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How to set up a 'real' live CMNM Event: Exploring ideas

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One among many: naked vs clothed Originally uploaded by guys2ncmnm

This article is a personal rumination about the pleasures and difficulties of trying to organize a live CMNM event. There are lots of problems in getting a thing like this organized - perhaps I've bitten more than I can chew -- not to be too funny about it.
For one thing .. CMNM is about what it says it means = clothed males / naked males - it's just that that can mean a lot of different things too. It's not exactly the same as flashing a total stranger - although it could be that.

While the guys involved may be strangers (or even friends/acquaintances), there is a usually mutually agreed upon enjoyment for the nude guy(s) as well as the clothed - which is not always true when flashing - the flashee gets an eyeful whether he likes it or not.

For some, it's about dominance and subservience that matters.. so an element of hazing is desired -- commanding and obeying.. but I'm not really keen to get in those type of role-playing games (BDSM) with total strangers - whom I'll never meet again.

So how this CMNM event that can be accomplished with guys who meet in a public place for the first time will depend on who participates and where it happens. So that's another reason why I couldn't write the details... they are put together yet. I'm only a visitor - staying 3 days/2 nights.

We could meet the first night to plan what to do sometime the next day.

Another reason for no details is security.
Putting all the details about precise location and times and everything may get the word out
better.. but it also opens it up as a target - there ARE people who in the world who have nothing better to do than badger or humiliate men who love men. So it's best to leave the details fuzzy on publicly visible boards - such as

So far only a couple of other guys have indicated a desire to join..- actually only two guys on this site, and a couple from elsewhere... (on this the Guys Into CMNM blog and on other sites) but also.. no one has any given any real ideas about what/when/where or how such a CMNM meetup / hookup / party can be or should be.

I don't live in London or really know it that well.. but I have been several times and can get around. If you do a bit of looking online, you'll find that the address is an accommodation There is several possibilities. Since I'm already booked for a short stay there. I was thinking that our CMNM event(s) could possibly center around that location. I've had plenty of opportunities to be naked (or see naked men) while staying in a hostel. One problem is this one is not male-only - although it depends on the room and how many guests are staying. Also, in some hostels, local residents are not allowed to stay or sometimes the guests are not allowed to have visitors. I don't think that's the case.. but I'm not exactly sure. I've heard that the shower rooms afford some chance to some 'accidental' exposure.

We could do something so innocent as:

1) meet in the in-house bar/restaurant for drinks or snack,

2) come visit me in my dorm room - and then get around to getting somebody naked - either one of our 'cmnm' group or maybe some of the other guys staying in the room (is that unethical?) -- maybe? But it could be a whole lot of fun.

3) having a party in the room and play strip poker (or an easier kind of game where the loser has to remove a piece clothing until some (or all are naked).

4) More clever would be for several of our 'cmnm' group staying in the same or nearby rooms and then pretending not to know each other.. .. so we can get some going like one guy jerking off in his bunk, and then another guy (our member joining in). It would get some of the other guys (not our group) horny and they would join in the fun... Maybe a little farfetched... but you never know until you try. Outside the hostel... it's very large and could be very crowded

5) doing some naked dares and having buddies to watch out / bring your clothes to a rendezvous point, or take photos, etc. ...

6) going to a bar/club where nudity is either allowed or required

7) perhaps some one would be willing to host a small group in his apartment, office lounge after hours..etc...

8) Another idea is to have pre-selected roles for a type of simulation - visit to a doctor's for an exam. One guys in the patient, another two play the role of physician and or specialist, there could be a male nurse who gives sponge baths. It's up to your imagination.

Am I losing you here? There are other roles that come to mind.. but it takes a bit of energy, a passion for realism but fantasy, and a place where that could happen. I've written more than I had thought. So far I've not heard from anyone in Greece.. so it appears that London will be the first 'cmnm' event that would actually get off the ground.. and that is still not determined.

Let me know what you think or how you would see it working?
If you can make any suggestions, that would be great.

Kelly (sunbuns / sunbun99 / sunbunz)
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Too much Gay shit in this group: Standing up for Tolerance

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Extracts from a recent Flickr group discussion:

I learned something valuable and maybe personally important (for me at least) by 'stepping up' to the plate and advocating the idea of being tolerant for str8 men's sometimes belligerent or homophobic attitudes. What do you think?

Unfortunately, I found that even gay men are sometimes even more belligerent or discriminatory (toward str8 men) than they are us of. I explain the context(situation) and then show the actual discussion boards exchanges below.
I'm considering now what 'real' actions I can take to make a solution be actualized.

Flickr is (undoubtedly) the world's largest photo-sharing site.
There are discussion groups inside Flickr, devoted to various interests.
This group "Naked Fun in College" has had an intellectually interesting and politically-compelling series of exchanges lately between a very few (extremely small minority of the members). Recently, the most active members -the ones who have posted the majority of photos (and who are interested in male / gay / homophilic photos) have left and started a separate group. But I hated to be 'chased' away since the actual photos being posted now are simply just amateur porn (coeds giving guys blow jobs or showing cunts). Where most of the pics up to this point were guys butt and ball and limp dicks in situation where nudity was used as a 'party' joke - not explicit sexual behaviour.

Flickr is undergoing phenomenal growth recently and had had to deal with the problem of censorship in a rather decisive way. Currently, there are many on-going debates about the issue of censorship and under-age child possibly accessing public photos of naked people including pornography.

So this was one debate where I entered the fray - because the real issue is NOT about gay or straight but about what is pornography and what is a group with good leadership.


SpiruAgnui says:
The topic is supposed to be "Naked Fun in College", yet assholes such as QueerJames keep posting pornographic fag pictures of cocks, etc. rather than the candid, naked (and yes, co-ed) material that this group was intended for. If you want to post that, start your own group and limit it strictly to your fagget bullshit.
Posted at 11:27PM, 8 June 2007 JST

nudegayguy says:
I'm one of those queers. I see the title is "Naked Fun in College." The description asks for naked pictures. A picture of a cock is nudity no matter how you slice it. Frankly, I'd love to see more of the cocks and you can certainly show the ladies in any fashion/style/dress you please.
Posted 2 weeks ago.

obie099 says:
Nice post, SpiruAgnui. Are you always an asshole, or was this a special time?
Posted 8 days ago.

yppy20 says:
@spiruagnui: You do know that homophobia is the best indicator of latent homosexuality?
Posted 8 days ago.

boot2 says:
I agree Spiru, get that shit out of here. Enough is enough.
Posted 4 days ago.

SpiruAgnui says:
OK, look.... Apologies for my anti-homosexual rant. But this group is intended for candid pictures of college nudity, not blatent pornography. Any jerk can just take an upclose shot of their body.. but that's not what this group is intended for. Seriously, if that's what you're posting, start another group for that subject specifically. Posted 34 hours ago. ( permalink )

yppy20 says:
@ SpiruAgnui: the vast majority of the pictures posted conform to your "rule" - and some don't. Why do you feel so uncomfortable seeing a penis, even in thumbnail? You DO realise that "naked fun" means you are bound to encounter some penises? Perhaps you should join "naked college girls", instead.... " pornographic fag pictures of cocks, etc"
Please: do you really think we consider you heterosexual because you used an expletive? Quite the contrary: the fact that you feel the need to "speak out" makes you suspect, at least. As said: please try to come to terms with your (subdued) homosexuality

Oh and @ boot 2: please: I couldn't *possibly* formulate a probable answer. Your submission is just too..... [ytes, this is how I feel] STUPID!
Originally posted 24 hours ago.
yppy20 edited this topic 24 hours ago.

sunbuns says:
Unfortunately, any real possibility for further discussion is probably going to be moot. The visciousness (or repressed anger) among these few last few posting on this discussion has reached an unacceptable level.

While I might understand the reason for the vociferous opinions offered above, the fact is that 'real' pornography -- not mine own definition but the legal one -- is now being posted in this group and they are pubic photos. It may not be long before Flickr Admin shuts it down.

I'd like to see the group be made private (or clean up its act) and also see it set rules about having no photos of explicit scenes of sex acts between any genders.

Having SEX IS NOT only WHAT having "fun in college' is about. Even SpiruAgnui (I'm glad he apologized for his ranting) has said it clearly: "this group is intended for candid pictures of college nudity, not blatent pornography". I agree.
If you didn't notice, the vast majority of photos involved college guys showing skin, chests, butts, and penises. Coed naked parties are kind of a fantasy (for many).
Anyway, f we don't some self-correction here, then somebody else may solve this problem for us.

Flickr groups have a better chance of surviving and having success (not being deleted is the lowest standard of success) if several basic principles are kept intact and maintained:
1) A good definition of what the group's purpose is and what photos will be acceptable.

I realize that when someone casually starts a group like this -- based on 'fun' and by most people's recognition - 'nudity' and/or some forms of college 'party' behavior (dares, practical jokes, drunken pranks, etc) that it may not be easy to do that at first, but it eventually always comes down to making things(like the purpose and rules) finally clear enough or at least re-focusing on purpose and acceptabilitiy at some critical point along the way. I think we have passed that critical point recently.

2) Having an active group administrator and also have active (involved) moderators. I don't find that is the case.

This group has over 3000 members but very few contributors and those people are now in conflict (stereotypical rants, name-calling, insinuations, etc) - which IS NOT acceptable for anybody (These behaviors will likely get the group busted as much as the public pornography photos).

Get the Group Admin in here. If he can't do the job, then he should give it up. Appoint several moderators who can assist in maintain the group's purpose and agreed upon rules.

3) Going Private - Most 'big' Flickr groups where sexual or sexy behavior / nudity is a theme go private by the time they reach 300 members (membership by invitation only, rules are clear and purpose is made obvious).

4) Self-policing
If we can't manage our groups successfully without experiencing waves of anger / recrimination and worse, discrimination, the real problems will be unsurmountable. Having porn on here which is publicly accessible to anyone may actually be 'criminal'. Further illegal activity / behaviour may be discrimination based race, religion, gender or sexual preference, which is a crime in some US states or other countries. Displaying pornographic or obscene materials that could be easily available to minors is also illegal in some jurisdictions). Even if we're not guilty of any of that, we should manage our groups with sense of human dignity, a good sense of humour, and the respect for diversity that any college educator person should be willing to understand and hopefully advocate as a virtue, - -because if not, then this group hasn't earned its right to exist.

Hey, I'm not so self-righteous.. I love porn - but there is a place and another set of many many groups where that can be found and discussed. Also, it's just that we have heard only from a minute fraction of the members on this issue.

I think I speak for the majority - no matter what sexual persuasion, which gender, or what college we came from. We are Flickr U grads, let's act like it. (some members are still undergrads - while other may yet just flunk out and never get a degree LOL).
Posted 15 hours ago.

boot2 says:
Actually yppy, guess what's really stupid? A bunch of pictures of cocks. Get a life.

All you have to do is start a group called 'cock pictures' and hang out there. It'll be heaven for you.
Posted 7 hours ago.

ballistikcoffeeboy says:
grow the hell up... you are a homophobic asshole... u need to leave the group if you are this hostile towards our members... boot2... the same to you. why don't we just delete everything and stare at a blank screen, bcuz u guys certainly wouldn't post anything if u had it your way.

Posted 6 hours ago.

ballistikcoffeeboy says:
sunbuns: just because he apologized for his homophobic rant doesn't make it go away... doesn't make the rest of us (who are gay members on here) feel vindicated... are u the moderator? if so, i'm out of here. you are as homophobic as he is by allowing it to be said. how DARE you say he's homophobic BUT he's right... ??????
Posted 5 hours ago.

boot2 says:
ballistik are you retarded? Quit calling everyone that disagrees with you a homophobe. Just because I don't like looking at cock all day doesn't mean I'm a homophobe, it just means that I'm not a homo. God, what a prick you are.

I suggested an EASY solution that would make everyone happy and you come on here crying and whining, feeling all oppressed and calling everyone names.

This group is not called 'take a picture of your own cock' just like it's not a group called 'take a picture of your dog'. It would be just as annoying if everyone started posting pictures of their pets. Just get that stupid shit out of here. Please.
Posted 17 minutes ago. ( permalink )

sunbuns says:
No, I'm not the moderator.... just trying to be a voice of moderation.

Obviously, that attempt seemed to fall short of what some people (most noticeably Ballistikcoffeeboy), who apparently seems to advocate -- 'burning homophobes at the stake' (my words of analogy - not his) and even people who someone think is homophobic but who is obviously not (myself being one). How can I be homophobic -- I'm GAY, biyaatch! (LOL)

It was not so long ago that gay people were called 'faggots' (a word Spiru used in his initial posting) because they were added as extra and insignificant fuel for the flames that burned witches, murders and political prisoners.

If you're not willing to allow someone (yes, EVEN str8 men) the basic human dignity of admitting (publically even) their mistake (saying something cruel, inflammatory, obscene, unthinking, or morally/politically incorrect), then that may very well be an 'evil' equal if not even worse than the homophobia you and I so despise. I'd say that attitude borders on 'heterophobia'. After all, he ONLY said (wrote) some 'words' and then he apologized (yes, I realize he didn't retract them -- but you sound like you would NOT ever forgive him - no matter what he could say or do).

To then deny that anything he could ever say could not possibly be 'right' is even more discriminatory than his calling those photos he referred to as "your fagget bullshit."

Obviously, it's an emotionally supercharged issue for several people. I'm not at all trying to say he was right about his homophobic rant. I am saying I recognize that he tried to apologize. What else can he do?

Only a few years ago, not only would he have not felt any need to apologize but he'd probably be supported in making such discriminatory remarks by dozens of other people.

His thinking is right about this 'public' Flickr group's purpose: "intended for candid pictures of college nudity, not blatent pornography" because those are the TOS (Terms of Service) for operating a Flickr group.

The real issue is not showing male or female nudity - it IS about showing photos of sex acts (or pornography) in a PUBLIC Flickr group.

Concerning my seeming to forgive (not overlook) bad human attitudes -- I try to model the type of attitudes and behavior that I expect reasonable humans to demonstrate. I hold an even higher standard for people of my own tribe - gay men!

The fact that you interpreted my own comments to be those of a liberal straight man with a 'hidden' homophobic attitude is really telling. - - really sad actually. It shows possibly that some people's emotional control about this issue may be far overshadowing their good judgment.

I usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt - if they make a mistake once and apologize, I'll try to consider 'forgiveness' and 'acknowledging their self-growth' as desirable ways to respond to their 'change' or adjusted attitude/behavior. I felt that way about SpiruAgnui 'mistake' and subsequent 'apology'.

What's it going to prove to get on a moral high-horse and to keep on blaming, accusing, and unrelenting in a lack of understanding for human mistakes - that's a bad an attitude as what you are saying you despise. Some of the other's comments don't even deserve any form of response. WE ALL know what it says about the person who wrote it.

The fact is the main contributors to the pool of this group's photos have already created another group and moved on. In a few short weeks, we have accumulated more photos of the guys having naked fun in college than this group has -- none of it is pornographic (meaning no erect penis or oral/vaginal/anal sex). It is currently public and maintains a policy of not allowing pornography (or even erections).

Certainly, that was a quick solution to the problem. Just make another group as several people have suggested (or demanded) above. That's the easy way out. For me, it is still a cop out - cut and run.. let the bullies win, don't show your backbone or tuck tail and slink away. I don't do that easily.

Therefore, I spoke up on this issue-- in a rational non-emotional way -- because I DO believe that gay and straight people do NOT have to always come to a point of irreconcilable differences -- that kind of 'aparteid' -- "equal but separate" thinking should have passed out of existence in the last century and I am trying to be a voice of reason and acceptance of diverse lifestyles and tolerance of different forms of sexual (and human) expression.

It is ironic that the very person who speaks up about showing tolerance, then get bashed by another gay heterophobe. Jeesh. what's the world come to? Hardly the world, that brand of misguided "queer nation radicalism "is as out of touch with the evolution of humantiy as right-wing Islamic terrorism. See... I DO HAVE strong opinions.

I see it won't be easy to accomplish that idealistic goal (str8 and gay people living togehter in peace and harmony - but it's a symbolic struggle) when people don't bother to read , or don't want to read and understand what's written, or what more insidious when they can't even see through to the core of an issue without clouding their mind's eye with some form of emotional rage or vengeful atttitude -- that's been obvious from people on both sides of the gay/straight fence.

However, I am still hopeful for humanity -- despite some very non-humanitarian attitudes expressed by a few vocal members here.

We' ve yet to hear from the 3770 other people who belong to this group or from the Group Admin himself.
Thanks for taking the time to read. No reply is required. No public apologies necessary (on my behalf).

I don't hold people accountable for what they say (write) in the passionate heat of the moment (as long as they recognize within themselves that that IS what they've done).

Aloha and Happy Lunar Fullness to all,
(sunbuns / sunbuns99 / sunbunz)
sunbuns says: boot2,
An easy solution is not always the best one. I am not ragging on you about what you wrote earlier. Just looking for a solution (if it's possible).. otherwise I'm out of here too.

The real issue is that now some (recently joining) members are posting photos of exactly what you yourself say we don't want (in this Flickr group) - close-up pics of genitals or blatant sex acts.

Of the last 60 pics uploaded, the majority or pics are not of people in college getting naked for the fun of it (meaning 'social camaraderie or getting nude or pulling off clothes at an event or party where the effect of being nude it to make people laugh, enjoy the spirit of the moment, or a college tradition - like 'naked campus runs, etc).
So I agree it would be annoying is people were taking pictures of their pet 'pussy' (or dick)- Hey, wait. .. but that IS what they are doing now. It was not like that a few week ago. I think it's because the administrator of this group is 'on summer vacation'.

The most recent pics are of coeds and college-age guys showing tits or ass, or erect cock, sucking dick or whatever - just for the shock effect. If that is what people want, then the group needs to be made private. The problem IS we don't have any way to KNOW what 'people' want. This group's been hijacked since the Group Admin is asleep at the helm. Otherwise, I'm afraid Flickr Admin WILL come crashing down on it.

I just don't want to quit the group and look like I'm fleeing a sinking ship. I'd rather see the Group Admin do his job. Either set standards or ask what direction the group member wan to do and then act accordingly (set a new purpose, make rules about posting photos and then enforce them). As I wrote earlier that IS how large Flickr group work (actually the only way the work successfully).

Don't you agree with that?

Besides, what would 'naked fun in college' be if we could NOT show guys and girls asses, chests/breasts, and gentials -- well naked university-aged people having fun on or near college campuses.
HOWEVER, it's the STATE (erect dick - gaping pussy, cock in ass or cunt) of these that makes the BIG difference between porn and naked fun (no pun intended) But evidently, the Group Admin is either not interested or not involved -- who knows maybe he's graduated from college now and joined has a full-time job (LOL).

Has anybody tried writing him?

Posted June 29,2000

Now, I'm going to try to write to the Group Admin myself.
To: Group Admin (Naked Fun in College )Flickr Group

Subject: Problem on Naked Fun in College
Are you active involved in administering this Flickr group anymore?

There are some possible Flickr TOS (terms of service) problems on the Naked Fun in College group. I see public photos of what FLICKR defines as pornography.

That should NOT be happening. I'm not saying this because I'm a self-righteous moral judge - it's because the issue is causing there to be bickering and heated arguments between some few (but vocal) members.

Can you speak up about the group's policy? or Try to get a idea from members if they want to take the group private? I think you should act quickly before Yahoo (Flickr) shuts down the group.

If you don't care or don't answer, then I'll give up and move on (quit the group). However, it was a kind of symbolic political gesture to try to seek a solution to this (a personal conviction about how people CAN find just and viable solutions).

But the fact that there are 3700 people members of the group should tell you that you DO have some responsibility as group admin. One solution is to appoint other group administrators or some group moderators who can help out.

It's weird - actually scary -- that you have NO Flickr profile, no contacts and apparently NO photos available to me.
Hope to hear something (or at least read your posts at the group discussion board.


After a little bit of investigation, I came to the realization and a decision.

Hey, I just discovered the the group administrator: calvin2005rt
1) has no public photos (that's not bad - of course) but just strange.

2) has no contacts or Flickr friends

3) No profile - Zilch - Zero - Nada!

4) HE is a member of ONLY one public group - this one -one he started and now DOESN'T administrate.

That means he is may NOT even a real person.

Maybe Flickr (Yahoo) just created this group to test out the boundaries of its 'censorship' crackdown.

I wrote Flickrmail to him - but I've decided to not wait for an answer.

Anybody who starts a group and then doesn't have enough balls / guts or decency of character to post their own profile (or post pics to that group) is not the kind of person I want to spend time with (or whom I want to 'defend' or assist by trying to 'go to bat' for to uphold the principles of free speech, tolerance and human dignity for.

Spooky, creepy, and simply screwed - I'm out here.


I'll only go back to that group if it's private and the purpose / rules are clearly stated and consistently enforced.

Society means finding the important but delicate balance between the individual's desires and the necessity setting limits on them for the collective good.
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Some sons try their best to please their dads

[Note: You can see a fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:
or ]

Daddy Was Curious Too

A gay incest story by loganmayer ©

My dad and I didn't start having sex until I was 18, this was around the time I had come out to my family that I was gay. I was home from my first semester of college around Christmas time. The house was empty except my dad and I. I had a question for him about what to get my mother for Christmas, so I went into his room, and as soon as I walk in the door, my dad walks out of his bathroom wet and completely naked.

It was really awkward for me but he didn't seem to mind it because he didn't try to cover up at all; he just let his hairy juicy half erect cock hang there. I could tell he was jerking off in the shower. I couldn't help but stare right at his cock, which was getting bigger by the second. I look up and my dad is looking right at me with a huge smile. I struggled to ask him my question about what to get my mom, he replied, "It can wait."

He walked over closer to me and asked me what I thought about this situation. Not going to lie, by this point I have a full on boner and I had no intention of hiding it, I got the feeling he didn't want me to. I told him, "It's getting me hard." That was when he grabbed my crotch, "Lets go get cleaned up," he said. I was speechless.

We walk into his bathroom and he starts to take off my clothes. When he got to my pants, I could feel his hands shaking with anticipation as he paused and looked up at me with a huge smile on his face and asked if I was okay with what was about to unfold. You need to know, my dad isn't the smiley type; the smile he had on his face was the biggest smile I have ever seen him have. I knew he had been fantasizing this moment for as long as I had been and knew that whatever happened next would be extraordinary.
We get in the shower and he starts washing me. He washed my back as he kissed my neck ever so softly. Pulling me closer into him, leaving no space between us, he washed my chest and abs from behind. I could feel his rock hard cock pressed against my butt and wondered how long I would have to wait until it was inside me. He turned me around so I was facing him. We gazed into each other's eyes. It was my turn so I reach for the soap but he stops me, takes the soap, and gets on his knees. He started on my legs, kissing them as he slowly cleaned his way up, until he got to my inner thigh right below my cock, which is fully erect and right in his face. I watch him as he stared right at my cock as he reaches behind me in order to thoroughly clean my ass. I reach for his head and pull it in towards my cock. I couldn't believe it; my dad had my cock in his mouth.

I watched as he devoured my cock, it was as if he couldn't get enough. I'm embarrassed to say it, but I didn't last very long. I told him I was going to cum but he didn't stop. So with my cock in his mouth, his fingers in my ass, and mine in his hair, I pulled his face in and shoved my cock so far down his throat and came; he loved it. We finished up in the shower and moved to his bed.

This time I knew it was my turn to please, so I started on his cock right away. I could feel my cock getting bigger as I sucked him. He was loud, moaning in pleasure as he got his cock sucked. I was fully ready to swallow my dad's load, but he had other plans. He pulled me close to him and we start to kiss. I never knew how passionate he was until this moment.

We kissed for a good ten minutes while he grabbed at my ass. I knew what he had in mind, so I got up, turned around, and got on my hands and knees and told him, "Fuck me daddy." He didn't hesitate. He began eating out my freshly cleaned asshole and before I knew it, he was shoving his thick 8" cock into my asshole. He didn't use a condom or lube. I cried out in pain as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. He seemed to like my screaming because he didn't pull out to lube anything up, he just went to town. It's starting to feel good. The pain starts to morph into pleasure and before I know it my screams change to moans. Next thing I knew he turned me on my back grabbed my ankles and spread my legs out wide.

He's pounding my ass. "Harder!" I manage to say. And without hesitation he goes harder, faster, and gets louder. I'm screaming at this point, he is hitting my g-spot perfectly and I start to feel nothing but euphoria. I grab my leaking cock and jack off as we make eye contact. I felt my cock swell and my ass tighten, and he must have known because he drops my legs and comes in close and kisses me and thrusts once more and...bliss.

It was as if our bodies were in sync because we both came at the same time. This was the best orgasm I have ever experienced. The feeling of a huge cock rammed into my ass, warm cum jetting deeper into my asshole, my father biting my neck in pleasure as he experiences seeding his son, and cumming all over my chest.

What made it the best was that it was my dad. The cock that made me gave me its seed. We just laid there in the same position, just kissing for what felt like hours, until we heard the garage open, and as soon as it had started, it had ended. We had sex regularly until I left for school for second semester about a month later. We continue to have sex to this day and it is still as glorious as our first time.

Story by loganmayer
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Sleepless on a camping trip next to hot 19-year-old Japanese twink

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or ]

,Originally posted on my blog on September 23rd, 2005 at 07:07 PM

I don't really have a fetish about sleep, but I think a guy who is sleeping sometimes turns out to be even more sexually attractive from the very fact that he appears innocent and vulnerable. I have a recent story (posted on my blog) about getting very excited while sleeping next to a hot 19 year-old guy who had given every indication of being interested in me and my body. It was one of those long sleepness nights next to a hot man -- where you are borderlone alseep but mostly awake and trying every which way to cop a feel, grab some ass or put your stiff prick up next to his crack. I don't really think Tai was so innocent because of his mannerisms, and the way he contrived the circumstances, but I did manage to respect his vulnerability - although if he really WAS awake for part of my ministrations, he certainly is wiser in the ways of male-male bonding -- especially when sleeping to an older man in a camp cabin.

I have just returned from a camping trip with some students at the institution where I am an instructor. This is a annual fall camp-out. This time there wasa group of 7 m/f and all over 18. It was a school outing, but camping often seems to bring out the primary instincts - horniness.

One freshmen guy named Tai was along who seemed a bit overly interested in me.

I had no intentions of encouraging him, but he would not give up. Even before we took an evening hike, he and his buddy were asking if we would be back in time to take a shower. The campground had coin operated showers.As the hike leader, I made sure we got back before the camp staff closed them for the evening (10:30pm). The two guys asked me if I was going to shower too, so I agreed. It appears they arranged for me to be between them.

Tai got in first, but before his 3 minutes was up, he called out to say that I could come in a get started. He "helped" get my things arranged while he stood there in the nude. He took my clothes as I undressed; he was standing the small dressing area outside the shower area.

[Note: The photo on the left is one of this blog author.]

I got the strong impression that he was really just trying to get a good look at me in the nude --
he did not really shut the sliding door fully, but keep it open a few inches, and kept pull it back further to ask if the water was all right or to hand me my shampoo.

{Note: The photo on the left shows what I wanted to do to the young Japanese twink ]

I was sleeping next to that night.}
He seemed to be taking a long time to get dressed. Although it sounded like a good way to save coins stacking us up to use it in quick rotation -- my instincts told me that Tai had conceived of this plan to get a gander at my goodies. He even sent his buddy to fetch something back at the cabin - thus giving him some extra time to chat me up innocently. Of course, I got a semi-hard on -- not too obvious because I really was not trying to seduce him, but he HAD gone to a bit of maneuvering to get to see my cock -- so I did not grab a towel -- but let him get a good look.

Well, I know this is about fooling around with sleeping guys -- so I am getting to that.

The eight of us were sharing the same cabin-- which has simple mats for the floor instead of beds.After the showering "incident," I was eager to see where Tai would place his mat. Sure enough, after the card game that ended around midnight, he was pulling up his mat and pillow right next to me in the corner of room. His buddy was on his right and I was on his left next to the wall.
Like other JUBers might think too, when I am in bed with a strange man, I just CANNOT get to sleep easily. Since Tai has seemed to make it clear that he wanted something from me or was interested in me (like being his daddy -- not just sexual either - I am not sure he is out at all -- which can be a very awkward - if not risky situation). To cut a too long story short, I was up all night and my cock was most up too. Tai tossed and turned, but he did appear to be really a sleep. I am not his instructor, but I work at the institution he attends, so I was not going to do anything forced or coercive.

But I certainly had plenty of opportunity to get nudged and sort of hugged by him (front and back). I did my share of hugging, rubbing and innocently placing my hand near his crotch and lean into his rounded butt. At one point, I really thought I was going to cum and was leaking pre-cum copiously.

My cock went right up the crack of his ass and our gentle but regular breathing created a erotic rhythm that was about to drive me over the edge. But I don't think he was not really "into" having sex -- probably he does not know what he wants and it is not my place to bring him to any further conscious realization about whether he does or not -- -- so I did not take any actions that could not be construed as just innocent "bumps." He was both heaven and hell.

The experience is something I'll remember for a long time to come.
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The Glory Hole and Dad

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or ]

An original story by Jerry Gaither. Originally published at:

It was really the first time I had ever gone to the park restroom and sucked a cock through a glory hole. I had thought about it and fantasized about it, but until that day, I had never done it. For weeks, I had been as horny as hell just thinking about it, but then again, what 18-year-old isn't horny at least 24 hours a day?

I'd known I was gay for the past two years. Ever since I started to fantasize about my English teacher. I used to go to school and get a hard-on first thing in the morning, just thinking about him and waiting for his class to begin.

He was about 40, slightly greying hair and VERY HOT! He wore his tight sport shirts open at the neck so I could see all black curly hair all over his chest. And I've always had a thing about older guys. Even my dad is a real hunk. Very broad shoulders that taper down into a narrow waist, thick dark hair. He had that raw, natural sex appeal. Of course, he's all man, and if he knew his son was a cocksucker, he'd be shocked.

The other day I went to the park after school and manned the center stall in the men's room. No one is ever in that park in the afternoon except the cocksuckers and guys wanting to get sucked. I had been there about a half-hour and I already sucked a couple of dicks, one belonging to a big hot stud in a letterman's jacket that indicated he played football at high school. He was hot! Then a guy in a business suit came in who pulled his cock out of the hole before he shot his load into his hand. His cock was long and thick and he'd shot so much cum into my mouth that I couldn't swallow it fast enough. A lot of it had dripped down my chin and onto my clothing.

I decided to wait a few more minutes and then go home when another guy came in. He pulled out his big thick cock and shoved it through the hole. It was veiny with a mushroom-shaped head that was enormous. He rammed it down my throat and then pulled it out just as fast, and kept this up while I continue to lick all the way around his enormous prick. I was sure my jaws would break with the hammering they were taking.

Then I could feel him tense up and release as he shot a huge load into my waiting mouth. I swallowed his mammoth load and hear him say in a very low voice, "Thank you." I stood up, wiped off my face with some toilet paper and then stepped out of the stall. Standing there, combing his hair was my father!

Holy shit!!! I had just sucked off my own dad. He didn't seem to know how to react; neither did I. He tried to look surprised, then I could see an angry expression form on his face. It was not the easiest of circumstances. "Fuck!" he yelled. "My goddam son is a fucking bathroom cocksucker! He grabbed me roughly by the arm and literally dragged me to his car. We didn't talk at all on the way home, and I was relieved when we pulled in the driveway. I headed toward the front door, but he motioned me toward the garage. I followed him, very much afraid of what would come next.

He sat down on a crate and pulled me over his lap and told me he was going to beat my ass until it was red and blistered. He pulled down my Levis and jockey shorts and began slapping my ass with those huge, rough hands of his. I cried out with each smack until he told me to shut the fuck up and take it like a man. Then he pulled a rag off the shelf and shoved it in my mouth. My ass was red hot and sore as hell, but much to my surprise, my cock was rock hard. He just kept hitting my ass harder and harder until he finally felt I had enough. My hand reached for my burning asscheeks, certain there would be blood. I was thankful to discover there wasn't.

He just looked at me without saying a word. I wasn't sure if he were still angry or whether he was going to start beating me again. Finally, he started to talk. "So my son's suckin' dick in the park, huh? Well, we all know that cocksuckers love to get their asses plugged. Right?" And with that, he smiled what seemed at the time to be the most evil smile I ever saw. I was a virgin so far as getting fucked was concerned. I had thought about it, but not seriously. I was really frightened at the thought of some large muscle invading my asshole.

As he unbuttoned his pants, I could see his enormous dick again. Surely, he wasn't going to try and fuck me with that! But then he shoved me face down on an old sofa in the garage and spit into his hand. After coating his cock with the saliva in his hand, there was nothing more to imagine. He actually intended to fuck me. Before I could adjust to the idea, he rammed his cock into me with one enormous shove. My ass was burning inside and I wanted to scream. But the rag he had shoved in my mouth muffled any sound I wanted to make.

His sudden entry was painful and I struggled to get away from him. But he wrapped his enormous forearm around my neck and held me in position. "Okay, buster, now you're gonna take it like a man," he said, as he started to pound my asshole. He pulled his cock out of me slowly, then quickly shoved in back inside me until his hot, muscled thighs were pounding against my previously virgin ass. "My son, the faggot, likes to get fucked, does he?, he sneered. "Well, this is one fucking you're never going to forget.

He pounded his cock inside me like a jackhammer, then made broad, circular motions inside me, like he was trying to drill a new asshole. Then he took my rock-hard prick into his hand and started to jack me off. With each stroke, he shoved his cock in deeply and withdrew it. He grabbed my balls with his other hand and pulled on them hard as he jacked away. I was ready to cum. He rammed harder and harder, and then, without warning, he pulled his dick out of my ass and shoved me to the floor. Standing over me, he jacked himself off and shot his huge load all over my face. My own cock jumped and I shot too.

Some of his cum hit me in the eye and it was burning. He grabbed another rag off the shelf and tossed it to me. Walking toward the door, he turned and smile, "Clean up you little faggot and get your ass in the house for dinner." I wheeled around and said defiantly, "Wait a minute, Dad, I want to talk to you. What do you think Mom would say if she found out you fucked your son? Or what do you think she should
say if she knew that big, hot dick of yours was sticking through every glory hole in town? I don't think she'd like it."

"You little cunt," he shot back. "Not only are you a goddam, fucking faggot, you're a goddam snitch. I'm not gonna take that kind of crap from you. And I'm not about to be blackmailed." "No, Dad," that's not what I had in mind. But there is something you ARE gonna take from me," I grinned while unzipping my pants, and taking out my now rock-hard dick. "You're gonna do what I say, or I'm gonna tell her everything." Dad paled at my threat. I had him by the balls, so to speak, and although he wasn't ready to admit it quite yet, he knew it.

"Now drop your pants, bend over and grab you're ankles, turkey. Now YOU'RE going to learn what it feels like to get the big dick shoved up YOUR butt." "You goddam little prick. I oughta beat the shit out of you for even thinking such a thing. If you think you're gonna fuck me, you're out of your goddam mind," he snarled. "Well, Dad, it's either that, or I have a heart-to-heart talk with Mom," I grinned. "And it'll be all over town that you fucked you're own son!"

I grabbed some hand cleanser, the kind mechanics use, off the work bench and handed it to him. You better smear some of this around your asshole, or it's going to hurt," I ordered. "Christ, I don't believe this! Come on, kid, I was only playing around this afternoon. And I thought you'd enjoy a little action. I know how horny a boy your age can get," he said, obviously trying to assuage me. "I was just trying to help." "Well, Dad, it looks like it's my turn to help you," I smiled back. "Now bend over and spread those fucking cheeks." He looked frantic, very much like a caged tiger that knows all the escape doors are closed.

"Please don't make me do that," his voice said pleadingly. "You'll ruin me. I've heard that once a man gets fucked, he's a queer for life. Do you want to do that to me?" "That's not my problem," I said with an evil grin on my face. "I just want to stick my dick in you to let you know what it feels likes. And if you don't get your pants down right now, I'm gonna tell."

Dad was defeated and he knew it. He really didn't have any options unless he wanted it all over town that he was fucking his son. As he bent over slowly, I approached his hot hairy ass from behind. With some of the excess lube from his asshole, I
lathered up my dick and pressed it against his asshole. The hairs around that hot ass felt hot as I got into final position for the long drive home.

As I shoved it in, he let out a loud scream. "Oh, god! That hurts like a sonafabitch!" Poor Dad. He forgot that his faggot son had a dick like a fucking stud horse. As my cock went further and further into his tight asshole, I could feel that tight, hot muscle wrapping itself around me, giving me just the friction I needed. "Oh my god,"he whimpered, as I began to slide my rock hard cock in and out of him. "Okay, asshole, now get over on your back and get those legs up."

On his back, he looked hotter than ever, and I noticed his was starting to beat himself off as I was pounding him. The look of horror that had been on his face only seconds ago was replaced by one that indicated he was actually enjoying it! A few more thrusts and I exploded, sending one hot load of hot, white cream after another into that hot, hairy asshole. When I finished, I picked up the rag he had shoved in my mouth and tossed it back to him.

"Here you go, Dad. Clean out your ass. Wouldn't want Mom to know you just got his butt fucked by a faggot, would we?" "No, I don't think we would," he said, almost grinning. As we walked back into the house, he started to put his arm around me affectionately. Then he caught himself and pulled back. I could tell that a certain closeness had developed between us within the past few hours, one that would probably last for a long time.

I knew it was not be the last time I spend the afternoon with Dad in the garage.

The End
Jerry Gaither

E-mail: jerryg(at)
Home Page:

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Zack Randall jerks, gets fucked, and sucks his heart out

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or ]

Zack Randall Jerk-off Medley

Zack's Twitter feed:

Angel Benton interviews Zack Randall (part 1)

Zack Randall Tagged on Tumblr

Hung sexy fit gay amateur Zack Randall in a home made video of his best jerk off sessions medley.

Zach Sucking and then Jacking With A Friend

Dean Phoenix And Zack Randall
On the warm sand of the beach, gay mature Dean Phoenix is fucking 23 yo Zack Randall like a real man.

Arpad and Zack Randall at

Zack is a devout student of the holy order and moral code. But even he can't resist the temptation of pushing open the door of curiosity, that leads to the devilish intentions of a Mr. Arpad Miklos. He has no idea what he's in for until he's in Arpad's clutches, which may well be exactly what he wants.

Arpad and Zack Randall at

2] Magazine March/April '08
Zack is a devout student of the holy order and moral code. But even he can't resist the temptation of pushing open the door of curiosity, that leads to the devilish intentions of a Mr. Arpad Miklos. He has no idea what he's in for until he's in Arpad's clutches, which may well be exactly what he wants.

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Gay Nude Beaches - Let's make a guide

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or ]

Switzerland : Zurich
20 Nov 2008, 07:19
let's make a gay-nude-beaches guide here!
which gay-nude-beach do you know?

1. name
2. place
3. state/country (how to find)

Canada : British Columbia : Vancouver
Follow up: Matthew1

20 Nov 2008, 12:27
Sandy Bay, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Drive along the Atlantic Coast from Cape Town towards Hout Bay. You will see a sign directing you to the seaside community of Llandudno. There are two beaches...Llandudno and Sandy Bay. Follow the signs. Parking limited. The beach is about a 15 min. walk from the car park

Wreck Beach
Vancouver, BC vCANADA

A huge beach and very popular. You can buy almost anything on the, trinkets, alcohol, etc...

Access is via a steep set of stairs. Its near the University of BC. A must when visitng Vancouver in summer.

Switzerland : Zurich
Follow up: hornyswiss
22 Nov 2008, 06:59
thanks. anybody else into gay-nude-beaches with some hot tipps around the world?

France : Paris
22 Nov 2008, 14:17
Beach Number 7
Between Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés
Gran Canaria island (part of Spain, off the coast of southern Morocco)

Part of a huge beach stretching for miles, with something for everyone. There's non-nude, straight nude and gay nude. Also, endless sand dunes for cruising buck naked...

South Africa :Johannesburg
age: 39
Follow up: cocktails6
22 Nov 2008, 19:47

Ohla Du Boi

Buzios is just over a 2 hour drive from Rio and a great holiday town. If your in Rio spend a few days there.Go to Bravo beach look for the footpath at the far right - Follow this up the hill then back down again - Its a shit walk but well worth the while when you see all those huge brazilian cocks swinging around and there's always action up on the rocks. Just take your own refreshments - there is a guy selling there but he's 4 x more expensive than anywhere else.

Australia : Melbourne
Follow up: DiamondDog
22 Nov 2008, 19:54
Kings Beach
Byron Bay
Australia... google the Pink guide and you can read up on it ;)

Follow up: w1_guy

23 Nov 2008, 05:10
Cap D;Agde, South of France, Totally nude village, lots of straight sex on the beach and women giving bad blow jobs!
Follow up: w1_guy
23 Nov 2008, 05:11
Cap D'Agde

Spain : Madrid
Follow up: Thurso
24 Nov 2008, 21:41
Calblanque in Murcia, Spain. A gay paradise, near Cartagena.

U.S.A. : Pennsylvania
Follow up: CMark987
25 Nov 2008, 00:12
Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown, massachusetts USA

Haulover Beach, in South Beach Florida USA (although this is for both gay & straight)
Spain : Madrid

Canada : Toronto
Follow up: JTinTO
25 Nov 2008, 04:10

Hanlon's Point, Toronto. Legal nude beach on one of the islands in the harbour, right downtown.

Not just a gay beach, straight people go there too. Lots of action happening in the showers and in the dunes and bushes.

Netherlands : Amsterdam
Follow up: tizio
25 Nov 2008, 05:08
Es Trenc beach
Ses Covettes, Mallorca, Spain

U.S.A. : New York
Follow up: otter8
28 Nov 2008, 14:48
Went to Blacks Beach IN San Diego recently. It was amazing.

Follow up: gym_cut
28 Nov 2008, 15:01
South City Beach, Perth Australia.

Down the tracks off Challenger Parade at City Beach. Some fun in the dunes usually

U.K. : LONDON : Marylebone
Follow up: cub4u
28 Nov 2008, 23:20
1. name Playa de S. Andreu
2. place Barcelona
3. state/country (how to find) Ask around, it is in the city.

1. name Playa de la Mar Bella
2. place Barcelona
3. state/country (how to find) Walk up the beach from leissure port (Hotel Arts) for about 20 minutes and you'll find it.

1. name Playa del Muerto
2. place Sitges (Barcelona - Spain)
3. state/country (how to find) Walk south along the beach form the city centre for about 45 minutes and you'l find it you need to go up a hill and then down it is a good walk not far form the town so you can ask about everybody knows it.

Slovenia : Ljubljana
Follow up: jrkl

29 Nov 2008, 16:33
lots of them in Croatia, Europe

Illinois : Chicago
Follow up: JOBudNkd
30 Nov 2008, 03:20
L'Espiguette, not far from Montpellier, France.

U.S.A. : New York
Follow up: blissboy
30 Nov 2008, 06:05
In the USA

U.K. : LONDON : Stratford
Follow up: seaview
03 Dec 2008, 07:40
Name = Studland (yes really).
Place = Dorset.
Country = England.

U.S.A. : New York
Follow up: thickhard
04 Dec 2008, 15:07
Just to clarify blissboy's posting on Red Hook - I assume he meant Sandy Hook, New Jersey, since Red Hook is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, which has no beach that I know of. Sandy Hook is part of Gateway National Park and has one section that is heavily gay and clothing optional. As I recall, you take the ferry from downtown Manhattan and then start walking. And walking. And walking. The clothing optional area is a good 30-40 minute walk (at a Manhattanite pace) at the very Northern tip of the beach. There are signs which clearly mark the beginning and end of the clothing optional area and beware the park rangers; they don't appreciate fooling around in the bushes.

Other suggestion.
Name= Turtle Cove
Place = just north of Cairns, Australia
How to get there = its a private beach in the middle of the rainforest, with a clothing optional gay men only resort dropped as if from heaven. Just google Turtle Cove Resort. Definitely worth the trip if you are doing the barrier reef area anyway. FUN FUN FUN!

Spain : Andalucía : Rota
Follow up: xuloderota
06 Dec 2008, 20:03
It is a gorgeous isolated beach with pine trees, bushes and white sand dunes: besides, there is a military base not far and some military men enjoy cruising there.

India : Maharashtra : Pune
Follow up: sunnyboy1
12 Dec 2008, 04:16
I am surprised that no one suggested following beaches....

Bonny Doom Beach
15 north of Santa Cruz on Hwy 1

San Gregorian Beach
Junction of hwy 1 & hwy 84 north of santa Cruz

Baker Beach
Near golden gate bridge
San Francisco CA USA

Australia : New South Wales : Port Macquaire
Follow up: PortGuy23
12 Dec 2008, 04:34
Miners Beach, Port Macquarie, NSW Australia

U.S.A. : New York
Follow up: gaynaked
12 Dec 2008, 14:09
Sandy Hook - not for nothing, thickhard - but there is a ferry from Manhattan to Sandy Hook which is met by a bus that will drop you right at the path down the nude beach at Sandy Hook - for me, downtown, it's roughly an hour and ten minutes, most of which is spent on a delightful boat, from my door to be naked on the beach in summer time.

U.S.A. : California : San Diego
Follow up: JettaBrat*
19 Dec 2008, 14:19
we've got blacks beach in san diego, ca...and we have san onofre also. neither are like 100% gay but the percentage is high and the dudes are HOT

Spain : Valencia : Alicante
Follow up: jotasb
22 Dec 2008, 06:02
In Spain we have nice nude gay beaches... I live near a good gay beach in Alicante (mediterranean sea). I usually go to the nude beach in summer time, or now in wintertime, if the sun is shining.

U.K. : Yorkshire : Hull
Follow up: cockfunx2
23 Dec 2008, 07:42
Lady Jane in Sydney. Get the bus to Watson's Bay from Circular Quay loads of crusing in the rocks.

Obelisk Beach in Sydney. Need to drive follow signs for Chowder Bay from Mosman. Loads of crusing in the bush above the beach.

Indonesia : Java : Jakarta

Follow up: hotmale_01
23 Dec 2008, 08:59
Ganesha Beach
Denpasar - Bali
Seminyak Area (from Kuta Beach walk to Seminyak Beach)

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Japanese onsen and bathhouses: healthy, wet and gay?

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog entry by visiting either:
or ]

Wondering if any of you have had any experience on trying the Japanese Onsen or hot springs?

* Originally, some of this discussion was posted on a Dudesnude discussion forum in August 2010

by occa 10 Aug 2010, 21:52

Guys, wondering if any of you have had any experience on trying the Japanese Onsen or hot water spring? any tips or hints on what should you do in there? i could google it but I wanted to know and hear the first hand experience from all of you who had tried it. I heard that for uncut guys it is a no no if you keep your cock head covered with the it true?. Well, would love to hear from you as I will visit japan next month and might have the chance to try one of the onsen or bath houses. . First time experience for me to be naked around other men. Can't wait.

Follow up: Ernie
10 Aug 2010, 22:23

I lived in Japan for several years and it was a real treat to go to the Onsens/Sento. There's a lot of etiquette to observe but the main one is to wash before you get into any bath. It doesn't have to be a thorough washing as you usually have a good scrub/shampoo after you soak anyway...but you never get into a bath without a bit of a 'token' wash. The main thing is NO soap anywhere near a bath. 
I found the Japanese a little peculiar when it came to foreskin - it's considered infantile to publicly 'display' your foreskin so most men keep them skinned back - I didn't have to worry about that!

I had Japanese friends who didn't care either way so don't fret about it.
I got so used to seeing knobs on display that a couple of times when other 'foreigners' were bathing, I got quite shocked to see long floppy skins!
Hope you enjoy it, it's great getting naked with other men and throwing water everywhere.

Follow up: jax2nola
10 Aug 2010, 22:57
Remember that Japan is still very much a closed society, not terribly tolerant of outsiders. At the mainstream onsens, you might not notice it much. There is a great one at Odaiba, a touristy island in Tokyo Bay, called Oedo Onsen that is made up to look like a Japanese 1800s village with huge indoor and outdoor bathing areas. At the gay baths (24 Kaikan in Tokyo was one we went to), you might feel a little ostracized. Also know that if you have tattoos you might not be welcome at all, as the Japanese associate tattoos with the yakuza or mobsters. Have fun!

Follow up: spunkhole

10 Aug 2010, 23:59
people take a small towel into the communal bathing area with them (leave your big towel outside in the changing area). most guys hold this over their cocks when walking around, though not always so careful to hide everything. a token effort is enough to be polite. this little towel is used to wash yourself and to wipe most of the moisture off before you leave. dry off in the cooler changing area. the baths are usually hotter than westerners are used to, so it takes a while to cool down a bit.

the onsen are great (so many to choose from), especially in remote areas and in winter when there's snow on the ground. the same etiquette applies here as in city bathhouses, which are also good for a visit. many now have saunas installed too,which gives a better opportunity for very discreet cruising.

Reply by sunbuns99

What the difference between an onsen, a public bath, and a gay sauna or gay bathhouse?

Let me remind you that there are several types of 'baths' in Japan.

There are 3 main types. The first two are for everyone - either for relaxation or healing as is the case of onsen, or for cleasing of the body, which is what 'sento' (or public bath) is for. The third are saunas (or health spas) while many are straight and just for relaxation or health self-treatment - a lot of these later ones are for sex -- some are for gay men.

-1. onsen 'hot spring' baths . There are both natural ones and man-made ones.
The owners pride themselves on the mineral content and temperature of their natural hot springs - so the man-made ones try to imitate those qualities.

These 'onsen' are normally (and almost always now) divided into male and female dressing rooms and the baths themselves are separate, but until only about 15-20 years ago, it was still possible to find conjugal ones (where men and women got into the same bath - after changing in separate room). I use to go to one like that at Ikuho on Mt. Haruna in Gunma Prefecture. Ikuho is one of the oldest commercially operated hotsprings resorts in Japan.

So you can travel to certain locations that are famous for their 'onsen' or you can sometimes find one in a major hotel or resort (man-made) - even in big cities. For example, there is an 'onsen' in the ritzy chic shopping district of Azabu Juban (not far from Roppogi).

One interesting variation is the 'rotenburo' - or open-air hot springs bath. In some onsen resorts (and even the man-made ones - like Odaiba mentioned above), part of the hot springs bath is in the open air (outdoors) - while usually divided by gender, that is not always the case so you'll need a towel handy to keep covered for modesty in mixed baths.

Noboribetsu in Hokkaido is a famous example, but there are some in most onsen resort locations (such as Hakone, about an hour by express train southeast of Tokyo).

One of my favorites was the free public open-air outdoor hot spring bath right on the beach at Shirahama, Mie (about an hour south of Osaka). It's really fun to be able to sit in warm water right next to the cool ocean water - or to take turns soaking in each. (P.S. I have no idea if it is still operating).

2) 'Sento' are public baths. There used to be one in every neighborhood but as times have changed and indoor plumbing virtually universal in Japan (except some places in the countryside), public bath (or sento) are pretty much few and far between.

Those that are still operating successfully have usually upgraded their facilities and offer onsen-like features like a dry sauna, and open air bathing or have installed mineral baths, which actually piped in artificially-made hot mineral water.

Yet, there are a few of the old-fashioned ma & pa 'sento' (Japanese public baths) still around. In these, you pay when you come into the dressing room, where an older man or woman sits atop a high seat that overlooks both the male and female dressing rooms. Don't worry - he or she has seen it all a million times - meaning your nudity is not going to shock them - albeit you may be shocked to have to undress in front of a withered old woman or man. The 'sento' that do still operate are usually frequented by the old-fashioned types who just enjoy the naked camaraderie (or 'skinship') of a good soak in a large hot tub, but more likely by those who must live in cheap or communal apartments that do still exist even in Tokyo.

They are young men (or women) with low paying jobs who probably couldn't finish high school, older day-laborers, or one of the few foreign blue-collar workers who lives cheaply in order to send part of his earnings back to his family in his native country.
I can't tell you how many times I have enjoyed watching one of these young hunky workers peal back his foreskin for a good cleaning or wash his butt hole. Somehow it always seemed that they were just preoccupied with their mundane chore to notice the wide-eyed onlooker sitting opposite them, partly hiding his growing erection behind the low mirrored partition that separated us.

3) The saunas or health spa ('herusu') are the third type. Of these, there are 3 basic types: A. a genuine sauna for straight people; B. a gay bath house; and C. a straight sex club where men can pay for sexual favors - usually a soapy hand job from a female 'attendant'.
I don't know much about the A or C, but I've been to the gay bath houses in Tokyo and Osaka several times. The major ones in Tokyo are the 24 Kaikan (there are several, but the one in Shinjuku is probably the best). I found Hokuokan in Osaka to be even bigger and better, but maybe it only because it was new for me (I rarely get to visit Osaka).

Info about the gay district in Tokyo on my own Travel with Sunbuns (blog)

Popular gay spots in Tokyo:

Info about Tokyo's 24 Kaikan (gay bathhouse):

Info about Hokuokan gay bathhouse / sauna in Osaka:

That's enough info for now.

Kelly (sunbuns99)

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Father knows best (Part 3)

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or ]

I rewrote the same story but this time from the father’s perspective because after all, father knows best.

Dad's story:
I remember the first day I realized I was falling for my son. We were on a family vacation by the beach.

I remember being captivated at a what a strapping and handsome man my son was developing into. I didn’t think anything of it but found it difficult to take my eyes away from his beautiful young body. I remember noticing several women on the beach admiring him. That’s’ my boy,

I remember thinking proudly. His bathing suit fit him so perfectly I remember thinking he could be a model. I had a camcorder I recently bought and was shooting lots of footage of our extended family. But I made sure to capture as much footage of him frolicking around the beach in his bathing suit as I could. Lucky for me the camera had a very good zoom lens so I capture some great close-ups.

We were staying with my wife’s family. After the beach we returned to their house and everyone took turns showering and getting ready. I walked into the bathroom to shower and locked the door. I was about to enter the shower but froze when my eyes caught sight of my son’s bathing suit. I picked it up and my heart started to race. I turned it inside out and felt the soft fabric. Fabric that not long ago had been in contact with my son’s ass, my son’s balls and his cock. My son’s cock. I had sprung a huge aching erection. I mustn’t have these feelings, its my son, I thought.

But there was the bathing suite and there were some pubes and my heart was racing. I turned on the shower to cover any noise I might make and jerked off while fondling his bathing suit and thinking about him on the beach.

I edited the beach video and removed all extraneous footage so that it featured only my son. This video became my primary beating off material. When I was alone at home I would go to my son’s room and swipe a pair of his used undies. If I was lucky I would get his sweaty underwear from after the gym. I would jerk off while sniffing the undies and watching the video.

Then the unexpected happened. My son came out of the closet. This was a shock to me and my wife. It stirred up a lot of feelings in me. If my son was brave enough to come out it was time for me to do the same. So I did and my wife left us. She was hurt and angry but it was difficult for me to believe it was a complete shock for her since our sex life was basically nonexistent. It felt good to finally be out. I dated men and it was fun but I had not stopped longing or my son. If anything my feelings were growing stronger since we were alone at the house. I was insanely jealous of his boyfriends and did my best to scare them away. I had always loved my son but was I falling in love with him?

I still loved the video but as luck would have it my son started walking around the house in his underwear or sometimes a jockstrap. I remember one time sitting on the kitchen table as he did the dishes in tight blue briefs. I could not stop staring at his perfect ass. I actually drooled on the kitchen table. My cock felt very constricted in my underwear and pants. At first I thought that he was walking around in his underwear because he felt more uninhibited now that his mom was away. But I started to wonder if something else wasn’t going on. I started to feel like he was putting on a show for me. Or was it just my imagination?

One night I came home from work after having drinks with coworkers. I was feeling very relaxed and slightly tipsy. There was my son on the couch in skimpy undies. I stared at his sexy body and my eyes were drawn to his crotch. Was it my imagination or did he have an erection? He caught my eye and I felt flustered. I didn’t know what to say. “How is it that you don’t have a boyfriend?”. I blurted out. “Because you chase them off” he replied. I became overcome with emotions.“You’re too good for them” “You deserve better. You are a prize. If you weren’t my son, I would worship you, I would” and then I stopped.

What was I thinking? “Never mind” I said. But he protested and told me that I could do him whatever I wanted. I looked at his crotch. Definitely an erection hiding underneath that fabric.

An erection that I desperately want in my mouth. I pounced on him and me started making out. It was so nice to kiss him and taste his mouth. I greedily explored the insides of him mouth with my tongue. My hands finally got to explore the luscious body I had longed for. My mouth finally got to taste my son’s cock. And how nice he tasted. His cock was exquisite. My cock is large and uncut. It’s scary looking. His cock on the other hand was beautiful. Like a work of art. Perfectly sized with a delectably pink head. I stared at the head. His piss slit was accumulating moisture which I happily lapped up with my tongue.

We explored each other's body all night. We rubbed our cocks together. Daddy's larger foreskin draped cock rubbing lovingly against son’s cut cock. Funny how much heat you can generate rubbing two sticks together. We certainly were shouldering. I sucked his fingers, his toes, his nipples, his balls and of course his cock. He was very intent on sucking me and I let him have at it. To me my cock was always ugly looking but apparently not to him. He was fixated on it. He nibbled my foreskin and slipped his tongue underneath, savouring his dad’s juices. I lay back an enjoyed the sensations of having my cock enthusiastically sucked on by my loving son.

In the morning I awoke first. He was lying on his stomach and I was staring at his perfectly shaped firm young ass and beautiful slightly hairy legs. I started caressing his ass and he woke up. I kissed the sole of his foot and worked my way up his leg, kissing as I went along. I got to his ass and I spread his legs apart. I looked at the beautiful pink hole and kissed it. I felt his body twitch. His ass was covered with soft hair. I covered it with kisses and buried my face in, pushing my tongue into his fresh pink asshole. He moaned and pushed his ass against my face as I jerked my cock and rimmed him. I thought about other things we could do. As if he read my mind he pulled me up and positioned his ass on my cock. He told me he wanted me to be the first. My mind said “YES YES YES YES”, but I didn’t want to rush him.

I asked if he was sure and he said he was ready. I know I certainly was. In fact, I was concerned I would not be able to enter him without blowing my load. I worked his asshole with my fingers sliding them inside him as his asshole relaxed. I entered him very slowly. My cock is rather large and I did not want to hurt him so I was very slow and gentle. I felt my cock slide inside him and be enveloped by his warm silky moist insides. I was close to coming so I did not thrust at all but just let my cock rest inside him.

There we were father and son bonded together in the most intimate carnal way possible. I kissed and bit his neck and gently moved my cock around inside him. “How do you like it to have daddies cock inside you?” I asked. “Feels so good” he moaned and clenched his cheeks on me. The clenching felt unreal. I puckered my lips and sucked air. He knew the clenching pleased daddy. He continued clenching and moaned “fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy”.

I didn’t answer but if I did it would be, “YES YES YES YES”.
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Seeing my Dad in his white undies

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or ]

I do remember being fascinated by seeing my dad in his white undies and would try them on occasionally. Daddies are supposed to be masculine protective and loving. The idea of pleasing daddy is primal and erotic.
by tastywalnut

Here is a story he wrote:

I had just turned 18 and my parents were going through a messy divorce. They were high school sweethearts but my father had a dark secret: he was a gay man. He grew up in a conservative military family and he himself worked in the military for many years. My own coming up had stirred a lot of conflicting feelings in him. My coming out was the catalyst for his coming out. My mom was devastated. She would never forgive me. Mom moved in with her folks and I stayed with dad. I had the option to go with her but our relationship was strained by my coming out and the subsequent coming out of her husband. I loved my dad and was more than happy to stay with him anyway.

Dad was very handsome and well built. He had mischievous eyes, a moustache and a hairy chest. Dad and I got along well except that he was very disapproving of any man I was dating. According to him they were l jerks and not good enough for me. I was angry at this attitude but at the same time I felt strangely flattered. Not that I was dating many guys. I was spending most of my free time with dad. I enjoyed seeing his warm comforting smile and mischievous eyes. It felt warm to be near his masculine body. I felt guilty and tried my hardest to suppress my feelings. But it was quite difficult to suppress my urges. The sight of dad walking around the house in white briefs would make my heart race so fast I would feel dizzy. A couple of times I had been lucky enough to see him naked. I was fascinated by his cock. It was rather large, larger than mine. He was uncut and the foreskin completely enveloped his cockhead.

It looked much different than my smaller cut cock. I longed to see it up close and study it more. I would anxiously wait for him to leave the house and I would instantly run into his room and find his dirty laundry. I pleasured my self for hours fondling his socks and inhaling the sweet, musky, yeasty essence of his white briefs. I noticed that he started to look and smile at me more often. I would look away but it was difficult not to stare into his dreamy eyes.

His looks gave me goosebumps. I wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination. I started walking around the house in my briefs because I knew they seemed to catch his eye. I felt guilty about doing this but could not control myself. Watching him trying to keep from staring at me was intoxicating. One night he came home from work late. He went out or drinks with co workers and was tipsy. I was lying on the couch reading. I was wearing tight blue briefs. His eyes fixated on my briefs and then he quickly looked away. I felt guilty for tempting him.

Guilty for trying to be make him attracted to me. He was my dad after all, what on earth was I thinking? He looked at me again. “God damn” he said. “How is it that you don’t have a boyfriend?”. “Because you chase them off” I replied. “You’re too good for them” “You deserve better. You are a prize. If you weren’t my son, I would worship you, I would” and then he stopped. “Never mind” he said. “No” I protested.

“Finish your thought. If I wasn’t your son, you would what? What would you do? Because whatever it is that you want to do, I want you to do it”. That was it took. He pounced on top of me and locked his mouth on mine. I felt him push his tongue into my mouth and I greedily welcomed it sucking it in with all my might. His hand were all over my body and he reached into my underwear and grabbed my erect cock.

He caressed my cock and balls and slid off my underwear. He was on top of me and he started exploring my body. His moustache felt ticklish. He was still fully dressed as he took my cock in his mouth. I felt myself on the verge of coming but I desperately wanted to see, feel, smell and taste his cock. It was a challenge to get him to stop sucking me. After firmly pulling his head off of my crotch I took control of the situation and started taking his clothes off until he was in his sexy white briefs.

His large cock was bulging out of the white fabric a drop of moisture permeated the tip. I buried my face in his crotch and inhaled the sweet fragrance of daddies underwear. As sexy as he was in his underwear I knew it was time for them to come off. I ripped them off. There he was. Mischievous eye looking more mischievous than ever and all mine to enjoy. I gazed into his eyes for a moment, kissed him and buried my face his crotch. I sniffed his balls and pubes.

After jerking off to his underwear for so long it felt unreal to smell the real thing. He smelled so good it was difficult to stop sniffing him. I kissed his cock and played with the long foreskin I had dreamed about for ages. I took his cock in my mouth and he moaned. It felt good to have daddies cock in my mouth and hear him moan in pleasure. To feel daddies cock moving inside of my mouth. I sucked him and felt his cock swell in my mouth. I was in ecstasy as my mouth filled with daddy’s foreskin juice and precome. He pulled my mouth off his cock and took me in his arms. There we were father and son. Our naked bodies entwined together as we kissed and our cocks rubbed lovingly together.

What could be more natural? We explored each other’s bodies and made love all night long. Daddy came in my mouth as I sucked him. I almost choked at the copious amount of fluid that exploded out of his body and into my mouth. I swallowed daddies come and felt it coat the back of my throat. In the morning we awoke and started fooling around again. He had me lie on my stomach and he caressed my ass. He kissed the sole of my foot and started kissing my leg slowly moving up until he got to my ass. He spread my cheeks and kissed my asshole. My body shuddered. He covered my ass with kisses and then buried his face in. I felt my heart race as I felt his tongue and moustache tickle my asshole.

Having daddies mouth on my ass stirred something inside me. He glanced over and saw that he was jerking his cock as he rimmed me. Daddies tantalizing cock. I had never had anal sex before but I knew that instant that I needed daddies cock inside me. I pulled him up and pushed my ass onto his cock. He moaned and rubbed his cock against my crack. We stayed like this for a while until I grabbed his cock and pushed it onto my tight virgin asshole. “Oh daddy I want you to be the first”

“Are you sure that you are ready for this?” “I need you inside me” He got up from the bed and went to get some lotion. He spread it on me asshole and probed me with his fingers. I felt my asshole relax and I felt his fingers enter inside me. He spread some lotion on his cock and pushed it against my asshole. Slowly he started to enter me. It hurt a little bit but the idea of him inside me was so stimulating that my asshole relaxed and welcomed him inside. He moaned and thrust. He kissed my neck and his moustache was ticklish. It felt so good to feel his powerful body on top of mine and have his cock inside me. Every time he thrust I would jerk my cock in ecstasy. He picked up the pace and I clenched my cheeks as hard as I could. He hissed and bit me ear. I heard him scream as he pushed his cock inside me and flooded my insides with his come. This pushed me over the edge and what felt like buckets of come shot out of my cock…

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