the 'square' island where there were fewer people. It faced the long suspension bridge that spanned from Odaiba island over to main Tokyo.

The island has a embankment around the perimeter but the entire center is at a much lower level so you have to climb up stairs to reach the banks -- this means that many people don't actually see over perimeter as they walk around the island. There were some other people (partly clothed) sunning themselves further on down this side of the island so I decided to strip down to undies and catch some rays.

One guy was wearing only a fundoshi - the wrap around loin cloth that used to be traditional Japanese underwear and now is typically only worn during festivals. Seeing him almost nude inspired me.
It wasn't long before I went further and took off all clothes. It was a grassy slope leading down the bank and I was sitting under a tree so it was not so clearly obvious to pedestrians who went up the stone stairs 30 ft behind me that I was nude. But if someone came off the walkway along the embankment and walked down the grassy slope, they get a good idea. So it was not a blatant act of flashing .. I was sunbathing nude, but that would only be clear to someone who was curious enough to approach me. There were boats that passed in the harbor which might have been able to see more if the driver or passengers were interested -- also pedestrians who walked along the bridge walkway could catch a glimpse of a nude form in the grass but they could not clearly identify me unless that had binoculars (or a zoom lens) since the bridge was far off. I stayed for nearly two hours -- not much happened.

Another foreign guy (not Japanese -- I think he was European) came up and seemed interested. He sat down about 50 ft away and sometimes gave me a look. Later he got up and came over to ask a question about directions, I was pretty sure that he was not going to scream in panic and just wanted to get a closer look so I really didn't cover up. But he was pretty much on the level and didn't comment on my nudity or really show that much interest either. So he moved on after we chatted just a minute.

Well, I found that very stimulating to be sitting there nude in a public park in Tokyo -- admittedly it was rather isolated, but it was one of my first flashing experiences. I never consider being naked on nude beaches as flashing - -although I suppose if you are showing a hard cock in the dunes like you are baiting a cocksucker with a hook, line, and sinker -- that might count. I've done that.. but this was the first time to be completely naked in front of strangers (few and far between ) in a public park where most people would NOT expect nudity.

It was not too long afterward that I noticed a younger Japanese guy (maybe 20) walking along the embankment on my right. There was a concrete gulley (used to drain the central plain of the island) that was too wide to cross between us. He noticed me and then he sat down on a bench about 75 ft away but kept looking over at me, obviously intrigued. I lay back at one point so that he could get a real glimpse of cock and pubic hair so he could confirm I was really nude. That would either get his juices going or he'd just leave if he were not interested in seeing dick. Sure enough, he got up but with an obvious glint of real interest in his eyes. So he made his way back up the ridge, and then proceeded down in the center of the island and disappeared. In a short time, he reappeared at the top again and looked around, seeming to decide if it was all right to approach me.

After all, I was this naked foreign (white) guy sititing in the grass on a warm summer's day not far from downtown Tokyo. I don't think it was something he had ever seen -- neither was it something I had ever done -- so blatantly. He kept his eyes on me -- wanting to get a look at my cock which had now stood up hard and erect - since his interest was so obvious. I was starting to drip pre-cum as he made his way down the slope and around the tree and then stopped in front of me - standing between me and the bridge in the distance.

He sat down on one of the poles that supported the single length of chain that roped off the edge of the bank, staring at my erection. He was definitely cute and I could see the lust in his eyes -- I was really excited and as he sat there I could not help but reach for my hard cock and stroke it. He moved up closer and stood over me as I stroked more. He braced my legs with his and pushed them wider so that he could get a better look at my ass crack too. He urged to me on -- asking in Japanese, ' Ii kimochi?' (Does that feel good?) I grunted in response and he asked me to go on beating, 'motto yatte'. (Do it more). I wanted him to reach down and touch me but he kept glancing to his left and right down either side of the embankment. Still he was encouraging me to keep stroking, 'ii nah".. "kimochi?". "Yatte." I could not keep quiet because it was SO hot to be watched by a complete stranger in a public park who was clearly enjoying the show. I was moaning too and responding to his taunts I pushed against his legs and raised up to reach for his cock through his loose athletic pants, but he pulled upright. Maybe he was straight or maybe he was too cautious to do anything himself, but he was certainly very interested in watching me jerk my cock which was copiously leaking clear pre-cum across my belly. It didn't take long at this point before I was ready to let my cum fly.

The guy watched more intently and bent over to get a closer look when my spunk started to splatter my stomach and chest. When I was done, he gave me a smile, checked around to see if we had been observed by anybody else. He adjusted his own erection in his pants to make it less obvious and then walked away. It took me a few minutes to get cleaned up but I decided not to press my luck so I got dressed and left shortly after that. It was my first public masturbation for a stranger -- it started me on my 'career' as a cock flasher, I guess. But so far, I've not had quite a similar experience. I have only one regret -- not asking him to take a picture of me jacking in front of him with my cell phone. I have some cell phone cam photos taken then but they don't show him.
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Backwoods home to a great gay community in rural Tennessee: - CMNM Meetup Aug 7-9, 2015 at Timberfell

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:
or ]

You can sign up to attend the CMNM events at Timberfell Lodge, August 7 - 9, 2015 at:

I promised myself a good while back that I would write a review of Timberfell Lodge, the outdoorsy gay resort in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. I made good on the promised, but it's now midwinter (again -- funny how that became an annual occurrence), and Im already dreaming again of hot summer days and warm nights camping out at Timberfell.

Before the great memories fade completely, I will try to remember some of what occurred there during my first visit to Timberfell. It will definitely not be my last time to go.

Now that is mid-winter, I'm beginning to crave those long hot days of a Tennessee summer, and the sweltering nights of torrid passion that you can easily experience on an evening in rural Appalachia.

SPECIAL NOTE: Timberfell would make a great venue for a Daddy-Boy Retreat or a CMNM Weekend, complete with circus tent for live role-plays and exhibitions. I think I'm going to try to get one started there for summer this year or next -- hopefully during August (between Mr. Timberfell Contest Weekend and Labor Day) -- perhaps in conjunction with these or another existing annual event on the Timberfell calendar.

Although it is located in rural Tennessee, there is most everything you'd want to have at the resort grounds: a nice dining room, a variety of accommodations (from camping to deluxe rooms), plenty of men of all ages and body types, different races, persuasions, and passions. There are lots of nooks and crannies for anonymous sex, a great sense of community, and isolation from the main street (a county road) for complete nudity, plus reasonable rates, exciting home-spun events with enough technicality to be enjoyable,... and more.

There is while isn't still time this season (Winter 2015) to camp out, they do have rooms and a bunk-bed dorm for the less outdoorsy.
Labor Day Weekend in September, long gone now, was one of their biggest annual events, and the last major one before the pool closes later that month, followed on by their annual Cocktobear-Fest in October. There are few more events during the winter season, but when the weather starts to warm up, that's when things getting boiling hot in the Great Ol' Outdoors at Timberfell Lodge and Campground.

What's hot and what is there to do?

1) Bears galore - If you're into them, you'll have a large assortment to dazzle your fancy. There are other types of guys too.. like me (gray fox), and otters, panthers, and wily coyotes, too. There are NOT too many twinks, however (awhhh!) every once in a while, a slim twinky-type does make an appearance, so a car-load of youngish, collegiate-looking dudes waltz in proudly onto the property. It just depends.

When I attended the Mr. Timberfell Contest Weekend, there were only 4 young men (20s), who were there because one of them (a hunky stud) was competing for the title.
I'd say the average age is 45 - and there are plenty of older men, and quite a lot of younger ones 30 - 45. But only a few below 29. I did meet a 20-year-old who was into older guys, and a 70-something dude who was into younger (tweens). It's all relative.. after all.

2) The location is rather isolated, which means you have drive a while from the nearest town. But it also means that you can be nude anywhere on the resort (except the dining room).

3) There is a festive gay atmosphere for the weekend events; it's pretty laid back during the weekdays, but it really depends on who's visiting at the resort, and who is staying at one of the two trailer/camping car mini-communities located adjacent to the Timberfell property.

4) The bar is open to outsiders, day visitors, and to guests, as are some of the nighttime events, so there is a chance you can encounter some enchanted stranger for a hot evening of sex under the stars or some fraternal nude swimming during the day in the medium-sized pool and sunbathing terrace.

5) Having sex is not guaranteed but highly likely if you've got what it takes (smile). Public sex is not allowed, but there was plenty going on in the private areas. (Above photo is the blog author)

6) While it 'ain't the Ritz', there are fairly nice facilities at the resort. BYOB (bring your own bottle) is allowed for wine and hard liquor. Since they sell beer, you cannot bring beer in the resort (private tents and rooms excepted,) but you can buy beer there in the canteen. The food served is like a home-style buffet - if you're not really a camp-style cook, you can purchase and meal plan, or just buy tickets for individual meals. The pool and large sun deck, sauna, and steam room can get active - especially at night - they are open all night for your pleasure (smile).

7) The best thing was meeting the great guys - I had great conversations and still managed to get off at the right time

Costs: Check it out online - but campsite $15 for 1 person per night, breakfast $6, dinner $20, poolside beer $3, snacks $3
From camping (in a tent or camper), to a bunk in the bunkhouse, to a room with shared toilet, to a fine private bedroom with private bath. It's all up to you! They have events all year long - even when it's too cold to camp outdoors. So you should book early.

ADDED Bonus: The events are not very expensive, and day-guests are abundant on weekends. Also, there is actually a community of gay men who live (and a few work on site) at the resort full-time, particularly in the summer months. There are rentable trailer and RV sites for those who want a live-in gay nude resort experience 24/7.

Find out more at:

You have to realize that Timberfell is way back in rural, Bible-belt America. If you drive passed it, (easily to do since its unmarked except for the street number), you'll end up in one of the most redneck parts of Tennessee, where the regular pastime could well be cornholing unsuspecting Yankee tourists, a la Deliverance (see film / novel of the same name) . However, Timberfell Lodge is a little gay oasis where bear-mauling truckers, silver-maned bikers, beefy jarheads, countryfied southern gentry, and white trailer trash all mingle rather happily, mostly naked around the pool or guzzling moonshine (not actually) in the dance-hall tavern-bar just up the hill.

Maybe we can get a group of interested people from to convene for some down-home fun and good times. Hey, ya'll come, y'hear!

Kelly ( originally posted on on Sept. 4, 2010, now with revisions Jan. 25, 2015)


Previous Post about the Mr. Timberfell Contest Event to be held next on August 7-9, 2015, at Timberfell Lodge near Greeneville, TN, actually near the North Carolina border and gateway to the Appalachian Mountains.)

Come out to the woods and get naked, my friends. The weekend of August 7-9, 2015, is the annual Mr. Timberfell Competition.

Tucked deep in a hollow of the Southern Appalachians is Timberfell Lodge, a paradise for men seeking either solitude or camaraderie with their gay brothers and where inhibitions are shed as easily as clothing…

What is There to Do at Timberfell?

After breakfast and conversations lingering over fresh-brewed coffee, guests head for the pool, hike the gentle or more demanding trails circling the lodge property, or do nothing at all. This is when camaraderie is strongest and new friendships are forged. If the thought of getting dirt on your dock siders or having your hair mussed by tree branches drives you crazy, there are a number of alternatives to a wilderness walk.

Swim in the large, 20′ by 40′ heated clothing-optional pool or simply watch while sunbathing. Relax in the steam room or redwood sauna. Towels are provided for guests’ convenience while at the pool.

You can to relax in a heavenly 20-man sauna or “plunk” on the oversized porch and watch the sun setting between the mountains. There are some music / party/ dance events planned (clothing required), as well as the special activities around the Mr. Timberfell Competition, with a Benefit Mixer (free drinks with $5 donation) on Sat. Aug 8, from 2-4pm. Followed by the main event, the Mr. Timberfell Pageant later that evening.

Some CMNM events that could possibly be held at Timberfell, although they are not sponsored or endorsed by the lodge, but are privately organized by the some of the Mr. Timberfell Weekend attendees. Moreover, there are multiple acres of property and enough private areas (sauna) where CMNM interactions can occur. Some special events like strip poker, truth and dare, costume parties and role plays are planned during this Mr. Timberfell weekend, August 7 - 9. Plus, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the natural environment and the gay men's social events arranged for the weekend.

SPECIAL EVENT: Saturday, August 8, 2015, Annual Mr. Timberfell Competition and Benefit Mixer,

Last year’s competition was the HOTTEST ever with more than 15 men competing for cash, lodging prizes and the coveted title of Mr. Timberfell. This a big weekend with great parties and music.

A benefit event, the Leather and Cocktails Charity Mixer, will be held from 2-4pm on August 14, entrance $5 donation, free drinks, silent auction, and music by Ft. Lauderdale DJ, Dr. D.

There are variety of accommodations from primitive camping to cabins or bunkbed dorm rooms. Book early to get your choice of rooms. Meal plans are available the including breakfast and dinner.
Beer is available for purchase or bring your own wines and hard liquor.
Interested contestants call our office or email Timberfell for details at their site:

Timberfell Lodge Driving address:
2240 Van Hill Road, Greeneville, TN 37745 (actually about 2 miles or less from the US 81 interchange, north on Baileyton Rd).

Mailing address: 1416 Baileyton Main St, Greeneville, TN 37745

Contact us by Phone or Fax:
Lodge: (423) 234-0833
Fax: (423) 234-8512
Toll-Free: (800) 437-0118

Timberfell Lodge (and Campground) is located about 65 miles further east from Knoxville off of Interstate Hwy 81. So it's about a 4-hour from Nashville, and roughly more or less 4 hours from Atlanta, Georgia or Charlotte, North Carolina. If driving, take Interstate 81 South to Exit 36 (Baileyton/Greeneville). Then drive north on Route 172 toward Baileyton to the Shell Station Truck Stop. From the truck stop, travel 2 mile, turn right at wide gravel drive, proceed through gate, follow driveway all the way to the main lodge approximately 3/4 mile.

Actual address: 2240 Van Hill Road, Greeneville, TN 37745

Contact Club CMNM Event Organizer at: sunbunz (@)
Club CMNM Events:
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Starting a Blog: Deciding on your purpose may take some time, but it's worth the effort

[ You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry at either:
or ]

Starting a blog is an idea that always excites a budding or would-be writer. We all have that basic urge to leave our thoughts inscribed somewhere for posterity, an instinct akin to the one that also drives the sexual libido - at least in part, - the primordial necessity to procreate. Having an audience of any kind is of paramount importance as a writer whether newbie, old-timer, or one who is still craving the 'writer's experience' -- even if the audience is only one member - the blogger himself. Several commenters and other bloggers have mentioned that they write first and foremost for themselves, and often solely of themselves. I think keeping up a blog –regularly enough to create a following audience - may very well depend on getting some kind of audience initially, or even just the possibility that a few people actually can find and are reading it.

For the dozen or so blogs, in my case [if you can actually call them that], I use JustusBoys (sometimes) and Blogger (less now that Goggle is deleted what it calls 'spam' blogs), but more and more frequently I am using Goggle's Blogger, JustUsBoys (personal pages), Tumblr, and, but not solely because Typepad and Wordpress (no porn / adult content allowed on the Wordpress hosted version) are useful, too. Wordpress hosted on the company's own servers does not allow pornographic material so that kind of limits what gay content can be published there. I actually think of those blogs as either my memory banks (places to store stuff I want to retrieve later, or 'semen deposits' - places where I store photos, stories and stuff that excited me when I saw it.

Consequently, not ever so-called blog post is even text or image intended for a real audience. However, some people are definitely only likely to continue writing if they can get some type of feedback about their efforts and the content (albeit, self-focused stories). Therefore , I recommend that first time bloggers start out by making blog-type posts inside another social networking site (Not Facebook!). Obviously, JustUsBoys is a good candidate. As you can see, they have recently upgraded both their members profiles, the forums (discussion boards) and their blog (although I really do wish they had included the capacity to insert HTML (Blogger, Typepad and Posterous all have the function).

Even Xtube has a blog function, also so does,, which is a good place to get a few people to notice and comment on your blogs -- whether they be literary narratives, simple diaries, opinionated essays, or just sharing a sexual adventure or romance, or some new realization about life, or something interesting or attractive that you've found in the real world or the virtual one, and even the odd rant or rage sometime. is also a widely known porn-focused site, but dit allows members to interact in forums and create a blog (now with some enhanced features). was actually the original Facebook-like social network -- at least conceptually, and it still has a great following of alternative eggheads and potheads, along with some other truly great people, some of whom also write. It is mainly composed of many sexually liberated people who freely mix explicit sexual content along with their contemporary sentiments and sensibilities found so abundantly in our chaotic world(s)... Smile.

I sometimes have the notion that not everyone on Tribe is from the planet Earth, me included (sly grin). Perhaps others can name some other (similar or not) places where newbie bloggers can find a niche and a sympathetic audience (sometimes by default).

JustusBoys is firmly grounded in commercial sales and marketing of gay media (porn) and products. Therefore, its 'services' for social networking have a decidedly "down-to-earth", and 'back to business' tone. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the free (so far) services that JUB does provide. I've said it often to my (imaginary) readers, and privately to dozen of non-blogging members of those sites above: The best way to write is find a topic that you care about and then respond. From that response (usually yours and others' comments to the poster/blogger and the reactions that ensue) may come the crystal of a idea that can easily turn into a valuable blogpost. At least in your own mind, it will have value and be worth repeating, i.e, posting elsewhere.

Sometimes, it a matter of self-confidence, and also a realization that real writers are never actually born as great manipulators of word and thought. In fact, they just develop themselves into that self-definition, and are shaped and reshaped by the nature of their work as writers (communicators), and by the perceived feedback (enjoyment, useful, sympathy, empathy, and exhilaration (sexual and/or emotional) of their audience) This blog post actually started out as a comment (response) to another person's blog post, and the ideas that it generated in me.

It has now become the seed (or the whole peach) of a posting on several of my personal narrative blogs. It took on again a new life and was subsequently revised and lengthened in response to a new development: the debut of JUB's improved blogging tools. I separate my various blogs (nearly two dozen of them) into different functions to serve my own dichotomies of thought and interests: sexual (gay, straight and bisexual or non-sexual) , social, political, emotional and spiritual. It's not necessary to do that for most people, but I find that I tend to follow those bloggers who usually stick to a theme, or at least, who have a thematic core to their message, instead of constantly changing from one mundane topic to another as if the events of life direct their consciousness instead of the other way around.

Unfortunately, quite a few of the 'blogs' here on JustUsBoys do exactly that: skip around randomly and also fail to cover the issue/topic/event thoroughly. Most are far too short to be useful. (OK.. you can also argue that some (like mine) are too long to appeal to the average readers/members. Quality is something that requires a sense of discipline as a writer/thinker AND as a reader. It helps when there is an appreciative audience. So when I do manage to find one blog entry on JUB (or elsewhere) that's entertaining, useful or otherwise, meaningful, I try to give the writer more than 'thumbs up' sign. 'Liking' a post is good and better than no response at all, but it is ultimately not very instructive or reflective of what the person (reader) actually got from a blog post or other writing/photo work.

OK.... I may not have convinced you to begin a blog. It's not such an easy thing to do - or to do well... particularly when one has high standards of journalistic writing. Still, I hope many more people (gay, bi and curious men here on JUB) will attempt it. My wish is that many others will enjoy the fruits of those efforts (as readers and responders), and let the authors know that their writing is appreciated, that it has improved (or positive critique), or whatever. Be grateful for it, even if it provokes anger or disagreement. Go with blog and be good at doing it. Ciao,

Kelly (sunbuns99 or sunbuns) :rb:

(P.S. I am currently a bit fixated on some erotic experiences I have recently experienced with male masseurs and physical therapists, thus, the porn pic at the top. Secondly, as I live in Japan and surrounded by men in my daily live 98% of whom are Japanese, so that accounts for the later photo of Asian men. Finally, I love celebrity fake porn photos, particularly the one with Justin Bieber looks very authentic - although it's *probably* not him. )

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