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An Apartment Request...

Need to move. NOW.

*$500 for rent, up to $200 for utilities, must be on the lease (no sublet)
*Must be in close proximity to a BART Station, and close to San Francisco (>1 hour by public transit)
*Must have my own room
*Have garage or on-street parking
*Have high-speed Internet in some form (DSL, Cable, etc)
*Must be a N/S, N/D place
*Kinky-friendly, or at least kinky-tolerant
*Roommates cannot be on psychiatric medications
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Birthday Planning

I have a question for all of my friends. I'm thinking of doing something for my birthday, dinner mostly. Nothing huge, but I do want to see my friends.

Here's the question-what's easier for you all? San Francisco or Milpitas. Think of which one would be easier for you to get to and back from.

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Margurita Testers

I'm looking into starting to make margaritas and all other sorts of fun mixed alcohol drinks.

Taste testers anyone?
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BayCon Parrot Story...

Here's the story-

One of the parties at BayCon on Saturday was the small press party, and they had a guy with parrot fobbles on the end of his pencils. So, one of the guys had seen Terminator:Salvation-either Thursday night, Friday, or Saturday.

And, he did not like it. At all...and was acting out the "best" parts of the film, with the parrots. Think MST3K...but with very colorful parrots parodying the whole mess. And, apparently, there was a lot to parody...
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What I Want To Do This Summer...

Oh, I have a list, I have a list....

*I figure between about twelve weekends, I can get away with doing about 4-6 photo shoots. Willing to do fewer if the locations and models are neater and it's a whole weekend project.
*Go much further in the project of "cleaning out the apartment of crap". Including, one hopes, duct-taping the Crazy Roommate down long enough to toss out her genuine trash.
*Finishing up the process of building my new computer, which probably will be held off until the end of October (there isn't a single person that likes Windows Vista and I can't load XP).
*Romance! Or, something that looks like it in good light.
*Car repairs and car upgrades.

There's probably more, and if people have ideas...
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My Time At BayCon 2009

Had a...okay time so far. Dealer's room is half or more full of costuming crap (and learned why that is), and saw some old friends, and made a few new ones.

Caught up in some drama. Yay.

Had dinner with a few friends that went to FanimeCon. Glad I didn't go, but sad because the dealer's room there was pretty good.

For all two of you that doubted it, made it home safe and sound from the whole day at BayCon. And, last night parties.

Unlike last year, I planned this year. Knew my realistic limits. Cut my drinking off early and off completely in enough time to fully sober up. Kept my hands to myself at all times unless offered first, etc, etc.

Oh, and hung out with friends whenever I can.

Strange, surreal dreams when I got home. I'd like to know what I should be feeling guilty of, for dreams people asking me where their costuming crap is...

Learned, via parrots (there's actually a neat story in this, and I was sober when it happened) that I should avoid seeing Terminator:Salvation (which is a shame, but I should have realized it when the film was done at PG-13. And the guy that did the Charlie's Angels movies did it.)

Seeing the Parents today and tomorrow. Good times.
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Utterly Shitty Friday...

...with "stick, shit end, one each" aspect.

I had one of my annual "sleeping and dreaming of a life that isn't mine" dreams. Bad one, too-in that one of my (dream) children showed up again. Ugh.

I get to work...and find out there aren't any "safe" Fridays anymore. The safety-in theory-is in the payroll system. Because of how we're billed, it's an easier accounting thing to fire somebody at the end of a paycheck cycle. Less paperwork, for one thing. So, "this" Friday was safe, because it was in the middle of our biweekly payroll system (this pay cycle ends next week and I get paid the week after that).

There were another round of layoffs, without any real warning. Four people, gone. Including one manager that was at least somewhat sympathetic to me. And, that cuts us down from about a staff of 19 to 15-and they were seriously talking about cutting somebody from my department as well (i.e. the department that if we lose more people, we might not have a company anymore?).

Worse, they're already talking about subletting the office (the "front" end), and the company is expecting to save money by having an online-based order form system.

After seeing some of the results where online order forms are mandatory, I can see nothing but disaster. Especially with some of our bigger accounts, that make "touchy" seem too mild (one of our clients will call the agent and demand to be kept in the loop every step of the way as the package travels. Not e-mails-calls. It almost got to the point where we had to tell them if/when we had to alter the order in anything in the package.).

So, with all the sadness and angst, I had to use tools to get myself back onto track quickly, but I hate the use of them (think doing your damnedest to cause a cold to run at triple speed so you can get well in time for a party, the experience leaves me very Knurded, and there are days where I suspect my comforting illusions are all that keeps me running away to join the French Foreign Legion).

Come home, and discover that the photo shoot I had planned for this Sunday (which I expected to be a lot of fun) got canceled. Model had to deal with her family. Only pissed because it was last-minuted and I was hoping to have a good Sunday to counter-balance all the crap.

Somehow, have to make this weekend worth while...not sure how many more "blaugh" ones I can stand for a while longer. And, no more safe Fridays means the stress levels go up and up...and, not good stress, either.

I can use all the good I can get.
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I Shaved My Legs For This? *

I was supposed to meet a friend at 9 am. To make it there on time...I'd have to wake up at 6 am. Which, complaining and in the cold, I did...

Showered, cleaned up, shaved, all that. Drove dutifully down...and when I get there, she isn't there.

Her cell phone is off.

And, her apartment-from looking in from outside-was cleaned out and empty.

Grr, fucking grr, arg.

Oh, got other stuff done, hit the gym and all that. But, I could have done all of that...and not woken up at 5 am.

*Expression comes from an ex-girlfriend. We were going out to a party, she got cleaned up (she hated shaving her legs, no matter what she does, she always got nicks), and when we got there...they had canceled the party. Even after I called the night before to check our tickets. Never got them refunded....
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Where Have I Been?

Everywhere, it seems...but, mostly, I was in North Carolina and Washington DC.

Explanations upon request....
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My Valentines Day Post

"Finding love is like solving the perfect crime: you look at every shred of evidence, you talk to every witness, follow up every lead, but more often than not, what wins in the end is just pure, dumb luck. And you my friend, are just not lucky."-Frank Pembleton, "Homicide: Life On The Street" (Episode 3.5-"Happy To Be Here")

Wishing you all a very happy Valentines Day with those you love. May you be very, very happy on this day.
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