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plain old cable tech
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an Accidental Tourist

Sometimes it’s just a dog-eat-dog kinda world.

I’m a 60 year old introvert who rarely goes out any more. One of the few passions I have left in my life is photography. Isn’t it magical? I’m not smart enough to understand the theory of photography; you know - photons and color capturing sensors; pixels - and don’t even try to explain to me the incredible principals of engineering that go into crafting a quality lens.

For me, the likes of me, its as much about magic as anything else – ... read more
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Web Page Design

Web Design is what I do for fun and profit. Simple, affordable, standards compliant Xhtml 1.0 strict / CSS 2 - or - HTML4.01 strict w/CSS 2. I create static (with liquid design) web pages – no bells and whistles (no: flash, e-commerce, video, forms, blogs or CMS); specializing in Brochure Websites – starting at $250:

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Want to be my Friend?

Want to be my "friend"? Read this first

I'm old, and old fashioned. Friendship (real friendship) is rare in my life, so - like all such rarities - I value it.
Tribe's "friend" model is alien to me, I find it "artificial" - in every sense of the word, and an insult to what friendship means to me.

Do you know me? Have we exchanged worthy inter-action?

My position goes against the norm for Tribe. I don't wish to judge anyone else, but please respect, and do not take offense, if I decline your offer.
If I decline your invitation of "tribe friendship" it does not negate positive feelings toward you; I may still hold you in highest esteem and gladly share online communication.

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Let's go after the people that are paying illegal immigrants to come to the USA.

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My Movie Idea

You can see the latest draft of my movie idea here:


Copy of first draft - originally posted: Feb 21, 06'

"Killers Of Land And Sea" my idea for a movie

I posted some info about this subject in a documentary thread yesterday ( ), but the more I thought about it . . . .
I woke up this morning and wrote this down:

(somebody please make this movie)

Granted, I have placed some well used themes in here, but this is a movie outline I’ve written; just today (2/21/06):

“Killers Of Land And Sea” - the movie

Disillusioned photo/journalist – relegated to paparazzi work (played by Viggo Mortensen) is ordered by his boss to leave his current assignment pursuing some dirty old politician (played my Charlie Sheen) in SanFran (fill in the kinky part as you like; please try to keep similar to tone of rest of film – please don’t start out too “silly” and comedic, prefer dark and cynical).

What Viggo doesn’t know is that the rag has been bought off by Charlie’s rich and powerful handlers. And the plan is to send Viggo far, far away.

So, Viggo is a little angry, but doesn’t care; his life is meaningless, it just doesn’t matter. He is sent to Australia to follow up a report that some big star (make somebody up like Russell Crowe – we’ll call him Crewe) is once again cheating on his wife with another big name.

Viggo, in Australia, learns that Crewe is on a yacht off the coast; some remote area.
He hires a plane; shows up just in time to see Crewe leave yacht and board speedboat with beautiful famous star. Viggo, constantly orders the reluctant pilot to dive-bomb the speeding boat, closer and closer; getting some swell pictures. Crewe intentionally drives his boat into a large flock of birds sitting on the water; they fly up; pilot can’t react quickly enough; birds crash thru windshield and “fowl” plane engine; plane goes down. Crewe speeds away very pleased.

Plane nose dives and sinks quickly. Viggo comes to senses under water (small pocket of air); pilot is dead; lots of blood; Viggo has head injury and bleeding.

Viggo takes deep breath; fights way out of cockpit and discovers he is 100feet down with great white sharks circling. Because of his head injury (and that sometimes “he just doesn’t care” attitude) the moment becomes surreal. He knows the situation is hopeless as he watches a great white rip the pilot’s arm out of the cockpit window.

Maybe he flashes back (replays his life, as they say some do before they die); such a wasted life.

Just as the largest shark comes in for the kill, a much greater, dark shadow shoots out of the depths and rips the sharks belly open. Then this huge black “shark” grabs Viggo. And, that’s it, “lights out”; Viggo passes out.

In dream time we (and perhaps somehow Viggo) witness a huge killer shark bring Viggo to the surface, take him to shore and beach him (photographic evidence – killer whales will follow prey just beyond the edge of the water – so this is do-able.).

Hours later, he is found on this isolated beach by a beautiful (part aboriginal, part caucasian) woman (fill in actress here); (Hey it’s a movie! It works for me.). Of course she can’t just let him die and they are many miles from anyone/anywhere – so she has no choice but to nurse him back to health (there is a little smattering of the “old” ways, “dream time”, healing etc as influenced by the girl’s aboriginal great-grandmother).
In the weeks that follow he learns something about the aboriginal relationship with nature (including the creatures of the sea). After a few weeks he is healed; at least to the point at which he can walk to the nearest town. He doesn’t remember anything about how he survived the crash(nothing of the ordeal underwater); he doesn’t remember the sharks. But, sometimes he has these nightmares – of blood and great shark teeth coming at him, in the blackness of the deep. He dismisses the odd cuts in the collar of his jacket.

Beautiful woman guides him to Eden.
The nearest town is practically a ghost town. The town is called Eden. Tourists still visit occasionally to tour the old museum and listen to the old timers talk about the legend of “Tom” the killer whale. But, most of the residents have died off; the young moved away.

Viggo has been thru hell-and-back and now he just wants to go home. But, of course there is the native girl. Okay, he’s conflicted – maybe he will allow himself to care about something/someone again. But, he is falling back into his old ways, and begins trying to find someone that will help him get back to “civilization”. So, he goes from one odd old character to another trying to find a way out (love those old Aussies). And in the process, unintentionally at first, begins peeling back the layers of the story of The Killers Of Eden. He begins to realize that it’s not just a story to lure in the tourists to an old defunct whaling town. Could the legend be true?

Every night his dream of the shark becomes a little more detailed. That greatest “shark” that finally gets him (in his dream), he notices, has a large scar above his left eye.

Well, he finally finds someone (a crafty old fisherman who wants to get this bloody Yank to hell out of his Eden). The fisherman, for a fee, agrees to take him up the coast to a mining operation.

They set off, up coast; beautiful calm day. The skipper tosses Viggo a bottle of liquor, and before long, Viggo dozes off. Again he dreams, yet more clearly. This time in his dream, he is “not” afraid of the great black beast with the scar above its left eye. Something, a strange singing, causes him to softly open his eyes, still feeling the dream state. He hears the “chug chug” of the boat engine; feels the warmth of the sun; sees fluffy clouds reflected on the glassy surface of the water. Then, his eyes come more into focus. There, just below the surface; is that the shadow of the boat? And that white, the white of the clouds; beneath the surface? He watches transfixed as the shadow rises; slips out of the glass veil of water and with a most extraordinary eye, looks – as if into his soul.
Just above that left eye is a scar.

With a loud exclamation, he leaps to his feet, stiff as a board and shaking he turns to the skipper at his wheel, “LOOK!” he shouts.
“Look at what mate?”
Viggo turns back; there’s nothing. “You must have seen it!?!!”
“It was nothing mate. The sea can be a trickster; it’s just the booze. No worries mate, we’re almost there – look ahead. You’ve been thru a lot; you’ll be okay once you leave this place.”
(Of course the old fisherman saw everything.)

He doesn’t know what to think; is he losing his mind?

[moving right along]

Viggo is waiting at the mining station (This could be mining, oil, chemical, science gone bad, etc) – for the next ship out to where he can take a flight back to the states.

While nosing around (instinctive journalist that he is) he discovers this is a front for a private research facility performing experiments with the use of high powered sonar.

[Now, let this author state right here that I am not anti-military. But, I am anti-bad science that does not respect the other inhabitants of this planet.]

He meets a scientist (Kim Basinger; a favorite of mine, so be nice. I just have a lot of respect for her and I’d like to see the chemistry between her and Viggo.)

Basinger has been brought here from the states to “rubber stamp” an environmental report for the Australian govt. She’s a “no non-sense” pragmatist - just there to do a job and get out. There is some connection between she and Viggo, but on the surface they don’t seem to like each other (What’s to like; they both seem unredeemable).

The next day Viggo is sitting at the dock waiting for the ship to take him away, daydreaming as usual when the same killer whale appears again, just ten feet away. This time he’s stone sober. They stare into each other’s eyes and Viggo begins to understand the astonishing truth. Now he remembers the great white sharks; and he remembers this creature saving his life.

Just at that moment there is a loud “bang” and a “thud”!
Viggo turns, as the killer whale sinks, to see a man standing on a moored fishing boat with a gun, cursing.

[moving right along]

Viggo gets into argument, there’s a fight; gets beat up; misses his ship out.

During convalescence he starts to hook up with Basinger (Little Ms, I’m all about hard science and doing what I’m told.).

Viggo convinces Basinger to take a little excursion to visit Eden. But, his real agenda was to have her meet the old timers, hear the stories and explore the archives of the museum.

He takes her to meet the 110 year old recluse who lives in a dilapidated mansion at the edge of town.
Her family had been ostracized by the whaling village; nearly 100 years ago.

She would now share, in the last days of her life, with this young couple “the rest of the story”; what really happened – what defiled the sacred relationship between man and beast.

She recounted the history known well by a few. She told of the origins of the unique relationship; how the aboriginals befriended the killers. And how the killer whales extended that friendship; in partnership with the whalers of Eden.

And then, the great lady shared the dark secret for the first and last time of her life.
With tears, she explained why the aborigines moved away from this beautiful bay. They moved away because of the betrayal of her father.

You see, one tragic day, her father arrogantly and violently – broke the covenant between creatures of land and creatures of sea.

Some time later the king of the killer whale pod, “Tom”, was found dead on the shore. And the killer whales stopped herding the whales into the bay to share with the whalers.

Her father was never forgiven and the town has slowly gone to the ghosts.

Basinger was very moved, but she had to get back.
Viggo was more convinced than ever; his life was saved for a reason – and for the first time in many years “life” meant something.

As they walked down the pier to board the boat a killer whale appeared in the bay.
They watched in amazement as it swam toward them.

It was the great killer whale (scar above the left eye) that had saved him from a certain bloody death; he had not been killed by the sniper. And Viggo, desperate to prove to Basinger how wrong her science was, in a leap of faith, jumped into Eden harbor with the killer whale that he owed his life to.

Basinger screamed, as the man she had come to love (poor fellow had been hit in the head one too many times) dove, like a madman, to certain death by the jaws of this killing machine.

Basinger watched on as the two creatures, one of land, one of sea - shared a most exquisite communion.

Her walls of skepticism and denial of life, fell away and she began to remember why she became a scientist; out of - not only fascination - but reverence for all creation.

The true value of the “things” of the sea and of the land had yet to be discovered! How little we know about the life on this planet! Maybe only just enough to destroy it.

Together, they would both dedicate themselves to discovery and preservation of all such precious gifts.

The End

Okay, they might conspire to shut down the sonar project (her industrial espionage and his investigative reporting), etc .
Viggo might find himself in Wash DC talking to a certain Senator who was coming up for re-election (he has the dirt on Charlie Sheen). He has no problem getting Sheen to sponsor a bill to call for a moratorium on Dangerous experiments with Sonar. Later Viggo and Basinger make a presentation to a world body - which sets international standards for the use of sonar. And they go on … living happily ever after … using their powers for “good” etc .

My writing here, is inspired by the numerous writings and stories, documentary footage and other history of the people and killer whales of Eden.

I’ve included links below.

Please make my movie (or publish my novel).
And remember, you saw it here first.

Written by W. Kelley


PBS – “Killers In Eden”

“Killers Of Eden”

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