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October 24, 2003
Tobey is one of the greatest, most loyal people I have ever known. Who else would make his ex-fiance's (me) wedding cake? He is the most culinarily talented person I have the pleasure (social and gastronomic) of knowing. He also has impeccible taste in music, politics and modes of transportation.
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I am a progressive. The right-wing media interests would have you believe that the country is conservative. But if you ask them how they feel about issues that are of importance to them, 60-80 % will respond progressively. Sure, they are looking out for their self-interest, but so am I. But this kind of self-interest is often bound to support the community at large. Go figure.
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Ain’t It Strange?

Published: March 12, 2007

ON a cold morning in 1955, walking to Sunday school, I was drawn to the voice of Little Richard wailing “Tutti Frutti” from the interior of a local boy’s makeshift clubhouse. So powerful was the connection that I let go of my mother’s hand.

Rock ’n’ roll. It drew me from my path to a sea of possibilities. It sheltered and shattered me, from the end of childhood through a painful adolescence. I had my first altercation wi... read more
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Invading Liechtenstein was admittedly a foolish thing to do, but at least the Swiss Army has shown it knows how to bring a failed military action to a happy conclusion. You just turn around and sneak back home as quickly and quietly as you can before anybody notices.

By PETER STAMM (NYTimes, March 10, 2007)
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