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They say...

February 17, 2004
Taika 101: Taika is cool. Taika is crazy. Taika is smooth. Taika is funny. Taika is amazing. Taika is funky. Taika is from Finland. Taika is horny. Taika has good taste. Taika is witty. Taika is original. Taika is kinky. Taika is entertaining. Taika is freaky. Taika is my brother from another mother. Taika is my cyber buddy. Taika is as weird as they come. Taika is wacky. Taika is a laughing Lion. Taika = Fancy. Any questions?
January 30, 2004

As Taika watched over them lovingly from above, as fairy dust fell like enchanted snow, the intimate picnic goers strolled with parasols--their petticoats strewn like snowflakes across the lawns...
January 23, 2004
I had a dream... he was tall and naked... and had a painted truck. It was a party, for sure. Everyone was dressed up fancy. Except, he was naked, and tall. He finally caught a glimpse of perfection and seemed to like it. ;o)
January 8, 2004
He spanks me because I need it!
November 3, 2003
ping -

Ringmaster of Delight

Delectable Charmer

Wandering Lustlord

Mysterious Iceboy

Insomniac Phantasm

- pong

October 28, 2003
In the frosty wonder of Finland, one man strives to stay alive soley by generating huge amounts of heat with his flying fingers on a keyboard. Superhero? Evil villian out to upset the balance of the planet by firey typing and a tribe list longer than mine?
you decide.
October 3, 2003
The first time Taika and I met I lost my breath....That's right we never met....hehehe....Either way we still smoked a phat ass blunt and got so stoned....What a time.
September 10, 2003
Taika is a great, music com-padre with an open mind and soul. Peace brotha!
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All that funk

about me
Am I supposed to tell you about me by using WORDS? oh well...
Creative my own mind.
...more like comedian, in others...

And I do what I do `cos I like to do and my mind is like Eternal Erection: fun and strong but at the same time seriously gently, giving the endless and evergrowing pleasure for those who are willing to receive it.. Its like gift from God that you want to share. And therefore I exist.

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