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This blog is officially defunct

Go to my new banner-less blog at www.rotorbrain.com/blog/
(rss at www.rotorbrain.com/blog/rss.xml)

See ya there!

P.S. send me your blog and I will add to my blogroll. Thanks!
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I turned off all my ad blocking because I was having trouble with another site. I come back here and there's a BIG UGLY BANNER AD on me blog! Sorry -- I usually never see these! Time to host one my own blog without the obnoxious advertising.

BTW: you too can avoid all that crap:

Get Firefox, and the Adblock Plus and Customize Google extensions

Customize Google is the R0X0RZ! It even stops google tracking and cookies. W00t.
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Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn. Damn.

That was my friend Peter. Bleagh.
Be careful out there, kids.

Oh, and carpe diem.
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I can't believe I saved this

I am so not the ticket-stub-saving kind of guy. Glad I found it: I will donate to the Todd Blair fundraiser.
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Self-selection bias

“Unfortunately, it appears that procrastinators are using my procrastination test to procrastinate, somewhat skewing the results. There is a perverse irony in procrastinating by taking a procrastination test that appeals to people, like reading a time management book while you should be working.”


(((I didn't finish. Have to go to work!)))
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For reasons I still don't quite understand, they seemed to work


Thanks to Missy SB for the pix.

Apologies to friends because I haven't been a good one: for the last month it's been all robots all the time. I like humans better (which is saying a lot).
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Old and out of the way

Yeah yeah yeah, Google Street View, blah blah.

Don and I did it first: www.fxpal.com/

I'm noticing what I hope isn't proof of impending uselessness: my major contribution to technical proceedings recently has been to mutter, "yeah, I did that five years ago..."
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"The Suffocating Rubber Clown Suit"

"Anger and depression and sorrow are beautiful things in a story, but they're like poison to the filmmaker or artist. They're like a vise grip on creativity. If you're in that grip, you can hardly get out of bed, much less experience the flow of creativity and ideas. You must have clarity to create. You have to be able to catch ideas."

David Lynch interview:
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Celebrating Easter by the Bay

> From: "J.C. aka DougsJokes" <jc+sfcaco@redacted.org>
> To: sf-caco@yahoogroups.com
> Subject: [sf-caco] Anyone have a spare cross?

God I love this place.
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Actual J-Pop Song Titles from iTunes

Tea Time Ska (from the album "Pregnant Fantasy")
Laundry Song
Where is the Egg Now?
I Wanna Be Your Cat
Fujiko's Dish-Counting Song
Afro Hair - 5.5 Yards Long
No, Yes, No! (from the album "Smell Me, Smell My Grandfather").

God I love Japan.

(Artist names are in Kanji -- sorry about that).
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