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Dragons be here....

I love drawing dragons !
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I'm watch'n

I did this in markers...
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My new wall mural.....

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dragon...euro style

so many different kinds of dragons !
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dragons still be here....

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Tattoo'd Lady

I love this pic !
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Custom for you

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My 1st tat gun !

needles would'nt break the skin though !
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I like it....

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Hehehe (click)

saddles yer no saddles ?
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zip it !

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My 2 cents worth...

The movie is still a year away...but I'm think'n it's gonna start up a whole new onslaught of Trek movies !
Tue, May 6, 2008 - 4:12 PM permalink - 1 comment

I think I'm well over the 50,000 doobies smoked !
Mon, May 5, 2008 - 12:32 AM permalink - 1 comment many people come in and ask a shit load of questions....some are good questions...some are bad !
I call the question asker's .... " Tire Kicker's " They just wanna get a look at the shop art ..just kinda like going and look'n at car ya might buy ..ya kick da tires !
So I stuck a tire in here for the folks that wanna ask questions....
I don't really make em kick it....but the looks people give it are kinda funny !
Mon, April 28, 2008 - 9:30 PM permalink - 0 comments
I love this pic !
Sun, April 27, 2008 - 9:31 PM permalink - 0 comments
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my wall fairy

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custys who get ink sign da wall

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the other section of my shop mural

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my Leafs mural

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section of my wall mural

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nascar wall mural ive painted so far

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I just love this one !

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be very very quite....

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Ying Yang

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ink caps

just fer colour
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gonna tattoo this , this week !

nice n big on a back !
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My arrest chart

about me
I love doing my art no matter what the canvas may be !
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"Your 2 cents worth"!

December 14, 2006
I just have to give the joynt another kudo for all the spitting sputtering gut wreanching maniacal fall of my chair on the floor laughter he has given me. Keep on your insightful sick sense of humour for all of us !

Yours Truly
The Dry Nut
December 12, 2006
I gave him the ability although Mr.Jim here does'nt think he has a " god" given ability for his art !
All the same..he's doing pretty good with it !
Maybe I'll let him ink me !
May 24, 2006
----------------Puff, Puff, N Pass!--------------

_________________0___________________ _________________00__________________ ________________0000_________________ _______________000000________________ ____00_________000000__________00____ _____0000______000000______00000_____ _____000000____0000000___0000000_____ ______000000___0000000_0000000_______ _______0000000_000000_0000000________ _________000000_00000_000000_________ _0000_____000000_000_0000__000000000_ __000000000__0000_0_000_000000000____ _____000000000__0_0_0_000000000______ _________0000000000000000____________ ______________000_0_0000_____________ ____________00000_0__00000___________ ___________00_____0______00________

April 28, 2006
" A true Canadian hero " !
as far as weird canadiana history and influence are concerned !
March 29, 2006
May just have to make a road trip once you've settled and are ready to work!! Always looking for more...
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wings in 4 hours

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