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Show your pride, or show your support if you arent gay.

   Wed, November 5, 2008 - 10:34 AM
NOW is the time to start working towards getting Prop. 8 overturned. NOW. The first gay couple to be married has ALREADY filed a lawsuit. I have a REALLY hard time believing that the MAJORITY of public opinion is against gay marriage here in California. I think that Prop 8 was just too well funded and ran too big of a fear campaign for Civil rights to be protected. NOW is the time to speak out and show the rest of this state and our COUNTRY that this is NOT ok. Too many people thought that there was NO WAY that Prop 8 would pass and maybe too many people just DIDN'T get out and vote because of that.

We can't all stand on the corner rallying, we can't all support in the biggest LOUDEST way possible, and thats ok. Becaues every little thing that you CAN do, makes a difference.

The desire to pull out Yes on Prop 8 signs and the desire to just run the rallyers over with my car was almost overwhelming. BUT, we have to be the better people. We have to be the rational ones here to support our cause in the RIGHT way. We have to show that there is nothing wrong with gay people. We have to show that the children of gay parents can grow up to be good people. We have to show that we don't have to act violently against those who dissagree with us. We have to be the better people and get the FACTS out there so that people can understand the the right for gay marriage is about EQUAL CIVIL RIGHTS.

Educate yourselves. Learn about the roots of marriage. Learn about the way the education system works in regards to what they can and cannot teach our children without parental consent. Learn about the legal differences between civil unions and gay marriages so that you have a good argument. Educate yourselves so that you can have a better argument that "you stupid racist".

You arent going to change the radicals, you will be able to open the minds of those people who are inbetween. and NOW is the time to start.


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Wed, November 5, 2008 - 10:56 AM
I heard that mormans from Utah sent funding for the campaign
Wed, November 5, 2008 - 12:15 PM
Thank you for advocating this sober and mature response. I think patience & persistence is key here. Look at how long it took to achieve for the emancipation of women & slaves, as well as their further delayed right to vote!

I voted "NO" on Prop 8, and will continue to work towards the rights for gays to marry. I get several activist emails from civil rights groups, but I would love to see which ones you use. Would you please list them here as well as PM them to me?

Btw, I saw responded to the Sodahead ad on the right and wrote this:

Yes. *Every* relationship is Holy & Sacred. Whether that relationship is between a man & woman, a person & their environment, their food, their community, or their lover, whichever gender they may be, ALL people will benefit, and the world will be beautified all the more when we treat EVERY relationship as Sacred.

How can a force as mysterious and incomprehensible as "God" -an intelligence and power that manifested the entire universe, with its infinite diversity of languages (spoken & unspoken), relationships & procreative methods be deconstructed into such a limited, anthropomorphic consciousness that supposedly gave humanity free will while damning homosexuality?

If there *is* a Creator, then how does homosexuality negatively affect the rest of Creation -ie. the planet and all its inhabitants? The only thing that homosexuality threatens is the fearful mind born of limited experience & familiarity.

Heterosexual marriage is a *religious* institution born out of texts written with the constraints of cultures that existed in a different time and place which is like trying to capture Niagara Falls with a doll-sized teacup, and then trying to carry that water across thousands of miles of treacherous terrain for thousands of years. You can be sure that much of that water will be lost, if not all of it.

Let's also remember that while religions of all kinds have taught peace, tolerance & love, it has managed to bring about the Crusades, Witch Hunts, and unlimited atrocities born of hate and fear of what's dissimilar rather than embracing diversity as that which makes Nature thrive.
Wed, November 5, 2008 - 12:58 PM
Well put, Treja. We *do* have to take the high road here and just try again. As with womens right to vote or other discriminatory practices, they weren't won without a long uphill battle.

As they say in Galaxy Quest - 'Never give up, never surrender!'
Wed, November 5, 2008 - 1:45 PM
Reform religion
Thank you for this post. I, like a great number of people I know, voted against the ban, and this includes people who identify themselves as religious. I hope more sober minds of perspective will see that homophobia is not a problem restricted to religeon. Communism has a very long and sordid history with regards to homosexuality, anti-sodomy laws, etc. Travel to current-day China and Russia and you will see homophobia on an extraordinary scale.

I have been an activist for a very long time and I know a great number of religeous leaders who support gay rights (including a few who are gay themselves). Religeon, itself, is not to blame. Ignorance is, and there are some very ignorant religeous people out there. Instead of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater", we need to seek support from progressive religeous people and leaders as well, instead of alienating them. We all have friends who are religeous who aren't homophobic. Reform works with the love of the people getting behind clergy with realistic and progressive values.