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:: v i t a l ::


"Simple Geometry"

The Historic Monadnock Building
685 Market Street, floors 3, 4 & 5
San Francisco, CA
5 pm - 7 pm

Curator's statement:

Geometric abstraction draws upon discernable shapes and definitive borders to create a level of interpretive comfort for the viewer based on form recognition. These simple forms, once they are mutually understood as definitive forms by both artist and viewer, become the ... read more
Fri, January 25, 2008 - 10:35 PM permalink - 0 comments
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"Jacob's Ladder", acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30"
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originally published at String Theory
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about me
...I am a crest on a wave of the all...

I'm a tiny, brightly colored marine mollusk with vibrating gills, found only near Oahu and Okinawa. I'm a shape-shifting Japanese rice diety with nine tails, often seen carrying a small round jewel.

According to three separate Kiersey-based personality tests, I'm an INTP. Apparently I'm Albert Einstein.

I'm pretty shy around people I don't know, but I've learned to hide it well. I'm the one at the party who's looking intently at a collection of books or contemplating the flower arrangement. With people nearby that I know well enough, I can be just as outspoken, silly and engaging as a normal person. I love being with outgoing people as I feel more alive. Loud, pompous people - those Foghorn Leghorn types - send me running.

I go through cycles of being astonishingly disciplined, and quite happily so. Then I'll morph into being rather pleasure-centric.... never quite sliding to the level of hedonism.

I have a little bit of guilt around the pleasure-seeking part; probably a residual issue from being raised Catholic. I find that gratitude is a wonderful cure for this.

I can often be found at my sewing machine about 10 minutes before going to a party.

Upon meeting me for the first time, someone told me I was shorter than he thought I was.

....which worked out fine, since he was fatter than I thought he was.
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Aw, shucks....

May 24, 2007
Vibrata Chromodoris
Kaleidoscope color thesaurus
Bewitching weaver of the Line
Entracing hue-man and Divine
The stormy lights you catch in Flux
Proceed to land in layered Lux
Organic yet mechanical
Supreme yet not tyrannical
The stars that stare through Night's soft Sea
Are but the fractured forms of Thee
Across the Dark your Brush extrudes
A Truth your practice then exudes
Into the Black of Empty Space
You Pierce the Fabric of the Face
Revealing that which lies Below
A primal Pattern on the Go
And inside That We Seek to Know
We find there's Nothing but the Glow

A Lyric for Vibrata, Brian, © 2007
December 8, 2006
When a person fills your life with beauty the way Vibrata has filled mine sometimes I have to step back to really appreciate the depth of it all. I knew she was very special from the day I met her as she seemed to posess a strong intuition I had never encountered before. She sees truth and muses it into her art. It has been my pleasure to support her as I know that her creations are a service to all of art and a gift to the world. I take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for this woman of great talent, wisdom and beauty.
April 28, 2005
Chillin with Vibrata brings a big grin to my face again and again. I love her bitchy “just stop it with the stupidity already” attitude, I love her spiritually deep and vibrationally soothing paintings, I love her cut-to-the-bone no-bullshit honesty, I love her stoned-out eyelids-half-open cool, I love her intelligent think-way-outside-the-box insights, and then of course there are the alt-girl style, the cleavage, and the legs …
October 3, 2004
viBRATa, Fox Clan High Priestess. Truly ART in its Highest form. Healing, Awakening, Next Level, Glimpse thru the Third Eye. I am honored and I know it is a blessing to be your friend. Thank you!
September 8, 2004
VIBRATA is the epitome of her namesake. Her ART vibrates throughout the spheres. Have you yet seen the WorldSpirit DVD/CD that she designed? MINDBLOWING. I think that Vibrata is the most talented and visionary Artist/graphic designer/painter in San Francisco, and I am not exaggerating. Vibrata, beautiful, powerful, radiant soul, I am truly Inspired.
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