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The Feedback Connection

August 26, 2005
yes ladies and gentleman, there is a straight
man in SF who knows what a clarion girl is
how to use her in a sentence. ;)

Trinisc knows how to battle a hot renegade fem-bot ninja army and still keep a perfectly coiffed 'do'.

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The Partners in Crime

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The Metaphor

(in-trin-sic) : The internal value of something deeper within, the very essence of being.
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The Lyrics can describe us

We all have a weakness
But some of ours are easy to identify. Look me in the eye,
and ask for forgiveness.
We'll make a pact to never speak that word again.
Yes, you are my friend.
We all have something that digs at us,
at least we dig each other.

So when weakness turns my ego up
I know you'll count on me from yesterday.

If I turn into another
dig me up from under what is covering
the better part of me.
Sing this song
remind me that we'll always have each other
when everything else is gone.

-Incubus, Dig

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The Word Can Describe me

A girl from my Jewelry making class described me with this word last week.

1. extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless: an audacious explorer.
2. extremely original; without restriction to prior ideas; highly inventive: an audacious vision of the city's bright future.
3. recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety, law, or the like; insolent; brazen.
4. lively; unrestrained; uninhibited: an audacious interpretation of his role.

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trinsic's "Recent" Playlist
Wed, December 5, 2007 - 2:26 AM permalink
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Max Payne "Cold As A Gun"

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"Here We Go" - The Matrix Tribute

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SF Flash Tour

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Remember To Listen

Listen with your whole body
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Remember To Vibe

Confidant Approach (Code46)
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Remember To Dance

Its The Rhythm That Moves You, Come Closer (Code46)
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Remember To Move

Its all in a kiss, we become one (Code46)
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Le Informazioni

about me
My Good side:
I'm pretty outrageous, as I could walk up and start talking to you as if we had been friends for a long time. We all know each other from other lives and it is up to us as the human race evolves to try and remember that connection if we are ever going to be at peace with the world. I love all human beings regardless of what they have done. Sometimes when im walking I see allot of people with the pain I also feel about myself in their eyes and know that the pain itself is what is keep us from who we truly are. Its up to us to see though the mind dominated world we have created in our tiny little brains and open our hearts with out reaction to that part of ourselves. I have reached a point in my life where love and vulnerability conquers all. I will go out into the world and express that with you as best I can.

My Dark Side: (warning explicit material)
I'm not always nice, sometimes I can very introspective and closed off. If I don't feel respected, im liable to point that out in a not so nice way. I can be verbally short or aggressive and confrontational when I'm not grounded sometimes, its harmless, but direct and not very giving. one thing I have noticed is that after awhile of getting to know someone I will eventually say something that you wont like. I love people, but I wasn't put on this earth to toe the line and go along with what is acceptable. I'm here to break all the rules and challenge people to think for themselves. The sooner you get over that the quicker we can become great friends. I'm sorry i don't always do things in a polite manner, but everything I do comes from my heart even if a dark past gets the best of me. Who ever you are we'll get along fine as long as you can think for yourself and don't rely to much on your peers to validate you. I only make good friends with people that can stand on their own and think outside of social mind sets/norms.
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Dear Dairy

Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know I was alive. Things have been starting to pick up in my professional life. Work has been coming from all directions. Websites to build. Clients that need help with their computers.. I was getting a little worried there for awhile. But im happy I don't have to beg for money on the street.... JK. Also I have been busy with my jewelry making and video projects, you can see some of the photos of the stuff I am working on at www.guruextraordinai... read more
Tue, November 27, 2007 - 4:48 AM permalink - 2 comments
I haven't been around lately. Things have taken a drastic turn in my professional life as I have allowed one of my clients to treat me with Second Class Behavior. From the very start the person wasn't respecting my time, and from my point of view was dishonest with me in a number of areas. I allowed it to happen because my financial situation is in serious jeperody. But I have reached a point where things were not going to change and I had to let him go. Now i am worse of than I was before an... read more
Mon, September 17, 2007 - 1:58 AM permalink - 5 comments
I had a dream I was on a train to a destination unknown there were no windows on this train. and it felt like I was inside of a metal rusted container suddenly the train rumbled to a stop. A women appeared, it was a old friend of mine I have lost touch with from years ago. Back then I had fell in love with my idea of who she was. We tried a couple of times to get together, but our own past prevented it, mine was neediness and obsession, and hers was fear and trust with men in general. In the ... read more
Sat, August 25, 2007 - 1:21 AM permalink - 2 comments
I am have trouble describing it without using terms that would cause me to create an identity out of my experience, good or bad, which I don't want to do, So I will say how I am feeling now. I feel much more clear headed. I have this feeling of "Ahh, whatever" to whatever comes up in my day. Its not the typical whatever response as in I don't want to be troubled with whatever. But more along the lines of whatever happens is going to happen and I don't really have any position which way it go... read more
Tue, May 29, 2007 - 3:12 PM permalink - 2 comments
Things have been going great, accept for the fact I already had typed this blog entry but my browser crashed right in the middle of it. Now I just installed a form autosave extension for firefox. Hommie don't play that.

My beginning dance class is awesome, out of all the dance classes I have learned: Modern and Ballet, Jazz is the coolest, very relaxed style, I like it. Hip hop is last, im probably going to like that too. I signed up for the "spring break crash course beginning dance reloa... read more
Fri, April 6, 2007 - 3:07 AM permalink - 0 comments
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