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A Visit to the Doctor

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A Visit to the Doctor

by Ken Nitsua ©

K. Nitsua. Copyright 2013 by the author.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Having sex with one's doctor is a potent fantasy for many adults, as the many stories written on this theme indicate. There are people, mostly men, who put a lot of time, effort and skill into making such fantasies come true for their lucky clients. The scenes they construct mix realistic medical procedures with varying proportions of bondage and domination. This is a warning that this particular story is about such a session, not an actual medical examination. KN

I didn't have any trouble finding the office from the directions the doctor had given me. It was on a quiet residential street just off a main city thoroughfare. I parked in the driveway as he had instructed and walked toward the door. Up until now I hadn't been nervous, concentrating on the drive, but now my breath quickened and my heart began to beat faster.

It hadn't been easy to get this appointment with such a distinguished physician. Dr. Roberts and I had an extensive chat online before he determined that I was qualified for one of his physical examinations.

It was a hot late spring day. I had on a T-shirt, jeans with a jockstrap, my favorite underwear, underneath, and old Nikes. I wasn't going to keep the clothes on for long anyway, so there wasn't any need to dress more formally.

I was walking a little funny because my bladder was uncomfortably full. Dr. Roberts had told me to drink a lot of fluids before I came so that I could give a urine sample without difficulty as part of the physical examination. I'd overdone it a little in my eagerness to comply with his instructions.

I got to the door and knocked. It opened right away and finally I saw the doctor in the flesh. He was exactly as I'd hoped he'd be: tall, trim, and distinguished looking with neatly trimmed salt-and-pepper hair. He wore wire-rimmed glasses that accentuated a pair of friendly gray eyes. His teeth were white and even when he smiled.

"You must be Dirk," he said, sticking out his hand. "Right on time. Come in and have a seat."

He ushered me into a front room with a desk. He motioned me to sit in a chair in front of it, which I did. Sunlight filtered in through the shaded window. He rummaged in a box on the floor and pulled out a binder before he sat down.

"Since it's your first visit to the Male Clinic, I'll do an intake interview with you," Dr. Roberts said. "Please answer the questions as thoroughly and truthfully as you can, even if some of them seem intimate or embarrassing. The more I know about your medical and sexual history, the better examination I can give you. Do you have any questions or concerns?"

"No, Doctor. I'm prepared to answer your questions to the best of my ability. I'm putting myself in your hands."

Dr. Roberts smiled. "Good. Let's begin." He opened the binder.

The intake interview took fifteen or twenty minutes. The first questions were standard ones that I'd answered at doctor's offices many times before, about my medical history, past surgeries, any current symptoms, drug allergies, etc.

Then Dr. Roberts' questions became more personal and detailed. He asked me whether I had any phobias, specifically about sensory deprivation or restraint. "No--in fact, the idea kind of excites me," I said truthfully, with a smile.

"Good," he said, returning the smile. "Now there will be a series of questions about your sexual history. Again, please be as truthful as possible with your answers."

We talked for ten or fifteen more minutes. By the time he was done with the questions my heart was beating fast and my cock was rock hard, even though my bladder was aching for release.

"I think we're ready to begin," the doctor said. "Will you please follow me into the examination room?"

We walked down a narrow hallway, past a bathroom, up a flight of stairs, and into a spacious room in the rear, which took up the entire width of the office. A padded examination table stood in the middle. The walls were lined with shelves, holding medical equipment of every conceivable kind. I recognized stethoscopes, padded hammers for testing reflexes, and a few other things, but there was too much for me to take it all in.

"First," the doctor said. "I'd like you to undress down to your briefs. Place your clothes on this chair," he said, gesturing to one that stood nearby.

"Yes, doctor." I unbuttoned my shirt with fingers that were trembling with excitement. In moments I was naked except for my jockstrap. I covered my crotch protectively with my hands and stood before him with downcast eyes for inspection.

"Very nice," Dr. Roberts said. "You're wearing a jockstrap. You do that often?"

"Yes, doctor."

"Very good for scrotal support," he said. "And very sexy. Now this," he said, producing a paper hospital gown, "is not so sexy. I'm going to ask you to put it on."

I put my arms through the short sleeves. He put his arms on my shoulders and gently turned me to tie the gown in back. I started as I felt his hand touch my bare butt.

"Sorry, I know my hands are cold," the doctor said. "I'm going to ask you to sit on the examination table now."

Perched on the examination table in the hospital gown and jockstrap, I watched as Dr. Roberts gathered together his equipment and put it on top of a cart covered with a towel. The exam began pretty routinely, as the doctor grasped my wrist and looked at his wristwatch while taking my pulse. He then looked into my eyes with a small light, then into my ears with another scope. He even produced a tongue depressor, pushed my mouth and tongue this way and that, and asked me to say "aah." I suppressed a smile at the old-fashioned procedures.

"Now I'm going to take your blood pressure." He expertly wrapped the cuff around my upper arm and squeezed the rubber bulb. I felt the pulse inside my arm as he gradually let the air out.

"One hundred ten over seventy," he announced. "Excellent. You're in great shape."

"I work at it."

His eyes scrutinized my body. "It shows."


The doctor cleared his throat. "From here on I'm going to examine various areas of your body. It may be easier for me to do this if you remove the gown. If you are uncomfortable doing so, you may keep it on."

I looked him in the eye. "I can take it off."

"Good." He watched as I lifted my arms and undid the strings in back. I lifted it off and handed it to the doctor, shivering a bit in the chilly room.

"Are you cold?"

"A bit," I said truthfully.

He looked at my chest. "I can tell. Your nipples are erect. We'll get some measurements in a minute." He put his face close to mine as he gently palpated the sides of my neck. "Checking your lymph nodes. No problem here." He then picked up a stethoscope and put the ends in his ears. "Now I'm going to listen to your heart and lungs." The cold metal pressed against my pectoral muscles, sending another shiver through me. "Good." He moved around me and the stethoscope pressed into my back. "Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Again. Again. Good. Lungs are clear."

He came back and faced me again. "Stand and place your palms in back of your head, please. I'm going to inspect your skin for any suspicious looking moles or growths." I followed his instructions as he bent to put down the stethoscope. When he straightened he held a small magnifying glass. Dr. Roberts then moved in very close again as he started at my neck and moved slowly down my body with the magnifying glass, examining every inch of my skin. He put the glass in his pocket. I started to relax, but he said--

"Keep your palms behind your head. We're going to do a little test."

"What kind of test?"

A slight smile. "In our preliminary interview you told me that your nipples were very sensitive. We're going to find out just how sensitive. Now, do your best not to move or react, no matter what I do."

He stood very close in front of me and gazed into my eyes intently. I gasped as I felt the light, cool touch of a fingertip on each of my nipples. My breath quickened as his hands and fingers began to move, fondling, squeezing and gently pinching each nub of flesh. My cock swelled and strained against the pouch of the strap as the doctor continued the stimulation. Despite the doctor's instructions a small whimper of pleasure welled up from my throat. He smiled.

"Remember what I said."

"Yes, doctor," I gasped out with some difficulty.

"Is this painful or unpleasant for you?"

I laughed, unable to help myself. "Hell, no. Oh my god-it's wonderful."

Dr. Roberts produced a metal tube from his pocket and squeezed out some of its contents onto his fingertips. "I see that your nipples are a powerful erogenous zone. Let's try some moist stimulation."

When he began to rub the K-Y onto my tits I lost control, throwing back my head and moaning. It was all I could do to keep my hands locked behind my head. I felt moisture in my crotch and felt precum from the head of my cock soaking through the elastic webbing of my jock pouch.

"Please, doctor-"

"Yes?" The doctor said, continuing his stimulation.

"I'll cum if you do that any more. No kidding."

"Really? I guess that gives me my answer. Let's take a measurement." He produced a small metal ruler and pressed it against my chest. "One centimeter in diameter and a bit more in height when fully erect. You can lower your arms." He stepped back. I let my arms fall limp at my sides and stood, still panting, head hanging, a bit embarrassed that I had become so aroused.

"I'd say on a scale of 1 to 10 of nipple sensitivity you're a 10. Next, turn toward the table so I can examine your back and buttocks." In a moment he said, "Bend forward and spread your cheeks."

He knelt and spent a long time looking at the skin on my rear end, holding his face so close I could feel his breath on my cheeks and my asshole. I was trembling again from the cold and from the excitement of being scrutinized so intimately. He moved the glass down the backs of my legs, then asked me to straighten up again. He moved around to my front so that his face was right in front of the now moist pouch of my jock. His hands took hold of the waistband. "I'm going to lower this garment to examine the pubic area."

He slowly pushed the jockstrap down my thighs. My cock flopped out, half-hard with excitement, the head glistening with the pre-cum I'd leaked already. The doctor once again took his time, passing the glass over my groin and pubic area. After the visual exam was done, he took my penis and lifted it with one hand, taking each testicle and cradling with the palm of the other, then gently rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

"In case you're wondering, I'm doing a testicular exam to check for cancer. This is the way to do it, if you don't know already."

"Yes, doctor."

"I see that you are circumcised. I'm going to take the head of your penis and press on it to spread the urethral opening. I'm checking for any discharge that may indicate disease."

I was looking around the room, trying desperately not to let myself throw a full-boned erection. Feebly I tried to joke about the situation. "You can probably tell I'm discharging already."

Doctor Roberts' voice was dry. "A normal by-product of sexual excitement, quite harmless." I gasped as I felt his finger spread the pre-cum over the head of my cock, sending a wave of pleasure through me. "Checking the consistency of the fluid. Totally normal pre-ejaculate."

He took hold of my jock, but instead of raising it back in place he pushed it all the way down to the floor and looked up at me.

"With your permission, I'm going to remove your garment. The rest of the examination will be easier if you are completely unclothed. Are you comfortable with this?"

I was trying not to shiver. My breathing was quick. My heart was beating fast with nervousness-and arousal. I nodded. "Whatever you say, doc."

"Good." He lifted both my feet out of the strap, picked it up, and put it on top of the rest of my clothes. "Now I'd like to get a urine sample." He stepped to a nearby table, picked up a large glass laboratory beaker, and turned back to me.

My bladder was painfully full, but even so, it's always hard to pee in front of another person, particularly when you're naked and semi-hard and the other person is clothed and staring intently at you. My first attempts to get the stream started were a total failure. I sighed with frustration.

"Would turning away from me help? You can if you wish."

"Thanks." I turned around, closed my eyes, took some deep breaths and tried to relax. Finally golden liquid began to flow into the container. And flowed. And flowed. The relief was exquisite. By the time I was finished the beaker was nearly full. I turned back to the doctor and held it out. He smiled.

"Your bladder sure was full, wasn't it? This will have to be held until we can send some to the lab." He took the container and left the room. In a moment he was back. "You've been very cooperative so far. Good job."

I blushed and lowered my eyes. "Thanks, doctor."

I felt a hand under my chin, gently but firmly lifting my head until my eyes met his. "As this medical exam continues you may experience some psychological as well as physical discomfort. I can assure you that anything that I do is for your health and welfare. Are you prepared to obey without question, to trust me?" His gaze was level, his voice cool and professional. I nodded without hesitation.

"You're the doctor. I'll do anything you say."

"Good boy." He smiled. "We're going to go back to the examination table. I'd like you to mount it and assume the position on your hands and knees."

I walked to the table, shivering with cold and excitement. I climbed on and crouched as the doctor had ordered, elbows and knees on the padded top of the table, my bare ass in the air.

"Lower your head. I'm going to take your temperature rectally. It's the most accurate way, though most doctors don't want to embarrass their patients."

I gasped as something narrow, cold and rigid was inserted into my asshole. My muscles automatically clenched around it. I felt the doctor's hand on my cheeks, trapping the thermometer between his fingers, preventing it from being drawn in and disappearing into my insides.

Doctor Roberts chuckled. "A strong response. I'm going to have to hold it in place. Stay as still as you can. This will only take a minute."

The room fell silent except for the raspy sound of my breathing. My face was on fire with embarrassment as I was forced to hold this humiliating pose. My cock was rock hard underneath me. I could feel precum being squeezed from its tip every time my rectal muscles involuntarily clenched around the thermometer. Occasionally the doctor's fingers holding the thermometer in place moved, seeming to caress my cheeks. Finally he grasped the thermometer and withdrew it.

"Ninety-eight point six. Absolutely normal. Now will you turn over onto your back, please."

Once I was on my back, he began to press on various places on my lower body, palpating my organs, occasionally asking me to take deep breaths and let them out. Although he approached my private parts, he did not take hold of them as he had earlier. His touch was firm and professional and I began to relax a bit.

"Doing okay?" The doctor asked. I nodded.

"Good. I want you to be relaxed for this next phase of the examination. I'm going to test your sensory perception when you are deprived of visual cues," said the doctor. "I will blindfold you with a special light-blocking mask, very high-tech, and restrain your limbs. This is so that you will focus exclusively on the sense being tested. Are you ready?"

"Yes, doctor."

In a moment Dr. Roberts loomed above me with the high-tech blindfold. It looked like a pair of safety goggles, but completely black. Sure enough when he placed in on my face and tightened the strap around my head everything became pitch black even though nothing was touching my eyes and they could stay open.

I felt my legs being gently spread apart, and fastened in place with straps. My arms were then lifted over my head. The doctor gently made me bend them until my hands almost touched my head. I heard the clink of metal and felt something soft encircle first my right, then my left wrist. I realized I was spread-eagled and shackled to the table. A thrill of mingled arousal and fear passed through me as I realized how completely at his mercy I was now. I had no choice but to trust him, fully and completely.

"We will begin the test now," the doctor said in a soft voice. "I will touch various parts of your body with various objects and substances. Describe to me any sensation you feel-temperature, pressure, sharpness, anything. There should not be anything that will cause you more than mild to moderate discomfort. If at any time you want the test to stop, indicate your wishes by saying 'mayday.' Do you understand?"

I nodded. "'Mayday'. Got it."

"Here we go."

A moment later I chuckled. "Very gentle touch. Your fingertips on my stomach."

"Right." I gasped as my right nipple was fondled, lightly and gently. "A-a feather?"

"Mm hmm. Good. Are you ticklish?"

Before I could answer I started as the same object touched my rib cage.


The doctor's voice took on a teasing note. "Are you?" He tickled me again with the feather and I shouted with laughter, jerking and straining at my bonds. "Stop! Please!"

"Okay, I will. For now," he said, in a mock-ominous tone.

A pause, then I felt cool moisture on my stomach and a sharp minty aroma filled my nostrils. "Whew, feels cool. Ben-Gay?"

"That's right. A little menthol rub." The next moment I gasped as the same substance was applied to my nipples. The pleasure was exquisite and I sighed and strained at my bonds as the doctor's fingers continued to move in gentle circles on the sensitized nubs of flesh.

"Oh God," I moaned.

"You're getting erect again," the doctor observed in a dry voice. "Yes, your response to nipple stimulation is an exceptionally strong one."

He withdrew his hands. A pause, and then I heard a sound, which I recognized as the striking of a match. The sharp odor of sulfur assailed my nostrils. A thrill of real fear raced through me.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"Now, now, don't worry. I promised-no pain, no physical injury. Maybe just a bit of discomfort, though."

The next moment I screamed, more in shock than in pain, as I felt something burning hot drop onto my right thigh. It quickly cooled to a tolerable warmth and I braced myself for another hit.

"Ah!" Another fiery liquid hit on my ball sac.

"You haven't told me what you think it is," the doctor murmured.

"Candle wax, it's fucking hot wax!"

"Very good." Two more hits, one on each nipple. My back came off the table as I cried out each time the melted wax hit a sensitive zone. I strained uselessly against the bonds holding me in place. I was panting with mingled fear and yes, arousal.

"OH FUCK!" I screamed, as flaming agony erupted from the head of my erect cock, where the doctor had dropped one more splash of wax.

"Had enough?"! Yes! Please stop! Mayday!"

"You needn't worry about suffering any permanent damage. Paraffin melts at a very low temperature, actually. Just hot enough to give you a bit of a jolt. Now lie still and I'll remove the blindfold."

When I could see again I looked down at the splotches of congealing wax on my body, the skin pink underneath each one, then up into the doctor's face.

"Amazing how lack of vision increases sensitivity, isn't it?"

There was nothing I could say to this, so I didn't say anything. Dr. Roberts scraped the lumps of wax off with his fingertips, being gentle with my somewhat softened cock, and brushed the crumbs off the table. He released me from my bonds.

by Ken Nitsua

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Nudism: Father and Sons / Parent and Child

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry at either:
or ]

It may be that those who don't have children (of either sex) might possibly 'project' what might be their own doubts (or fears or sexual inclinations) when they consider how gay or bisexual fathers could be perfectly comfortable being naked with their children (especially sons), or even want to make sure that they DO get the opportunity to learn / experience being comfortable naked with their dads and other men.

I don't ever recall having the slightest urge to 'know' my own sons biblically (i.e. in a less than wholesome way) and never gave the first thought to being sexually attracted to them. I'd be less than honest to say that this was not always true about some of their high school friends and soccer teammates. However, I never ever acted on these thoughts - although I wouldn't morally condemn some man who did - that's not what the issue or the original question on this thread is about.

I'm not rejecting the possibility that some fathers could have more than an affectionate or fatherly interest in their sons, but I'd bet that most do not.

In my own case, there was no willful desire, ulterior motive or sinister plan to let the boys see me (and my wife) naked. It was just a natural family thing. We did not raise them in Judeo-Christian religion-influenced America so that probably had a lot to do with reasons why it just seemed natural. We bathed together, went to public baths and hot springs resorts, and a few sometime visited nude beaches (or clothing-optional spots, in other countries - such as Greece and Munich's Englischergarten). Conversations sometimes included references to what they saw or were experiencing and there were the inevitable questions. But it was appropriate and in context - so it was a good way and good time to answer their questions: about sex or sexual attraction or feelings and behavior.

I think my sons today have a healthy respect for the human body and an amazing tolerance for diversity - including my own bisexuality, which evidently was even clear to them long before we actually told them.

I can't say that it's all attributable to our being nude together as a family but I think it was a contributing factor or at least just one in a long series of ways of thinking and ways of treating people and being nude that helped them to be open and honest about sexual issues, and not be morally uptight or self-righteous about gender, nudity and human sexual behavior.
They are both heterosexual and over 21-year-old male adults. I am talking about our being nude when they were infants, young boys and into the teenage years. We don't have as much occasion to get naked together these days.

Well... they do mean something.... what more can I say. I'll try.
I was TRYING to support you in the idea that being nude with your sons (or any kids) can be (even should be) something that's very natural and not a cause for alarm. (like some of the hyper-moralistic gay men are suggesting).

BUT .. it does depend on the situation (where you take them and what you 'show' them both physically and your own mental messages to the boys. And it also depends a lot on the boys' (children) own self-understanding and self-acceptance.
Hey, I'm not perfect. The 'idea' of a father and son being sexually involved is a secret fantasy.

I enjoy reading Handjobs

But it IS just fantasy material - I find I am not attracted at all to my own offspring. However, the thought has crossed my mind often enough about other fathers and their sons.

I think that all boys have at least one time or another (or maybe more than that) had to come to grips with the thought of their father as a sexual being or even an object of some kind of sexual emotions or physical intimacy. But they usually grow out (of it) and grow up (more interested in other things or girls (or guys) their own age before any attraction toward their dad is acted upon. Close to 90% of boys have experience with sexual 'play' with other boys - it's about being a male of the human species.

Fathers are likely to have experienced these same fleeting feelings (and then usually they passed ) and the realization about their sons growing up sexually.

I noticed that the discussion has since about stopped. There was one point that had many people curious. You avoided answering the question about your son's ages.

In today's climate of "anti-child predator" and all the media hype about child sexual abuse, and Internet child/teen sex / chat rooms etc, I realize you probably don't want to admit much of anything, but you could have said just that it's private or that it's not important to the gist of the discussion. By the way, I would not fault you if you did admit you enjoy being admired by your sons (I don't care what age they are).

Hope you can get what I meant.

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Is CMNM an expression of sexual desire and submission?

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry at one of the following sites:
or [

Willoughby, (response)

I hope you know that size is certainly NOT everything when it comes to activity rank (LOL)!
Enthusiasm counts at least twice as much - and you have that in abundance. By the way, that activity rank number is probably outdated by the the time they save and sent out the updates. Actually, I have nothing to do with it. I am just wondering what the 'magic' numbers of users is before they start requiring subscriptions - like several of the large are currently have to require for admission.

I'm traveling now. I getting a bit of the type of CMNM experience I enjoy.. exposing 'accidentally' or nonchalantly to straight and or younger men. Yes, I stripped for a shower at a public changing room on Waikiki Beach. None of the other guys took off their clothes - kind of ridiculous if you ask me. One guy was even try to washing his lower body while wearing cargo pants.

It was cool when two Japanese teenagers came in and got in the shower - of course, they kept their swimming trunks on the whole time, and even changed out of them by wrapping a towel around the waist and lowering their trunks, without exposing their butts or genitals. I enjoyed being the only naked guy and made sure they had a chance to get some glances of my half swelled dick and butt.

Later, after going to the Max's Gym (gay sex club), I slept in the nude at my hostel. A nice Korean guy (aged 26) was opposite me. So when he got up before 6 to get ready to leave for Seoul, I made sure to have the sheet slipped down and my half-erect cock on display.

Send me the photo that you want for the 'submissives' and I'll set it for your subgroup.
Best wishes and thank you very much for being an active member of our CMNM network on

Kelly (sunbuns)

On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 9:53 AM, Willoughby wrote:

My Guys into CMNM weekly newsletter arrived with the message that I have an activity rank of 36. I am nearly completely and utterly distraught. I know my rank was 52 on my page a few days ago. I go on the site daily to check every new member to see if they have any descriptions of CMNM interests to add to my compendium.

When I have time, I search the people entries for any hot admissions of desires or experiences in the realm of CMNM.

I started a new subgroup, submissives, and understand from something I ran across that the photo is not selected by the person who starts the group. That is fine with me, but I am hoping that there will be a photo that is as hot as the one for the Japan group. Yow! I have collected a few twink spanking photos I look at often.I would like, when I have gone through all of the submissions, a list of my favorite expressions of interest in CMNM on the subgroup page submissives.

Here is the bulk of what I have so far. I estimate that I've gone through about a quarter of them. (I also want to help to produce photos in which there is a clothed male and a naked one. We need more of that for sure.)
I love watching naked men among clothed people. The kinkier the better, Forced nudity in front of as many clothed men as possible. Non consensual, forced,,, being forced to jack off etc. love to be around naked men

I enjoy being clothed while in the presence of a nude male - either watching them, or actively participating in undressing and exploring them.
forced nudity, accidental nudity, candid/unknown voyeur me on the stage at the audience

Love being naked in front of others Being forced naked, humiliated
Being naked around dressed people and being played with being naked in a room of clothed jocks nude/submissive

I've been obsessed with being nude around other males since I was 11 years old but have never done it! It's brand new to me.

"I'm submissive and want to get naked." "Guy, really into cmnm and forced nudity."
"Looking to be put on display for guys," expressing interest in: humiliation, master/slave, group auctions
Being naked/Forced
I hope that there has been some horrible computer glitch and that I will find, as soon as the site is functioning on the people pages again, that my activity rank is back up there.

Love your work,

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Naughty Boy, a story by fantaseeboy

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry at one of the following sites:
or ]

by fantaseeboy©

Not only did my mother have to accept the fact that her only son was gay, that was hard enough in itself! She'd always dreamed of having grandchildren and now that would never happen. No, in addition to that, my mother had to accept the fact that I'd fallen totally, head-over-heels in love with a man nearly her age! The first few times she met Sam, she looked at him as if he were a child molester! But she got over that, eventually. After she'd known about Sam and me for about 6 months, mom then had to accept the fact that her 19 year old son was leaving home.

Sam and I had lived together for around 3 months when my twentieth birthday arrived. Looking back on it now, I think that was the day that would eventually change my life! On that special day, Sam did something I never expected. He first told me to undress completely, which wasn't unusual, this actually happened quite often. He then grabbed my wrist and forcefully pulled me over his lap. With one big warm hand on my naked back, he raised the other and gave me a playful smack on my right cheek. I giggled. The next swat was harder, but still didn't even sting.

After 4 or 5 of his playful spanks, I asked for them harder. He hit me the next time, and it almost stung. So I asked for it harder again. We went back and forth until the last 5. Those last five left my butt warm and rosy red with his palm prints all over it. I don't think I'd realized how turned on I'd gotten until the spanking was over with! My smallish penis was rock hard! And I could feel Sam's giant cock throbbing against my hip.

I slid off his lap onto my knees and proceeded to give him the best blowjob I'd ever given. I even showed him his cream on my tongue before swallowing it, I know he loves that. As soon as I'd swallowed, I looked up into his eyes and felt my lower lip quiver. The next thing I knew I was sobbing uncontrollably. Sam reached down and pulled me onto his lap, holding me close and letting me cry my eyes out. It took me quite a while to get a hold of myself. The emotions rushing through me were so powerful. I had feelings I'd never experienced before and couldn't explain if tried.

When I'd finally calmed down, Sam whispered in my ear, "Are you okay?" After meeting his eyes, I began to giggle. With it all over with, it was embarrassing that I'd broken down like that. I tried to tell him it was nothing. But he wouldn't buy it. He kept me there naked on his lap and we talked about it.

After he'd asked me a multitude of questions about the spanking and my emotional meltdown, all of which were completely humiliating to answer. He began asking me about my childhood. Through that conversation, we both learned a something about me. While growing up, I looked for ways to get punished. It was like I needed my mother making the decisions and enforcing rules. My mother had never abused me, not even close. If I used any of the big swear words or got caught in a lie, I'd be sure to find myself standing in the bathroom with a bar of soap in my mouth. For most other mistakes, I'd wind up over her lap getting a spanking. Most of the spankings I could remember were on my bare bottom.

Another thing we'd learned from that long conversation was that even now, I felt I needed to be punished from time to time. And I confessed that I loved the idea of Sam deciding when and how I would receive that punishment. That statement led to the tangent of what I thought a punishment should be. I didn't know exactly, other than a spanking, but told him I thought a punishment should hurt. It shouldn't be playful or restrained. After all, it was supposed to be a punishment.

Sam held me close against him then. As I cuddled up against him on his lap, he whispered in my ear, "Baby, I'd be happy to punish you, I think I might enjoy it. But I need to hear you tell me that you'll accept the punishments without your feelings changing toward me. I can't imagine you falling out of love with me because of this. I know you can't make that promise, but I need to hear you say it. I need you to look me in the eye and ask me to punish you when you need it. I need you to tell me that you want it, that you need it. Can you do that?"

Without saying a word, I slid off his lap and stood up before him. While still completely naked, I took his hands as he stood up. Looking up into his eyes, I said, "Sam, I love you. And I would really appreciate it if you would punish me. I'll let you decide how, when, where and for what reason I should be punished, I trust you. I don't really know why I think I need this, but I do. And Sam, I want you to be the one to do it."

I stood there blushing and feeling pretty foolish for what seemed like hours. I was still naked and he was completely dressed. I don't think I could have felt sillier if I tried. Finally, a loving smile spread across his face when he pulled me into his arms and hugged me. He told me that he loved me too and from now on, I should be on my best behavior because he would be watching. We both giggled a little and held each other close.

Weeks passed without a single punishment. I was beginning to think Sam forgot about that conversation we had. On several occasions I almost hinted about it, but decided not to. I didn't want to push Sam into something he wasn't completely comfortable doing. Maybe he loved me so much that he couldn't hurt me? I was still hoping he loved me so much he would.

On the drive home from visiting my mom on Friday evening, Sam kept his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road when he told me that I'd disappointed him. He told me that I hadn't given my mom a "hello hug or kiss" nor did I bother to give her the same affection before we left. For that matter, I hadn't even told her that I loved her. In a very business-like tone, Sam went on to tell me he found this behavior unacceptable and I would be punished when we arrived home.

I almost said something about being unable to remember the last time I hugged or kissed my mom, but I caught myself at the last moment. This was going to be my very first official punishment from Sam and I could hardly wait! I looked over at the man I loved and he showed no emotion other than disappointment. For a split second, I found myself feeling terrible that I'd let him down. But my excitement chased that thought from my mind. This is what I'd asked for. It was what I thought I needed. And the drive couldn't have gone by faster.

When the garage door had closed behind us, Sam spoke for the first time since announcing the punishment. He told me to wait right where I was. The tone of voice he used actually frightened me. He sounded really mad, I'd never heard him use that tone with me before.

He slammed the car door and then slammed the garage door. I was scared shitless waiting there for him to return. And I didn't dare move from the passenger's seat. He had me wait in the car for 5 very long minutes. I actually jumped when the door to the house flew open and he stood there with the light behind him, looking so powerful. He stared at me while opening my door. I cautiously stood up and he immediately and firmly slid his hand into my right armpit. After slamming my door shut he quickly walked into the house while still gripping my arm tightly. He quickly drug me straight into the living room when he stopped suddenly. I looked up to see a lone, wooden chair sitting in the middle of the room. It as a chair from the dining room. It had no arms and would be perfect for a spanking, I'd actually thought about going over his lap in those chairs before.

Without further hesitation, he propelled me into the room. After sitting down, he looked into my eyes and with gritted teeth he said, "Get your clothes off and get over my lap, NOW!" The emphasis he put on that last word made me jump. I was really scared when I quickly stripped off every shred I was wearing. Sam kept his eyes fixed on my shaking form the entire time. There was something tremendously embarrassing about undressing in front of him that time.

When I'd dropped my underpants, he grabbed my wrist so tightly it actually hurt. In the same motion, he yanked me over his lap with more force than I imagined he had. I had to stop myself from crashing into the floor with my hands. He laid one hand firmly on my lower back to hold me still, he pressed the other open palm into my cheeks. That open palm then left my cheeks and I knew it was coming. My body was trembling. I had goose-bumps all over me. This was it. This was what I'd always wanted.

Like an explosion his open hand struck my bottom with enough force to make me feel like my eyes popped out of my head. There was no hesitation, his hand bounced off my butt and slammed back into me. By that second blow, I felt tears begin to roll down my face. By the third or fourth, I was begging him to stop and screaming each time he hit me.

At some point during that spanking, I reached back to try and protect my poor butt from any more pain. That turned out to be a huge mistake. With his free hand, he pinned both my wrists behind my back and began beating my poor cheeks with even more vengeance. I was crying wildly, screaming and whining and begging him to stop. My legs were kicking around and I tried with everything I was worth to wiggle off of his lap, but I never could. He was way too strong.

I have no idea how many times he struck me, I lost count. But when my first punishment had finally ended, he practically pushed me off his lap as if he were disgusted by me. I wound up crouching on floor, looking up at him with my tear streaked face. In that same frightening, disappointed tone, Sam told me to stand in the corner with my hands behind my head until he told me otherwise. He raised his arm and pointed to the corner next to our large picture window. Thankfully, the drapes were drawn on that window.

I picked myself up and scurried to that corner. With my nose nearly touching the wall, I laced my fingers behind my head. After several moments, I still hadn't heard a sound from Sam, all I could hear were my own fading sobs. I imagined him staring at my freshly punished bottom. I tried to picture what my butt must look like in my mind. All that made me do was focus on how badly it hurt. From then on, I couldn't stop my hips from wiggling around. I needed to rub my cheeks badly!

Sam's voice had almost returned to its normal sound when he spoke again. "From now on, when you see your mother, you will greet her with a nice hug and kiss and I want to hear you tell her how much you love her. She'll get the same respect from you before we leave. Do you understand me?"

I quickly nodded my head up and down and squeaked, "Yes."
He went on, "She is your mother and she deserves to be treated as such. If I find you disrespecting her again, you'll find yourself being punished right in front of her. I won't wait until we get home again." He paused there to let that thought sink into my head. "Now, you just stay right there. A little corner time will be good for you."

With that, I heard him stand up and leave the room with the chair he had sat in. I stood with my nose in the corner for quite a while. My sobbing eventually stopped and tried to hear what he was doing, but there wasn't a sound. I stayed as quiet as possible, listening, trying to figure out where he was. My arms and legs were beginning to get stiff when I heard footsteps. I guessed he was walking from our bedroom to the bathroom. He then turned on the water, he was washing his hands. Then the water came back on. It took me a little bit to figure out he was running a bath. When he stopped the water, I heard him walking through the house toward the living room where I stood.

From right behind me, he said, "Come here Sweetie. Your punishment is over."

I spun around and found myself in his arms. He hadn't changed, he was still dressed as he had been when we were at my mom's house. He didn't say a word when I broke down into tears again. He gently rubbed my back, holding my head against his chest. When I managed to speak, I tried to tell him how sorry I was. I went on to babble about disappointing him and mistreating my mom. He lovingly shh'ed and told me everything was alright. He told me he loved me more than anything else. But that he would punish me if I needed it.

The ease he had slipped into the role of my punisher was a little frightening. That was the first time I'd ever REALLY been punished by anyone other than my mother. I was new to this! But Sam seemed to be completely comfortable beating my butt if needed. He was a lot better at it than my mom ever was too.

While just beginning to get control of myself again, Sam reached down and picked me up off the floor into his arms. He carried me down the hall and across the threshold of the bathroom as if I were his bride. Without even straining himself, he slowly lowered me into the rather warm bubbly bathwater. He knelt down beside the tub, grabbed a clean washcloth and began to wash every square inch of my body.

When asked to get on my hands and knees, I didn't hesitate. Sam was so gentle with that washcloth against my poor cheeks. He used his hands to splash water on my butt to rinse it off. He then slid a single finger between my cheeks and gently poked at my wrinkled hole. I think I moaned a little because I felt that finger keep pressing until it popped inside me. I know my back arched a little then, it always does when I get penetrated.

Sam knelt there beside the tub slowly and gently fingering me. I began pushing back into his finger, wanting it to go a little deeper. But Sam kept pulling back, not letting any other part of his hand touch me. In no time at all, I was stiff and horny. Before I could make a move toward him, Sam used his free hand to reach under me and loop his first finger and thumb around my penis. I moaned out loud. I know I did because I heard the echo. He held both his hands perfectly still. I began to slowly hump myself into his loving hand.

In a very soft, loving voice he said, "You have never looked more adorable than you do right now. Dripping wet, still in the tub. A freshly spanked, bright red bottom, a stiff weenie and so horny. Yes, you are very cute."

He'd barely stopped talking when I gasped, my back arched even deeper and I squeaked in a strange high pitch. My cheeks flexed around his finger as I squirted my juices into the bathtub. He let me calm down before helping me out of the tub. He sat on the lid of the toilet and held a large soft towel open for me. He wrapped it around my body and with the same gentle care, he dried me off. We finished in the bathroom with Sam brushing my hair.

Before leaving the room, Sam picked me back up into his arms and carried me our bedroom. The covers were already pulled back on my side of the bed. Sam leaned down and laid me on the bed. I winced when my tender cheeks first touched the sheets, but eventually got comfortable. He held eye contact with me as he pulled up the covers and tucked me in. He kissed me softly and whispered good night before clicking off the light. I heard him stand and saw his silhouette in the doorway. He told me I'd had a rough day and that I should get some sleep. With that, he closed the door almost all the way and walked down the hall. I doubt I was awake for more than a few minutes before drifting off to sleep.

by fantaseeboy
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Getting a physical exam by a doctor or nurse... A turn-on?

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either;

There was a recent discussion on
on the topic of gay men's attraction for medical doctors and physical exams.

Original poster was a guy from Denver:

Ok here goes... I have this fantasy of getting a physical exam by a hot doctor or male nurse. I'm told to undress and then am examined / touched all over. I'll probably pop a boner and be a little embarrassed about it, and it would be so hot to see the outlines of a boner in the doctor's or nurse's pants.

However, the obvious problem is finding said medical professionals to play out this fantasy with, since it's likely a liability issues. So... I'm kind of at a dead-end and not quite sure how to proceed. Maybe there's a site somewhere that caters to this? I don't know... just throwing it out there to see if anyone could at least point me in a direction.

Follow up:
I love that idea too. I've always had a thing for being examined by a doctor.

Follow up:
It is all mostly the realm of fantasy...

However, before I met my partner he had an experience worthy of a short story. He had prostatitis. The doctor's remedy was to stick his finger up my guy's butt and give him prostate massage with hand job. So these fantasies do have some basis in reality. (By the way, this doctor ultimately lost his practice and now sells real estate.)

Another friend of mine went to one of those "no appointment needed" medical centers to get some quicky exam and documentation for work. He also got a hand job.
I guess I need to get a new doctor!

Follow up: sunbuns99
Medical exam sex or a doctor's physical that goes beyond purely examination is a frequent fetish / fantasy among guys into CMNM (clothed male / naked male) scenes. So you can find guys and also stories/photos etc related to this medical attraction on such sites and social networks. (BTW, I'm the admin for several of them and also publish the Guys Into CMNM blog (guysn2cmnm (dot) blogspot (dot) com)

This theme is popular among a few gay porn studios, namely, but you can see some of the their photos and video clips at

You might also be able to find specific guy into this by using either RECON (a gay fetishist site and iPhone app) or at GearFetish In addition, there are some tribes (public or private groups) on the alternative social networking site, I can invite you to some of them if you contact me (and give an email address for the invitation).

I work at a medical and health sciences university which has two hospitals on its campus - so it's a theme/attraction (not exactly a fetish for me) that is near and dear. Also, when I stayed in a hospital once, I found it very stimulating to be kind of bed-bound (not I wasn't strapped in but just couldn't move about freely), and to be examined by a young handsome doctor every day. I made sure to never wear underwear or anything but a loose fitting gown so he could have easy access, so that I could be 'accidently' nude. It was fun when there was a male nurse during the night shift, but I would sleep as nude as possible and allow the covers to fall off. Evidently, nurses are not embarrassed by much - because he'd just cover my erection with a blanket without hesitating to 'observe'.

Also, I have a friend/sex buddy who is a doctor (a cardiologist) and it's fun 'playing doctor' with him, but oddly enough, he's not really into that aspect of it. I've wanted and even attempted to organize locally and internationally some CMNM events in which doctor-patient examinations would be one of the role-play sensual / sexual activities. So if you're up for the idea, we could start working now on holding such an event (somewhere reasonably convenient). I can travel (up to a point) almost anywhere.
I suspect that there are hundreds of gay men (and plenty of straight men who get off having a female nurse or doctor examine them).

Fight prostate cancer, ask a doctor (or horny friend) to examine your prostate inside your hole! The best way to become quick and 'deep' friends is penetrating someone body cavities with a finger. The stomach is not the only way to a man's heart (LOL).


Nothing can be compared with hot gay medical examination - for some of us who are CMNM (clothed male naked male) fans.
NOTE: This entry is a compilation of excepts from several gay medical fetish sites, including the photos.
You have never seen such fascinating CMNM scenes anywhere as those in a hospital or medical clinic. Maybe some twinks didn’t like to visit the doctor's office earlier. They are embarrassed or reluctant because they think that they may pop a boner once the doctor starts examining them. But after an incredible sexually enthralling visit to a doctor who knows just how to examine them thoroughly and to make them relaxed and sexually satisfied, I think they will change their attitude about being with an older and clothed physician.

After seeing so many twink medical exams, many things will change in your mind too. It is impossible to be calm witnessing how these twinks take off his clothes and then the intelligent, sexy doctor starts to suck his stiff cock. They even try sixty-nine, sucking each other’s dick with uncovered pleasure right in the doctor’s consulting room.

Are you interested in hot gay medical CMNM ? It is high time to relive all your secret desires. It is hot to see handsome boys get undressed for the doctor and then seeing them get so horny that they just have to have gay sex.

It's great too when the muscular athletic boys go to visit a doctor with the coach, who is dying to see his young team get naked and willing to offer hard dick and hot wet holes to their athletic mentor. The boy doesn’t know yet what incredible adventure it is going to be there. He comes to the doctor’s consulting room and takes off all his clothes. The lustful doctor doesn’t waste time and starts to caress genitals of the twink. It is pleasure to watch twinks' medical checkup. It seems the boy doesn’t object to take twink medical exam. His cock becomes bigger and bigger. Then the boy lies on bed and horny doctor sucks his dick, play with it by his tongue.

Every time nasty college guys walk into the examination room of a medical checkup they lose their minds when what they’re told what to do there by irresistible authority of the doctor. Sure, male doctors clothed in green scrubs or a white medical uniform force naughty young guys to do these things because they love watching nude guys pose for them, and obey their every command to expose various parts of their anatomy and to submit to manual manipulation of their bodies and genitals.

Of course, the horny naked young dudes love when they have their naked bodies examined all over so that they are craving to have their dicks sucked and asses banged hard by the naughty clothed doctors I think we all enjoy witnessing cock-loving physicals satisfy the wildest and the dirtiest of their dreams together with young inexperienced college guys.

What about you? Did going to the doctor and being physically examined as a teen by a clothed (older) man leave an impression on you? Or even cause you to think about being attracted to males. Do you think it was especially sexually stimulating because of the fact that you were naked and he was completely dressed. That's the appeal of CMNM experiences.

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CMNM World Rendezvous Tour on Spain's Canary Island: Gran Canaria, April 30 - May 1

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry at one of the following sites:

The CMNM World Rendezvous Tour is now fully underway. I am currently in Athens, Greece and there are just so many hot men, and so many places where a totally naked male body would not be at all our of place among the classical ruins of Ancient Greece scattered across this charming metropolis. It is one of the most scenically walkable cities. Every corner you turn is another gorgeous man or men in groups just begging to be photographed. I don't that many of them would not turn down an offer to pose naked.

Although there were not participants in our Guys Into CMNM World Rendezvous Tour in Greece, I was able to get in a little CMNM viewing and showing in my hostel. I also spent Saturday night one of the local gay baths, Alexander Sauna. It is a clean and modern place and there were loads *after load - of hot men getting in on in the 4th floor maze. I certainly my eyes, hands and other orifices full and fully pleasured. Later next month, I am off to Ireland for a brief sleepover stop at one of the popular hostels. Then leave on April 30 in the morning for Gran Canaria and the flambouyant sex in the sand with naked and clothed guys galore at Maspalomas.

Gran Canaria CMNM Meet-up April 30 - May 1, 2016

Gran Canaria CMNM Meet-up April 30 - May 1, 2016
For guys into CMNM - to meet, chat, and maybe hook-up
April 30 - May 1
9pm - 2am
May 1 - Nude Picnic on the Beach
12pm - 3 pm

Clothed Male Nude Male (CMNM) Gathering in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Date &; Time:
Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Sunday, May 1, 2016
9:00 PM - -02:00 AM
The Cellar - gay cruise bar
Basement of the Yumbo Shopping Center
Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, The Canary Islands, Spain (view map on one of the sites linked above)

You are invited to attend and participate in the Clothed Male Nude Male (CMNM) Gathering in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, Canary in April 30, 9:00pm to 2:00 am , 2016.
Clothed Male Nude Male (CMNM) Gathering in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

There are potentially hundreds of men interested in CMNM scattered everywhere. How many are there in and around Gran Canaria, The Canary Islands. area? If you are going to be in Gran Canaria on April 30, 2016 then make plans to attend one or several of the CMNM Weekend Festa.

See the details at:

Who can join: Legal adults (21 or older for most events).
Single males, couples or groups are invited to participate. Women are not barred from attending, but this IS a male - mostly gay or homosexual lifestyle - although some married couples (M/F) could possibly find it very stimulating.

Who will be there: Since it's just getting organized now (March 26), there's a good chance we'll have a dozen (or perhaps much more) men attending the private CMNM events. There's no doubt they will be fun and worth it: strippers, erotic dancers, naked waiters, and an assortment of exciting clothed male / naked male activities and games are planned. The rented hotel suites will also make a comfortable and elegant venue for some memorable excitement you will never forget.

What type of events: CMNM Gathering Welcome Party (at a private home or a rented hotel suite - clothing optional - of course), a Naughty Boy Costume and Role-Play in a suite of a D.C. hotel, a sleepover (with clothed and naked males in attendance), male strippers and uniformed hosts will be in attendance at several of the events. In the day time on Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy several tourist excursions or some special CMNM events and tours: play nude poker, naked charades, a game of truth and dare, naked volleyball, and a CMNM wine-tasting and sushi party with both nude and clothed waiters.

To find out more, please go the the CMNM Gathering in Gran Canaria, please look at the invitation page at:

There you will find more details, and important the rules of expected behavior, and how to got about applying for an invitation to attend as a CMNM guests, or also how to apply for the few volunteer staff and paid performers (actors, dancers/stripper). No services of sex industry workers are being solicited.

Facebook Guys Into CMNM Page

To find out more, please go the the CMNM Gathering in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, The Canary Islands (Spain) Invitation page at:

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Open Showers for Men - A fond memory or still in use?

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated blog post at one of the following:
or ]

Recently there was a discussion on the YMNA2,(Young Men's Nudist Association) Yahoo group. It started when an old advertisement for Bradley Showers was shared (see photo above). Actually, the changes in acceptance (or tolerance) for nudity between men in places where it was formerly both accepted, required and even encouraged has caused there to be a lot of similar discussion in men's circles for many years now. One such example, a lengthy one, on a straight men's discussion board can be found at:

Here is the discussion over the past few days:

atitlan wrote: My thanks to the blogger who found this. I can't believe that the artwork for the advert wasn't done by someone with a wicked sense of humour - "pull and turn", the equipment says.

Pete added: Judging by the expression on their faces I would guess they've all pulled and didn't have far to 'turn'!
Can only have been done by someone with a great sense of humour or completely naive.
Aussie Kevin replied: I LOVE the eye-line on the guy on the left!

Actually, this is really heart-warming...and sadly something that most young guys would avoid, in Australia and the States anyway. Showering together, enjoying it openly, just being free and open and natural with buddies! it actually has a really nice energy to it. From days gone by though, sadly.

James of Louisville added:
Here's another ad for the product and a similar product in use.
The Bradley company is still in operation.

RESPONSE by atitlan:
Thanks, James, for these - excellent research! I remember moving from one gym with its long line of gang showers to another gym that had pole showers. I didn't like the pole variety overmuch. They were rather too intimate for comfort if all the shower jets were taken. Because we were so near one another, there was little personal space and always a risk of backing into people either side. Yes, that might not always have been unwelcome, except then there was then a further risk of developing a hard-on just inches away from a group of ostensibly straight men.

Pedro chipped in:
Those are the type I had in high school. A friend of mine would soap up my back for me.
This is where I started to develop my reputation as a tough guy.
I took cold showers.

Jason brings up his point:
I have fond memories of the pole type showers like Bradley Corp makes. We had them in junior high and high school both! talk about having nowhere to hide and really getting to check out your classmates!

I haven't seen one in use since then in all of my travels around the States, so I am not sure who is buying these products from Bradley! Even the new gyms I go to which have gang showers have the shower heads built in to the walls around the room. They don't have the 6-person "pole" variety. I do wish I could go to a shower room that has them though!

William wanted to know:
Several years ago I frequently went to the gay bath The Club, or Midtowne; they had the Bradley shower heads, and everyone loved them. Have no idea if they still use those or not. Anyone know?

ZeroFear replied:
The YMCA I belong to in New Hampshire still has a locker room with gang/open style showers that has both the shower heads built into one wall, and then in the middle of the room it has two of the pole showers. Each pole has either 4 or 5 showers heads on it.

Sunbuns (Kelly - that's me ) adds his experience:

The pole shower is still used in places like public beaches, where close contact isn't expected to cause a problem. You can find the 'Bradley' type showers along public beaches in Hawaii and Spain (I'm sure many other places, too).

What's nice about them is that you can take a shower in public and stand close to some guys while each of you is occupied with the getting clean without appearing to leer or be inappropriately 'interested.' It's fun when a guy pulls his swimsuit out from his body (or even down somewhat) to help wash out the sand. You can sometimes get a glimpse of his pubic hair, ass or even more.

It seems obvious to me that some guys - straight ones - seem to enjoy this chance to do a bit of mild flashing - at least in the sexually repressed US. Sometimes, a few teenager or older young men find it the perfect time to horse around - such as pulling down a unwary friend's suit, and so on. So when I hang out at the beach, I find it very entertaining to stay not very far from the Bradley public shower.

On the nude beach at Gandia (Spain) in Sept this year, it was nice watching guys use these open-air showers either alone or together and, especially when I had timed my shower with some other dude's.
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How to set up a 'real' live CMNM Event: Exploring ideas

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry at one of the following:
or ]

One among many: naked vs clothed Originally uploaded by guys2ncmnm

This article is a personal rumination about the pleasures and difficulties of trying to organize a live CMNM event. There are lots of problems in getting a thing like this organized - perhaps I've bitten more than I can chew -- not to be too funny about it.
For one thing .. CMNM is about what it says it means = clothed males / naked males - it's just that that can mean a lot of different things too. It's not exactly the same as flashing a total stranger - although it could be that.

While the guys involved may be strangers (or even friends/acquaintances), there is a usually mutually agreed upon enjoyment for the nude guy(s) as well as the clothed - which is not always true when flashing - the flashee gets an eyeful whether he likes it or not.

For some, it's about dominance and subservience that matters.. so an element of hazing is desired -- commanding and obeying.. but I'm not really keen to get in those type of role-playing games (BDSM) with total strangers - whom I'll never meet again.

So how this CMNM event that can be accomplished with guys who meet in a public place for the first time will depend on who participates and where it happens. So that's another reason why I couldn't write the details... they are put together yet. I'm only a visitor - staying 3 days/2 nights.

We could meet the first night to plan what to do sometime the next day.

Another reason for no details is security.
Putting all the details about precise location and times and everything may get the word out
better.. but it also opens it up as a target - there ARE people who in the world who have nothing better to do than badger or humiliate men who love men. So it's best to leave the details fuzzy on publicly visible boards - such as

So far only a couple of other guys have indicated a desire to join..- actually only two guys on this site, and a couple from elsewhere... (on this the Guys Into CMNM blog and on other sites) but also.. no one has any given any real ideas about what/when/where or how such a CMNM meetup / hookup / party can be or should be.

I don't live in London or really know it that well.. but I have been several times and can get around. If you do a bit of looking online, you'll find that the address is an accommodation There is several possibilities. Since I'm already booked for a short stay there. I was thinking that our CMNM event(s) could possibly center around that location. I've had plenty of opportunities to be naked (or see naked men) while staying in a hostel. One problem is this one is not male-only - although it depends on the room and how many guests are staying. Also, in some hostels, local residents are not allowed to stay or sometimes the guests are not allowed to have visitors. I don't think that's the case.. but I'm not exactly sure. I've heard that the shower rooms afford some chance to some 'accidental' exposure.

We could do something so innocent as:

1) meet in the in-house bar/restaurant for drinks or snack,

2) come visit me in my dorm room - and then get around to getting somebody naked - either one of our 'cmnm' group or maybe some of the other guys staying in the room (is that unethical?) -- maybe? But it could be a whole lot of fun.

3) having a party in the room and play strip poker (or an easier kind of game where the loser has to remove a piece clothing until some (or all are naked).

4) More clever would be for several of our 'cmnm' group staying in the same or nearby rooms and then pretending not to know each other.. .. so we can get some going like one guy jerking off in his bunk, and then another guy (our member joining in). It would get some of the other guys (not our group) horny and they would join in the fun... Maybe a little farfetched... but you never know until you try. Outside the hostel... it's very large and could be very crowded

5) doing some naked dares and having buddies to watch out / bring your clothes to a rendezvous point, or take photos, etc. ...

6) going to a bar/club where nudity is either allowed or required

7) perhaps some one would be willing to host a small group in his apartment, office lounge after hours..etc...

8) Another idea is to have pre-selected roles for a type of simulation - visit to a doctor's for an exam. One guys in the patient, another two play the role of physician and or specialist, there could be a male nurse who gives sponge baths. It's up to your imagination.

Am I losing you here? There are other roles that come to mind.. but it takes a bit of energy, a passion for realism but fantasy, and a place where that could happen. I've written more than I had thought. So far I've not heard from anyone in Greece.. so it appears that London will be the first 'cmnm' event that would actually get off the ground.. and that is still not determined.

Let me know what you think or how you would see it working?
If you can make any suggestions, that would be great.

Kelly (sunbuns / sunbun99 / sunbunz)
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Too much Gay shit in this group: Standing up for Tolerance

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Extracts from a recent Flickr group discussion:

I learned something valuable and maybe personally important (for me at least) by 'stepping up' to the plate and advocating the idea of being tolerant for str8 men's sometimes belligerent or homophobic attitudes. What do you think?

Unfortunately, I found that even gay men are sometimes even more belligerent or discriminatory (toward str8 men) than they are us of. I explain the context(situation) and then show the actual discussion boards exchanges below.
I'm considering now what 'real' actions I can take to make a solution be actualized.

Flickr is (undoubtedly) the world's largest photo-sharing site.
There are discussion groups inside Flickr, devoted to various interests.
This group "Naked Fun in College" has had an intellectually interesting and politically-compelling series of exchanges lately between a very few (extremely small minority of the members). Recently, the most active members -the ones who have posted the majority of photos (and who are interested in male / gay / homophilic photos) have left and started a separate group. But I hated to be 'chased' away since the actual photos being posted now are simply just amateur porn (coeds giving guys blow jobs or showing cunts). Where most of the pics up to this point were guys butt and ball and limp dicks in situation where nudity was used as a 'party' joke - not explicit sexual behaviour.

Flickr is undergoing phenomenal growth recently and had had to deal with the problem of censorship in a rather decisive way. Currently, there are many on-going debates about the issue of censorship and under-age child possibly accessing public photos of naked people including pornography.

So this was one debate where I entered the fray - because the real issue is NOT about gay or straight but about what is pornography and what is a group with good leadership.


SpiruAgnui says:
The topic is supposed to be "Naked Fun in College", yet assholes such as QueerJames keep posting pornographic fag pictures of cocks, etc. rather than the candid, naked (and yes, co-ed) material that this group was intended for. If you want to post that, start your own group and limit it strictly to your fagget bullshit.
Posted at 11:27PM, 8 June 2007 JST

nudegayguy says:
I'm one of those queers. I see the title is "Naked Fun in College." The description asks for naked pictures. A picture of a cock is nudity no matter how you slice it. Frankly, I'd love to see more of the cocks and you can certainly show the ladies in any fashion/style/dress you please.
Posted 2 weeks ago.

obie099 says:
Nice post, SpiruAgnui. Are you always an asshole, or was this a special time?
Posted 8 days ago.

yppy20 says:
@spiruagnui: You do know that homophobia is the best indicator of latent homosexuality?
Posted 8 days ago.

boot2 says:
I agree Spiru, get that shit out of here. Enough is enough.
Posted 4 days ago.

SpiruAgnui says:
OK, look.... Apologies for my anti-homosexual rant. But this group is intended for candid pictures of college nudity, not blatent pornography. Any jerk can just take an upclose shot of their body.. but that's not what this group is intended for. Seriously, if that's what you're posting, start another group for that subject specifically. Posted 34 hours ago. ( permalink )

yppy20 says:
@ SpiruAgnui: the vast majority of the pictures posted conform to your "rule" - and some don't. Why do you feel so uncomfortable seeing a penis, even in thumbnail? You DO realise that "naked fun" means you are bound to encounter some penises? Perhaps you should join "naked college girls", instead.... " pornographic fag pictures of cocks, etc"
Please: do you really think we consider you heterosexual because you used an expletive? Quite the contrary: the fact that you feel the need to "speak out" makes you suspect, at least. As said: please try to come to terms with your (subdued) homosexuality

Oh and @ boot 2: please: I couldn't *possibly* formulate a probable answer. Your submission is just too..... [ytes, this is how I feel] STUPID!
Originally posted 24 hours ago.
yppy20 edited this topic 24 hours ago.

sunbuns says:
Unfortunately, any real possibility for further discussion is probably going to be moot. The visciousness (or repressed anger) among these few last few posting on this discussion has reached an unacceptable level.

While I might understand the reason for the vociferous opinions offered above, the fact is that 'real' pornography -- not mine own definition but the legal one -- is now being posted in this group and they are pubic photos. It may not be long before Flickr Admin shuts it down.

I'd like to see the group be made private (or clean up its act) and also see it set rules about having no photos of explicit scenes of sex acts between any genders.

Having SEX IS NOT only WHAT having "fun in college' is about. Even SpiruAgnui (I'm glad he apologized for his ranting) has said it clearly: "this group is intended for candid pictures of college nudity, not blatent pornography". I agree.
If you didn't notice, the vast majority of photos involved college guys showing skin, chests, butts, and penises. Coed naked parties are kind of a fantasy (for many).
Anyway, f we don't some self-correction here, then somebody else may solve this problem for us.

Flickr groups have a better chance of surviving and having success (not being deleted is the lowest standard of success) if several basic principles are kept intact and maintained:
1) A good definition of what the group's purpose is and what photos will be acceptable.

I realize that when someone casually starts a group like this -- based on 'fun' and by most people's recognition - 'nudity' and/or some forms of college 'party' behavior (dares, practical jokes, drunken pranks, etc) that it may not be easy to do that at first, but it eventually always comes down to making things(like the purpose and rules) finally clear enough or at least re-focusing on purpose and acceptabilitiy at some critical point along the way. I think we have passed that critical point recently.

2) Having an active group administrator and also have active (involved) moderators. I don't find that is the case.

This group has over 3000 members but very few contributors and those people are now in conflict (stereotypical rants, name-calling, insinuations, etc) - which IS NOT acceptable for anybody (These behaviors will likely get the group busted as much as the public pornography photos).

Get the Group Admin in here. If he can't do the job, then he should give it up. Appoint several moderators who can assist in maintain the group's purpose and agreed upon rules.

3) Going Private - Most 'big' Flickr groups where sexual or sexy behavior / nudity is a theme go private by the time they reach 300 members (membership by invitation only, rules are clear and purpose is made obvious).

4) Self-policing
If we can't manage our groups successfully without experiencing waves of anger / recrimination and worse, discrimination, the real problems will be unsurmountable. Having porn on here which is publicly accessible to anyone may actually be 'criminal'. Further illegal activity / behaviour may be discrimination based race, religion, gender or sexual preference, which is a crime in some US states or other countries. Displaying pornographic or obscene materials that could be easily available to minors is also illegal in some jurisdictions). Even if we're not guilty of any of that, we should manage our groups with sense of human dignity, a good sense of humour, and the respect for diversity that any college educator person should be willing to understand and hopefully advocate as a virtue, - -because if not, then this group hasn't earned its right to exist.

Hey, I'm not so self-righteous.. I love porn - but there is a place and another set of many many groups where that can be found and discussed. Also, it's just that we have heard only from a minute fraction of the members on this issue.

I think I speak for the majority - no matter what sexual persuasion, which gender, or what college we came from. We are Flickr U grads, let's act like it. (some members are still undergrads - while other may yet just flunk out and never get a degree LOL).
Posted 15 hours ago.

boot2 says:
Actually yppy, guess what's really stupid? A bunch of pictures of cocks. Get a life.

All you have to do is start a group called 'cock pictures' and hang out there. It'll be heaven for you.
Posted 7 hours ago.

ballistikcoffeeboy says:
grow the hell up... you are a homophobic asshole... u need to leave the group if you are this hostile towards our members... boot2... the same to you. why don't we just delete everything and stare at a blank screen, bcuz u guys certainly wouldn't post anything if u had it your way.

Posted 6 hours ago.

ballistikcoffeeboy says:
sunbuns: just because he apologized for his homophobic rant doesn't make it go away... doesn't make the rest of us (who are gay members on here) feel vindicated... are u the moderator? if so, i'm out of here. you are as homophobic as he is by allowing it to be said. how DARE you say he's homophobic BUT he's right... ??????
Posted 5 hours ago.

boot2 says:
ballistik are you retarded? Quit calling everyone that disagrees with you a homophobe. Just because I don't like looking at cock all day doesn't mean I'm a homophobe, it just means that I'm not a homo. God, what a prick you are.

I suggested an EASY solution that would make everyone happy and you come on here crying and whining, feeling all oppressed and calling everyone names.

This group is not called 'take a picture of your own cock' just like it's not a group called 'take a picture of your dog'. It would be just as annoying if everyone started posting pictures of their pets. Just get that stupid shit out of here. Please.
Posted 17 minutes ago. ( permalink )

sunbuns says:
No, I'm not the moderator.... just trying to be a voice of moderation.

Obviously, that attempt seemed to fall short of what some people (most noticeably Ballistikcoffeeboy), who apparently seems to advocate -- 'burning homophobes at the stake' (my words of analogy - not his) and even people who someone think is homophobic but who is obviously not (myself being one). How can I be homophobic -- I'm GAY, biyaatch! (LOL)

It was not so long ago that gay people were called 'faggots' (a word Spiru used in his initial posting) because they were added as extra and insignificant fuel for the flames that burned witches, murders and political prisoners.

If you're not willing to allow someone (yes, EVEN str8 men) the basic human dignity of admitting (publically even) their mistake (saying something cruel, inflammatory, obscene, unthinking, or morally/politically incorrect), then that may very well be an 'evil' equal if not even worse than the homophobia you and I so despise. I'd say that attitude borders on 'heterophobia'. After all, he ONLY said (wrote) some 'words' and then he apologized (yes, I realize he didn't retract them -- but you sound like you would NOT ever forgive him - no matter what he could say or do).

To then deny that anything he could ever say could not possibly be 'right' is even more discriminatory than his calling those photos he referred to as "your fagget bullshit."

Obviously, it's an emotionally supercharged issue for several people. I'm not at all trying to say he was right about his homophobic rant. I am saying I recognize that he tried to apologize. What else can he do?

Only a few years ago, not only would he have not felt any need to apologize but he'd probably be supported in making such discriminatory remarks by dozens of other people.

His thinking is right about this 'public' Flickr group's purpose: "intended for candid pictures of college nudity, not blatent pornography" because those are the TOS (Terms of Service) for operating a Flickr group.

The real issue is not showing male or female nudity - it IS about showing photos of sex acts (or pornography) in a PUBLIC Flickr group.

Concerning my seeming to forgive (not overlook) bad human attitudes -- I try to model the type of attitudes and behavior that I expect reasonable humans to demonstrate. I hold an even higher standard for people of my own tribe - gay men!

The fact that you interpreted my own comments to be those of a liberal straight man with a 'hidden' homophobic attitude is really telling. - - really sad actually. It shows possibly that some people's emotional control about this issue may be far overshadowing their good judgment.

I usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt - if they make a mistake once and apologize, I'll try to consider 'forgiveness' and 'acknowledging their self-growth' as desirable ways to respond to their 'change' or adjusted attitude/behavior. I felt that way about SpiruAgnui 'mistake' and subsequent 'apology'.

What's it going to prove to get on a moral high-horse and to keep on blaming, accusing, and unrelenting in a lack of understanding for human mistakes - that's a bad an attitude as what you are saying you despise. Some of the other's comments don't even deserve any form of response. WE ALL know what it says about the person who wrote it.

The fact is the main contributors to the pool of this group's photos have already created another group and moved on. In a few short weeks, we have accumulated more photos of the guys having naked fun in college than this group has -- none of it is pornographic (meaning no erect penis or oral/vaginal/anal sex). It is currently public and maintains a policy of not allowing pornography (or even erections).

Certainly, that was a quick solution to the problem. Just make another group as several people have suggested (or demanded) above. That's the easy way out. For me, it is still a cop out - cut and run.. let the bullies win, don't show your backbone or tuck tail and slink away. I don't do that easily.

Therefore, I spoke up on this issue-- in a rational non-emotional way -- because I DO believe that gay and straight people do NOT have to always come to a point of irreconcilable differences -- that kind of 'aparteid' -- "equal but separate" thinking should have passed out of existence in the last century and I am trying to be a voice of reason and acceptance of diverse lifestyles and tolerance of different forms of sexual (and human) expression.

It is ironic that the very person who speaks up about showing tolerance, then get bashed by another gay heterophobe. Jeesh. what's the world come to? Hardly the world, that brand of misguided "queer nation radicalism "is as out of touch with the evolution of humantiy as right-wing Islamic terrorism. See... I DO HAVE strong opinions.

I see it won't be easy to accomplish that idealistic goal (str8 and gay people living togehter in peace and harmony - but it's a symbolic struggle) when people don't bother to read , or don't want to read and understand what's written, or what more insidious when they can't even see through to the core of an issue without clouding their mind's eye with some form of emotional rage or vengeful atttitude -- that's been obvious from people on both sides of the gay/straight fence.

However, I am still hopeful for humanity -- despite some very non-humanitarian attitudes expressed by a few vocal members here.

We' ve yet to hear from the 3770 other people who belong to this group or from the Group Admin himself.
Thanks for taking the time to read. No reply is required. No public apologies necessary (on my behalf).

I don't hold people accountable for what they say (write) in the passionate heat of the moment (as long as they recognize within themselves that that IS what they've done).

Aloha and Happy Lunar Fullness to all,
(sunbuns / sunbuns99 / sunbunz)
sunbuns says: boot2,
An easy solution is not always the best one. I am not ragging on you about what you wrote earlier. Just looking for a solution (if it's possible).. otherwise I'm out of here too.

The real issue is that now some (recently joining) members are posting photos of exactly what you yourself say we don't want (in this Flickr group) - close-up pics of genitals or blatant sex acts.

Of the last 60 pics uploaded, the majority or pics are not of people in college getting naked for the fun of it (meaning 'social camaraderie or getting nude or pulling off clothes at an event or party where the effect of being nude it to make people laugh, enjoy the spirit of the moment, or a college tradition - like 'naked campus runs, etc).
So I agree it would be annoying is people were taking pictures of their pet 'pussy' (or dick)- Hey, wait. .. but that IS what they are doing now. It was not like that a few week ago. I think it's because the administrator of this group is 'on summer vacation'.

The most recent pics are of coeds and college-age guys showing tits or ass, or erect cock, sucking dick or whatever - just for the shock effect. If that is what people want, then the group needs to be made private. The problem IS we don't have any way to KNOW what 'people' want. This group's been hijacked since the Group Admin is asleep at the helm. Otherwise, I'm afraid Flickr Admin WILL come crashing down on it.

I just don't want to quit the group and look like I'm fleeing a sinking ship. I'd rather see the Group Admin do his job. Either set standards or ask what direction the group member wan to do and then act accordingly (set a new purpose, make rules about posting photos and then enforce them). As I wrote earlier that IS how large Flickr group work (actually the only way the work successfully).

Don't you agree with that?

Besides, what would 'naked fun in college' be if we could NOT show guys and girls asses, chests/breasts, and gentials -- well naked university-aged people having fun on or near college campuses.
HOWEVER, it's the STATE (erect dick - gaping pussy, cock in ass or cunt) of these that makes the BIG difference between porn and naked fun (no pun intended) But evidently, the Group Admin is either not interested or not involved -- who knows maybe he's graduated from college now and joined has a full-time job (LOL).

Has anybody tried writing him?

Posted June 29,2000

Now, I'm going to try to write to the Group Admin myself.
To: Group Admin (Naked Fun in College )Flickr Group

Subject: Problem on Naked Fun in College
Are you active involved in administering this Flickr group anymore?

There are some possible Flickr TOS (terms of service) problems on the Naked Fun in College group. I see public photos of what FLICKR defines as pornography.

That should NOT be happening. I'm not saying this because I'm a self-righteous moral judge - it's because the issue is causing there to be bickering and heated arguments between some few (but vocal) members.

Can you speak up about the group's policy? or Try to get a idea from members if they want to take the group private? I think you should act quickly before Yahoo (Flickr) shuts down the group.

If you don't care or don't answer, then I'll give up and move on (quit the group). However, it was a kind of symbolic political gesture to try to seek a solution to this (a personal conviction about how people CAN find just and viable solutions).

But the fact that there are 3700 people members of the group should tell you that you DO have some responsibility as group admin. One solution is to appoint other group administrators or some group moderators who can help out.

It's weird - actually scary -- that you have NO Flickr profile, no contacts and apparently NO photos available to me.
Hope to hear something (or at least read your posts at the group discussion board.


After a little bit of investigation, I came to the realization and a decision.

Hey, I just discovered the the group administrator: calvin2005rt
1) has no public photos (that's not bad - of course) but just strange.

2) has no contacts or Flickr friends

3) No profile - Zilch - Zero - Nada!

4) HE is a member of ONLY one public group - this one -one he started and now DOESN'T administrate.

That means he is may NOT even a real person.

Maybe Flickr (Yahoo) just created this group to test out the boundaries of its 'censorship' crackdown.

I wrote Flickrmail to him - but I've decided to not wait for an answer.

Anybody who starts a group and then doesn't have enough balls / guts or decency of character to post their own profile (or post pics to that group) is not the kind of person I want to spend time with (or whom I want to 'defend' or assist by trying to 'go to bat' for to uphold the principles of free speech, tolerance and human dignity for.

Spooky, creepy, and simply screwed - I'm out here.


I'll only go back to that group if it's private and the purpose / rules are clearly stated and consistently enforced.

Society means finding the important but delicate balance between the individual's desires and the necessity setting limits on them for the collective good.
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Some sons try their best to please their dads

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Daddy Was Curious Too

A gay incest story by loganmayer ©

My dad and I didn't start having sex until I was 18, this was around the time I had come out to my family that I was gay. I was home from my first semester of college around Christmas time. The house was empty except my dad and I. I had a question for him about what to get my mother for Christmas, so I went into his room, and as soon as I walk in the door, my dad walks out of his bathroom wet and completely naked.

It was really awkward for me but he didn't seem to mind it because he didn't try to cover up at all; he just let his hairy juicy half erect cock hang there. I could tell he was jerking off in the shower. I couldn't help but stare right at his cock, which was getting bigger by the second. I look up and my dad is looking right at me with a huge smile. I struggled to ask him my question about what to get my mom, he replied, "It can wait."

He walked over closer to me and asked me what I thought about this situation. Not going to lie, by this point I have a full on boner and I had no intention of hiding it, I got the feeling he didn't want me to. I told him, "It's getting me hard." That was when he grabbed my crotch, "Lets go get cleaned up," he said. I was speechless.

We walk into his bathroom and he starts to take off my clothes. When he got to my pants, I could feel his hands shaking with anticipation as he paused and looked up at me with a huge smile on his face and asked if I was okay with what was about to unfold. You need to know, my dad isn't the smiley type; the smile he had on his face was the biggest smile I have ever seen him have. I knew he had been fantasizing this moment for as long as I had been and knew that whatever happened next would be extraordinary.
We get in the shower and he starts washing me. He washed my back as he kissed my neck ever so softly. Pulling me closer into him, leaving no space between us, he washed my chest and abs from behind. I could feel his rock hard cock pressed against my butt and wondered how long I would have to wait until it was inside me. He turned me around so I was facing him. We gazed into each other's eyes. It was my turn so I reach for the soap but he stops me, takes the soap, and gets on his knees. He started on my legs, kissing them as he slowly cleaned his way up, until he got to my inner thigh right below my cock, which is fully erect and right in his face. I watch him as he stared right at my cock as he reaches behind me in order to thoroughly clean my ass. I reach for his head and pull it in towards my cock. I couldn't believe it; my dad had my cock in his mouth.

I watched as he devoured my cock, it was as if he couldn't get enough. I'm embarrassed to say it, but I didn't last very long. I told him I was going to cum but he didn't stop. So with my cock in his mouth, his fingers in my ass, and mine in his hair, I pulled his face in and shoved my cock so far down his throat and came; he loved it. We finished up in the shower and moved to his bed.

This time I knew it was my turn to please, so I started on his cock right away. I could feel my cock getting bigger as I sucked him. He was loud, moaning in pleasure as he got his cock sucked. I was fully ready to swallow my dad's load, but he had other plans. He pulled me close to him and we start to kiss. I never knew how passionate he was until this moment.

We kissed for a good ten minutes while he grabbed at my ass. I knew what he had in mind, so I got up, turned around, and got on my hands and knees and told him, "Fuck me daddy." He didn't hesitate. He began eating out my freshly cleaned asshole and before I knew it, he was shoving his thick 8" cock into my asshole. He didn't use a condom or lube. I cried out in pain as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. He seemed to like my screaming because he didn't pull out to lube anything up, he just went to town. It's starting to feel good. The pain starts to morph into pleasure and before I know it my screams change to moans. Next thing I knew he turned me on my back grabbed my ankles and spread my legs out wide.

He's pounding my ass. "Harder!" I manage to say. And without hesitation he goes harder, faster, and gets louder. I'm screaming at this point, he is hitting my g-spot perfectly and I start to feel nothing but euphoria. I grab my leaking cock and jack off as we make eye contact. I felt my cock swell and my ass tighten, and he must have known because he drops my legs and comes in close and kisses me and thrusts once more and...bliss.

It was as if our bodies were in sync because we both came at the same time. This was the best orgasm I have ever experienced. The feeling of a huge cock rammed into my ass, warm cum jetting deeper into my asshole, my father biting my neck in pleasure as he experiences seeding his son, and cumming all over my chest.

What made it the best was that it was my dad. The cock that made me gave me its seed. We just laid there in the same position, just kissing for what felt like hours, until we heard the garage open, and as soon as it had started, it had ended. We had sex regularly until I left for school for second semester about a month later. We continue to have sex to this day and it is still as glorious as our first time.

Story by loganmayer
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