I got one!!!!!

   Wed, November 22, 2006 - 11:09 AM
No, not a PS3, a Wii! There is a long story to how this happened which I won't get into at this very moment. I will say however, that the suspense of being able to play it is killing me! I FINALLY got my Wii from CompUSA online after who knows how many things that went wrong (and believe me, there were plenty), and after countles hours, and I mean HOURS trying to get it. I spent a minscule amount of hours sleeping these past 4 days (one day before that was spent trying to get the PS3). Sadly though, I'll have to wait for it for another 6 more hours because my girlfriend has it (long story). She's at work right now and has it in-hand. I'm so paranoid though that I'm thinking someone might steal it from her car or something! Man, getting the Wii has made me paranoid.


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