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The Gypsy Mafia

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PLEASE FORWARD: A message from the mother of Elias Sorokin (missing since 7/20/09)
Yesterday at 11:47am
Elias Sorokin, 29 years old, last seen in Oakland. May have been in Santa Cruz, CA as of 7/20/09.

This is a prayer request on behalf of Anna Oleynik, the mother of our missing Friend/Brother Elias Sorokin. Please forward this around, if you can.

To all who love Elias,

Elias mother here. Among Elias' friends are a few people who have contacted psychics about Elias and several of them are giving me reason to hope that Elias is alive - but he is in danger. They think that he has been taken by some people, probably two men and a woman, and that they are in over their heads, are unstable and irrational, and do not know what to do at this point.

One of these psychics - and I was assured she had not been given this information - said that Elias has three women's names on his mind. Those names are Anna, Marie and Nina. Those are me and his two sisters. If this psychic could see this, it gives me a lot of hope.

There is a woman who lives in that area who was caught trying to cash a check of Elias' and the bank caught her name but she got away.

I am asking everyone, PLEASE, send thoughts of love and forgiveness to these people, that their negative energy may dissolve and they may see a way out and listen to their conscience and not do anything rash.

It is very important to gather yourselves, and find your deepest wisdom for this. It is counterintuitive - but do not send anger their way. Send love, send calm, and send forgiveness.

And to Elias, send loving support.

Thank you very much. We all love Elias.


We still, as of today (7/26/09), do not know his whereabouts. We hope that he is alive and well, but no one has heard from him, and we know that someone (after he went missing) attempted to make a purchase with his credit card and someone else (maybe same person) also tried to cash a check from his account. If you have seen Elias or have any information that will help us find him please let us know.

Thank you.
Mon, July 27, 2009 - 5:13 PM permalink - 0 comments
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What the People say...

May 14, 2009
Hi beautiful radiant one :) how you been? I wanted to stop in and send you some love and beautiful vibrations of love and hugs! Have a beautiful day!
August 8, 2007
I hereby testify that Julie rocks. Shoots straight. Hella Dynamic. Hasabrain. A can do, go woman. word.
June 21, 2007
I have witnessed you in grandure, humbled by your mastery.
I have picked up yer pieces and asked God to help me reassemble
yer hope.
Our interactions are never mundane, on the contrary,
we reflect each others greater intentions and are
ready for the high-five after accomplishment,
the hug after disappointment...
and the animal when no one else can handle us.
January 30, 2006
January 30, 2006
looks like this One has good taste *winks*

December 27, 2005
eye am spiritjeweleyezed!
December 8, 2005
thank you sooo for your blessings love and positive vibrations..i know all is well with you..i feel your energy here

happiest of holy days to you love!
eternal blisses & blesses!
December 5, 2005
Julie is the most magical being I ever hope to know in a 3 lifetimes. Wherever she goes radience follows. The sun is always shining on her and fortune, whether its good or bad will always be on her side of life. Meet her and you will know what I mean. If you're worried about not recognizing her just look to where the laughter of a thousand children is and you've found her.~Her proud daughter
November 15, 2005
One of my fondest memories of Julie was hosting her at my home in San Francisco. She was hungry and we were going to head out for dinner but she wanted a snack. We lit up while I warmed some bread and suggested a honey tasting. We had so much fun using up all the spoons in my kitchen and licking honey off our fingers, spoiling our dinner before tripping out into the Mission for more Indian food than we should have eaten, and tried on every bellydancer costume in all the little shops on Valencia and 16th. I think it's time to do that again!
October 29, 2005
you amaze me daily. I'm so glad that our friendship has continued despite time and space figures.
I look forward to seeing you soon on the islands!!!
my halloween costume, a tribute to you:
The Egyptian Magician
I reminisce all of our Halloween adventures!!
xoxo palimota de azucar
October 24, 2005
My goddessness! What more can I say about this amazing goddess. This woman hunted me down in SF, stole me from my tribe in L.A. kidnapped me, put me under this hipnotic spell that noone has ever been able to acomplish (I give you props for that), stuffed me into her suitcase and I woke up in this amazing room with a big bed and a view, on this crazy Musical Circus Freak Show "Love Boat" heading to Mexico. Even if I could find a way off and away from her enchanting spell, I would have gladly stayed and I was so glad I did. Her deep eyes and enchanting smile, that cute little giggle and goddess figure. This woman is an amazing soul and I am so glad she found me. Again chica, muchos gracias for being you. You brought something special into my life and I will never forget you for that. My smile continues, on an on and on throughout eternity and into the other planes of conciousness.

Love You Darlin'
October 22, 2005
thanks for the love and trust and for having the tribes back and front covered....
this woman is out to take the universe to the next level...
watch out if you do something nice around her, something good might happen to you when you least expect it...
Thanks for taking care of the zone and letting more light in to my space homie!
October 21, 2005
This Woman is a Jewel, shinning light from infinate angles.
She has continued to amaze me more and more every day I Know her.
Im sure youll will say the same! She Is teaching the world how to have fun and love uncondissionaly just by setting an example! *~A Ho~*
October 6, 2005

~~~Goddess Julia~~~~~

A beautiful and strong woman,
was for an instant a stranger to me.
Before we ever spoke,
she was a sister of the sea.

The instant out eyes connected,
I felt a destiny,
A guide a friend,a lover.
A soul who like me ,felt free.

She enfloded me in to her life,
included me inot her tribe.
She ,,this amazing woman.
Powerful,kind and wise.

WE have shared more joy and woe,
than many may ever know.
Yet this gives the queens of spirit,
a knowledge that only grows.

I treasure her sweet heart,
I admire her witch within.
I treasure the body she walks with,
hold precious her sensitive skin.

Thank the goddess above,
Bless the earth below.
This angel,the goddess ,my friend.
My friend with which,to grow!

~~~On my knees!~~~
I went to see my friend,
The very place we first met.
She was my channel connection.
live present the past forget.

My spiritual diva,
called me to here door,
May 1st 2005.
Who could ask for more.

I had forgotten this amazing place ,
that connected our hearts.
Where all the love began.
The very place to start.

AS I walked up to her door,
I fell upon my knees.
Scratched and bloody hands.
I sat prostrate in a breeze.

I took a moment then,
yet moved as quick as I could.
Not realizing at the moment.
What a sybol on wich I stood.

A reminder of the gifts,
Gracious goddess gives.
Such as my dear friend.
How she enriches the life I live.

So on my knees I am,
thankfull to goddess great.
Tasting the sweet of life,
pleasure of our entwined fates!

I love you dearly Julia!

September 29, 2005

There was a night when a cat/witch met an incarnate force
and the morning brought meshin
and the next night the rhythms got rode and the moon bore
witness to an expression of the beginnings of psycho-babble;
amazons and witches and warlocks and not-quite-demons;
"I'm takin the hotties, the babies, the car, and we're out"
magik worked on a trippy scale
shaman speak wakin and pleasure ripples shakin the walls foundations laid
high drama and wicked exits
sex n essence and divinity and breaks
bonds forged some em fierce
this one's got power potent
don't entah less ya reddeh
September 29, 2005
I never knew what love was until she peppered my life with her magic and pure power. Awstruck, astonished, beautiful, high, overjoyed, excited, scared, loved, wishful, kind, sexy, delicious, adored...she makes me feel like a woman should. You all may know her, you all may love her, she may change you life forever, but she is my wife! And I am happy to share!
September 26, 2005
Smiling eyes,
nuturing heart,
Mother, Goddess,
Diva, Magician......
Lemurian surfer priestess
Love and respect...xo...raj
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