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Godis Great, Godis Good, Godis
generally misunderstood
to be this or be that or be someone above
When the Word is a verb
and the verb is Love

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Wil's Testament

The Herbal Medicine tribe is under new management. Girlmark is our fearless moderator and leading that good tribe out of the morass of paranoia that befell it. If you have interest in this subject, consider joining or re-joining. Let's make this tribe and Tribe in general a place for sharing and mutual supportive study like the old days. Sometimes a purge is good, but glad that one is over.
Tue, February 23, 2010 - 6:01 AM permalink - 16 comments
No name yet. I'll add it when he has one. Nice chart. Star Spica right on ascendent.
Sat, December 19, 2009 - 5:26 AM permalink - 23 comments
Afro Basque percussion magic. I'm fascinated by the expressions on these people's faces, and the way they use the entire piece to raise energy, having a visible effect on the audience. World class, in my opinion.
Fri, November 13, 2009 - 6:36 AM permalink - 7 comments
This 10 minute youtube presentation is a very good introduction to the amazing history of biochar, and astounding potential it has for creating intelligent, elegant and efficient integration of our agriculture and energy systems.

Part II is shorter and more concerned with agriculture:
Fri, July 31, 2009 - 11:11 AM permalink - 4 comments
I first heard the basque group kepa junkera back in napster haydays and it was love at first listen. Looked them up recently in youtube era and they sure look good too. Check this tune called bok espok played with montage tribute to basque culture. The singing women are bulgarians, and i think they sound good together.

I like this one a lot too!

This one is from oreka, a group produced by kepa junkera that features the guys who did nomadak.

I think this one is stunningly beautiful, It is by anne etchegoyen:

I love this one too. It's kepa junkera's newest.

Like celtic music, basque music is a huge genra with the commonality being a high degree of creativity and sensitivity to nuance. These are cultural treasures, not because they are valuables put up in a chest in the attic, but because the talent and spirit of the peoples is alive and growing people who have the artistic integrity and courage to carry it on rather than rest on the laurels of tradition and history.
Tue, July 28, 2009 - 4:33 AM permalink - 5 comments
I love this video. It was made by two basque musicians, and they made a full length video about going around the world getting the various sounds. There is a lot of excellent basque music. The wooden sticks and planks the guys are playing are a basque instrument called a txalaparta which i think is really cool and i wonder why more peoples around the world have not done this. It evolved from workers crushing apples with big sticks and keeping rhythm with each other for amusement as they got a little drunk on hard cider.
Sat, July 25, 2009 - 8:02 PM permalink - 13 comments
Terra preta, dark earth, is the term for deep deposits of black and intensely fertile soil in the amazon rainforest where the rest of the soil is extremely poor quality. Deposits are located along rivers and sometimes in areas raised above the floodplain, comprising in total an area about the size of france. Archeological digs have discovered that these areas were created by a thriving and populous culture who raised fish and turtles in ponds and used efficient forest farming techniques. They burned wood and biomass in big airless piles creating charcoal, which they incorporated into the soil feeding a vast number of fungus and microbial species and creating the fertility that brought the process to the attention of scientists. The soil actually is self creating once established, with the colonies of microbes continuing to produce fertile soil at a very surprising rate long after the addition of charcoal has ceased. This culture was destroyed by disease carried by gold seeking spaniards. Their few descendants use slash and burn farming techniques, moving from area to area as the soil depletes.

This process sequesters significant amounts of carbon while creating an edenic garden.

James lovelock, planetary superhero, is excited about this! He says:

“There is one way we could save ourselves and that is through the massive burial of charcoal. It would mean farmers turning all their agricultural waste - which contains carbon that the plants have spent the summer sequestering - into non-biodegradable charcoal, and burying it in the soil. Then you can start shifting really hefty quantities of carbon out of the system and pull the CO2 down quite fast.”

Check this out! I think it is a fascinating an very encouraging development!

image is "Life in the Llanos". An artist’s conception of a settlement in the Llanos
de Mojos, some 2 millennia ago. (painting by Dan Brinkmeier)
Thu, May 7, 2009 - 12:49 PM permalink - 10 comments
The Reptilians

It is perfectly true that we are in the grips of a vast conspiracy of an ancient reptilian power which has the power to take over our minds and feed on our emotions. They have enslaved us in the past and forced us to dig for gold to satisfy their greed. Their power structures have invaded all governments on Earth. I’m speaking, of course, about the reptilian brainstem or R-complex, which is an ancient part of the brain concerned with fear, rage and other fight or flight emotions. Our continued evolution is in part concerned with overcoming this influence. This is a true myth; a deep truth expressed through fable. The message is for us to rally our forces in the neo cortex, calm down, and cooperate for the good everyone concerned. Think about it.
Sun, March 29, 2009 - 11:11 AM permalink - 24 comments
Here is a link to a BBC article about a team of scientists who have recorded the sounds of stars. The article has very cool embedded players that play wonderful samples of some of the sounds. Try playing them at the same time.
Fri, October 24, 2008 - 3:33 AM permalink - 8 comments
In the 1970’s, scientists discovered the background radiation left from the big bang, and calculated it’s frequency. The universe, it seems, still reverberates with a note that, when put into our standard system, is between a B and a B flat. In 2003, scientists working with the Chandra x-ray observatory detected the deepest note ever found in the cosmos. It is a B-flat that is 57 or so octaves below piano tuning. I read online that the gyuto monks chant on this note, and a quick trip to youtube confirmed this for me.
All this came to my attention after an online discussion about the high pitched humming that many people, including mycellf, hear in our heads pretty much all the time. Some folks think it is part of a government program of mind control, which i think extremely(!) unlikely, some folks think it’s god talking to them, some folks think it is the essential sound that informs the universe, and some folks say “it’s tinnitis you idiots, seek professional help”. Anyway, i was in this discussion about this, and decided to see what note it is, and the one in my head is clearly between a B and a B flat. I remembered a recent story about the universe hum being in that key so googled “B flat universe” and found all of this info and more. Not a new agey site amongst them, all scientific observations. I like that, and am surprised by it. Cool huh? I sure think so. If you have a hum in your head, check the frequency.
This reminds me of the Quan Yin Method of meditation, or "contemplation of the sound vibration.”

Here is a good NPR story on B-flat that doesn't even mention the fact that it is the background note left from the big bang, which is a biggie. .

This one was written before some of the newer scientific findings were found, and is still very interesting:

On the acoustics of black holes:
Mon, July 28, 2008 - 8:41 AM permalink - 43 comments
(a work in progress)

Headstand, cat, and downward dog
Bridge and cobra; fish and frog
Shoulderstand and head to knee
Lion and camel, bow and tree
Spinal twist, hero and mountain
Lotus, eagle, crow and fountain
Stretching shoulders, stretching spine
Stretching heart and stretching mind

Yoga’s priceless, Yoga’s free
Yoga’s sacred circuiTree
From wisdom ground, this ancient seed
Grows out into the Galaxy
We are bright light inside the Stone
Through Yoga’s network
We phone

Magic carpet yoga mat
Taking me Away. Taking
Me away. Taking me a

Assuming the assana of the
Powerful assumption
And holding
And letting go
Breathing into it
Breathing into it

Take yoga’s Light harness
Hitching our wagon to the Stars
We pull for peace, pulling for goodness sake
Pulling for the joy of The Work
Pulling ourcellves up
On this evolutionary beachhead
Shakti troopers, We move
Through these kriyas
Gasping in this refined
Thankful for this body, thankful for this
Opportunity thankful for this good
Sun, June 29, 2008 - 5:09 PM permalink - 6 comments
I think this is amazing.
Tue, April 1, 2008 - 12:37 PM permalink - 17 comments
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