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Coach's Office By Roy

Coach's Office By Roy
(an original story that was formerly available on BadPuppy; photos were added separately by me)

The mid-afternoon sun was beating down on my back the duration of football practice, and I was in no mood for Coach Smith's continued yelling about my slacking off today. He finally crossed my last nerve and I told him I was doing the best I could. He stormed up to me and said that he was sure he could adjust my attitude. He ordered me to run 10 extra laps at the end of practice. By the time I finished the extra laps, the rest of the team had already left.

The locker room was empty. My shoes made a clicking sound on the tile floor as I crossed the locker room towards Coach Smith's office. I nervously knocked on the wooden door, the sound filled the locker room. From behind the door, I heard the power in Coach Smith's voice as he ordered me into his office. "It took you long enough to finish those laps", he barked. The anger in his voice caused me to fear this man for the first time. "I am sorry for the trouble I caused today, Sir", I meekly replied. " Oh, you will be sorry, young man", Coach Smith said in a low angry voice.
He slowly opened the top left drawer of his disk. He removed a large clear Plexiglass paddle. As he swung the paddle back and forth, the air whistled through the holes that had been drilled in the paddle. With each swing, I began to sweat. He then removed a well worn leather batter's glove, he slowly put his large hand in the glove, adjusting the fit until the leather was like a second skin on his large hand. He slowly walked around his desk and went to the door and turned the lock. The sound of the lock filled the empty locker room and filled me with a feeling of anticipation.

Coach Smith stood behind me and placed his massive hands on my shoulders, "It's time we started with your attitude adjustment, young man", he said. He ordered me to stand with my hands on his desk, "You must be kidding" I asked. "Either do as I say or you're off the team" he barked back. I slowly stood He jerked back the wooden chair that I had been sitting on. I bent over, placing my hands on the desk. Coach Smith rubbed the Plexiglas paddle over the center of my ass. I heard the air whistle as Coach Smith took the paddle back, the anticipation of the blow filled me with strange sensations; both of tread and excitement. Coach Smith lingered with the return blow, he seemed to sense my anticipation. He said nothing as his powerful arm brought the paddle down against my upturned ass.

Even with my practice pants on , the blow sent a pain through my body, my knees almost buckled. I heard the whistle as the paddle as he readied for the second blow. My body tensed as the blow was delivered. With each blow the pain increased, and so did the strange sensation of excitement. Coach Smith delivered ten hard blows to my backside.

As Coach Smith walked around his desk, I straightened and started to turn toward the door, " Where do you think you are going? We're not finished" he stated loudly. My heart almost stopped when Coach Smith ordered me to remove my practice pants. I started to refuse, but before I could, he informed me that the punishment would worsen the longer he had to wait. My hands trembled has I unlaced the front of my pants. I slowly removed my pants and placed them on the wooden chair. I stood before Coach Smith with just a jockstrap and a jersey on. Strangely my body began to tinkle with the anticipation of the pain that was surely to come. Coach Smith ordered me to return to my position over the desk. Coach Smith stepped behind me and slowly ran his hand over my burning backside. As his fingers touched my ass, I became strangely aroused. Coach Smith removed the wide leather belt from his pants, I heard a cracking sound as Coach Smith snapped the belt together. My body trembled and I started to feel a burning in my groin.

The first smack of the belt on my scarlet ass sent my body jerking forward. Coach Smith grabbed the back of my jersey and brought the belt down against my ass. With each of Coach Smith's powerful blows, the stinging pain of my ass brought my cock to stiffness. When Coach Smith finished, my swollen cock pressed against my jockstrap, Coach Smith jerked me upright. I hoped that he did not see my swollen cock. I noticed a strange grin on his face. "I see someone enjoyed our lesson. Maybe I need to continue" Coach Smith said through a grin. He pulled me towards the wooden chair and laid me over his knees. He positioned my swollen cock over his own manhood. He started to rub my burning ass. H then raised his gloved hand and brought it down on my waiting cheek. First the left cheek, then the right. With each slap of his hand, I felt his cock press against mine. He continued to rub my ass between each blow. After an additional 10 slaps on each cheek, his hands started to explore my scarlet and purple ass.

His fingers forced their way towards my asshole. This was the first time anyone had touched the inside of my ass. My body became aware of his probing fingers as he slowly pressed them into my hole. The pain of the spanking was soon replaced with the pleasure of Coach's probing fingers. "Breath deeply and relax", Coach Smith whispered in my ear, I took a deep breath as he pressed his fingers deeper into my body. I was soon aware that I enjoyed his probing and tried to open myself to him. I felt his hardened cock moving against mine. My body trembled. He removed his finger from deep inside my body. Sweat soaked my jersey. Coach Smith told me to stand. As I did so, I could see his cock pressing against his zipper. Coach Smith rose from the chair. His hand came up between my legs. He firmly squeezed my balls and cock. My body started to buckle, but Coach Smith held me tightly. "Ever had someone play with your cock before?" Coach Smith asked. "NO," I said through trembling lips, " Should I stop?" he asked.

Again I answered no. Coach Smith slowly raised my sweat soaked jersey, exposing my hairless chest to the cold air that filled the room. My nipples started to harden. Coach started to slowly lick my nipples. He removed my jersey and brought his mouth over my hard nipples, his teeth barely touching my tender nipples as his tongue rolled against the tips. My body started to tremble from this new sensation. I pressed his head harder against my heaving chest. He unbuckled his pants. The sound of his zipper couple with my increasing moans of pleasure filled the office. Coach then removed his shirt. I was overwhelmed by the site of his nearly naked body. His sweat glistened on his smooth muscled body, my trembling hand reached out to touch a man's chest for the first time. The touch of his bare chest, sent a feeling of total joy through my body. I looked into his icy blue eyes. I wanted this man. He pulled my head towards his, he pressed his lips against mine. I felt his tongue trying to part my lips. I willingly gave in. His tongue explored my mouth deeper then any girl's I had kissed before. My hands started to explore his chest, my fingers caressed his nipples. I wanted to taste the sweat on his chest. I kissed and licked the area around his nipples. My first taste of another man's sweat was more intoxicating then anything I had ever drank before.

Coach Smith pressed me against his desk, his hands slowly caressing my stomach. As he lowered his hands towards my swollen cock, my breathing started to become shallow. His hands played with the top of my jockstrap. He slowly pulled the sweaty straps way from my body. The chilled air touched my hard cock as the jockstrap dropped to the floor. Coach Smith's hands slowly made their way along my legs, his very touch sent electricity through my body. His hands stopped just inches away from my balls. I held my breath as his hand tenderly rolled over my balls. He caressed my cock. My knees buckled, Coach Smith caught me and lay me on his desk. His mouth slowly lowered over my cock. I felt the wetness of his mouth, his sharp teeth scraped the head of my cock as it entered his mouth. His lips pressed against my groin. The sensation of the suction of his mouth on my cock was like no other sensation I have felt before. I felt as though I would explode.

Coach Smith continued to suck my cock and balls. His finger was again pressing against my waiting asshole. He stopped sucking my cock long enough to lick two of his fingers. He then returned his mouth to my cock and started to explore my ass with his finger. My asshole did not give way to his long finger. With gentle yet firm pressure, he inserted his finger into my hungry ass. Soon his single finger is replaced with both fingers. My moans intensify, I felt a sensation I have never felt before. Coach Smith sensed my pending explosion. He removed his mouth and fingers. He looked down at me and smiled. I watched as he removed his own jockstrap. I saw, for the first time, how large and hard his cock is. He started to stroke his cock, "It's time for you to lose your virginity" he said as he stroked his cock with force. He reached into his bottom drawer and took out a small tube of clear liquid and a condom.

I stared at his cock as he slowly rolled the condom over the plump head of his cock. The condom covered his cock with a tight fit. "This will help," he said as opened the clear liquid and smeared it over his cock. He then smeared the cool liquid on my asshole, and with his finger, inserted some inside me. He pulled me closer to the edge of the desk, raising my legs high in the air. I felt the juicy head of his cock press against my asshole. He grabbed my hips and pulled them towards him as he pushed his hard cock against my ass. I felt a pain like no other as his head made its way up my asshole. I let out a small yell as he entered deeper in to my body. I was filled with a pressure as his body presses against my upturned ass. He stopped and told me to breath. I feel him begin to remove his cock. As the head of his cock began to leave my body, he forced it deep inside my waiting hole. My body arched with the force of the pressure. He began to move back and forth like a piston. He pressed his body against mine. Our mouths met one another. I could feel his blood engorged cock as he fucked me, he started to fuck me harder and faster. He removed his cock from my body. His warm cum shot over my belly. He spread it gently over my stomach and then took my cock in his mouth, sucking harder than before.

I soon felt the pressure of my cum rising in my cock. I pushed his mouth away from my cock right as it shot a load all over his cheek. I was afraid he would be angry. He wiped my cum from his cheek and kissed me gently on the mouth."I am going to need another attitude adjustment again real soon," I informed him. Coach smiled as he gave my wet ass a hard smack.

The end or maybe only the beginning....
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World Naked Bike Ride: Power, Purpose, or just getting nude in public?

Getting naked for the sake of some higher or noble purpose seems to be modern society's rather quirky response toward liberating today's new sexual mores and to bolster the moral consciousness of our so-called degenerate tribe(s) of humanity. It would be cool to actually participate , fo'sure!. But unfortunately, not many people are ready for prime time nudity where I live. We've been trying to get a World Naked Bike Ride started here (Tokyo) and elsewhere in Asia, but it really doesn't seem to go over that well for a variety of reason. I notice too that even some major urban areas has some trouble this year.

In some cases, the authorities refused to allow 'full monty' nudity - although I didn't seem to stop the true nudist enthusiasts or believers in the cause of 'No more exposure' to automobile exhaust. It's clear that the United States is decidedly more 'conservative' that other areas of the world - Chicago, the 3rd largest city, held its WNBR at night. For one thing, there seems to be a deluge of political apathy. People don't seem to care about making a strong political statement by public protest. Perhaps they have seen the futility of such protests (esp. public ones) over the generations. Secondly, people do not like to take personal responsibility for their actions and decisions. Getting naked (partly or fully) is certainly a personal decision -- although it might seem to suit the 'group' mentality that seems apparent in many Asian countries. The fact is getting naked is very individual and very personal act.

Finally, the sense of indignant indecency or an attitude of righteous morality that comes from doing something so brazen just does not have the same meaning in Asian countries. Nudity is just a fact of life. It does not make the same huge societal statement because nudity itself is not regarded as morally corrupt or wrong as it is in Christianity and other monotheistic religion-dominated cultures. The main reason I wanted to write about this was the thousands of great CMNM photos that appear during this season of the WNBR. Particularly appealing are the photos of naked men in the midst of clothed ones.

See the full set of photos accompanying this article at:
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Traveling Alone -- Where to go, how to, and how not to go alone

[Part of several responses on a gay travel discussion board ]
The following is a collection of separate entries that I've made on gay travel .

1. Warm places to visit during winter (in North America):

South Texas or San Antonio, New Mexico, San Diego or Arizona would probably feel very warm compared to those bitterly cold (but sometimes sunny) days where most people in North America live. Looking for a great travel destination - -to get away from the winter cold and blahs?

I always recommend Hawaii (of course)-- take in at least two of the islands (Oahu and the Big Island ). How about the Caribbean islands - -although I've never been. Mexico and points south could be great... I want to visit Belize, Costa Rica or Honduras. Brazil and Argentina also get high marks for warmth - both temperature and cultural and subcultural too. It does not get any 'gayer' than Rio or Sao Paulo during Carnival and Gay Carnival(s).

I think Australia would be great -- in time for Gay Carnival (maybe it has another name) -- not only

Sydney but visit Cairns, or even Melbourne, Brisbane for their special features.
New Zealand is rated as one the best places to visit on the planet. There are also other great places in the South Pacific.

I'm dying to return to the Canary Islands - but it is not quite warm enough until March. However, South Africa would be a blast during our winter. Maybe West Africa -- Senegal or Ghana.

By the way, what about NOT traveling alone?

You could try finding a travel partner or join an organized trip or tour. For example, sometimes your college or a university in your area or even across the country, sometimes offers organized study-tours that may fit your schedule, budget and choice of location as well as really getting you deeply into some aspect of the culture you visit.

They are generally set-up by the continuing education division and professional association and other types of groups/organization sometimes offer them too.

2. Gay-oriented tours/trips

Have you (or has anyone else) had experience with joining an organized group trip as a single (gay) man? How was it? Would you recommend it?
Does anyone know of how / where to connect with some good gay (or all male) travel groups or organized trips?

I have a partial list here but hope other can add more:

Kalani (Gay men's retreat during certain weeks at this Big Island Hawaii resort (add dot com to find the web site).
You can also stay there without participating in a retreat or conference. has a gay travel section that may have organized trips to some place warm during the winter.

Travelocity and Orbtiz seem to have a special Gay and Lesbian travel section with some organized tours.

There are Pride celebrations in warmer spots (some already mentioned).

You might find a travel buddy -- even here on or try one of the other such as has a travelers and expanded invitation section so that you can try to hook up both BEFORE you go and also when you get there.

QTmagazine used to have ads for travel buddies, but I don't think it worked very well or was popular enough.

Is there another site that does these kinds of things to get travel partner together?

Craig's List lets you post ads -- but they may not be your cup of tea -- so to speak.

3. Specialized tours or adventure or sporting trips and may have links to some possibilities.
Also, there are a couple of tour operators for gay cruises, guided tours and scuba diving or sail boat trips, such as,
and These latter types tend to be quite expensive.

Trip to Provincetown and to Croatia

There is plenty to do in Provincetown, MA. Herring Cove is THE hot spot -- it is a national/state (?) park but it's the mecca for most people who love the sun, sand and naked butts in Cape Cod and all kinds of people across the Northeast.

You can walk to Herring Cove from the town going down

Commercial St, over to Bradford St, or ride a bike (NOT into the dunes, please) or drive a car (parking costs an entrance fee to the park), go left after the ranger station and park as far left as you can, then walk to the beach and to left about a half-mile or more - Provincetown is great in any season, but it's all the better with the hundreds of naked guys in the summer. The cruising in the dunes gets pretty hot too.

I'm not much into going to a gay bars, but there are some good ones in P-town; the streets are crowded and the restaurants are great -- the great one has long lines so plan accordingly. Renting a bike for a day and riding the National seashore park is fun. After 5 days you'll probably want to do something different -- if you have the time (and some $$ to burn), I recommend a day trip to Boston on the hydrofoil (or ferry). It's $55 round trip but you can basically walk (or take a subway) to downtown Boston and see a lot historical sights for free.

Anybody traveling to Provincetown may see me walking down Commercial St or Bradford in my see-thru shorts or jogging pants. Give me a hoot..
Otherwise, see you 'au poil' on the beach.. from Pensacola to Montreal this summer.

Update: Great trip to Provincetown in August. I stayed for 4 nights at Dune's Edge Campground, a family oriented but gay-friendly place just off Hwy 6A as you approach P-town. You can find it via Google. It is a 10-minute walk from Commercial St. During the winter, you probably cannot camp -- although you might also try Coastal Acres Campground.
For stays during the winter, you could try some of the B&Bs or inns or look at or a similar site to rent a timeshare.

=========== Croatia ===============

I travelled by train from rainy Budapest but it was clear and sunny on the Croatian coast (here is a

pic from Rijeka on Monday, Aug 29). It was drizzling in Zagreb that morning but clear by the time I got to Rijeka. So a cruise to some of the outer islands would have been fabulous (weather wise) if I had had more time.

I decided to return to Budapest where cruising for hot men was easier -- I also had a gorgeous day getting naked at Donau Island in Vienna on Aug 31.
So I think the weather is variable but there seems to be some likelihood for some good weather on the Croatian coast even when it is rainy inland - still locals should know better and take the advice to see local weather forecasts online.

I could not stay as long as I would have liked so I will just have to go back.
I went by train from Budapest -- of course flying would be cheaper or is there a quicker way to get to the Croatian coast. I've heard the ferries from Italy are good.. Anybody got a better idea?

Next time I want to go the supposedly great nude sunbathing beaches on the Croatian coast..
I gave up on doing so this time from Rovinj because the buses seemed to be so infrequent..where is the best place to find out gay guys interested in sun/fun and hopefully sex on the beach?
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Got flashed on the night of the full moon in July

I am gradually become a flasher or at least I find it increasingly provocative to free-ball or sometimes wear semi-transparent or see-thru clothes.

For the first time in a very LONG time, I was actually FLASHED last night (July 17). I am so excited because this means I am NOT alone - -there is at least one other guy in my neighborhood area who into flashing/streaking. Great!

I was ecstatic last night (not just because of the full moon) to finally get flashed by a guy -- who was completely naked - under the street lamps along a tree-lined walkway bordering the cemetery where I walk the dog (my real pet and the one hanging between my legs . Anyway, I went out last night at about 11pm. That's not my usual mode-- I don't get off by just flashing in the dark -- I mean what's the point in flashing if nobody can see you. However, now I see WHY guys do go out and flash at night. They may have MORE chance of actually been seen because the flashees are more likely to be looking. I usually walk my dog almost every morning between the hours of 6-8am and I hardly ever even get so much as a glance -- even when I am wearing my latest creation (see photo -- a pair of nylon athletic /jogging pants with the lining cut out -- just leaving a pair of very revealing mesh pants). So before you write me off as a true pervert -- just realize that I don't think that I have actually been "seen" by anybody in my neighborhood. I am discreet and also chicken-hearted (no -- I did NOT say chicken-shit). My flashing near or at nude beaches and at gay resorts, or in the French Quarter for Southern Decadence, does not really count at flashing - I mean most of the people there are doing it too or are out looking for those who are.

Now back to my story about getting flashed on July 17th!
was delighted when I got up the entrance of the huge cemetery about 700 ft from my place -- to see a guy completely naked about 50 ft away jogging up the narrow elevated walk way the runs along the edge of the cemetery. He must have seen me first as I emerged from the side street because by the time I saw him, he had flipped around and headed off in the other direction. Of course, he wouldn't know I would absolutely want to JOIN him in his naked romp so he did what most good flashers do -- he turned around and just jogged back the way he came. I lost him because the trail roams in and out among pines and other trees -- so he pranced down the natural obstacle course and before I could cross and start to follow, he was already gone.

I didn't want to RUN after him and scare him away forever -- he might too scared to do it again if he thought I was a self-righteous pervert-basher -- so I did the next best thing: I got naked too and walked down the same path (under intermittent street lights and then entered the cemetery from the next entrance about 200 yards down the way. There weren't many cars passing by but there is a row of houses which line the street on the opposite side. Any body could just look out the window. I can just hear them now saying " Oh look, George -- there goes another naked guy." "Yes, dear. I guess the full moon brings out all the streakers." LOL

Actually, that's more what we looked like -- streakers -- than flashers.
I went in the cemetery and walk around - naked and stroking - of course - but he didn't come back by. You can see through the scattered line of trees along fence line where that pathway winds all along the eastern edge of the cemetery. So I'm looking forward to meeting up with a fellow flasher -- or maybe it was just a one-time full moon event.

I went back to the scene of that flash this morning and showed a little bit of full MOON of my own -- here's what those jogging pants look like.

I am definitely going to take them (and wear them wherever I can get away with it) during my long extended travels from now until after Labor Day.

See you in Japan, Hawaii (Puna), Russian River (CA), in KY/Ohio/NY, Canada(Ottawa), Provincetown, NYC, Munich/Prague, Croatia (Rovinj), and maybe at Southern Decadence -- these pants will not even attract attention on the French Quarter with so many guys with their crotches open and women with their boobs exposed.

More of the travel adventures in a later blog.

"The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and and week end. "

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Budapest Turkish Bath Part 1: TravelBlog

I went to my first Turkish baths on a trip to Eastern Europe during summer vacation a few years ago. I have been to gay saunas and bathhouses before, and also to public bathhouses and spas in Austria, Japan, and other places. But it was my first time to go to an actual Turkish bath. My trip to Eastern Europe was a lot of fun. It was on this trip that I was able to visit the Kiraly Baths in Budapest, which seems to open daily, but Tues/Thurs/Sat are men-only days. Women have M/W/F. A bathing suit is required (maybe because this was Hungary or maybe all Turkish baths require them). It was also a very old place-- dating back hundreds of years to the Ottoman empire. It was cheap enough -- 4-5 dollars to get in - although I did not realize that there was a 3 hour time limit - so I had to pay extra when I left. Things are pretty conservative - since it is Turkish and is also a straight men's bath for relaxing and health/therapy.

But don't think for a minute that sex between men doesn't happen, and besides it was a great opportunity for flashing. I was very glad to get the experience. I really did not know what it was actually going to be like -- so I did get my expectations up too high .. however, overall, I was very pleased with the experience.

After you pay cashier, you drop you ticket off with the guy at the inner door and are directed to the men's dressing room. Inside, there are separate cubicles where you undress and where you leave your belongs. That was a bit disappointing because I thought that there would be ample opportunity to flash (or to see guys undressing).

An attendant has a separate key to double lock your cubicle (supposedly to prevent theft - but more likely to prevent guys from inviting another into his rather spacious cubicle for sex.) Also they mark the time you enter on the cubicle door, so they know how long you have stayed (and thus can charge you extra -- which I figure goes directly into the attendant's pocket).

When I was at the cashier's, I had thought about getting an oil massage, but figured the baths themselves would be relaxing enough. I hadn't realized that the masseurs were in need of work and had a trick to get customers. A big guy in late 20s wrapped in a towel was the first to greet me when I climbed the stairs and entered the men's dressing room. He pointed out an empty cubicle and asked me to change and to leave my things. When I came out he was back, and then directed me back into a side room off just off of the rest area -- a large room with 20 or more lounge chairs. The cubicle attendant showed up then and double locked the door.

The masseurs seem to have a rule to give an unsuspecting customer a massage, but in my case, I was vaguely aware of the trick and knew they would probably charge me extra for a massage, but it was just 5-6 dollars extra so really would be worth it. What convinced me was the fact that when we got back to the massage room there was another guy getting one from an older masseur. The guy getting a massage was on his back and had on his swim trunks.

My masseur asked me to lie down on the table and when I started climb up, he said, "Take off you swim pants." When I sort of hesitated and looked over to double check the other guy and his masseur, the big guy reached up and pulled down one said of my trunks and repeated, "Take these off, please." I was immediately convinced that this was an excellent chance to flash and to feel great while it happened.
I stripped and tossed my trunks aside and got up on the table face down and buttocks up. My cock swelled up just a bit once it was free and being observed so I adjusted it backward (so as to be seen). My masseur started immediately rubbing my legs and moved up calves to thighs and then my butt. It was a turn-on to be the only one lying there naked.. my masseur had a towel around his waist and so did the other one; the guy on the next table was an older gentleman, so I figured that my masseur was being selective and wanted a chance to see the goodies on a young more fit guy-- not his typical client on a Tuesday afternoon (or maybe he know intuitively that I would not refuse the chance to be massaged in the nude).

Of course, I got a semi-boner as he worked my legs and came up to my hamstrings and then my buttocks. After about 5 minutes, he asked "do you want some oil" - -I think this was the way to confirm my permission to give a full massage because when I said yes, he added, "it will take about 30 minutes, OK?" So I knew by then it would cost me, but it was worth it (and not much anyway). It felt cool being kind of seduced into getting a massage and having it done in the nude when other guys came in and out of the adjoining room made it a rare treat for it to be totally acceptable to be naked and even erect in front of several men.

After he worked his way up to my head and neck, he asked me to turn over. I knew it was not use concealing my boner - I was not fully hard, but did become so once I was turned over and knew he could see me and so could anybody else who entered the rest-area immediately adjoining (no door just an open archway between the rooms).

That was truly hot and exciting.. but after a few more minutes the massage got me relaxed and my erection cooled down to a less obvious state of excitement. Before long the massage was over and he then said it was finished and then asked for the 3300 forints for the oil massage (same price as was listed at the cashier's when I came in). No complaints from me.. it was a very hot experience -- sort like being force stripped and teased into sexual excitement and then out of it.. a truly Turkish afternoon delight.

I will tell more about my trip to the Kiraly Baths later and my other flashing exploits this summer in other blog entries later.
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Taking a Trip to Gay Tokyo

What to do on a short trip to Tokyo

Wesley asked recently: "I will be traveling to Tokyo in May and would love to get some helpful tidbits about the city for a gay man traveling alone. I will be there only for five days. What hotels do you suggest, bars/clubs, restaurants, must see sites, etc.?"

My response is below:

You can start with this list of links -- some other are available from

Then try to meet up with someone there before you go - to show you around and help you navigate. There are sites like: Gay Network Japan

I have not covered it all and probably cannot do the city justice - -but here is a start:

If the URL does not work, then go to Enter the site and then look for Sex Listings (then choose Metro Area Other Areas, Japan, Tokyo.)

Tokyo Visitors Bureau home page.

Tokyo Tourism Info

Gay Baths, Gay cruising spots (see CFS link above for more)

My favorite gay baths in Tokyo is 24-Kaikan in Shinjuku (between Shinjuku 3-chome and Shinjuku Gyoen-mae subway stations.
Actually, there are 4 different locations for this sauna (gay baths). The Shinjuku 2 chome branch is the nicest one and there are plenty of different types of guys (younger than some of the others) and also foreigners too.

24 Kaikan Bathhouse, Shinjuku 2-13-1, Tokyo. 3354-2424. Bathhouse with full facilities. Open 24 hours.

(There is also a 24-Kaikan Bathhouse (gay sauna) at Asakusa - just behind the Asakusa Kannon Temple grounds.
Sanja Matsuri (Asakusa Temple Festival - May 19-21 (or around those dates)
This temple has one of the largest festivals in Tokyo -- this past year it was held on May 19-21 - begins on the temple grounds on Friday and then the floats are carried by men (almost nude in fundoshi (loincloths) through the streets of the neighboring communities until the 100 floats are paraded (hoisted in rhythmic thrusts -- exotic and erotic too) back to the Temple on Sunday afternoon. It is a good chance to see a lot of sweaty Japanese men (some like the photos here) - they (and the spectators) like to get drunk too so you're sure to see some pranks, some naked butts and male bonding during the festivities. Great photo opp too.

Shinjuku 24-Kaikan (baths) It seems that there is no map on the English site to the Shinjuku
Located just off of Shinjuku Dori (turn left just at Lawson's in Shinujuku 2-chome,

Shinjuku 2-chome is about a 10-minute walk, go right out of Shinjuku JR Staion East (a main street level exit) and you will be on Shinjuku Dori. Follow passed Mitsukoshi and Marui Department Stores on your right and Isetan Dept Store on your left. Keep going passed two main intersection (one is Meiji-dori) and look for Lawson's on your left, turn left toward Shinjuku Park, 24-Kaikan is down on the left, at the second intersection (steps lead up to 2F entrance (entrance is visible from the street), car park is on ground floor.

A comment from CFS:
This is a wonderful place and not intimidating for gaijin. The sauna is easy to find, as it's near the Buddhist temple in Ni-chome and not far from the Shinjuku garden. On maps you can see the inverted swastika for the Buddhist temple, and just remember that the Buddha is looking over the buildings at the sauna. Go up the outside stairs. Upon entry have a ten yen coin ready. You will take off your shoes at the top of the stairs, put in your ten yen, and take the key.

Then to your left will be a ticket machine. Put in bills or coins for 2600 yen if you just want a locker and press the lit-up 2600 yen button. A ticket and change will come out. Take the ticket and your shoe locker key to the attendant who will take those from you and give you a new clothes locker key and a bag with two towels and a robe. They ask you for your name but don't check ID.
Bring condoms if you engage in hot sex. I was surprised that two Japanese guys wanted to engage in unprotected sex with me. You can have a lot of fun here - several levels - bath at the faucets before getting into the hot baths, sauna and dark rooms (very clean), also dry, wet and steam saunas. Enjoy safely.


About sightseeing in Tokyo -- any good guidebook or LonelyPlanet (online site) will have

a list of the main sightseeing spots. I have included a few of the most famous ones here.

Asakusa Temple
Asakusa (old town with quaint shops, canals) - You can take a boat (passenger boat-bus) down the Sumida River (near the Asakusa Kannon Temple (largest in Tokyo) - get off at Takeshisanbashi, you can take boat-bus (a ferry) to Odaiba (manmade beach or also take the Yurikamome Train across the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba Marine Park (Fuji TV Station HQ is an interesting building to explore)
Shopping in Akihabara -- electronics town
Shinjuku - kind of metro 'center' but also not far from the 'gay' section - Shinjuku 2-chome (in fact you'll pass 2-chome Street a block before Lawson's (24H convenience store) on Shinjuku-dori.

By the way, a great out-of-town trip is Nikko -- there is a train from Asakusa Station (slower but less expensive than a bullet train (shinkansen). If you have a full day to spend for a day-trip out of Tokyo - -I recommend Nikko or if you might take a bus/guided tour of a hot springs resort (Hakone - out towards Mt. Fuji is one of the most popular) and you can do it in a day - but don't expect to get laid - although you may get to bathe (nude or semi-nude) with a group of men (probably older Japanese and curious foreigners).

Kabuki Theatre is a fun experience -- you can buy ticket for short performances and rent a English-narration player to help you enjoy. Full performances last hours and cost a lot, but there are short session performances (last 30-45 minutes) costing $8-10. Shows runs from 11:00am -9:00pm -- so it's a great way to squeeze in some culture between meals, sightseeing and cruising the baths .

Kabuki-za is located in Ginza and there is an English website: ttp://

Meiji Shrine (near Harajuku Station (2 stops from Shinjuku on JR Yamate Line (Green Circular line) is a nice place for outdoor stroll in the gardens. Next door is Yoyogi Park -- where some cruising goes on .
Hibiya Park between Yurakucho (JR Yamate) Hibiya/Ginza stations (subway) and also Kasumigaseki Station (subway) is pretty cruisy -- especially the toilet just near the corner of th park - not far from the Imperial Hotel.

The Imperial Palace and the stroll around the moat can be nice. (not far from Hibiya Park a 10 walk)

It is too hard to tell you where to eat -- you almost can't go wrong because you can usually check out the menu (realistic plastic dishes and prices are displayed in the shop window or the menu (with pics) is posted. No tipping is needed in Japan.

However, be aware that in the gay section (or some 'gangster' type places) if there is no menu and no prices, ask before ordering. It is pretty rare nowadays but not completely unheard of being asked to pay 5 or more times the price for a glass of beer or some simple appetizers (if some shady -- backroom- establishments).

Lunch - by far - is your best for getting more for your money -- typically the same item ordered at night cost 1.5-3 times more (except at family-type restaurants / fastfood). Many places have lunch specials so I recommend eating well at lunch and then going light at night -- except when you want to splurge.

Well... hope this helps. If you have specific questions, I may be able to answer them.

By the way, I don't think it matters that you are African-American -- it some ways it may be as attractive to Japanese men as any other kind of foreigner. Japanese are respectful and polite -- but don't take their shyness or backwards for something it is not (although you are probably all too aware that ignorance can show its ugly face in almost every society). Prejudice is no more prevalent in Japan than other places and in fact may actually be less -- Japanese tend to be less assertive and easily intimidated so foreigners and visitors may sometimes mistake their timidity for an attitude that is not really there.

Have fun and I know you will enjoy the visit.
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The Great 'Gay' Outdoors - Who is into ONR (outdoor naked recreation)?

The Great 'Gay' Outdoors

Below is a recent post by a member of DudesNude, followed by my own commentary on the topic.

I am used to [going] backpacking and really enjoy hiking and camping too. Making a great fire and sleep under stars with the sound of the river is the kind of FUN I like but it's not a popular gay way of life. Guys like this kind of Brokeback Mountain trip only like a quick fantasy. To be able to carry a 20 kilos bag, to walk 8 hours a day, to forget comfort, eat dry noodles and soups, sweat and climb mountains --- to go to some stunning places, meet amazing people in far countryside [is wonderful but few gay men seem to do this]… I met some straight boys during my last travels who like that but am I the only gay hiker on the planet ? WHO'S REALLY IS ABLE TO DO THAT ? Am I alone ?

Above was posted originally (with editing) by [sunshiniin]

My reaction by sunbuns99

Hiking, camping, and all kinds of outdoor recreation (especially nude) make up my favorite kind of vacation (and leisure time), but finding people (gay men) who do these at the same level, intensity and frequency that you (or I do) is usually a localized process. Not everybody has the same amount of time, stamina, self-discipline, etc or even the same purpose for doing these kinds of activities: physical exercise, self-growth, meditation, socializing, naturalist (ecology), photography, camaraderie, sexual behavior like courting a partner or just getting sex, spiritual communing with nature and other people... the reasons are nearly endless - although I find it perfectly great and by no means at cross-purposes to do ONR (Outdoor Nature (or Naked / Nude - if you're like me) Recreation) for ALL of the above reasons - but some people don't see it that way.

There are many groups for ONR all over the world but they are local - localized to the cultural context and also localized (by language and by who's committed to them or who's leading them and how they accept of seek out new members). Check out the area where you'll be going (or where you live) to try to find them. For example, there is a fairly large (and evidently growing) set of different hiking (many times nude hiking) in the Palm Springs area. Oahu (Hawaii) has the LikeHike group, and the list goes on. Often the nudist groups (FKK, gay men's groups, etc) can give you leads or help you find people and organized events in the local areas.

It takes some research (on the Net or by asking here on DudesNude or other sites, such a to find groups (or individuals) but there are 'outdoor' recreation (hiking, climbing, etc) group of people and also gay recreation groups almost everywhere that anybody does these activities. I'd be interested in helping to organize such ONR (outdoor naked recreation) events or outdoors excursions, but again the arrangements have to be 'located' somewhere.. and we here on DN -- as is true for most any gay ( homophilic) web site come from all over the world.

Still... it's nice to share the experiences about trying to find others who take outdoor recreation (with other like-minded men) as something both fun and seriously worthwhile and beneficial.

Your best bet is to find partners and trips is to look at and see what kind of events/hiking expeditions are being organized. It's mainly oriented to North America but not only. Another idea would get Phil (the Dudesnude webmaster) to add new categories to the search and profiles. And he might also add a new forum categories for Recreation and Sports. (including Nudism and Outdoor Recreation). It might have the added merit of getting more paying contributors. You can search for existing ones or even start your own at other well-known and well-developed sites gay social networking sites.

I find I spend more time on Flickr or or because their audiences are larger (potentially) and the efforts at communicating are not lost in a random pile of unrelated thread (like this message will be). MySpace, Gaywatch, Dlist and other sites (a few are now defunct perhaps for this very reason) just don't seem to engender good group communication for 'rounding' up men who share a passion for outdoor recreation (hiking, camping, climbing, snorkeling/diving, etc).

Key Words: camping, gay outdoors, hiking, naked men, nudity, nude recreation, outdoor, ONR, outdoor naked recreation,
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Two buddies' attraction leads to more with a cellphone pic

A long-time lurker on the site Male-Male Flashing finally came up with a really great first post (based on a real-life relationship) which is a very erotic story about his finding out a straight buddy was really into him too.
So I'll admit...I've been a habitual lurker on here ( for quite a while! Mostly because every time I come on this board with the intention to post, I end up reading something that makes me bust a nut on the spot!

This started back in 2008. I reconnected with this one guy that I have known since he was 14 and I was 21 (he was the brother of another friend). We had lost contact with each other, but in summer of 2008, we ran into each other. He was 23 at the time, and I was 30. We exchanged numbers, and eventually started hanging out together with our respective girlfriends. I'm bi, but from all I could tell, he was as straight as they came. He worked in construction, and even from a young age, had always been a beer drinking, sports watching, skirt chasing heterosexual guy.

Anyway, we really hit it off, and got to be very close. One night, while both of our girlfriends were out of town on a girls weekend, we were texting each other just stupid shit. Now you have to understand, in addition to the "straight guy sex appeal" he held, my friend is also very seriously hot. Dirty blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a hard body from construction work. Also, since we had joined a gym together, and saw each other naked almost every day, I knew he was really hung (at least 5 soft.

I had been wanting to figure out a way to flash him my hard cock for quite a while, and I thought text might be the perfect way. So I took a picture of my very hard cock, and sent it to him with this note: "Hey babe, I hope you and [his girlfriend's name] are having a great time. Just wanted to show you how much I missed you." I wanted him to think that I had accidentally sent that to him instead of my gf.

Well, a minute later, I get a text from him: "Hey man. Not that I don't appreciate getting to know you better, lol, but I think this was meant for [my girlfriend's name]. :-)". I called him, pretended to be hugely embarrassed. He laughed, said no big deal, and joked that he'd seen me naked enough times at the gym that it didn't really matter.

I thought that was that, until a few minutes later, I got a text from him. With a picture of his cock. Rock hard. The text said "LOL. I figured that I would return the favor. LOL...enjoy. Since the girls aren't here, guess I'm going to have to take care of this myself."

Fucking hell. I nearly creamed myself right there. He had the perfect cock. About 9-9.5 hard, beautiful head, cut but no circular scar, just delicious looking. So I texted him back "Nice! Guess that means we're real friends now, huh? LOL. Yeah, about to take care of matters myself."

Well, he texted me to have fun, I told him to do the same, and figured the night was pretty much over. So I thought I would jump in the shower, then head to bed for a nice long stroke with his pic. Well, as I'm getting out of the shower, I get another text from him with a picture of his now semi-hard cock AND A MASSIVE HANDFUL OF CUM, saying "Ahh...apparently I needed that. Hope your's was just as good! Goodnight!"

Well, I couldn't even wait to get to bed. I was so hard, the skin on my dick was straining. I swear to you, 2-3 strokes and I blasted all over the bathroom sink. So I took a picture of that and simply said "It was. :-)". He wrote back "Nice!", and we both called it a night.

That was on a Saturday. The next Monday, when we met at the gym, I noticed that he didn't turn away when he stripped after working out, and instead of wrapping his towel around his waist like normal, he put it around his shoulders. So of course, being the exhibitionist I am, I did the same. We walked into the shower room, and took two shower stalls right next to each other, like normal. Now, the shower floors were dark tiles, and when they are wet, they are very reflective, a fact that I had taken advantage of on numerous occasions to perv on him a bit. :D

That day, he seemed to be taking a lot longer in the shower, so I leaned over to check what he was doing. And I could clearly see him jacking off...and from his reflection, could tell he was perving on me too! So I decided to join in! I was so horny, knowing that he was jacking off and watching me, that it didn't take long for me to cum. Now the two showers that we liked had the drain in the floor right between them, so it was VERY obvious that my cum was floating to the drain, and in fact, got stuck on the grid on top. About 20-30 seconds later, I see his load join mine on top of the drain. We finished our showers, got out, and just pretended nothing happened (other than our still softening semi's!).

This went on for a couple of months, and throughout that time, I would get text pics from him of his hard or soft cock, with some joking text attached to make it seem like it was all fun. So of course, I played along. Well, right before Christmas of that year, the girls were out shopping, and were going to go back to his girlfriend's place to wrap presents and were going to stay the night there. So he and I decided to have a guys night and he was going to stay over at my place. We watched some "guy" flicks (scary, bloody, with lots of T&A), and had some food and beers.

Earlier in the day, in a moment of hopeful dreaming, I had bought a bi porno featuring mostly MMF action. It was hardcore, with the guys getting it up the ass just as much as the women. I left it on my video shelf, just in case. Well, we were a little tipsy, and he asked if I wanted to watch another movie. I said sure, so he got up to see what DVDs I had. I don't hear anything for a bit, when he suddenly says "This looks interesting!", and holds up the porno I had bought earlier. I pretended to be embarrassed, and had forgotten to put it away. So he said "What the hell?", and put it in the DVD player.

Well, at this point, we were both already pretty much ready for bed, so just in boxer shorts and nothing else (this was pretty standard from the few times he had stayed over before, even before the sexual tension). So there we are, sitting on the same couch, watching porn. This wasn't one with a stupid story line - it was all action. The very first scene quickly led into a guy getting fucked up the ass while eating out a woman.

I glance over at him from the corner of my eye, and can see that he is very obviously hard, and playing with his cock through his boxers. So I do the same. After a minute or two, I say something like "Sorry, just can't take it", pull my boxers off, and start stroking. Well, he stares at me a minute, then does the same. The next scene comes on, and it's just two guys, with the girl watching and fingering herself on the side. The guys are blowing each other, and my friend suddenly asks me "I've always wondered what it was like to get head from a guy. I've heard it's better than from a woman. Have you ever been blown by a dude before?"

I hesitate for a minute, then say, yeah, I have. A mouth is a mouth. A couple of more seconds pass, then he asks me "Have you ever blown a guy?" Again, I hesitate, and answer that yes, I've returned the favor a few times. Well, we watch for a another couple of minutes, when I finally can't take it any more. I say "This may be just the alcohol talking, but if you want to find out what it's like, I'll be happy to show you."

He doesn't say anything, but just removes his hand from his cock, slides down the couch a little, and spreads his legs. Well, instantly, I was down on my knees between his legs, with that beautiful, glorious cock in my mouth. I am on it like a starving man on bread. A minute or two into it, I can feel his cock start to jump, and I know he's about to cum soon. Suddenly, I feel his hands on my arms, pushing me away. I think "Oh shit! I've gone too far and now he's pissed." So I stand up, when he leans over...and takes my cock in his mouth.

It's surreal...I can see the sandy blonde hair of this "super straight" stud bobbing up and down as he takes his first inexperienced taste of cock. I can tell this is his first time. There's a little too much teeth, and not quite the right amount of suction (kwim?). But I don't care...this is so hot that I am about to blow. I tell him "I'm about to cum!", thinking he will pull off, when he just starts sucking faster and I feel his hand on my balls. I can't hold back, so I start to shoot in his mouth. I hear him gag at first, but he doesn't stop. And I swear to you, swallows the whole load.

Well, when I recover, I look down so that I can finish him off, when I see that he has actually cum without even touching himself. At that point, I get a bit worried. What if he freaks out? What if this makes things weird?

I go to turn off the movie, when I hear him say "Nah, don't turn it off yet. It's just getting to the good stuff!" Hell yeah! So we sit down, naked on the couch, and continue to watch. Well, needless to say, it wasn't too long before we were both hard again. A scene comes on with two guys fucking, and he looks at me and says "I've always wanted to try that." I ask him "Anal sex?" He say's yeah.

Well, up until this point in my life, I had never been fucked. I had, however, used quite a few toys up there. So I ran to my room, and grabbed some lube. I come back, look him in the eye, squirt some lube on his cock and on my ass, then lower myself onto his cock as he is sitting on the couch.

You would have thought I had electrocuted him. He started fucking me like a wild man, grabbing my hips and ramming into me. Granted, it did hurt like hell, because none of my toys were as big as him. But I didn't care, I wanted him so bad. He eventually had me on the floor, on the couch, in different positions without stopping. Finally, I hear him start to grunt, and can feel his load shooting into my ass. I collapse on the floor as he falls onto the couch, both of us breathing hard. I am worn out, but still hard, thinking I was going to go wipe his load out of my ass and wack off into the toilet. I sit up, and he looks at me...and then lifts his legs in the air so that his hole is pointed right at me.

I don't need to be asked again. I literally reach behind me, wipe the cum and lube mixture from my ass, slather it on my cock and his hole, and then slide into him. I could tell from the pain on his face that this had definitely been an "exit only" location before. However, he pulled me into him and started riding me. As I'm fucking him, his cock get's hard AGAIN (oh, god, to be 23), so I reach in front of me and start jacking him as I'm fucking him.

This is so unbelievably hot that I can't hold out long. So I start thrusting hard, and jacking his cock for all it's worth. Just as I start to shoot a load in his ass, his cock begins to unload another unbelievable large amount on his stomach.

Well, that was two years ago. And now, anytime we can get together alone, we pretty much go at it. However, now this "straight" guy is kissing me, blowing me, and takes it up the ass just as much as I do. We still have girlfriends, and still love fucking them. But nothing is hotter than the fuck buddy I found through a text message dick flash.
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Networking for CMNM Groups and Events in Local Areas

Guys Into CMNM Groups and Events

Question: I wanted to see if you had a group of CMNM in northern Indiana for me to join? Any ideas and/or contacts I could make to join in the area? Thanks.

Answer: So.. what do you do when you live in a rural area or far away from a metropolitan area? Are there any local groups and if not, what you do to get one started?

(Answered by 'sunbuns', Kelly Lewis, editor and admin, Guys Into CMNM blog and social networks).

While they may be members of one of our several social networking (online) groups who live in your area, (for example, Allen lives in Northern Indiana, or southern Michigan or northwestern Ohio), I don't think there are any real (off-line) CMNM meetings or events -- at least not yet.

CMNM hasn't been recognized for very long and it's still not commonly understood - even by the very men (particularly gay men) who are so turned on by it. There are elements of it in so many activities / situations that are NOT simply sexual by definition. For example, there may be a men's nudist group in your area or close by. While many don't advocate sexual behavior at their events, some don't prohibit certain types of opportunities where naked and clothed men can intermingle.

Another form of CMNM often occurs in certain male sports or fitness situations - joining a YMCA, or other type of fitness club, or amateur sports league often gives a guy (CM or NM) a chance to interact with other males in clothed or naked situations. Obviously, there may not be any overt sexual behavior but it can nevertheless be highly stimulating.

For overt sexual situations, you can try a gay baths/sauna. I think Toledo has at least one, and there are certainly some in a few of the major cities around you; likewise a few gay bars have events where nudity (or semi-nudity) is condoned, or even where it is encouraged in backrooms, or enclosed patios, etc.

Of course, you can try to start a group -- or at least - hold a CMNM event in your area. I have lots of ideas and would do as much as possible to help promote in on our blogs, and social networks, etc. Depending on when it's held, I might be able to attend or organize/host part of it (I'll be traveling in North America from August 1 - 30 -from Hawaii to New York, from San Franciso, California to Provincetown, MA).

One way to start is to make your interest known by joining one (or all) of our Guys Into CMNM social networks. You may want to use a separate email address (since your real identity may expose you to some unwanted noisiness or scrutiny). However, in today's world, it has become less of a problem publicly admitting that one is gay. However, homophobes and morally self-righteous extremists still exist (and may actually be thriving).

In your various profile and online comments, tweets, etc, use the TAG "cmnm" or #cmnm, it will help people take notice and these tags are also searchable, so that like-minded guys in the same area can start to connect.

It's probably obvious but it will take some initiative and some effort on the part of at least one person to get such an event or group started. However, even one is not enough. Therefore, you have to try to encourage or attract guys to actually participate FIRST as people -- not as sexual objects. If you try to 'round up' a bunch of hunks for your own private orgy, it's not going to work unless you look like a male fashion model and have the body of an Olympic athlete. To be realistic, most guys into CMNM are just regular guys. The guy down the street or the one who works at the mall or in local office building. What's it going to take to get them to come up with the courage to attend a CMNM event. My advice for guys trying to get a group started is to first make it a fully clothed gathering to initially.

Then a part of the group's activity can be to do something that involves nudity for a fairly short and non-threatening, fun activity - such as ask (or hire) a nude model for some sketching of the naked male form. Or watch a movie where male nudity is a recurring theme or important point in the plot. Hold a pool party or barn dance, play badminton or horseshoes, and allow some of the participants to disrobe. Set up a fashion night or a costume party in which the 'models' strip for a certain 'runway' event or make it a fund-raiser for charity by letting the audience bid for removal of each piece of clothing for some 'lucky' or willing volunteer who, thereby, gets stripped.

Sexual behavior (penetrative anal or oral) does not have to be involved especially when the group's members are just meeting for the first time.
If there are sexual sparks and only some guys start wanting to get down and dirty, it might not be good to ignore or isolate the other members of the budding group.Sexual behavior (penetrative anal or oral) does not have to be involved especially when the group"s members are just meeting for the first time.

If there are sexual sparks and only some guys start wanting to get down and dirty, it might not be good to ignore or isolate the other members of the budding group. So then it"s better that things develop slowly so that everyone knows the boundaries and feels comfortable acting within them before starting any more "aggressive" types of CMNM behaviors or situations, especially those involving domination or humiliation or mild bondage.

It's not easy but it can be done. It's just not going to happen over night and the key to first find a couple of others who are interested and also willing to be patient with the slow development of the group. Most guys who are turned on my other men sexually just want to jump to the wild orgy and that's NOT going to happen in most cases. If you want sex with strangers, then use Craig's List or go to a gay sex club, or travel to where there is one.

I know I've gone on too long to answer the question, but it was a good to hear, and one whose answer I attempted to make in a single appropriate blog entry - which is obviously on the beginning.

Good luck and let me know how I might be able to help out.

Greetings from Guys Into CMNM. Dare to stay bare with those who care!

Kelly Lewis, "sunbuns" - editor and admin, Guys Into CMNM blog and social networks

Links to CMNM sites: Our main blog and where you can find lots of links. One of our CMNM Tumblr sites. Another of our CMNM Tumblr sites.

See new Facebook event page sponsored in part by the new Facebook group: Guys Into CMNM Facebook Page

NEW! Mobile Site for CMNM on Winksite
Visit the CMNM Group on JustUsBoys at:
See the CMNM Forum (on JUB Group site above).
The CMNM Site on Pridesites collects together all the parts (sites, blogs, application, links) into one set of pages.
See list of upcoming CMNM events on Eventbrite:

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