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Vernon "Rhythm Genie"

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joined on 05/10/04
last updated 06/24/11
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"time to sit!"
"dance, party, jam, wkshops, network, fusion"
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Bellydance Kaleidoscope

See attached photo for details!

"Okay, the July 20th lineup is now finalized. We have have some incredible talent and I'm very excited to be hosting this show" ~Richard Lowe

The Om Sisters
The Glitter Gypsies
Two Tall Blondes
Seylena Troi

You can get a beautiful henna creation from Paula with Lotus Henna

The Emcee for the evening & live drumming will be by Rhythm Genie Vern & friends.

Thu, July 17, 2008 - 3:59 AM permalink - 5 comments
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Rhythm Genie's Profile

about me
Diverse & eclectic, I engage myself in a variety of endeavors and have a broad background of experience to draw upon. I love to learn, and also to share. I have a passion for literature and variety in life. I am active in a number of organizations and interested in doing more with my life. I've been blessed in many ways and hope to continue learning & sharing the wonders I get to experience! Latest works in entertainment, teaching, technical & financial consulting ;-)

HAVE DRUMS WILL TRAVEL! Individual & group instruction available. Single event workshops for beginner & intermediate drumming. Available for performances with soloists & troupes. Call 909-980-5663 -----*~~*~~*----- Healing & Community, Music, Art, Drumming, Rhythm Spirit, Village Mandala Drum & Dance Circle in Claremont, Blue Stars of Tanit & Roses of Shalimar (SoCal Inland Empire), Tribal Dreams (our extended family & friends), Nubian Divas ( ), Troupe Melangees ( ), Temple Dance, Smiles 'n' Joy!, Kirtan, Middle Eastern Culture & Dance Association ( ).
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My Testimonials

July 29, 2008
Happy Birthday Vernon!
How's shaky town?
September 14, 2007
Vern is one cool dude.....

September 3, 2007
Although I dont know Vernon in person I already know he is a sweet wonderful man. Only someone who is seriously involved in our beloved community could comment with such insight and understanding. Although he doesnt know it his words of kindness have offered comfort in times of exhaustion and anxiety. It is very refreshing to know there are warriors like Vernon in my corner. Hail the Rhythm Genie!
offline 213
July 29, 2007
Happy Birthday, Chawheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! precious few of those it seems, but yours are cherished, I thank your folks for showing such good sense to bring you about! Love, V
June 6, 2007
Vernon, even so many hundreds of miles away from me and my community, has always been the bearer of conscious positive words and exalting compliments of a profound nature. I am very honored and pleased to be the recipient of your kind compliments and long distance friendship. You inspire me to press forward and persue my dream. namaste~ Shivati
May 26, 2007
Simple Music can make you sing.
Simple Hug makes you feel better.
Simple things can make you Happy.
Hope My simple Melody will make you smile.

January 6, 2007
I remember seeing Verne's profile some time ago and thinking, "how on earth can someone had over 1,400 friends?" Now that I've actually met this guy I understand. Even though we only talked briefly, I already know, somehow, he's an exceptional person. He has a presence and style that's rare, almost unknown, and I look forward to many conversations and a long and enlightening friendship.
November 9, 2006
I love the truth, peace, gentleness, and rythm of the Vernon...he is and always will be a dear and wonderful friend, We met at Ren Faire so long ago, and has been one of my strongest supporters
Love and Kisses
Karima the Diva
offline 213
April 20, 2006
I got ya testamoaniall right hyah
January 26, 2006
A solid rock of support for peaceful endeavors .One of Vern's talents is impacting society by finding a need and filling it. He's helped me on my mission by offering his ear and insight!
March 27, 2005
It is a joy and a pleasure to be connected with, first of all a very good
friend, second of all, a very drummer. I met Vernon last year when he played at one of our Nubian Divas Events. His drumming is like
a surge of energy to your soul. Thank You Ven for being YOU!

Anniitra Ravenmoon
The Powergoddess
February 22, 2005
Vern is one of the coolest peeps I know.
He is an accomplished drummer and teacher and a great person.
When Vern plays drums you feel it and the fusion is wonderful.
January 30, 2005
offline 213
August 24, 2004
And another thing, V is willing to work with me, patience....patience...and more XOXO Vic
July 23, 2004
Vernon Lewis is an awesome person. He is an honest, loving, caring man who will be there for his friends when they are in need. He has done a fantastic job spreading the interest in drumming and dancing in our area(Claremont/LaVerne) He has a beautiful soul. He loves Nature and takes time to appreciate that aspect of the world as often as he can.I feel honored to be counted among his friends.Nancy Shomo
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