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Shit You Probably Didn't Want To Know

about me
Hmmm.. what to put here? I'm a pretty normal guy.. ok, that's not true... I'm far from normal, but at least I'm fun! Anyways... In my spare time I enjoy reading, dorking out on mmos on my computer, touching myself, whamming in general, cuddling with Matthew, cuddling in general, playin with the animals, being safe(PS-look for safety camp next PDF!), havin fun, clubbing, tapping in to my inner child, watching stuff on tv that I deem interesting, anything creative, modeling for stuff(though I need to get back in shape), and running around naked. What else..? Oh, I'm a pagan, I'm gay, I'm in a loving LTR with my bf of almost a year now.... Umm.. I'm from Michigan, Detroit area... moved to PA about 7 months ago now to live with said boyfriend.

Oh, and a few interesting facts about me: I'm obsessed with faeries...
If I could be a year round nudist I would
I have an abnormally high sex drive
I aspire to many great things.. like owning half the world.
When I was younger my dream jobs consisted of either a.) Conquering the world b.) Gay porn star
I still secretly wouldn't mind having either job, though my goals are more realistic now.. along the lines of Clinical Psychologist, or famous actor.. which is why I major in psychology, and minor in theater.
I aspire to live in California soon.
I wouldn't mind living in NYC, or certain parts of Florida either.
I used to be a club promoter... wouldn't mind getting back into that.
I am an aspiring poi artist... I can do some neat shit... but I still have yet to try it all on fire(soon though!).
I was a raver at one point... and miss it dearly from time to time.
I know way too many people in MI, or rather way too many people in MI know me... and that's part of why I'd wanted to move from there for so long.... now that I finally have... I miss most of those people and places, and wish I could put them all in my pocket and take them with me.
I'm a Burning Man virgin.. but live with two non virgins.. and hope to become one soon myself.
However, I do attend regional burner events... like PDF.
I oppose vegetarianism for multiple reasons: health, meat is delicious, and a belief that omnivores are meant to be omnivores.
However, I do oppose animal cruelty.. and multiple best and/or close friends of mine are vegetarians.
I like to start trends and am very good at doing so.
I can be an arrogant prick sometimes... but I promise every word I say is true.
I talk too much sometimes.
I often question my sanity.
If you lived in my head, you would be scared.
I love making friends and meeting new people.
BDSM is both highly enjoyable, and quite intriguing to me.

and um.. I think that's all for now... if you wanna know more.. shoot me a message. :)
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My Blog

I need to stop being lazy and update this huh? Well, that's what I'll be doing soon. Many pics to be added from different events... mostly PDF.. so those will be coming.. and hmm.. maybe a new bio, and an updated location! YaY!

PS- I can also be found at:

Sun, February 7, 2010 - 2:54 AM permalink - 4 comments
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I'm Looking For...

Oops ( miscellaneous » other ) I meant spring 09.. silly me.
listing posted Sun, February 7, 2010 - 2:51 AM
Anyone got pics of me, or from pound on the playa spring 08? ( miscellaneous » other ) Lemme know, send em my way, and I'll post them...
listing posted Sun, February 7, 2010 - 2:49 AM
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My Requests

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