Lilac Shrieks and Scarlet Bellows

A Visit from a Butterfly

   Mon, October 9, 2006 - 5:57 PM
Today I was sitting outside under a tree reading a book, when a butterfly appeared and kept circling, landing on my book or on the table right next to my book, and would stare right at me for minutes at a time. I've dabbled enough in shamanism to know that, whenever any member of the animal kingdom pops up in a strange or intent way, we'd best pay attention because we're dealing with an animal totem that is trying to convey a message to us. So, what do butterflies symbolize?

Butterfly: metamorphosis and transformation

Scientific research has shown that the butterfly is the only living being capable of changing entirely its genetic structure during the process of transformation: the caterpillar's DNA is totally different from the butterfly's. Thus, it is the symbol of total transformation. Butterfly represents a need for change and greater freedom, and at the same time it represents courage: one requires courage to carry out the changes necessary in the process of growth. Its Medicine is related to the air and the mental powers. It teaches us to find clarity in the mental processes, to organize projects or to figure out the next step in our internal growth. If Butterfly is your Power Animal or if you feel in any way attracted to it, this means you are ready to undergo some kind of transformation. Examine which stage calls your attention the most: the egg is the beginning, the birth of some project or idea. The larva is de decision to manifest something in the physical world. The cocoon has to do with "going inside", either through insight or the development of the project or idea. The breaking of the cocoon deals with sharing the splendor of your creation with the whole world. Once you understand the stage you are on, you can discover which is the next step.

Butterflies are also symbols of freedom and creativity. The butterfly represents the process of transformation and shape shifting, so they hold the gift of transformation and soul evolution. When butterfly shows up, make note of the most important issues confronting you at the moment. What state of change are you at in regard to them?
To the Native Americans the butterfly is a symbol of joy. They remind us that life is a dance, not to take things quite so seriously. They also remind us to get up and move. Dance brings the sweetness of life.
Butterflies are messengers of the moment. They come in a variety of colors. To understand the message that the butterfly holds for you a study of its colors can be helpful.

(My butterfly was orange, which is tied to the second chakra. 2nd Chakra = Symbolic Creative Space, 2nd chakra energies need to create life, to "move the earth", to achieve a creative expression that is essentially physical; this chakra's spiritual energy is also to learn to interact consciously with others, forming unions with people who support our development, and releasing reationships that handicap our growth; two 2nd chakra questions are "Are you strong enough to master your fears concerning finances and physical survival, or do they control you and your attitudes", and "What goals do you have for yourself that you have yet to pursue? What stands in the way of your acting upon those goals?"; other 2nd chakra realms are success, creativity, relationships, power, communication, happiness, motivation, optimism, well-being, strength, concentration, intellect, business goals, action, stimulation, energy)

And finally:

The Greek word for both "soul" and "butterfly" is psyche, and it was once
believed that human souls assumed the form of butterflies while they
searched for a new incarnation. Throughout Europe, Asia, and the
Americas, butterflies have maintained their standing as a symbol of
the soul and rebirth.
The butterfly totem will aid you in achieving depths of inner and outer
exploration far beyond the ordinary. As a symbol of personal transformation,
your spirit helper will hover ever-near to assist you in all those changes
within yourself and within your environment that are necessary for you to
attain the highest levels of enlightenment.

I just love the symbolism of nature and the magic of messages from beyond. And this sure enough sounded appropriate to my situation in life at the moment. I've felt on the verge of transformation for a while, and it began with personal transformation/rebirth at Burning Man, and now I feel that I'm at long last venturing into my professional and creative calling. I'm about to buckle down and figure out my place and focus as a counselor, and I'm also ready to finally start aggressively beginning to channel all of my creative energies into some actual projects. I'm finding myself drawn all over again to both writing and performing. Time to create something!

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Fri, August 3, 2007 - 8:33 AM
I have been on my spiritual knowledge seeking quest for almost 15 years now. I feel I am getting closer........I am being guided by something or some spirit or the Mother.....herself.........
This is what happened last weekend and there were witnesses. I was helping my sister move......we were outside and there were several other people on the lawn.
I am always talking to nature so they didn't think it was strange when I started talking to this monarch butterfly. I said how I would really like to get a closer look at the wings.
The butterfly then proceeded towards my space, but there was someone standing very close to it flew in circles till this person moved away. I already had the sense that the butterfly was trying to reach me.
I put my finger out for it to landed and perched on my finger slowly opening......leaving open and then closing it's wings. The butterfly stayed on my finger for over 5 minutes and the people kept quiet. it then flew a short distance.......came back, brushed my face and took off...........There are messages coming to me all the time........I just haven't figured out what it all means.....