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Bla Bla Blah

Umphrey's McGee & STS9 at Pier Six
( miscellaneous » music reviews ) "Great show at Pier Six tomorrow 7/27/08" If your around, think of heading to the inner harbour Baltimore Sunday to see Umphrey's McGee and Sound Tribe Sector 9 at Pier Six. A portion of the ticket sales goes to the Concious Alliance; a non profit charity that feeds needy families in the ... read more
recommendation posted on Sat, July 26, 2008 - 8:23 AM
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February 22, 2005
Scot, my best friend, brother, ex, boss, lanlord, favorite bitz...everything wrapped into one...but although you wear many hats, you are one solid are the one everyone calls for advice, the one everyone calls for a listening ear, the one who helps everyone move, just an all around great guy and i'm blessed to have you in my life...don't know how i'd do it without you...i don't want to know cause i love ya, Pam
February 12, 2005
Scott- Dear ,Dear scott "being the master of one's own leisure time".
Garish and Gaudy is NOT his style. Scotts restored many soul with his understanding music.With shaded lucidity and a very large smile scott is guided by spirit till the end.
January 30, 2005
Unknowingly, Scott has been my spiritual advisor for years now.
It was easy, knowing Scott to be softhearted, indulgent and gracious.
I know I'm better for it. I love this guy!
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Pic of the Unspecified Time

heh heh
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hope lives

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Oh dear Spectrum
Thanks for all the memories
the great music
you'll be missed when you leave
We smile & wave Goodbye.
Thu, January 15, 2009 - 4:37 PM permalink - 0 comments
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