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How long will TypePad's uncensored blogs last?

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For that matter, how long will Google's half-blind eye stay turned away? Despite having appeared to cracked down on obscene material in its free Blogger service, it does appear that Google isn't simply bowing to the extreme-conservative moralists. But then again, the bottom line may not be able to save us (sexually mature, explicit content bloggers, either.

Consider what another company, Typepad, may be doing in its own self--marketing strategy. I don't think we have much to fear from either or banning adult content. However, we can't be assured that these sites, and the companies who own them can actually stay in business. So our blogs and other content could disappear for an entirely other reason. Blog Sure enough, Typepad closed down all of its free (and porn) blogs, opting for a paid membership in hopes of sustaining their Internet blog business.

I really have to wonder when the AXE (ALL X-rated Excluded) will fall? Time and time after, some new or even well-established some Web 2.0 company - either a rising star or wannabe (such as Flickr, Facebook, Ning, etc) gets on a moral high horse and decides to rid itself of all the adult and sexually explicit content and -- of course, millions of users which have actually promoted them to world-class status for members and bandwith use. They ostensibly do so to 'save the children', but if that had been a priority, then safeguards would have been in place from the beginning.

Evidently, the idea was to create a startup with a lot of freedom and thereby 'hook' in huge amout of porn smurfs, explicit sex and pornography sellers (and advertisers), a smattering of adult-content blogger types (like me) , and a whole mass of everyday netizens, who contribute little of nothing, but who are simply consumers (viewers/readers). Once they reach a certain level of users and bandwidth, th e-company then attains some advertising potential and garners some clout. Inevitably, when the greed for revenue finally become a strong possibility of realization, they must then bend their policies to those of the 'wholesome' advertisers who are now wanting to financially support them. Thus is spawned the crackdown on sex-related content, so sexually mature or porn-like material gets banned and so do all the users (well... not if they are smart).

This may be what TypePad is thinking. They are likely to 'allow' adult content (after proposing to ban it all 6 months from now) for those users who opt in for a paid annual subscription. I can see the handwriting clearly embedded in the walls of this non-brick & mortar edifice.

It's pretty predictable that Typepad by offering this 'free' mini-blog is rather desperate to hold on to its meager share of the blog market. Actually, it has only recently allowed the current 'conversational' blog as a free option. So I suspect that with a few weeks' (or maybe several months even a year's) time, TypePad will get all high & mighty because they have failed to set up precautions (actually it is by conscious design - as explained earlier) that will restrict minors from viewing the newly created blogs, many of which will undoubtedly contain adult content and sexually explicit photos.

So.. when that time comes, you may find that my TypePad blog or profile has been deleted without warning (yes, it can and does not happen).
You can also find most of my posts in one of the following blogs, or at least, you can find links to the blogs where I'm likely to post what I want to say and show:

Kelly's Second Life (my X-rated personal blog; it also has links to all of my other blogs, profiles, sites and groups. I manage about 10 different gay sex and porn blogs, of which the most popular by far is Guys Into CMNM It is devoted the sexual fetish/lifestyle for men into clothed male / naked male scenes)

Tribe: My profile (with blog) on (Not as nicely laid out (only one photo allowed per blog entry; you have to be a Tribe 'friend' to be able to read the adult content entries, or belong to an adult Tribe. So a log in is required for that (free, of course.)

Another place where you can post a porn blog (for free) is: LiveJournal. You can see my two porn blogs at and

JustUsBoys My profile and blog on JUB contain many of the blog that I have posted elsewhere and likely has some unique ones too. You can find it at:

Now waiting for the axe to fall.. since I have my many eggs in a lot of baskets. Of course, when Google goes clean, then the world will come to an end -- probably during the year 2012 (evil smirk).
In the meantime, keep'em coming, broz.

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Places for a newbie to enjoy gay nude beaches and camping areas

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The photo at the top shows a younger guy who was cruising naked in the dunes on Gran Canaria.

Original posting: ky_gui [msg]
14 Feb 2011, 18:11 I will soon be turning 21 and i don't really consider myself to be a bar and club kind
of person.

i have been looking around on the internet and have stumbled across male only (gay) clothing optional camping. 90% of the camp grounds i have looked at are BYOB, hence the 21+.

What I was wondering is has anyone on here been to any.
are there good one, compared to the bad ones?

I will not lie, and say I am educated on these kind of areas, i don't know anything.

I am not really worried about money, but I don't really want to fly across the USA to get to the place. I live in the mid-west. So something in that general area, maybe??? Like I said I don't know.

Any input someone can give me will be greatly appreciated, who knows maybe i will find some one to go with. lol.

One last thing, alot of the the camp grounds I looked at were gay friendly, I think I want it to be male only. Not that i have a problem with lesbians, I just don't want to camp with them. lol (that was sposta be a joke... I'm not really that funny.)

Follow up: pedrobill
14 Feb 2011, 18:37 No mate, that joke didn't really come off, but I thought your profile was pretty funny! I'm gay, and I like to go camping, but other than that I don't know anything about "Gay Camping" - don't you just find a flat bit of ground, put up your tent and hey presto - gay camping!

Follow up: ky_gui
14 Feb 2011, 18:52 See, I was leaning toward the clothing optional part. and I just don't know if I'm brave enough to camp anywhere and just be naked. lol I'm pretty sure knowing my luck I would get arrested. And I don't know of anywhere remote enough to get away with it.

Follow up: pedrobill
14 Feb 2011, 18:59 Ah yes, I realise now, the header is key, i.e. clothing optional. Actually I was being just a little mischievous. I do like to get to some fairly remote places, where you can be reasonably assured of not being 'spung', and yes I'm the same - wouldn't quite be brave enough otherwise. Though sometimes it's not really the remoteness that matters. Half an hours walk off the track is often as untrammeled as somewhere that is deep in the forest but on a recognised path. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what others with more experience of organised 'clothing optional' venues come up with.
Happy camping.

Follow up: hairydaddy
14 Feb 2011, 19:59 sure, I've been to gay campgrounds with clothing optional........but not sure what would be out your way..........I camped in New York State and Pennsylvania where there are several.........know of them in Canada too..............scout around on google......for a campground near you

Follow up: fitladrobb
14 Feb 2011, 20:20 shame that your not in the UK we have some very good clthing optional sites here. include a few that go down to age 16 if unaccompanied by adult or young-family ones.

have you tried there are LOADS of contacts on there for you.

Follow up: irish8986
15 Feb 2011, 01:40 I live and grew up about 2 miles from one here in PA, doesn't help you out much tho. It's a fun thing to do definitely try it out if you get the chance

Follow up: chrisslond
15 Feb 2011, 02:09 Here are a few sites to check out: ml , ionid=62&typeofsite=directory are some to look at. I have camped at The Point near Turkey Point in Ontario Canada and some other places. Each August, my partner and I go to the Gay Naturists International Annual Gathering that is at a camp in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. There are usually more than 500 naked guys there for up to 10 days. It is great walking around buck naked for 10 days in the summer.
Give it a try and find out how enjoyable it is.

Follow up: hotnredi55
16 Feb 2011, 07:56 I have a couple of campgrounds that are in the midwest, but still a distance from you. One is Campit Resort, near Saugatuck, Michigan. It is a very nice facility with lots of room for tenting, rv'ing, sleeper cabin rentals and bed and breakfast rooms. It is gay and lesbian, leaning more toward the men. one area is set aside for nude camping. and after about 1 am, you are fairly safe to sit around your campfire naked. In at least one other area, any woman walking back at that time of night wants to see naked men.

The other campground is totally men, and clothing optional in almost all areas further back from the entry area. Camp Buckwood, south of Indianapolis, Indiana. and

Check them out. Both have wonderful facilities, and friendly staff and fellow campers. I have had wonderful times at both camps with other men, and with my boyfriend.

Follow up: dungeonrat [msg]
16 Feb 2011, 08:07
Located in South-Central Missouri.

Follow up: Rood
16 Feb 2011, 09:47 www.midwestmalenaturistgathering. org/

Follow up: asshunter
16 Feb 2011, 11:54 we are members of The Woods campground since 2004 love it.

Follow up: bcbud4u 16 Feb 2011, 11:59 here in the Kootenays there are so many secluded lakes and areas to just hang nude, swim in the buff, and have a sweet camping weekend, why go paying for a private campground when you can find a place horseback, 4X4 or quad 4 free?

Follow up: BldngStrng
16 Feb 2011, 12:04 Well BC are lucky to have that close by and available...not everyone has a horse or a 4X4 or Quad.....and the beautiful BC wilderness at their doorstep.

Follow up: balllicker
16 Feb 2011, 12:20 This won't really help you since it's in New York, but for others, I had a great time at this place:

There were probably only a handful of guys there as young as me, but the older guys were a lot of fun and I loved the attention.

Follow up: bcbud4u
16 Feb 2011, 12:29 woah BldngStrng, nice build bud! though sorry, I wasn't really thinking... it was kind of an invite... what i should have typed, if a guy's going to travel to pay for camping, why not head where you can do it for free... my apologies.

Follow up: sunbuns99
16 Feb 2011, 22:32 I've not taken time to read the entire thread so my response and ideas may have been mentioned.

You're obviously more interested in a clothing optional experience and finding a place to do that with other men (hopefully gay males) for an extended period of time - not just a few minutes or hours.

However, there is one place no too far away from KY (ky_gui = Kentucky Guy ?), but who's living in Iowa.

Timberfell Lodge is clothing optional resort and campground in the foothills of the Appalachians (about 80 miles east of Knoxville.)
They only have weekend events in the winter (rooms and bunks bed are sometimes half price, but in summer it's a full time gay camping community with a lot of social / sex-related events. I'd say the main type of guy you find there are bears, but that's not all you'll find. It's almost clothing optional everywhere -- although sex acts are forbidden in common areas, there are plenty of dark and deserted spots -- especially at night. Campsite are $15 a night plus choice of 2-3 meal plans. There sell beer inside the resort which means you can't bring it,but you can BYOB wine and hard liquor.

See for next events and details.

I'm trying to organize a CMNM National Meet-up (clothed male / nude male) at Timberfell Lodge for next August 12-14, which is all the annual Mr. Timberfell Contest weekend.

There are also other options / places where you can get naked and possibly engage in cruising for sex. Most of the nude beaches around the country have gay cruising areas. Like it or not, that's likely one reason for the crack-down on clothing optional public beaches in quite a few places across the country.

Being able to camp textile (required clothes) and then walk to a nude beach is a good option - but quite rare except in Europe or at all-gay clothing optional resorts.

You can find some at Palm Springs, Key West, FL and Haulover Beach (Ft Lauderdale, FL,)

Russian River area - 90 miles north west of San Francisco in and around Guerneville, CA.
See -They have campsites available - but the nudity must be restricted to pool and jacuzzi only.
There is also the possibility of some naughty free skinny dipping while floating down the Russian River.

Baker's Beach in San Francisco (no camping of course but you'll feel it's the great outdoors once you're inside the Golden Gate Park and surrounding recreation areas, and Provincetown (Cape Cod,Mass) - although there has evidently been a crackdown on public nudity (by anyone) at the famous Herring Cove (state beach) that is 15 minute walking distance from P-town. That's what I used to do. Camp among clothed at night, spend all day among the naked during the day.

There's a commercial campground with easy walking distance of P-town (out on Hwy 6), Dunes' Edge Campground, and you can walk, bike or drive from there to Herring Cove Beach. I've heard that people still get nude at the P-town beach, but they have to be discreet because the park rangers patrol often and hand out tickets (or worse) to naked men in the sand dunes. Most everywhere they are more tolerant of non-sexual nudism, particularly where there are mixed groups.
Overseas there are many more....

Big Island (Hawaii) Kalani is a gay-owned, and nudity friendly retreat for all types -more focused on spiritual, yoga, and new age trends, the pool area in clothing optional after 4pm , and there is the famous Kehena Beach (also clothing optional and alternative / new age oriented, with a wonderful assortment of naked people from every age and walk of life.
Kalani has accommodations from camping to villa suites, meal plans or pay as you go are options.

The world's largest nude beach and sand dudes (gay cruising area) is at Maspalomas (at Playa del Ingles on southern end of the island of Gran Canaria).

That 's where I'm headed for the 5th time next month (March 15-22).. I'm not camping but staying at a two-hotel hotel for about $30 a night (self-catering), sex city at night and sunshine and naked male skins for days on the beach.
Men cruising the dunes are aged 40+ and higher so not everybody's preference.

Photo at the top shows a younger guy who was cruising naked in the dunes on Gran Canaria (on the largest of Spain's Canary Islands).

At the bottom(right) is me camping naked hear Herring Cove. Provincetown, MA.
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European Sex Vacation Ideas for Gay Men

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We have been having a discussion on Dudesnude about this topic. Because the board posts eventually disappear after a few weeks, I wanted to save this one in my blog.

Subject: sex vacation ideas Poster: mandaters Date: 27 Apr 2006, 14:05

I want to plan a summer european vacation with sex as the main attraction...I've already done most of the touristy things. Where are the great places to go (cities and clubs) that have the horniest insatiable men? I am planning on at least a couple of weeks so multiple places would be great. Tell me about your hottest experiences.

Subject: Re: sex vacation ideasPoster: Troika Date: 27 Apr 2006, 14:14
Berlin should be one your main stopovers... the city IS sex - why the hell you think I'm here? :) It has some of the most relaxed drinking laws in western europe, has tons of sex bars, most of which have darkrooms as big as the bar area itself, several gay areas, bars stay open until very early, and some are even 24 hour... you HAVE to come to Berlin if you want an action packed european sex vacation.

My number one recommendation: Berghain... Dance club that's mixed, but mainly gay, with large sex areas, open almost the entire weekend... you can party from midnight Saturday to late evening Sunday non-stop -- if you can handle it!

Subject: Re: sex vacation ideasPoster: steelearch Date: 28 Apr 2006, 00:45

My "can't miss" destination for sex is Paris - innumerable places, both semi-private (bars, clubs) and fully public (along the banks of the Seine at Tata Beach, at Les Sablieres, the Bois du Bolougne , and I could go on and on and on....)And of course, it's still Paris, so plenty of non-sexual optionsThen you're also just a relatively short train ride from all the other great European cities (London, Amsterdam, etc.)

Subject: Re: sex vacation ideasPoster: hungryfuck Date: 28 Apr 2006, 01:11
I have to second Troika on Berlin. I was there a year ago for ten days. On my first night I was in a backroom bar and within an hour I had three hot guys in my apartment naked on my bed. The city is hot! I'll be in Munich this summer and Munich gay pride will be happening the week I'm there so I'm assuming things will be steamin' hot.

Subject: Re: sex vacation ideas Poster: trajan Date: 28 Apr 2006, 08:51

Berlin - yes. Hamburg too, plus Cologne, Munich and Frankfurt. German gay scene has lots of leather-type bars with loads of darkroom action and the guys are generally hot, friendly and HUNG! Don't forget Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities, and try any of the bars on the Woermestraat. In Spain, definitely recommend a visit to Sitges, just down the coast from Barcelona. Then of course London which has a lot of hot venues, and even Birmingham where I live, which has Boots bar and several raunchy saunas. I've had lots of encounters in all these places plus others round the world. Recommend you get a copy of Spartacus, mate.

Subject: Re: sex vacation ideas Poster: mandatersf Date: 30 Apr 2006, 10:00
Berlin is definitely a must....(have been there before) it is a very sexual city. I do check the Spartacus guides everytime I go...but they are a little too general in their descriptions....any clubs that are not to be missed?.....I am sure there are more cities out there that should be brought to everyone's attention. Are there any special days or special local events that make them even better? BTW thanks for the advice guys.

Subject: Re: sex vacation ideasPoster: sunbuns99 Date: 30 Apr 2006, 15:18

Don't forget about London and of course Amsterdam - g-sex in the city (with either of them having much to offer besides). I am partial to Munich - because of Englishergarten (open air nude section of the park with lots of gay men).

In other threads on this travel section, we're talking about Gran Canaria (nude and also pretty hot sex both in the dunes and in some of the bars). I find the south of France to be hot enough -- cities from Herault through to Riviera have lots of places (sex clubs/bars with backroom).

I enjoyed good sex in Portugal -- Tavira (small town in rural setting that has a cruisy gay and nude beach) and there are gay beaches near Lisbon. Czech's Prague would also be a great place for sex and a wonderful tourist site too and I would love to go back to Budapest -- tons of hot men - the Turkish baths and Hungarian baths can be cruisy. It depends on what turns you on. I found it scintillating to be given a oil massage in a Turkish bath -- especially since the masseur seemed to enjoy getting my cock aroused and turning me over to 'show off' my erection to other men. Hey.. to each his own -- Berlin is likely to be the capital for hardcore -- a kind of fist and fury type of gay sex.

Subject: Re: sex vacation ideasPoster: THICKANDY Date: 01 May 2006, 00:54
In Amsterdam, the "Horsemen and Knights Club" of big dicked dutch men, host a 'public' sex party the THIRD Sunday of each month at the CockRing Disco bar/club on Warmoestraat (near the Red Light district). Doors open at 3 PM, then close at 4 PM. Party lasts usually until 7 or 8 PM. Always a hot time - lots of VERY hung men show up from all over.....the party takes over all 3 floors of the club. For more information: go to -

Subject: Re: sex vacation ideasPoster: hebadu Date: 01 May 2006, 01:07
Berlin is just a must - I live here now and lots of fun. Public places are big here and you can be nude at the Tiergarten, a hot place and all the bars. For younger boys I think Amsterdam and Amman are good, although Jodan is the best place.
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Advice on Making Your Porn Blog Work: Q & A Advice

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QUESTION: On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 2:43 AM, tall whiteboy wrote:

Thanks for posting a link to my blog on your blog A Father's Pride and Joy. That one link has led about 200 visitors to my site over the past month. Feel free to repost more as long as you're linking back to me! I could use the traffic.

Do you have any advice on how to get more people to visit my blog? I'm trying everything I can think of to promote my site, but I haven't had much growth lately. Also, Facebook was one of my best marketing tools, but they deleted my account for linking to "obscene" material. Any advice you can give on what has worked for you would be appreciated by this new blogger!

Thanks and keep up the great work,

RESPONSE: My advice from a would-be non-profit porn blogger

The first point of advice is also a telling reminder: You must not have noticed one major difference in my blogs and yours: none of my blogs has any commercial advertising - (except what Blogger (Google) puts there). It is telling because you didn't even mention that fact.

I think that trying to make money on a blog that is created from stuff we've simply found (on the Internet trash heap) is like trying to earn a living by picking up pennies. (It can be done - if you have to have a volunteer crew of 1000s - smile). That is not the only reason that I am never going to go commercial.

The second reason is that once you do, you become the target of your rivals and of your resources (Google takes a wholly different attitude about what a commercial blogger does and what a personal, private individual does). I won't bother to list the other five reasons why I will not be trying to monetize my blogs.

That being said, here is my wisdom about how blogs become popular (or not) or at least just noticed, please take it with a grain of salt and huge dash of pepper. ( ).

I am not saying mine are popular. However, upwards of 5000 hits a day come to my most visited blogs: Guys Into CMNM
About a thousand hits a day are reached on 2 or 3 other ones.

My Advice:

0.0 Be a writer: It helps to think like a writer/editor/publisher - instead of simply a porn smurf (purveyor of XX-rated gay material).
Start acting like one and you'll find it will become easier to make your own blog have the kind of qualities that will attract readership.

0.1 Do your homework. You need to be a good blog/site visitor yourself and also do a fair bit of research on what makes a particular blog appealing.

Think about how you found it. Experiment with the various non-commercial apps, widgets, gadgets and tools that you have found on other people's blogs. Then you'll have a better understanding of what's working and what does not.

1. THEME: A specific targeted theme works to attract a certain clientele. Too general and the appeal may (or may not) work. That's the reason I maintain 10 different blogs - most of them are themed: cmnm, public sex or dickflashing, bromance/ straight/curious, interracial, daddy/son, Asian male, gay travel, my own personal experience & commentary, etc.....

I notice that you put a lot of work into making a single post have a theme. That does add a lot of quality, but it only adds value for readers/visitors who have actually found your blog/site.

It also good to have some writing / text even when you're just wanting to show some grouped / themed porn shots. The Google search engine uses these as 'labels' in order to locate and index the photos. When done consistently, your blog's photos will pop up on Google's (and Bing's) image search when guys are trying to find free porn.

2. CONTENT: Intersperse original blogs entries with copied material.

Original means posts that either you write or when you find something worth re-posting and for which you have permission (even if only implied permission). My readers usually can find (not always true because I don't always have or make the time to do this) on a single page - at least one original post - along with the visual porn reposts that I frequently borrow from Queerclick or JustusBoys.

Those sites are commercial porn blogs and they are working as viral advertisers for the various porn producers. So that only benefit by having people like me (or you) repost their stuff AS LONG AS it links back to the porn studios original marketing page (or via Queerclick - which is just pimping it for them). So, in effect, I am pimping for the pimp (and taking none of the credit or revenue).

However, since I also post a lot of amateur nude/gay sex photos and do some original writing or take snippets from other sources (especially where I am a contributor), then there is a balance that appeals to me and, hopefully, to the readers.

3. Socialize it: Add various social networks to create layers of linking around people - not just the porn.

A. Because they are themed blogs, I can also create a social networking site around that theme so that readers/visitors get some added valued. It works both ways. Guys who join the themed social networks get to view the blog content as well; that's the usefulness of RSS feeds.
The social networks operate separately but it gives readers/visitors an automatic sense of identity and feeling of community.

B. You can also add social networking apps/widgets directly to the blogs to get the same effect and actually create a loyal fan base. Google's FriendConnect is one of the more popular ones. Oddly enough, most of the people who are 'join' as followers of my blogs using FriendConnect are bloggers themselves - who are also looking to befriend fellow bloggers (kind of a backdoor link up).

C. Twitter does work to bring in visitors. I have created multiple Twitter accounts and use Twitterfeed to post updates to all of each of the Twitter accounts automatically when a new post is made to one of my blogs.

4. Tags are important. Blogger tags are not simply so that a visitor can search your blog archive to find a certain item of interest. Those tags are searchable from Google's main search engine. Therefore, you should use standard tags whenever possible, and don't hesitate to repeat the main key tag words: gay, porn, nude, cock, suck, fuck, naked, male, men etc along with your more accurate descriptive tags. It is automatic free advertising (as long as you have set your Blogger settings correctly).

5. Facebook (and several other large portal type social sites, MySpace, Yahoo, Google other sites (Buzz, Profile, etc... ) can be used effectively WITHOUT posting obscene material.

Many of my blogs (themed) ones also have a Facebook Fan page. I just don't post any material from the blog directly to the Facebook Fan page. Instead, I can post a link (without offending visual images) to my blogs.

Particularly, if you have some alternate identities, you can populate your Facebook Fan page and also get 'their' Twitter updates posted to Facebook. One Facebook Fan page I created got to be popular enough, that I gave over the management and administration to one of the enthusiastic members.

Here is the list of my current porn blogs and the main contributors:

My Blogs

Team Members
Brian Sullivan garxon19 Kelly 'Sunbuns' Jo KristianKawika Makahakanoa
Passions of the Hentai
garxon19 Kawika Makahakanoa sullybboi Kelly 'Sunbuns' Brian Sullivan
Guys into CMNM
Tim Jo Kristian David Seefallus Kelly 'Sunbuns'Brian Sullivan
Kelly's Second Life
Brian Sullivan Kelly 'Sunbuns' David Seefallus
Mec a poil
(inactive for RSS only)
A Quiver of Errors and Guilded Loins
Kelly 'Sunbuns' Brian Sullivan David Seefallusgarxon19
A Father's Pride and Joy
Kelly 'Sunbuns' David Seefallus Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan Kelly 'Sunbuns' sullybboi David Seefallus

男 Otoko -The Japanese Male
Kawika Makahakanoa sullybboi Kelly 'Sunbuns'

Travels with Sunbuns
Brian Sullivan Kelly 'Sunbuns'
The Spirit is Willing but the Flash is Weak, day and night.
BFlySully David Seefallus Kelly 'Sunbuns'
Uber Horny: guys who want it bad
sullybboi garxon19 Kelly 'Sunbuns' Brian Sullivan
sullybboi garxon19 Kelly 'Sunbuns' Brian Sullivan
sullybboi garxon19 Kelly 'Sunbuns' Brian Sullivan
sullybboi garxon19 Kelly 'Sunbuns' Brian Sullivan
sullybboi garxon19 Kelly 'Sunbuns' Brian Sullivan
sullybboi garxon19 Kelly 'Sunbuns' Brian Sullivan

Probably, this response is more than Andrew (tallwhiteboy) expected to get. But with each every email I write, I consider that effort to be worth it IF it leads me to a better understanding and also to be able to write something that I can share with others (for free). Therefore, I made my response one of the posts in my personal blog that you are reading now.

Cheers, and thanks for the stimulating question, Andrew. I hope it will be useful advice in response, and that you will have many more readers for your own blog.

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Naked Cruise Clubs for Gay Men Around the World: A user's list and reviews

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or ]

A popular gay social networking site, has a simple discussion board. The topic of nude clubs and bars where nudity is allowed was discussed under two different categories and separate threads. I've copied the discussion here because it's useful to keep up with the names and sites. Unfortunately, the discussions are not permament on the site, and the posts are evidently deleted. Thus, making them into a blog post helps preserve the information for all. (I hope the user don't mind).

Switzerland : Zurich : Zurich
age: 35
Original posting: hornyswiss
27 Mar 2009, 22:26
Anybody got a link for a nude club (underwear, sneakers only and so on)

For example: (UK/london)

Switzerland : Zurich : Zurich
age: 35
role: Top
Follow up: hornyswiss
27 Mar 2009, 22:29 This club is located in the city of Playa del Igles, Spain, on the island of Gran Canaria, the Spanish islands located off the coast of Morocco. You can get fairly cheap flights there from most any major European city.

U.S.A. : Hawaii : Pahoa
age: 42
role: Vers. Bottom
Follow up: sunbuns99
30 Mar 2009, 01:15
I am going to Blow Buddies, a bar in San Francisco, tonight to find out if naked cruising with clothed goes on.

France : Ile-de-France : Paris
age: 51
role: Vers. Top
Follow up: crotchguy
30 Mar 2009, 13:35
L'Impact in Paris (

France : Ile-de-France : Paris
age: 36
role: Top
Follow up: 1meccho92
08 Apr 2009, 02:49 is a naked (not optional) resort and sex club in Gran Canaria (Playa del Ingles).

U.S.A. : Pennsylvania : Harrisburg
age: 60
role: Top
Follow up: DaddyTom1
08 Apr 2009, 08:35
Blow Buddies in San Francisco is no bar; it's a sex club!

U.K. : LONDON : Enfield
age: 31
role: Vers. Top
Follow up: haich
09 Apr 2009, 08:05
Union Club on MA1 nights and Hoist on Sunday Stark Bollock Nacked (SBN) both in London, Vauxhall.
Also Starkers and Nudity Club. Sure you can google these.

U.S.A. : Maryland : Baltimore
age: 23
role: Versatile
Follow up: match85
09 Apr 2009, 08:14
do sex clubs count?

Ireland : Dublin : Dublin
age: 37
role: Vers. Top
Follow up: hardfuck2
09 Apr 2009, 15:36
The Cellar Bar, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria (The Canaray Islands), Spain.

U.S.A. : Hawaii : Pahoa
age: 42
role: Vers. Bottom
Follow up: sunbuns99
10 Apr 2009, 08:29
By the way, I just visited The Cellar in the basement floor of the Yumbo Centro (Shopping Center) the first week of May (2016). It didn't seem as busy as it has when I've been there in February or March, but it was still plenty fun. (NOTE* Added by the author)

Blow Buddies is - as you said - a gay club - mainly for fellatio enthusiasts and glory hole hobbyists (smile). It reminded more of a sex factory than a 'club'.. it was highly impersonal while being totally genitally intimate. It was bit too much of 'plug and play'.. stick your dick in a hole and get off (or take a dick in your mouth).. as the case may be.
Not that doing anonymous sex is NOT fun.. but it's really a whole different mind set for me. I prefer to use my other attributes (as a guy/man/human) to attract a sex partner - instead of just my lips or dick. I tend the enjoy the 'cruising' part - where you have to 'get' a catch for the night - and there aren't such limits.
It was good that alcohol is NOT involved.. but at the same time.. it's not allowed in gay saunas, either. I like 'wet' sex and there was none there - except the one guy who sat for 3 hours in the piss-tub. No one ever came to piss on him as far as I saw.

By the way, is there another bar or club in Castro (San Francisco) where casual nudity or possible in backrooms or on the terrace. I read about a guy who often gets fully naked in a gay bar. Which one could that be?

U.S.A. : Hawaii : Pahoa
age: 42
role: Vers. Bottom
Follow up: sunbuns99
12 Apr 2009, 10:29
I've been wanting to hear from others about cruising bars, sex clubs, gay saunas, all male resorts, etc...
You have mentioned several places and a lot of them are known to me and I've even been to some of them.

There should actually be several different types of places - where naked cruising can go on (not all are commercial establishments - I realize - so I just concentrate (firstly) on those: clubs, bars, pubs, cafes, resorts, hotel/motel, sauna, theatres, or any others etc..

I went to Blow Buddies but found it a bit over done.. oral sex is great but it's just like Shakey's Pizza Restaurant - all you can eat (blow/get blown) smorgasbord, no foreplay, or kissing, touching, .. just hard hot cocksucking. Also, there wasn't much ass play or fucking going on - it's almost NOT sex without it for me - although a few guys used the sling. The BB staff is very 'negative' about butt-fucking, rimming, fisting or ass play (with tools).. or so it seems. There ought to be an alternative club for the anal fans ... or at least LESS emphasis on fellatio - I mean the whole place is just one big glory hole.

I want to find a bar or sex club (or gay sauna, etc) in the US, Europe, or anywhere actually - that is more into cruising and also other scenes - like piss, ass play, sex toys (genital and anal, etc), costume play, CMNM, role play, but also has a gym, sauna, cafe, lounge and video (porn), etc...

Apart from some big European cities and a few ones at gay mecca (male sex/gay travel / resort areas - like Palm Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Gran Canaria, etc). That kind of gay sex resort and enterprise does not seem to exist.
Maybe it's time to start one (Any venture capitalist out there ready to fund my great idea?)

Who has thoughts on this topic? Do you have any suggestions for places or how it should work?

U.S.A. : Pennsylvania : Harrisburg
age: 60
role: Top
Follow up: DaddyTom1
12 Apr 2009, 11:34
Lab-oratory in Berlin, Germany

It has a webpage.

Spain : Cataluña : Barcelona
age: 35
Follow up: morboseteX
15 Apr 2009, 00:50
Hi, in Madrid, i know some good place: you can look in google:
bangala madrid
thepaw madrid
in Barcelona:

South Africa : Gauteng : Johannesburg
age: 40
role: Vers. Top
Follow up: cocktails6
20 Apr 2009, 02:28
The Factory Bar - Johannesburg South Africa - Totally nude bar.

Brazil : Pernambuco : Recife
age: 41
role: Versatile

Follow up: JOCAREC
23 Apr 2009, 10:37
There are a few sex clubs in São Paulo, I visited a few of them this month.
They each have some thematic party nights during the week, like leather, bears, underwear, eg.
At rgbar and upgrade club you must be naked.
During the gay parade in São Paulo (DATES not yet known) is full from all nationality men, if you want to part, this is the best time to visit Sao Paulo's bars, naked clubs, dance clubs and saunas. Book your hotel in advance if you wish to come.

U.S.A. : Connecticut : Fairfield
age: 36
Follow up: ChrisCTxxx
06 Apr 2009, 02:47
In Manhattan (NYC), try the Manhole. I believe it is on 9th Avenue, near 13th Street. It has optional clothes check, and nudity is welcomed. Sex (at least unsafe sex) is not allowed.

U.S.A. : California : Los Angeles
Follow up: ontheair
24 Apr 2009, 01:54
In Los Angeles, there's Slammer, which is a hot sex club.

Canada : British Columbia : Surrey
age: 45
role: Versatile
Follow up: nige99
24 Apr 2009, 02:08
In Vancouver, there is a naked club night run once a month by the Pacific-Canadian Association of Nudists ( It is a naked only event and there is a curtain which you can go behind if you want to play.

U.S.A. : New York : New York
age: 38
role: Vers. Top
Follow up: Photog
24 Apr 2009, 05:20
Johnmac, in NYC, it's called

NYSC being your first stop.
all locations in Chelsea. things get frisky there.
I avoid it , and go to the more obscure locations, where closeted mechanics, construction workers hang out, since it's their only opportunity to flirt with the gays.

U.K. : Northumberland : Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Follow up: tubear
25 Apr 2009, 07:34
try The Fort in Bermondsey, London, UK if you want real slease. I was there last Friday and had the best time ever.

South Africa : Gauteng : Johannesburg
age: 50

Follow up: rick_za1
28 Apr 2009, 04:27
The Factory in Johannesburg South Africa.

U.S.A. : Texas : Dallas
age: 44
Original posting: DAKAGE
06 Apr 2009, 18:49
i work in a bar in dallas tx.
and just wondering if any one out would strip down and screw.

U.S.A. : California : Santa Cruz
age: 42
Follow up: pinga
07 Apr 2009, 01:29
I would and do anytime bartenders say I can.

U.S.A. : New York : Brooklyn
age: 47
Follow up: Bklynplay
07 Apr 2009, 09:03
hell it seems common at the Eagle in New Orleans

Hairy Stud
U.S.A. : California : Oakland
age: 49
Follow up: Hairy Stud
07 Apr 2009, 18:35
Hot topic here, damn... Anyone know of any bars in SF where you won't get thrown out for giving or receiving blow jobs?? I have heard that it does happen...

U.S.A. : New York : New York
Follow up: JonusNYC
08 Apr 2009, 00:18

I was boned at a bar in Paris, by the manager. (While sucking his bf's cock).

I also received an exquisite hand job by a hunky Brit at a bar in Sitges, Spain in the middle of Happy Hour. The bartender said, "fine," as long as he approved the dick personally. I guess he liked what he saw.

U.S.A. : California : San Francisco
Follow up: MUDBUNNY
08 Apr 2009, 01:37
Hairy Stud- try Truck for Speakeasy on Tuesday nights

Hairy Stud
U.S.A. : California : Oakland
age: 49
Follow up: Hairy Stud
08 Apr 2009, 18:18
Hey Mudbunny, thanks so much, man! So the place is called "Truck"? Where is it? And action really goes on there?? wow... thanks, man! By the way, you are damn hot!!

U.S.A. : Illinois : Chicago
age: 44
Follow up: Dude2know
08 Apr 2009, 18:21
Several places in Chicago.

U.S.A. : Washington : Seattle
Follow up: Latinguy
09 Apr 2009, 05:29

I once fucked my BF on the pool table at a bar in Phoenix. The bar-tender was hot for my BF, and everyone was watching some boring movie they were playing on the big-screen. When the bar tender realized what was gong on, he just smiled, nodded, adjusted himself and went on pouring drinks.

U.S.A. : Florida : Fort Myers
Follow up: Pogo
09 Apr 2009, 05:30
Did it in a Ft. Lauderdale bar (Florida). Cathode ray. 2X

U.S.A. : New York : New York
age: 43
Follow up: cleancutm
09 Apr 2009, 08:04

U.S.A. : New York : New York
age: 51
Follow up: insanitize
09 Apr 2009, 09:44
Been there done that and am not ashamed to say so. Oh how I miss the early 80's

U.S.A. : North Carolina : Raleigh
Follow up: NRalBadBoy
10 Apr 2009, 04:40
Have sex in bars many, many time
Actually met my bf of 7 years in a bar. He watched me fuck a guy in the bathroom and ended up going home with me that night. Has been there ever since.....

U.S.A. : New York : New York
age: 43
Follow up: cleancutm
11 Apr 2009, 14:53
jacking off on a crowded dancefloor can be fun too!

U.S.A. : Tennessee : Chattanooga
age: 41
Follow up: Ridge4011
11 Apr 2009, 15:21
I have... not so much on the dance floor, but I did behind some curtains that lined the side walls of the bar...

I didn't know there was any space to do much of anything behind them until I discovered a pocket in the wall (I discovered it while trying to lean against it and fell in)... it was used for storage or something...

Anyway... abruptly... I scared the sh*t out of the guy with me when I grabbed him and pulled him behind the curtain and made him grab his ankles... Needless to say... No matter how loud we got... his cries for me to "fuck him" were drowned out by the driving beat the DJ who was ripping off the roof!!!

U.S.A. : New York : New York
age: 43
Follow up: cleancutm
11 Apr 2009, 15:24
Well, Mr. Ridge... I'm thinkin' we need to go clubbing together sometime!

U.S.A. : Missouri : Saint Louis
age: 47
Follow up: one4you
12 Apr 2009, 13:24
happened years ago...but was working in Cleveland..and went to a bar one night after the show...the bartender was very hot...and we started talking...he said he had to get some stuff from the supply room downstairs and asked if I could help wasn't that full...and some regulars said they would watch while he left the area. Went downstairs and in the supply room...there was a bed...needless to say..he was on his knees sucking my cock...and then I fucked him...all the while customers were upstairs....we finished and went back with two cases of beer for the bar...I closed the bar with him...and sucked him off on the ride back to my hotel...good night...and then two days later...he came over to the hotel...and we had even more fun..

U.S.A. : Maryland : Baltimore
age: 43
Follow up: balto65
14 Apr 2009, 03:44
sounds hot. I only made out on the dance floor a few times

U.S.A. : New York : New York
age: 43
Follow up: cleancutm
14 Apr 2009, 12:27
well, it sounds like you and I need some dancefloor time :)

U.K. : Essex : Colchester
age: 42
Follow up: Cockhappy
15 Apr 2009, 04:09
my wish list

U.S.A. : Oregon : Portland
age: 46
Follow up: vancub1
24 Apr 2009, 14:45
Naked pool night at a local bar. All evening no one naked...after many beers finally got the nerve. Young pup asked if wanted to play pool said I would if he took my clothes off...was very good....took um all off and put my boots back on like a good pup....played pool...played with ass and cock and tits. 2-3 others gathered around and groped on me while waiting turn and feeling me up when bent over to take a shot. Stayed nude (only naked one in bar) entire night. Blown by another bar bud and had me put hands on floor and spread my legs and finger fucked me. Was a real slut...walking around with hard cock....also hot feeling taking a piss with guys watching me standing there totally nude. Towards closing....Finally started dress and bartender came over and told guy playing at the time not to stop and keep blowin me and keep me hard...he was enjoying the show. Know this might sound like a fantasy....can't believe it really that.....especially this bod. Hot the CMNM scenario.

U.S.A. : California : San Francisco
age: 41
Follow up: aussie2
25 Apr 2009, 15:06
tuesdays.. if you visit san francisco.. come on by.
speakeasy night on tuesdays. clothes check at the bar.
"private" party.. go to the website and sign up for password email to get in.

type the www... or the website does not work

fucked a buddy there 4 weeks ago

U.S.A. : Virginia : Woodbridge
age: 43
Follow up: Dic
26 Apr 2009, 11:20
I have a few time had sex in a bar. It was fun as hell.

U.S.A. : Georgia : Valdosta
age: 46
Follow up: MikeyinSGA
29 Apr 2009, 08:33
Hank's in Orlando, patio is just group sex.

daniel pep
U.S.A. : California : San Diego
age: 45
Follow up: daniel pep
02 May 2009, 01:26
When I was a younger man in my early twenties, I went to a bar in West Springfield, Mass. that was kinda rough around the edges and mostly older leather guys. It was a small neighborhood bar, a real dive with about 20 men there in all. I don't know why i went there in the first place, think I just wanted a change of scenery. Anyway, these dudes were buying me drinks and hanging all over me. I loved the attention. Closing time... the bartender told me he was the owner and asked if I wanted to stay for a little after-hours party. I was drunk and thought, "why not?" Almost every guy stayed in the bar. The doors got locked and the shades drawn and guys started going at it right away. Eventually, I was naked, and bent over the pool table or spread eagle on the pool table, or ass on the edge of the pool table, getting banged by a bunch of the guys while the rest watched or held my legs or were doing each other. I ended up dating the owner of that bar a couple times. Turned out he still lived with his mom, so we weren't together for very long. But that was a fun night anyway.

U.S.A. : California : San Francisco
age: 45
Follow up: SF JO Bud
02 May 2009, 06:10
Yes, second Aussie on TruckSF. A very fun and frisky event.

U.K. : Dorset : Poole
age: 41
Follow up: photobloke
06 Jun 2009, 00:41
The Cellar (bar) in Gran Canaria most nights (underwear or nude theme nights), Nudity London, Sitges bars most have strippers sometimes sex. I'm going to be doing it given a chance in July, already got stripped naked in Sitges, shagged a German tourist in Gran Canaria in front of the bar while he bent over a stool, and will do so again London next Friday.

That's a "yes" then...

U.S.A. : Hawaii : Pahoa
age: 43

Follow up: sunbuns99
06 Jun 2009, 11:47
Gran Canaria's The Cellar is more like a gay sex club with a bar inside it (especially after 11pm).
You can find bars with backrooms and darkened maze-like passages and basements where customers can have sex in many European cities.

Had good sex in Budapest at this bar, Action - V. Magyar u. 42.
Also, Nice and Montpellier, France have such bars.

Glad to see that there do exist some in US cities.

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Follow up: Luddy63
31 Mar 2009, 06:17

stark bollock naked sunday afternoons at hoist in london event full of hot sexy naked guys ...

Follow up: horny!!! [msg]
31 Mar 2009, 06:49
ones a month in london great place to have a very hot time with hot guys

Follow up: hungnzim
31 Mar 2009, 20:12

The Factory ... Johannesburg

Follow up: short-lx
01 Apr 2009, 23:09

in Lisbon

Follow up: JohnMac
02 Apr 2009, 00:35

Seriously! Looking for one in the NYC metro area. Anyone know of any?

Follow up: BoiNxDoor
02 Apr 2009, 03:41

vault139 is good in london

Follow up: hornyswiss
02 Apr 2009, 07:12

thanks guys for all your posts. keep on going!
and if you mention a club, pls mention also the www..

Follow up: Russell58
02 Apr 2009, 07:35

Has anyone had a good read of the site?

I didn't think I'd ever come across an organization more body fascist than Calvin Klein, but this one walks away with the grand prize!
Anybody who fails to match their idea of what is beautiful can needn't bother.
What they are saying, is that if you are just an ordinary guy, and less than TOTALLY gorgeous and buffed, - forget it!!!!

That's me buggered, (or not, as the case may be) for a start!!!

And - No I haven't tried to join, in case you wondered :-))))))

Follow up: take_it_up
02 Apr 2009, 07:40

haha just looked at Lustmen site
they might have gym buffed bods but they def are not all "gorgeous"
what a joke

Follow up: ChrisCTxxx [msg]
06 Apr 2009, 02:47

In Manhattan (NYC), try the Manhole. I believe it is on 9th Avenue, near 13th Street. It has optional clothes check, and nudity is welcomed. Sex (at least unsafe sex) is not allowed.

Follow up: ontheair§ [msg]
24 Apr 2009, 01:54

In Los Angeles, there's Slammer, which is a hot sex club.

Follow up: nige99
24 Apr 2009, 02:08

In Vancouver, there is a naked club night run once a month by the Pacific-Canadian Association of Nudists ( It is a naked only event and there is a curtain which you can go behind if you want to play.

Follow up: Photog
24 Apr 2009, 05:20

Johnmac, in NYC, it's called

NYSC being your first stop.
all locations in Chelsea. things get frisky there.
I avoid it , and go to the more obscure locations, where closeted mechanics, construction workers hang out, since it's their only opportunity to flirt with the gays.

Follow up: tubear
25 Apr 2009, 07:34

try The Fort in Bermondsey, London, UK if you want real slease. I was there last Friday and had the best time ever.

Follow up: rick_za1
28 Apr 2009, 04:27

The Factory in Johannesburg South Africa.

Follow up: gijo737 [msg]

28 Apr 2009, 12:20

Follow up: musick
28 Apr 2009, 16:41

SBN (Stark Bollock Naked) at the Hoist in Vauxhall in London on Sundays is also brilliant.

Follow up: mattix
30 Apr 2009, 00:44

take a look to: s=terms&l=en

Follow up: nudeguy69
30 Apr 2009, 01:25

Musick is correct. SBN in London on Sunday afternoons is fantastic!

Follow up: MuscleMan1
02 May 2009, 07:21

has anyone been to and wanna share their experience of these:

Barcelona: Berlindark or Openmind
Berlin: Lab-o-ratory
Madrid: any good naked clubs?
Zurich: Rage

Good ones I've been to:L'Impact (Paris), SBN (London), NCADAM at Cockring (Amsterdam)

Follow up: SF JO Bud

02 May 2009, 07:44

Steamworks ( in Chicago, Seattle, and Berkeley, and I think there's one in Vancouver too.

Follow up: SF JO Bud
02 May 2009, 07:46

Also in San Francisco, TruckSF (, but you'll have to email them in advance to get the "password" for the Tuesday night Speakeasy parties. Very fun & frisky.

Follow up: dan4fun417
02 May 2009, 08:12

I'm ALWAYS in the nyc clubs in my underwear

Follow up: fckbud
02 May 2009, 11:19

Check out Copper on Calle San Vicente de Ferrer in Malasaña neighborhood in Madrid, just next to Chueca.... They have great nude parties, but for some reason their underwear parties on Sunday are a lot more hotter and packedl...

Follow up: sauna
02 Jun 2009, 06:55 friday night

Follow up: trajan
02 Jun 2009, 07:49

1st Sunday of each month..... naked/underwear party at Boltz Club, Birmingham UK. Starts 3.00 pm, until 8.00 when dressed guys are allowed in. No entry charge, great place to be.

Follow up: skinslim

02 Jun 2009, 07:50

Nudity London - great atmosphere - great cruising too!

Follow up: crotchguy
02 Jun 2009, 13:19

Banque Club in Paris from 3pm every Sunday (except the last one of the month, I believe).

Follow up: relaxedfun
03 Jun 2009, 12:52

In Sao Paulo there are several great sex/nude clubs..some have awesome parties

a) RG 31 in the "Vila Mariana" area
b) Gladiators club (two locations)
c) Blackoutclub (downtown)

Follow up: dutchnude
03 Jun 2009, 17:19

In Amsterdam , club church : naked bar, naked dance parties etc

Follow up: sexcrime
03 Jun 2009, 21:02

Any sexclub in Berlin. For example the Laboratory, installed in a former generator hall of the ex GDR. Industrial style for your sex....

Follow up: hungnzim
04 Jun 2009, 00:00

Had a very nice time at The Factory in Johannesburg

Follow up: JohnMac
04 Jun 2009, 23:14

Dude4fun417. What clubs in NYC? Maybe we caould go together.

Follow up: musick
06 Jul 2009, 17:27

Yes... having looked at lustmen . co . uk I must say I don't find any of those plucked chickens with the old hand bag skins particularly attractive... and they all seem to be a bunch of slap heads... very kind of sceney muscle clones.....
Nah... I can think of many better things to do with £10!

Follow up: oakley
06 Jul 2009, 20:04
Nudity - in vauxhall london, great time, its on this friday 10th July

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Hawaii - Home to the world's most diverse set of hot men!

[Note: You can find the fully illustrated version of this blog post at one of the following sites:!-Part-1
or ]

But any where on Hawaii is such diversity - and not human race (geographically / social mores/attitudes / family and religious patterns and practices, cultures) - - Hawaii is the most ethnically diverse place in the US (people from parts of Canada, UK (London), Australia, Brazil etc are even more cosmopolitan - but much of the US (and not only in AMERIKA are there very provincial cities/towns/rural communities).

So in Hawaii (all the islands) you can find hot guys from all ethnic origins and even better -- hapa -- mixed race guys can be SOoooo! hot -- like Tiger Woods, but with so many variations -- some with more Asian or Hispanic or White or Black or Pacific Islander (Hawaiian, Samoan, etc).. Portuguese / Chinese-Japanese / Hawaiian. These mixed race individuals can be unbelievably sexy - -especially when the guy in totally cool with himself and his male sexuality.

Hey.. having lived in Asia (plus North Am and Europe) and now having travelled to most continents, I find that appreciating the beauty of all types of men is very stimulating and the mixed races (the fastest growing ethnic category) on our planet and in the US - are some of the best physical specimens. When they are raised proud and confident of their multi-racial and multi-cultural origins (as can happen in Hawaii) then it's the best possible result and the sexiest too.

To an extent this is probably true in any country that has one dominant racial group and minorities are seldom seen or rarely befriended (as might be true in China, Korea, and some southeast Asian countries). Hey, it is little different actually in part of the US -- some Ohio counties have actually NO black or Asian residents -- just as would be true for some districts in Japan or other Asian nations (or Middle East countries, etc).

What has been said about Hawaii is so true - it is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the US and probably rivals the racial and multicultural diversity of just about any where. I've visiting some very diverse communities - not all by any means, but Hawaii has as much diversity although not as great depth of individual ethnic cultures as Toronto, Sydney, San Francisco, London, Singapore, New York or Paris.

What' s even better is that there are plenty of non-white men who actually LIKE white guys (of course there are those who don't seek them out too). Having lived in Japan - from my experience, there are plenty (if the majority of gay men in that country) who either don't like Caucasian men or are leery, afraid or unsure of how to relate (culturally, sexually or linguistically). Some Japanese men have some inferiority issues - -and oral communication in a foreign language is one of them.
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My teacher was good at making me behave.

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at one of the following:
or ]

My teacher was good at making me behave. Not exactly my own teacher, but my first full-fledged gay sex was with a college professor.

I was studying in France (Junior Year Abroad) and joined the university choral club. It turned out that one of the older guys (the club was open to anybody on campus) took a shine to this 19-year-old American guy. So he kept winking and being friendly during and after rehearsals: I was really new to noticing such attentions.

After several months, he eventually invited me over to his apartment a few blocks from the campus. It was the first time that I had actually been able to act both romantically and sexually with another guy in a mutually gratifying encounter.

He asked me to sit next to him on the couch and the sexual vibes were electrifying.. it wasn't but a few minutes later -- while we were looking through one of his photo albums that we just abandoned all pretense and started kissing passionately. Minutes later, he took me to his bedroom and then proceeded to instruct me in the realities and pleasures of gay sex. I got fucked in the butt for the first time by a guy who was about 40.

Unfortunately, he was not really interested in a relationship -- except jus sex from time to time. It was very disappointing for me and I learned my first 'lesson' about what can be the difficulties in maintaining (or establishing) a relationship especially because it was such a closeted time. His being a teacher was problematic for us both so he never wanted to see me on campus. Eventually, I gave up seeing him and before too long returned home.
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Where can you post naked photos of yourself online?

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at one of the following site:
or ]

One of my new gay (online) friends asked me where he can post nude photos of himself so that only I and his other gay friends can view them. Here is my lengthy reply.

One thing you may not know is that: IT ONLY MATTERS WHERE YOUR NUDE PICS ARE HOSTED. Japan does not block outside sites (at least most ISP companies in Japan do not). Your blog was hosted on Blogger so the photos were not kept in Japan but were stored on Google's own web servers in the U.S.
It is not a crime to post naked photos of yourself that do violate international legal standards when the photos are not physically stored on Japanese host web servers.

BLOG Privacy versus SITE PRIVACY

Your 'Out There' blog was not private at all; however, it was also not really possible to find it without seeing the URL in some profile of yours.

Blogger does not password protect blogs but you can make them for 'members only'.
However, you can make it completely private and only allow specific people to view it by sending them an invitation by email.

There may be other blog sites such as Google's Blogger, LiveJournal, Wordpress and Typepad (or others - Typepad is no long fee) where you can set up a password protection for members only.

There are plenty of gay sites where a viewer would first have to become a

member (usually free) before he can actually see your profile or any pics on it. I have shown some examples of such sites below: such as Dudesnude or Manjam or GayWatch or EMAIL: One thing that I do is to have completely SEPARATE email accounts for my married, straight father / professor self, and another completely set of email accounts for my 'gay' self.

I think you're mixing up the two of them - which is perfectly for today's young people. We are older and part of an established institution would not be so happy to have our 'gay' identities shown to everyone.So I suggest you to make a 'gay/bisexual-only' email account and to use it solely when sending email and logging on to gay sites.

Also, there is a benefit of using email which is already part of a securely encrypted mail server: NOTE* the URL for a site:
https:// Google email uses such a system. The 'extra' s after http (https://) allows for operating under a scrambled coded system.

My Blogger blogs (Google):

Travels with Sunbuns
Mec a poil
Kelly’s Second Life
Homoerotic Antics
Uber Horny: guys who want it bad
男 Otoko -The Japanese Male
A Father’s Pride and Joy
Guys into CMNM
Passions of the Hentai
The Spirit is Willing but the Flash is Weak, day and night.
All Natural Men

I can also make you a contributor (member) of one of my blogs so that you can upload photos or write message/texts (or full blog posts).

It will probably be best if you used a different email address that the one you are using for your work, family, and 'straight' friends.

0) Of course, you can post naked photos of yourself here on, but (as far as I can see) 'free' members cannot limit who can actually view them. Click the JUB link just above to see my profile there.

In fact, most members (free or paid) may not know that they can have a blog, and a gallery of up to about 200 photos. Click the JUB link above to see my profile, blog and gallery.

1) There are quite a few places where you can upload nude photos.

Probably the best place is Flickr
It is easy to use and you can set the privacy for your photos - at four different levels for EACH photo: public (anyone can see), friends only, family one, friends and family, and completely private.

You have to create a Yahoo account. Also, you can now upload virtually unlimited numbers of photos, so that's a lot of naked pics. You can designate WHO gets to view a photo. Your Flickr photo set can appear to be just plain vanilla travel pics - unless you allow ONLY friends to see your intimate photos.

I can send you an invitation to see some of my naked photos on Flickr: It will come from one of my several Yahoo accounts: hardtwoholed

Here is my Flickr account:
YOU CANNOT see anything until you sign up and also change your SETTINGS so that you can look at sexual content.

Here is another Flickr account:

(There are no naked ones of me in there) So the account is considered 'safe' by Flickr (owned by Yahoo). If your post a nude photo of yourself publicly, then Flickr will warn you and also will make your account labeled as 'unsafe.' Unsafe accounts cannot be viewed by just anyone - so that also helps protect your identity.

Actually, I have at least 5 Flickr accounts since I sometimes need more for other types of photos.

2) Goggle also has a similar site: Picasa (Google Photos for saving and sharing photos).
The photos you uploaded into your 'Out here' blog were uploaded also into a folder in the same Blogger account - but since you may have deleted it completely they might not be there anymore.
You can make each folder public or private. You can send invitations to people (like me) who will be able to view you private pics (but no one else can).

3). One site I enjoy is (Sometimes the site goes down, but it should be up and running in a few days) It 's place where you can post self-nudes that only your Tribe 'friends' can view. It has groups on various sexual and non-sexual topics where you can exchange messages and photos, and you can also write your own blog (although only one photo is allowed per entry. is not for just gay people - but there are all kinds of people from countries all over - but there are also a lot of men who are gay. In Tribe, you can create your own profile and add photos, a blog, and other stuff (pretty simple); you can also join (or create) your own tribe group - where members can share photos and have discussions privately. Only people you admit as 'friends' will be able to see your private photos (or the photos in a private group). There are many tribes that are related to sexual interests but NOT only those kind.

I will also send you an invitation to join (after I know what email address of yours I should use to invite you.) You can see my profile here (but you can cannot see my own 'private' naked photos - until I make you my 'friend' on Tribe.

4) Inside some sites, you can upload some private photos and then only your 'friends' can view them.

There are both gay and non-sexual sites .. such as

A. Tumblr is another site where you can upload photos (or yourself or others) although there is not way to let only friends to see them. Still, if your Tumblr blog remains 'unknown' then few people can actually find it - except those whom you invite to view it.

I've had dozens of different Tumblr blogs over the years and the vast majority have been deleted -- supposedly because of some posting infringement. I'm not sure exactly why but all of my Tumblr blogs have just disappeared (been deleted and m.y account suspended by the Tumblr company). Currently, I have started a few more -- and am happily posting my own nudes as well as some of the ubiquitous gay porn.

My current Tumblr blogs are listed below:

B. LiveJournal

If you want to post a blog (which includes nude photos of yourself), you can also do so at Live Journal. Creating a free account is quick and easy. Your blog should be 'protected' from young or the unsuspecting by listing it as 'Mature Audiences Only' when you set it up. Each post can be designated as 'protected' or as complete open.

I have two blogs on Livejournal:

C. Facebook changed it's privacy policy about a few years ago.

1. Now it's possible to upload photos that can only be seen by the specific people you allow. However, at this point, I do not trust Facebook to keep its word about this policy.

So far, I have not uploaded many naked photos of myself in Facebook.

But I really enjoy using it to stay in touch.

(of course, I also have another Facebook account for my 'real self' - the married college professor father).

2. Facebook Pages:
It is also possible to create a Facebook Page, which is managed separately from your FB profile. It can be private or public, and it seems that some level of nudity is allowable (No erect cocks or sex acts in any photos - but simple aesthetic nudity seems acceptable. )
(It only appears if you are logged into Facebook).

D. There are plenty of gay sites and also quite a few iPhone applications where you can create a profile and have public and private pictures.

1. One of favorites is Dudenude.

You can see all my PUBLIC photos but not the ones I have made 'private.' There is a password that is needed in order to view those. There is a limit (about 25 I think) to the total number of photos you can upload on your DN (dudesnude) profile.

You can choose whether or not to allow this profile to be published or not, and which photos will be private or public. There are ten of thousands of members of from all over the world. So it's popular with the gay population.

2. Manjam is another site:

(You can't see all the photos until you log in).

F. Iphone Apps (and probably for Android, too). A4A Radar Manhunt Krave U2nite
GayVox buddy Hanky Atraf Hookd
Ottr HardlineChat SilverDaddies Just Men
Wapo Zank Teaze Outlife Circle
Dicky andG Coolio Cruising Seed
Gay Connect Bro Maleforce Grrr Men of Men
Kiki MeetMe MeetMarket Popp (fastr)
Twoo GayNow Digsso ManCrush Mamba
Luster HeyGay Guys Hickey WhosGay
Lollipop Dandy NoPicNoChat datingGay Pink
Jack'd 9Monsters Getmale Recon Hatten
Annex Moovz Fridae Tyte Musclr
JockZone Grunt Gaydar Daddyhunt Romeo
Mr X BoyAhoy Scruff Hornet GuySpy
Grindr VGL jokr Surge Randy
Shuggr Cruzr Menchd Deepr FitGorillas
Nearox Cybermen Stunr Twinkle Frenlizt
blobox Blendr NoName GayXchange WhoQ
GayChat LocalSinGay BoxBor G Strangers

OK.. that was MUCH more information that you probably needed or wanted to know.

Let me know your other (or bisexual/gay) 'email' address, then I can send you some invitations to view my hidden sites or photos.


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Hanging out nude with other dudes - non-sexual camaraderie

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated versions of this blog post at either:
or ]

But first a CMNM Event Announcement:

Honolulu CMNM Festa, July 29 - 31, 2016, Meet up on Sat, July 30 at Diamond Head Beach, 12:00 - 4:00 pm

If you're going to be in Honolulu during that time, then please join us for the CMNM events from July 29 to 31, 2016.


U.S.A. : New York : New York
Original posting: lexington3
11 Jun 2009, 04:16
Hanging naked is fun. You don't have to be a nudist to enjoy. Anyone feel the same way? It's a pretty low stress way to meet up.

U.S.A. : California : Martinez
Follow up: TKNAKED1
11 Jun 2009, 08:09
Love just kiking back naked. Used to hit a beach / campground near Santa Cruz many times till is closed a couple years ago. This pic, I believe, is from one of our last trips. Man that was a GREAT trip.
I'll be naked at home and if my buddy drops by he either sheds his clothes or it's no big deal for me to stay naked.

U.S.A. : New York : New York
Follow up: nyce2awl
11 Jun 2009, 08:09
I think hanging out naked is so damn great. So freeing and liberating (same thing?!). Wish I could do it all the time. My problem is that I'm turned on by being naked and almost always have a that REALLY a problem?

U.S.A. : New York : New York
Follow up: lexington3
11 Jun 2009, 09:25

Everybody thinks that and its natural and shouldn't be anything to worry about. As you get used to doing it (hanging naked non-solo) you'll become more comfortable and it will not be the problem or issue you think.

If you meet guys into it randomly on-line the experience is apt to be more sexual so.. I resisted going to naked things for the same reasons. Guess what it really wasn't an issue. (notice I didn't say a "big deal") LOL, Enjoy!

U.S.A. : Florida : Tampa
Follow up: NewdInFl
11 Jun 2009, 09:53
"Male bonding is best done nude."
- Gay Naturist International
Nudists in general are a very friendly community. Being naked with others breaks down so many barriers.

U.S.A. : New York : Rochester
Follow up: briefs6335
11 Jun 2009, 20:54
It has been a while since I've had a chance to hang out naked and I miss it. too bad we are so hung up on nudity in the US and there are not more nude beaches.

U.S.A. : New York : Brooklyn
Follow up: Bklynplay
12 Jun 2009, 08:41
never had the real opportunity...use to go to a gay campground that was clothing optional but was too shy to walk around naked

U.S.A. : New York : New York
Follow up: tomcanx
12 Jun 2009, 08:54
I would love to try it out..but the truth of the matter is I am to conscious of my body...I think that is the problem a lot of people have with being generally nude in a non-sexual environment. But I would love to hang out and just be naked and not care.

U.S.A. : Massachusetts : Malden
Follow up: nakedinma
12 Jun 2009, 09:58
I host a naked movie nite in the winter, and go out to naked swimming holes in the summer.
Love to just hang out naked.

U.S.A. : Virginia : Woodbridge
Follow up: Dic
12 Jun 2009, 11:11
I used to hang out with about 10 guys and just get some sun. Some would have on swim trunks and the rest of us would be buck ass naked.

U.S.A. : Missouri : Kansas City
Follow up: RonnieG
13 Jun 2009, 14:06
Nude pool parties are cool and nude beaches. It is not always sexual, even if I get a little aroused from time to time.

U.K. : Gloucestershire : Cheltenham
Follow up: flashguy
14 Jun 2009, 05:51
Yep i just love being naked. As soon as i get home from work i'm naked for the rest of the evening.. On my days off work i'm naked all day. unless i have to go shopping. I do enjoy being naked .

U.S.A. : New York : Rochester
Follow up: hottrodd7
15 Jun 2009, 18:28
Hanging out naked is the best! Even better with buds! The whole hard-on thing soon goes away as it just starts to be so natural to be naked. Pretty soon---you aren't even thinking about it. Be careful though---it's addictive! The more you're naked the more you WANT to be naked!!! LOL

Follow up: dogguy§
10 Aug 2009, 06:19
Love hanging out at the beach nude, nude holiday resorts are great. Like camping/hiking nude. Just walking in the door and dropping the clothes is a natural thing unless I "have" to put clothes on for company/guests....:)

Australia : Western Australia : Perth
Follow up: eseone§
19 Aug 2009, 14:36
Love being Naked and around other Guys it's Great. There seems to be a barrier between people that is dropped. Luv it I just don't get to do it enough.

U.S.A. : Washington DC : Washington DC
Follow up: Nakedmatt
20 Aug 2009, 04:48
Love being naked as much as possible! Especially outside, and if other guys are involved even better!

U.S.A. : New York : Rochester
Follow up: hottrodd7
20 Aug 2009, 17:18
I agree with Nakedmatt--being naked outdoors is the best--and with other naked guys is awesome. Doesn't have to be a sexual thing (can be if you want), but just a bonding thing. I'm going to Hillside campgrounds next weekend--I plan on being naked all weekend long! Can't wait!

U.K. : Essex : Thurrock
Follow up: oakley
20 Aug 2009, 23:23
love hanging naked with guy or guys.
NOTE from editor: This last respondent, Oakley, is one of the guys who told me about the Naked Disco event that happens at a London gay club the 3rd Friday of every month.
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Finding Inspiration for Blogging - Response to Jo Kristian

[Note: You can see the fully illustrated version of this blog post at either:
or ]

Recently, Jo K. (a fellow blogger who hails from Norway) was asking for ideas to help him get back in the habit of blogging. I took time to respond in detail. So I'd decided to post the ideas here for everyone's benefit who's had trouble keeping up with the task of blogging or who feels at loss of ideas for blog articles. I hope my advice helps when you are looking for an idea or need a little bit of a jog to get your writing started.

As for me, I don't think every post has to be about some great sex adventure - although that's probably been one reason your blog has become popular. However, I'd love to hear the everyday things too. I don't just mean the 'everyday sex', but how life unfolds - its simple pleasure and sometimes, its frustrations, and disappointment. I know that it might seem like you're letting us down by not writing a hot 'His Story of Sex' entry, but who's going to complain.

It's a lot better than hearing nothing for weeks or months at a time.
So maybe you can designate some entries as just "Jo's Update for Saturday" etc..., and put the mundane stuff there.

Surely, during the months between August 30 and now when there were only a couple of entries, you must have been doing something that was fun, funny, or noteworthy for some reason - even if it had really nothing to do with sexuality.

I know what you mean about having to be in the mood to blog, especially about sexual topics. Actually, that is one thing that differentiates between blog writers and blog readers. It's really about the writing and how we are inspired to tell a story or speak our minds on some topic or issue, or the drive to inform ourselves and others.

In reality, most blogs don't last very long - much less than a year. Blog writers are actually a fairly rare breed - even to just keep one going.

It's not all that easy to write or to do so on a consistent basis - so don't be too hard on yourself. I get around that writer's block and those gaps in inspiration by posting naked photos -- admittedly a cheap way to instantly produce as 'blog entry'. I think you are too be applauded for never having resorted to keeping up your blog with photo entries, or populating it with abundantly available porn. [Of course, I'm trying to keep up 7 or 8 blogs at once so I can make up that excuse - I guess.]

I do sometimes re-post other people's stories. At times, I have had volunteer contributors to one or more of my blogs. I tend to add representative photos to them so 'spice up' the already provocative story. I also follow discussions on various gay forums so that often provides me with some issue that I find I can get worked up enough to write about. I often include the portion of the discussion from the other participants that has generated my desire to speak up.
December 4, 2009 5:36 PM

Blogger Kelly 'Sunbuns' said...
(continued from above)

One thing that helps me is to do cross-posting - putting the same blog entry on several locations. It helps inspire me a bit to have a lot of people read it (at least, my imagining that they do - even if I don't actually know that for a fact or even if there are no comments).

I belong to quite a few online gay groups and sites and so a 'good' entry gets posted in a variety of places.

It will help you get re-inspired to take some of your older entries from previous years, and post them to places such as Facebook, JustUsBoys, GayWatch, Xtube (yes, each member has a blog space),, QueerClique, etc. Often you can make use of RSS feeds to put the content from Blogger directly into your profile/blogs on other sites.

I know you're no longer a member, but Facebook has had to change the way it administers its policy on sexual content. Nude photos are not allowed - normally in public, but there is a lot that can be done with text and cleverly cutting photos.)

You might take a look at - it's the social network for - one of the largest commercial gay porn blogs. Personal blogs entries can also be shared on the QueerClique Magazine (when permission is granted by the admin at the time you create the blog entry).

By the way, it is almost universal to be able to simply copy and paste. And for most sites, you can also copy the HTML code (switch from Compose to HTML mode in Blogger) and paste the HTML into blog entry editor on another site (You need to open the HTML code window first). That way you don't have to do any re-typing, the original formatting and even photos are retained. You are left simply with the job of tailoring the content to a different audience - in some cases. I guess I am personally intrigued by the 'technical' aspects of the Internet use and blogging (information sharing) so these capabilities also inspire me, too. Reaching a bigger audience can be a boost to a writer's creativity or enthusiasm.

Finally, I think the initial drive that started you writing this blog may not be the same one that urges you to do so now. You are growing up and likely changing your perspective on things - like your own self-identity, your own confidence ad experience with sex, the nature of the relationships you want or are involved in, and the pattern of your responsibilities, so it's only natural to change. Look what happened to James. It seems to have been somewhat a passing phase for him to be a regular blogger. He's moved on to something else - more likely someone and something else take up most of his time. The same might happen to you -- to some degree. I think we all grow and evolve as writers - perhaps in tandem to the way we do so as human beings.

Of course, we'd all hate to see you give up blogging.

Sounds like a long fatherly
lecture... Answering your request inspired me to respond - which I find may turn into a separate blog entry I might find useful elsewhere. You can see how I am evolving -- mainly, just aging now (ha ha).

December 4, 2009 5:36 PM

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