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   Sun, April 30, 2006 - 2:12 AM
Ever When

We share the center of the universe,
Wherever we think we are,
Whoever we think we’ve been,
We share the breadth of the eyes of life,
Beyond petty concepts like death and sin.

Every where in eternity the center of ever when,
And you share your temple with me,
When I feel lost in labyrinthine vertigo,
When I have forgotten I am the hero of my own epic,
You remind me,
And I am the story in your eyes.

We share the ocular nexus and our view of the stars,
And our reverent songs of legends of how they dance in the eyes of the world,
In the one great view of many,
So many songs from one note,
So many notes from one chord,
So many hearts to hear them,
We are one.

In the center of all,
All that ever is,
Ever was,
Or ever shall we hope to be,
Or never if that’s how you see,
However ever after or never tends to you,
Your labor of bard song sweetly tends to me.

Over the mountains,
Nearby the temples,
Wafting aromas of delight past the nostrils of the gods and high around the sun,
Through the trees with the wind,
On the lilt of the breeze,
Your song is sacred.

I fall to my knees,
Clutching at the soil,
I anoint my face with the deep black earth,
And then bathe in fountains of light.
All the while clutching your bard song,
Dancing to your legends,
And the epic of you,

Everywhere I go,
I go with you,
In my arms while near,
In my heart while far away,
You can never go too far to summon my soul,
From anywhere,
Ever when you call me,
Ever when you smile,
In every (waltzing/ jig of) rainbow in every drop of dew,
Every when.

The center of the universe,
Eternal now,
Nexus flowing inside out between and all around,
All around the hills that call you from my arms,
All around the temple where you breathe,
In every thing,
Every when and every where let us purge ourselves of doubt,
And swear tender kisses by the moon and stars tonight,
Breathe in,
Reach out,
Whirl and eddy in bliss,
Breathe Spirit,
Breathe life,
Breathe now,
Breathe me,
In the middle of every ever when with you.

I worship among the trees,
You whisper in the sky,
Let us breathe together now,
In the twinkle of all seeing eyes.

We share the center of the universe,
We are one,
All is as it is,
I weep in joy the water of life,
And your bard song kisses my cheek,
There is no distance,
My songbird,
Your lyrics dance around me on the wind,
You thou glory of the Lady who made you,
I kiss you as we awaken together,


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