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Classes American Tribal Style Belly Dance and are on Thursdays at 1520 Behrens St, at the Napa Valley Arts Association, near the corner of Seminary and Vallejo in Napa

6:15 for level 2
7:30 for level 3

Level 1 just started September 2011.

Fees are $15 drop in or $60 for a 6 class series. We would love to have you join us!
Tue, January 19, 2010 - 7:45 PM permalink - 0 comments
Join us for Moroccan Marrakesh at Merryvale -- in the Cask Room!

This will be a sensational Holiday Dinner in the Cask Room -- Saturday, December 5th. Celebrate the season with food and music from Morocco!

This dinner will feature delicious Mediterranean cuisine and the traditional music of 'Al Azifoon. These popular dinners sell out, so make your plans early!

Reception at 7pm. $125 per person all inclusive. Dress: Black Tie Optional or themed costumes -- we encourage you to dress u... read more
Wed, November 4, 2009 - 8:43 PM permalink - 0 comments
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The Moves

Hey gals!
Below are some of the the moves from our class:

1st week - egyptian and choo choo
2nd week - taqsim, snake arms, and hand floreo
3rd week - body wave and arabic
4rth week - torso twist and hip shimmy
5th week - head slide and ghawazee shimmy
6th week - shoulder shimmy and turkish shimmy
7th week - coming out from the chorus, reverse turn, and propeller turn - you guys were great!
8th week - arabic with a twist, corkscrew turn, group dancing -- stagger into circle
9th week - egyptian, reach and sit, more stagger into a circle
10th week - choo choo, pivot bump, bump spin, reverse taqsim, taqsim, chorus line lots of fun
11th week - Arabic in levels, Egyptian flip flops, camel walk. Happy Thanksgiving!
12th week - Arabic, torso twist, reverse and propellar turns.
13 - Egyptian flipflops, up, up, down, down, down
14 - bellyroll, shimmy, arabic shimmy, reach and sit, zills!!!
15 - arabic, turkish, trios and quads
16 - choo choo, egyptian, maya, taqsim
17 - hand floreo, shimmies
18 - torso twist, ghawazee shimmy
19 - propellar turn, arabic
20 - body wave, turkish
21 - camel walk, Egyptian. We also fooled around with belly rolls and the circle formation.
22 - we learned a million moves -- reverse turn, up up down down down, reach and sit, double bump, single bump - everyone looked GREAT!
23 - taqsim, egyptian, pectoral shimmy and more circle work
24 - Intro: Class 1: egyptian, shimmy, choo choo. Continuing: arabic with at twist, mystery turn, more circle work
25 - Intro: egyptian half turn and Arabic. Continuing: arabic shimmy, arabic with a twist half turn, changing leads in a stagger formation. Lots of fun!
26 - Intro: Class 2: taqsim, hand floreo. Continuing: fun with zills!
27 - Intro: Class 3: arm roll. Continuing: cues and transitions, circle step
28 - Intro: Class 1. Continuing: Circle step, Choo-choo spin, Presentation - smile!
29 - Intro: Arm roll, taqsim. Continuing: Turkish, Turkish with arms
30 - Intro: Class 1. Continuing: Orbit, Line Dance, or Debke
31 - Intro: Class 1. Continuing: Walking taqsim and bodywave

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Stonebridge Enchanted Village Faire, 2

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Dance Music Recommendations

Passion Sources - various - an excellent cd
Moroccan Wedding Song

Just about anything by Helm

Sirocco - sirocco - excellent
#1, Side A, Country Dance
second half of drone

Music of Upper + Lower Egypt, various

Music of the Gawazee, - various
Gawazee Nai
Side B last song

Kouhail - Hossam Ramzy
#1 Dance of the Bedouins

Latcho Drom - various
Bambi Saidi
Ya Dorah Shami

Rababba - no source hints

Music of the Quaria - Ibrahim Farrah
Bride Bedouin Wedding Song (Bride ?side B, first song)
Jah Da Lee

Charcoal Gypsies - Musicians Of The Nile
Charcoal Gypsies #5 - Al-ward Al-foll

Baladi Plus - Hossam Ramzy
Arabian nights

Yalla: Hitlist Egypt - Various artists

Music of the Fellahin - Aisha Ali

Salamat - meet - Les musiciens du Nile Salam Delta

Oojami - bellydance breakbeats

Mystic groove - various

Ozomatli - street signs
tracks 1 and 2

Godsmack -

Gypsy Kings
Allegria - Pena penita
Greatest hits - Baila Ma

Medium Music
One and one is one - Joi

Natasha Atlas - don't know the album
Eye of the Duck

Cheb I sabbah - Shri durga-
River of Mercury

Some international thing - no source info

Passion Sources
morrocan wedding song

Fire Dance - Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Michael Askill
#3, #6, #9, #11, #13

Passion Sources - various artists
Call to Prayer
Sankarabaranam Pancha Nadai Pallavi
Morrocan wedding song

#1, Drone

Beladi Plus, Hossam Ramzy
Night Foal

Fata Morgana - Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Michael Askill

Latcho Drom, - various artists
Intro to Bambi and Ya Dora Shami

Zap Mama Adventures in Afropea,
#4 Abadou

Hossam Ramzy, Kouhail #1,
Dance of the Bedouins

Rababba slow parts

Master Musicians of Jajouka

Salamat - Musiciens du Nile
first 2 minutes of Salamat
other music
Gypsy Caravan
Charcoal gypsies - ramia
Bassnectar and Kraddy
Indian ropeman - 66 meters
Amon Tobin - proper hoodise, sultan drops, verba, freak

Jamming in London - Master Musicians of Jajouka w/Bachir Attar & Talvin Singh
Aicha - Khaled
Roah Albi - Hossam Ramzy ... (more)

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Enchanted Village Faire, Part 1

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Valentine's Day Salon

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