Airing a Fevered Brain

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Racism is Poison

Not exactly an original thought, but most great truths are uncovered again and again.
(Is that a "Great Truth" or is it something else?)
BnB's blog post that talks about the referees at a high school game (soccar? football?) taunting african american children on one of the teams just sort of horrifies me. I don't like that the players on the other team were also doing it, but that's team dynamics and teen dynamics. They are going to be idiots.
But grown-ups...First off, they are supposed to be referees and neutral--that's the nature of the post. Second, adults should not be doing things to crush the spirits of children, especially if they are in a position of power over them. Model some good behavior dammit! I don't care if you are so racist that you make David Duke look like a kumbayaer--you cannot make it an issue.
glad I'm not that obtuse.
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Annoying Micro-Blogging Thought

I have a rousing Soviet song going through my head.
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Far Too Many People...

...say "Bookshelf" when what they mean is "Shelving."
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It's Just Been Hard, Lately

Anniversary reactions, in part. Plus the really odd thing that somewhere, probably in the past few weeks, I went into the state where I've been widowed longer than I knew Scott.

I always forget how to spell that.
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Things You Hear When You're Only Half Listening...

If I Was Man Enough I'd Cum On Your Stump
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Accidental Commmando

I have mentioned, I believe, that the process of going to the toilet is bracketed by a little dance of wiggle and shimmy and rocking to get my clothing off and then back on.
Just now, as I was finalizing the pulling up of my shorts, I noticed my underwear was not on my right leg. Further checking showed that it wasn't on my left let either. In fact, it was pretty much wadded up inside my shorts.
I have a bag on the side of my wheelchair (weeeeeeeeeeee!) so I was able to stash it without the risk of collegues seeing it.
I'm half expecting that I will pull it out when I'm looking for my iPod on the BART train.
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Can I Just Smusch Him

It's mid-year evaluation time at work. I've been keeping a list (more than forty items, although there will be some paring and consolidating) of my accomplishments so as to do a better self-assesment. But the guy in the next cubicle is having phone conversations and I can't think. And I can't go someplace else--I'm on phone duty.

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Ladies and Gentlemen: An Important Announcement

I have a bathroom.

Let the rejoicing begin.
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It Seems to Me That One of the Most Tragic Things About the Syd Barret Story Is

...that fans didn't give him the space to be the sufferer of skizophrenia that he was. Because he had been a star, and because they loved his music, they weren't willing to let him go.

Of course, there's all those assholes (not in a good way) who not only deface Jim Morrisson's grave (now there's respect) but are so giddy from the experience that they deface neighboring graves as well. Maybe Elvis had the right idea. Maybe they should move Morrisson someplace else, and put up a new tombstone every year.
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