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[CMNM] Doctor, Parts 1-3

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When cute college student Will gets accepted into a prestigious study abroad program, he thinks he's finished with the hard part. His fellow entry and he need to get a medial exam from the campus doctor. But standing in his way is one last requirement - a physical from the campus doctor - and Dr. Stevens isn't letting him go without first giving him a very thorough examination. So he and his fellow applicant go to visit Dr. Stevens, who finds them intriguing male specimens.

He is the father of three children and as he has not had a complete physical in over 10 years, new patient Lance Bennett is way overdue. Questioning about his current lifestyle, it becomes painfully obvious that he has neglected his own medical needs in favor of his family; he is the father of three children. He has been married and faithful to the same woman and now only uses condoms for protection from procreation. Suggesting he strip down to his underwear, I have him mount the exam table when he is ready.

Lance admitted to being both a social drinking and a cigarette smoker when he drinks so I was prepared for a bit higher than normal blood pressure and in that regard, I was not disappointed. However, I did not detect any breathing irregularities and his extremities responded most favorably upon examination. I am speaking of his penis, for as I pulled open his briefs to check the femoral pulse, he quickly became aroused. Confined within the tight space of his briefs, I suggested that he might remove them before I continued further.

As I palpated his penis, he quickly became fully aroused and his penis was actually bouncing up and down like the diving board at the community swimming pool. I further examined his erection while he stood at the end of the exam table for his hernia check.
Positioned onto his hands and knees, Lance received his first prostate examination and judging by the soft moans from the patient, it was a pleasurable encounter, which prompted me to insert a second finger into his rectum to explore the body cavity further.
Removing my fingers, I reached into the exam table and retrieved the anoscope as this was a perfect opportunity to examine his rectum deeper. At each procedure, Lance was docile and permitted me to perform any procedure that I deemed appropriate. As he responded well to the prostate stimulation, I lubricated a butt plug to provided sustained pressure onto his prostate to assist him as he produced a shattering semen specimen moments later.

----------The above CMNM medical fetish pics were forwarded message ----------
From: Rom on the [CMNM]a Google group
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Men in Uniform: CMNM in our Imaginations and in our Lives

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When you see a man or men in uniform, there is also something that comes to mind immediately: a completely naked man - out of uniform. That is what mentally completes or complements in our mind's eye what we are actually seeing for real (in the picture) situation because if a guy is in uniform then it means he also get out of it.

That, gentlemen, is the nuts and bolts (smile) of what CMNM is about: Clothed Male / Naked Male (some call it a fetish - I don't see it that way.)

Without a naked man in the equation, a clothed male is.. well...just a man in a uniform (or some other casually selected set of textile coverings). When you put a naked guy (or several of them) in with a uniformed man or men, then you have created an erotically (homoerotically) charged situation, and it calls forth in many guys' minds a sexually provocative scene. Just take a gander at almost any commercial porn studio to see how important that connection is to creating sexual tension and excitement.

In almost all the listed uniforms in the poll, there is the possibly, and sometimes the actual naked male counterpart. It's kind of like: Ying and Yang. I really can't have one with the other.
Clothed Male (in uniform) - Naked male(s) - potentially (also sexual partners or who share a sexual or psycho-sexual encounter):

Firefighter - victims/homeowners, the person he rescues
Police and Law Enforcement -- either the criminal or the victims
Sailor (other sailors, superior officer (clothed / sailor (squab) - naked) or merman, pirates, fisherman (whom he helps or rescues), swimmers, boatmen,
Pilot - stewards, flight attendants, his first office, navigators, passengers
Doctor - patients, athletes, or recruits needing 'inspecting' physically
Military - the enemy, the occupied, the native population, subordinates, or superior officers, trainers / trainees They all wear distinctive uniforms which they can be wrangles out of to titillate our libidos.

Construction worker - the Boss, Foreman, fellow workers, employers, person who is hiring or paying the job (landlord / property owner)
UPS or delivery worker (who encounter the guy in an office or homeowner)
Home repair worker, plumber, electrician, Cable TV installer, telephone company employee, etc (same as above)
athletic uniforms - Don't forget that a lot of male athletes wear uniforms as part of their attire for the sports they participate in: football, soccer, baseball, hockey, wrestling, boxing, gymnastics all have a required uniform. So when one of these athletes is NOT wearing his, it can make a hot clothed male naked male scene.

In almost every case, it's not simply the existence of the clothed (uniformed) male that is only important, but it's the juxtaposition - whether in our minds or imaginations - or in actually reality - like a naked suspect being cleaned up before jail incarceration (Rambo: First Blood - Sylvester Stallone, for example) that sparks out sexual excitement when we see a man in uniform.

Obviously, it is more complex than that. There are other social constructs of masculinity, real and symbolic power, authority, discipline, allegiance, decorum, camaraderie, etc...along with the purely physical ones of appearance. But the phenomenon of CMNM as a strong basic element in male homo-eroticism cannot be overlooked. It's seems obvious upon deep reflection but we tend to focus on one tall tree instead of understanding the forest or more important the earth (dirt), air (wind), rain, and sunshine that are not so perfectly obvious but equally vital to the tree's very existence and to its very definition (meaning).

For more info on CMNM, visit our blog,
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Forgetting when to conceal isn't accidental flashing, is it?

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Whenever a group of people are enjoying a swim at a beach or swimming pool, there is a certain hesitation about nudity - often people are afraid of being the first ones to shed their clothes. It takes some guts to be the first one to get rid of the swimwear and see whether the others will follow suit.

In my experience, most often there will be other people who have been eager to do the same, so that almost immediately, you are surrounded by three or four other guys who are equally naked. But I have also had the other outcome: that I end up being the only naked guy in the whole group.

The first time that happened, it made me feel uncomfortable. But then I realized that it was worth the try anyway - and that being the only naked one also has its charms. I feel so much more naked when I'm the only naked guy, and this nakedness is a turn-on for me.

So nowadays, when I'm with a group of people where not everybody know each other, I still tend to be the first one to undress. It is still interesting to see how they will react, but I end up being happy both when my friends throw off all their clothes and when they decide to keep them on... (And it also turns out that there are often someone in the group who are quite happy to see me naked and who are more than willing to undress as soon as they get alone with me...) So my advice is clear: don't hesitate. Nothing bad ever came out of nudity.

In England and elsewhere in Europe, it is totally natural and happens so often, it's 'hard' to keep track of. In America, the story is very different. In most of the US (except the right and left coasts), public nudity of any sort - whether rather innocent or flagrant -- is treated as a misdemeanour - a violation of civic laws.

Damn, that puritan ethic (smile). But then again, absence of permission. By simply overlooking the obvious, it sometimes makes the 'act' all that more exciting - I suppose. In Japan, where I spend most of my time currently, this kind of things happens as well. However, the main difference is the guys do try to conceal their privates while changing. Buttocks are not considered 'private' parts of the anatomy - especially for males.

Well, it's not OK to exposed your butt in publicly walking down the street, but a little harmless arse-flashing happens amazing regularly on beaches, sports fields, parks, and in other public areas when the necessity of changing in public calls for it. I wrote a lot about one such experience of watching a group of Japanese twinks who regularly meet to play frisbee soccer in a previous post here and elsewhere.

Atitlan (David; admin for YMNA, a Google Goup) wrote this short comment to accompany the above candid pics:

This looks like Brighton beach to me - lads down from London for the day. It is the sort of thing that happens at the British seaside. I remember as an impressionable 14 year-old glancing up from a book I was reading on the beach, to notice something that stayed in the memory. A lad a few feet away from me, a couple of years older, was trying to remove his swimsuit under his towel, only for the towel to drop and reveal a horizontal erection. His look was one of shock, mine must have been of admiration.
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My shorts are falling down An original story by Thorn

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My shorts are falling down An original story by Thorn

It was forwarded in a group message from: Thorn on his [thorngay] Yahoo group

I do like showing off in front of friends. I enjoyed being the centre of attention and the feeling of all all eyes being on my body, working out whose eyes are locked onto my body and seeing the reaction.

At the same time I am a little reserved. Usually these shows would involve nothing more than taking of my shirt, or walking around in my boxers. But, I would enjoy teasing and showing as much as possible but without actually being totally naked. On this particular day Tony, Mike and Joe had come round to my house. They are really cute sexy guys. Tony is 19 and the other guys are about the same. It was a great day, so we were out in the garden. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but because it was a nice day I decided to lose the T-shirt and, yes, I enjoyed the way the eyes locked onto my body. They seemed to enjoy the show. We sat there for some time, when I asked who wanted a beer. The response was enthusiastic and immediate.

I toddled off back to the house to collect the ice cold beers and realised that, without a belt, my shorts were sliding down. I hitched them up. Then I hit on a plan. Dare I let them slide right off as I took the beers back? My hands would be full, so I couldn't do anything about it. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I dived into my room and removed my boxers, so I could go commando... much more exciting. I grabbed the beers and, before I could lose my courage, I loaded up both hands with the four beer glasses and headed back out to the garden. To my delight my shorts were heading southwards.

It's a really sexy feeling as they slid down onto my hips. I could see that my friends were trying not too look totally transfixed... but clearly were. I could feel that my shorts had now reached the point where, if I move any further they would slide right down. At the same time I could not do anything to stop them as I was clutching four full beers in my hands. I cannot deny this was (a) extremely arousing and (b) what I had hoped would happen. I stopped still. Tony, Mike and Joe were staringand giggling. Tony leapt up from the chair. Was he going to take the beers so I could hitch my shorts up? I kind of hoped he wouldn't. Tony came towards me, his hands stretched out to take the beers.

Damn! Then Joe said "pull his shorts down" and laughed nervously. "Steady on," I grinned. Hoping it was a playful enough to encourage Tony that this really would be a laugh. It worked. Sure enough Tony laughed, ran behind me and gave the waistband of my shorts a quick tug. The slipped down round my ankles. I was totally naked. I was outdoors, which makes being naked even more exciting. And my mates were totally transfixed. I could feel their eyes boring into me. My dick already a little hard and was getting harder. Still carrying the beers I stepped out of the shorts and walked toward my friends completely naked.

At that point, Joe picked up his mobile phone and started shooting video of me walking towards him naked. What happened next was amazing. When I got to Mike to offer him his beer, I guess the proximity of my hard dick was too inviting. He took the opportunity that I could not defend myself to grab my dick. Needless to say this produced an instant boner. I felt no desire to go back for my shorts but sat down with the guys, my dick still semi hard.

After a while, Joe stood up and, to a rendition of the "The Stripper" from the rest of us, he stripped off his t-shirt and shorts, then his boxers. Joe's video then got circulated and my naked antics became quite well known among our class. At parties I was always being asked to show more flesh and occasionally I did. That afternoon had made me less reserved. I had also made three great friends with whom I messed around even more.
The End
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Whoops! Post about kilt wearing from All Str8 Meet

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Tim, the blogger for All Str8 Meat wrote under the photo below: "This guy is cute and I love how he doesn't realize his cock and balls are showing under his kilt. There's loads of hot videos like this at UpYerKilt and Scottish Men Exposed!
Publicity photo courtesy of

I couldn't help but respond to Tim's All Str8 Meat blog entry (Whoops! (2009/8/22) since he'd made a rather naive assumption about the wearing of kilts. I commented but don't know if the comment will actually be visible due to owner moderation so I'm repeating my comment here along with his original entry.

My Response: Excuse me for contradicting you, but there is NO way that he's unaware that he's exposing himself. Freeballing under a kilt is practically de rigeur . It goes without saying that no authentic kilt wearer would be caught dead without underwear. I certainly believe that's got to be one of the main attractions for their seemingly increased popular around the modern world, and for their long tradition throughout history.

When you realize that some ethnic groups (to remain unnamed but probably not unknown) used to identify their own 'kind' by whether their male members was circumcised or not, then you have to understand that they could only rely on that method of ethnic identity matching because of the fact that the penis was so ready and easily visible due to the almost universal wearing of garments similar to the kilt (unbifurcated garments, i.e. a wrap -around, leg-less skirt) of which many varieties still exist today.

Kelly (alias sunbuns) Kelly's Second Life - my main blog. E. Pubicus Unicornia (sunbunz) has sent you a link to a blog: I couldn't help but respond to Tim's All Str8 Meat blog entry (Whoops! (2009/8/22) Blog: All Str8 Meat Post: Whoops!


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Leslie Lohman Gallery - Erotic Drawing Workshops - a fascinating experience with academic CMNM

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Months ago, I created a user-documented database using a Web 2.0 site called Wufoo. The point was to try to get readers of this blog and other CMNM sites to post their personally favorite locations worldwide where CMNM situations take place either naturally, accidentally, or deliberately. Not many people have responded. We're still in need of getting thousands of 'Naked Places for Clothed Men', but there have been some surprising revelations as a result so far. One of them is described below: the Erotic Drawing Workshops at the Leslie Lohman Gallery in New York City. The organizer may or may not appreciate getting some 'free' advertisement for the Workshops, but in this economic reality, I imagine he cannot complain too much.

CMNM Places
Name of the place: *
Leslie Lohman Gallery - Erotic Drawing Workshops
Select the type of location: *
Institution/Organization (university, club, etc)
Specific category (esp, if open / public / outdoor area)
Select a category (if outdoors)
Which is most likely to happen? *
Interaction between naked and clothed men
How do you know about this place? * I have been there many times.

Notes/Comment/Describe its CMNM possibilities:

This is an erotic drawing workshop where a model (normally a dancer or other very fit man) poses for others to draw. The models are of all types but generally very attractive and some of them get erect or even masturbate at the end of the session.

Despite the intense hotness of the situation, it is very businesslike. Participants' interaction with the model is very limited and touching is strictly forbidden. In a way that just makes it hotter. You don't have to be a great artist to participate, but some experience in life drawing is required. You do also have to bring the right supplies, at least make an effort at drawing, and not be a distraction to others. It's a lot of fun if you are into being a CM and can be respectful of what's going on.

You must be accepted into the program and have a reservation to attend. Call Bob Rosen at the
number below.


Leslie Lohman Gallery 26 Wooster Street New York,New York United States
Phone Number (if applicable)
(212) 431-2609
Web Site (if it exists)

The Erotic Drawing Workshop has five rules, which seem to be a good model for how a CMNM event might be organized. Obviously, since there may (or may not) be overt sexual behavior at other types of organized CMNM events (some of which I have attempted to set up and often discussed in blog entries here), there would likely have to be more than just 5 rules. Rules or guidelines addressing sexual behavior and the limits and bounds involved would have to be made clear with additional 'rules'.

The workshops are clearly academic sessions intended to help both novice and accomplished artists polish their skills in drawing human anatomy and the corresponding changes that occur when males (and possible females as well) are engaged in erotic behavior - either alone or in couples or groups.

Clearly not everyone is an artist, but there may be other forms that such artistic and academic endeavours might take that would draw upon various other skill set and aesthetic consciousness, such as 'naked chamber orchestra', musical composition workshops drawing upon nude male bodywork and instrumental use of the male human body, naked dance workshops, naked theatre workshops and nude poetry studios, and performance art installation studio that meld various aspects across multi-modal forms of artistic expressions while being centred about the role of human nudity and male sexual identity and behavior.

Note: This entry is also posted on my Kelly's Second Life (blog).

THE EROTIC DRAWING STUDIO HAS FIVE RULES. (from the Leslie Lohman website page).

1. Artists are asked to make a reservation by replying to the email announcement when they plan on attending a session. They should also let us know if their plans have changed and they must cancel the reservation.
2. No one may speak to the model, and there is to be no interaction between the artists and the model, when the model is ON the model stand, except the one in charge of directing the pose.
3. If an artist finds the model so alluring that he cannot concentrate on drawing, he may not simply sit and gape. He MUST at least PRETEND to draw.
4. Each artist must clean up after himself, i.e., if you have left pencil shavings on the floor, please sweep them up.
5. Photography is not permitted unless a special prior arrangement is made with the studio director and the model.

Perhaps there are members of the CMNM social networking sites or other interested, and

serious men, who might be interested in attending the Workshops described above. Someone in the New York City area should contact the Studio/Gallery organizer to see if a 'special' workshop session might be organized. Perhaps there are some of the current models who would be willing to participate in a CMNM event outside the normal 'rules' that the Gallery needs to impose.
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Wrestling naked: Is it male bonding, homoeroticism (CMNM), or just guys being athletic?

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Is wrestling - especially naked with your buddy or team mate a type of CMNM behavior that is for male bonding, homoeroticism, or just guys being athletic?

For me, thinking of nude wrestling brings back some powerful memories. It never started out as nude wrestling, but it often turned out to become that. A college buddy - who was supposedly straight and I would always get into a wrestling match after every time we got drunk -- it might be after a Saturday night's college party (we tended to give one or go to one every weekend), or it might be on Sunday afternoon when he and his girlfriend, my dorm mate (we had tiny private rooms) and I played cards and drank wine throughout the afternoon.

Eventually, as we got sotted, he and I would challenge each other to a wrestling match that always started in our underwear (I didn't freeball then like I do now). The object of the wrestling match often was to tear off the other guy's briefs. Our spectators just cheered us on and it is truly a wonder that I didn't get caught with my a big hardon because I really had a crush on him -- but it was more like I wanted to 'be' him than just be with him sexually. So that's what nude wrestling means to me .. it's kind of homoerotic, but it's about asserting your masculinity or manhood in a strange kind of way and bonding physically with another guy - -whether he's gay or str8t doesn't really matter. Actually, I can't really say I've ever had the same feelings toward a gay man and haven't actually wrestled a gay man in the nude -- I mean --- sex comes into the picture long before we get around to wrestling.

These events happened during my junior-year-abroad in France. Patrice was studying judo at the time so he would usually get the upper hand in our sweaty wrestling matches - so I didn't actually get to pull off his briefs or expose his cock very often -- maybe that's why I kept trying [grin.]When we had a party, I was typically the one who got the drunkest and acted rather strange (I came from a rather puritanical, family)- like taking off some or most of my clothes, or climbing trees and telephone poles. Patrice and his girlfriend were the ones who helped me get back home and I would find myself in my own bed without any clothes on later the night or the next morning.

I always really wondered which one of them enjoyed 'taking care' of Le Petit (as they used to call me). One of the hottest (and nostalgically regretful) memories for me about those wrestling days in university (in France) was the time after one of our more intense wrestling bouts that Patrice told me privately in the dorm kitchen (where his girlfriend and my roomie could not heard) that he wanted to fuck my ass: 'You know what? - I'd fuck you in the ass.' I just joked about it, and replied that there was no way he was going to get my ass, and then passed it off as if it were nothing but I dreamed for years about what would have happened if I had taken him more seriously.

It scared me because I knew how strongly I was attached to him emotionally and how much physically attractive he was. I had just come out to myself (and to other guy - my dorm mate). Shortly after that incident, our wrestling matches ended - perhaps from our having reached some kind of irrevocable turning point, and also it was about time for me to return home.

Another memory was the time that we all went out in early May to the beach (I was studying in Montpellier), I ended up getting one of the worst sunbuns I've ever had despite it being a partly cloudy spring day -- Patrice and his girlfriend brought me home, took off all my clothes (I was conscious but in great pain), and rubbed me with burn cream and kept me warm and with plenty of liquids -- if I had not been in so much pain I would have been excited beyond belief to have Patrice rubbing my body-- as it was I was scorched and grimacing in pain - nothing pleasurable about it. I visited him in France years later - he is married, has two children and teaches English in high school. At this point, we've sort of lost contact, but this posting brought back memories of those idyllic days.

If you like nude wrestling, frottage, Spartan love and then take a look at the full site (where the pic above is hosted).

P.S. Matt Damon stars the movie, The Good Shepherd. In it, you can see him doing some naked mud wrestling as part of a secret university club initiation rite. For more info and some screen captures, go to posting about it.

Scene from the Matt Damon film "The Good Shepherd". These CMNM scenes (nude mud wrestling and initiation ceremony in the Skull and Bones club) are not the main parts of the film, but do help explain some essentials of the story.
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CMNM at Parties: guys often get naked for their fellow party-goers

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Repressed Japanese men gone naked
Posted by: TokyoCherie on: April 27, 2009

In: Cherie's diary

From: Erikag59 on his CMNM google group

All over of the world and particularly during the college-age years when drinking alcohol seems to become the required form of activity in achieving social acceptance - especially in groups of male friends who have just become acquainted, the clothes come off after several bottles of beer de rigeur have been consumed. Later, these friends join clubs, fraternities, or just set up their own parties, where alcohol is the elixir of male camaraderie - which begats a whole new set of 'naked' antics. It is currently that time of year in Japan (the beginning of the school year - at colleges and universities nationwide), and since it is Easter, it's also in close proximity preceding or following Spring Break for many other campus communities worldwide.

Thanks to Erikag59 for sending out these photos to remind us of how nudity figures into the male culture of student university life. I'm sure many of you have similar experiences. Write in and tell us about When I was that age, I had a stark revelation -in both the meanings of the word. My strict Protestant parents had forbid me to drink (smoke, dance, play cards or have premarital sex too - of course - religion was a package deal for them -- all or nothing - intended to prevent one from sinning (LOL). Fortunately, that helped me avoid or curb most of the seven deadly sins, but it also stifled my social development to some degree as a high school teen.

Anyway, I dreamed of escaping these 'moral' restrictions. During my freshmen and sophomore years at the local state university, I lived at home, studied a lot and also worked part-time, so I was well behaved in their eyes. But when the opportunity to study abroad came up, I jumped at the chance to participate in the Junior Year Abroad program, choosing to spend 10 months at a university in southern France. Sure enough, one of the first memories is having an alcoholic drink (chantilly -a simple beer cocktail (draft beer mixed half & half with Seven-Up (or limonade as they called it there. ) It was delicious and slightly 'dangerous' and made a nice buzz. Later, I graduated to red wine and started attending (and helping organize) parties along with my new found French friends, and also other American / British students who were also studying as exchange students at the Faculte de Lettres (College of Humanities (Literature, Languages, and Arts).

To make a long story much much shorter, I would get drunk and start removed my clothes. Eventually, I would end up inebriated and either passed out or asleep and naked. Along the way, we would be playing the typical games and antics -- along with just some plain old full. Although was surely attracted to the men around, I had not actually ever had sex with a guy (except for one furtive blow job with another anonymous (and faceless) student in my university library back home. These photos - some of them - bring back memories. Others certainly conjure up fanatasies.

Some times I wonder how many of today's universit frat parties are just precursory semi-erotic experiences for younger guys who will later (or not) affectionately recall their naked antics in college life when they reach middle age. The big domestic news of the week was the arrest for public indecency of mega-star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi on Thursday. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is one of the most charismatic members of the SMAP boys band that has been popular for as long as I can remember (to be specific, 1990). Kusanagi was reportedly found nude at a park in 3am drunk, completely wasted.

I can’t believe it! I can’t believe that it is the biggest domestic news of the week since last Thursday and that most Japanese news stations would discuss this incidence ignoring the swine flu, He is called “crime suspect” and no one shows sense of humor. He has been criticized widely for his behaviour and dropped from commercials and advertisements by various corporate sponsors (for God sake, he just got drunk, that’s all!), his nudity picture cannot be found anywhere on the internet, no where to be seen!!!
getting drunk and stripping is not a peculiar behavior in Japan. Many Japanese men (not women lol) strip down to underwear when they get intoxicated.

The fourth point is most surprising to me. I have actually heard from my friends and family that they have seen such behavior in various places including college drinking parties, wedding after parties, and even in office parties! Apparently, these people habitually strip themselves when intoxicated.

For example, my friend’s boss is known for this behavior and, everyone in the company knows about it and whispers “he’s gonna get naked again tonight” every time there is an office social event. Another friend of mine was a member of golf club in university, where several members were regular strippers when it comes to drinking party (nomikai). For every drinking party (nomikai) there was, they would come prepared to get stripped, by wearing fundoshi, traditional Japanese underwear for adult males, made from a length of cotton and looks like a thong. It is certainly not an appreciated behavior for everyone, but people generally accept these strip shows in the basement.
Always for a laugh. At least, no body would report them for harassment!

What is up with this behaviour?
I asked my Japanese friends, my father (who has worked in a Japanese company for years) , and my sister (who went to Japanese university and has seen such strip boys) and they all gave me the same explanation, that they strip out of repression. These men are repressed in the Japanese society and they can only free themselves when they strip off their business suits and reveal their true self. Under family stress, school stress, work stress, social stress, and even stressed in dating scene, they can only release their frustration by stripping off their armor and show their peers who they are. You see, the point is that they strip in front of their peers, colleagues, team mates, or school mates, and not for strangers.

So… Kusanagi stripped in a park for the public, people who has been idolizing and worshiping him, hoping to liberate himself from repression. The most we can do for him, is to laugh and put the pictures up for the public eyes so he can relieve his stress.

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My first exhibition - An original story by Thorn

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or ]

[This story was originally posted on the Yahoo Group [thorngay] by Thorn.]

This is an absolutely true story of my first real exhibitionist experience. It was really hot.
I was with a bunch of guys who, for a laugh, decided to tie one of the group to a bench. They tied his arms and his legs to the bench and everyone had a good laugh. I remember being disappointed that no one took the opportunity to mess around with him, or get him naked.

I was feeling pretty horny, so I persuaded the guys to tie me to the bench. I had a thought that I could probably wriggle out of my jeans, and possibly more and make it look like I was just trying to escape.
I was tied to the bench and everyone was looking at me. I felt even more horny and I felt my dick getting hard.

I started writhing and wriggling in pretense of trying to get free and, sure enough, I could feel my jeans sliding down. The guys were still watching and joking. I wriggled and squirmed harder and felt the waistband of my jeans slipping slowly down my butt.

The guys were still watching, a little more intently I thought as the movement at the back translated into the revealing of underwear at the front. I was getting really horny now and wriggled more and more until the jeans were off my butt and half way down the growing bulge in my briefs.
The guys were by now even more intent and others were coming into the room to watch. Wow, what a turn on!

A little more wriggling and my jeans were down my thighs and my bulging briefs were in full view of about a dozen of my teenage mates. Their eyes were popping, but I wasn't finished.
With some wiggling of my legs I managed to get my hard dick towards the vent in my briefs, where it started to show proud and hard and partly naked. With one final push I got my dick to pop out of my briefs and stood to

Mike, who was one of the group said "Let's get him fully naked" and yanked my shirt up over my shoulders. Right then, Mark joined in and pulled my briefs down to my ankles. The thrill of his hands pulling them was too much and I shot a creamy load all over the place.

Getting naked for my friends became my party piece from then on.
My first exhibition by Thorn
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Strip poker - Boys love naked games

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Strip poker is a CMNM / CFNM / CMNF game that has inspired millions of teens and adults alike to 'bare it all' for the sake of fair play and fun. There must also be a cultural aspect to such activities. In the US, we have 'strip poker' and spin-the-bottle, but I wonder what games other cultures invent to get each other naked or to engage in some touchy-feely pre-sexual dialogue or physical interaction - obviously sometimes leading to overt sexual behavior.
What was your favorite game involving elements of stripping, exposing or touching body parts, or complete nudity? Add yours as a comment to this post.

When I was 19 turning 20, I had just started taking (imbibing) some alcoholic drinks. This was in France so it WAS legal to drink at that age. Inevitably, I would get a little too drunk and then - likely as not, I would start removing my clothes. It seems (from later retelling by my friends) that I was the first one out of my clothes at parties and I would somehow love to get to the highest place in the room (on a table, on the back of the sofa), stripped to undies or nothing at all. I vaguely do remember climbing naked up a telephone pole on a suburban neighborhood street near by university in southern France. My friends had to coax me back down. Funny how alcohol tends to play a role in these 'naked games'.
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