cuddle puddles and temper tantrums


   Sun, May 14, 2006 - 7:14 PM

an obscure tribe in south america. most obviously unique in that both males and females have the traditional lip piercings. in many body-mod cultures, there are gender divides, either only one sex is allowed to modify, or there are slightly different mods allowed each gender.


they are also polygamists, AND polyamorous. women may have many husbands, and men may have many wives. marriages are arranged when the girls are very young and are to an older man, but not consumated until after the first menstrual cycle (note, this occurs a bit later in life for them since they are not raised on hormones injected foods... sometime around 16, 17...) and also, it is typical for an older woman to have at least one "young" husband, whom she is teaching to be a good husband, grooming him/them for a younger generation of wives... when a mutual attraction is formed, lovers are freely accepted. hey, it's one more friend to hunt monkeys and harvest the root crops. the rules and traditions are so complex, and the tribe so "new" to the rest of us in the world (they weren't "discovered" intil the 1980's and have been protected from outsider interference from the brazilian government practically ever since....) that we still don't really understand the intricacies of it all.

but, these unions are functional and harmonious. jealousy is almost never encountered. the extended network formed in this society guards against starvation. and from what i gathered in the documentary, incest is not a problem: the offspring are bright and healthy. give or take the fact that around the age of nine they all end up with big wooden plugs through their lower lip.



while i am not keen on living off monkeys, berries, and brazil nuts until the end of my days, i do envy a society so full of love and good will. everyone strives to contribute, and is glad to share and trust and LOVE... until the end of their days....


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