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The real ~ż€₪ż€₪~

In case you didn't know
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Jesus sez

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"When we cannot find contentment in ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere."

Francois De La Rochefoucauld

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True freedom...

..and independence are not reflected by a stubborn attempt to go it alone, but rather by the joy of sharing personal experiences...

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When each person gives...

...their own unique gift to the world, the entire fabric of the planet is strengthened and enriched.

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Paradise Circus

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Higher than the Sun

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Blue Thunder

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Dirty Boots

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Black Candy

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Little Fluffy Clouds

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Fools Gold

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My Loverboys

Kumo & Bukky (lt. to rt.) at 6 weeks
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Bratty Bukky

What have you done?
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Kumo Wrestler

da Love Muffins
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Fuji Applehead

My lil' snow tiger
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Paid Endorsements

March 5, 2008
She is a comedic & spiritual wedgie from city of Angels. POOT!!!
January 3, 2008

At words poetic, I'm so pathetic
That I always have found it best,
Instead of getting 'em off my chest,
To let 'em rest unexpressed.
I hate parading
My serenading
As I'll probably miss a bar,
But if this ditty
Is not so pretty,
At least it'll tell you
How great you are.

You're the top!
You're the Colliseum.
You're the top!
You're the Louvre Museum.
You're a melody from a symphony by Strauss.
You're a Bendel bonnet,
A Shakespeare sonnet,
You're Mickey Mouse.
You're the Nile,
You're the Tower of Pisa,
You're the smile
On the Mona Lisa.
I'm a worthless check, a total wreck, a flop,
But if, Baby, I'm the bottom
You're the top!

Your words poetic are not pathetic
On the other hand, Girl, you shine
And I can feel after every line
A thrill divine
Down my spine.
Now gifted humans like Vincent Youmans
Might think that your song is bad,
But for a person who's just rehearsin'
Well, I gotta say this my gal:

You're the top!
You're Mahatma Gandhi.
You're the top!
You're Napoleon brandy.
You're the purple light of a summer night in Spain,
You're the National Gall'ry,
You're Garbo's sal'ry
You're cellophane.
You're sublime,
You're a turkey dinner,
You're the time
Of the Derby winner.
I'm a toy balloon that's fated soon to pop,
But if, Baby, I'm the bottom
You're the top!

You're the top!
You're a Ritz hot toddy.
You're the top!
You're a Brewster body.
You're the boats the glide on the sleepy Zuider Zee,
You're a Nathan panning,
You're Bishop Manning,
You're broccoli.
You're a prize,
You're a night at Coney,
You're the eyes
Of Irene Bordoni.
I'm a broken doll, a fol-de-rol, a blop,
But if, Baby, I'm the bottom,
You're the top!

You're the top!
You're an Arrow collar.
You're the top!
You're a Coolidge dollar.
You're the nimble tread of the feet of Fred Astaire,
You're an O'Neill drama,
You're Whistler's mama,
You're Camembert.
You're a rose,
You're Inferno's Dante,
You're the nose
On the great Durante.
I'm just in the way, as the French would say
"De trop,"
But if, Baby, I'm the bottom
You're the top!

You're the top!
You're a Waldorf salad.
You're the top!
You're a Berlin ballad.
You're a baby grand of a lady and a gent,
You're an old Dutch master
You're Mrs. Astor,
You're Pepsodent.
You're romance,
You're the steppes of Russia,
You're the pants on a Roxy usher.
I'm a lazy lout that's just about to stop,
But if, Baby, I'm the bottom
You're the top!

You're the top!
You're a dance in Bali.
You're the top!
You're a hot tamale.
You're an angel, you, simply too, too, too diveen,
You're a Botticelli,
You're Keats,
You're Shelley,
You're Ovaltine.
You're a boon,
You're the dam at Boulder,
You're the moon over Mae West's shoulder.
I'm the nominee of the G. O. P.
But if, Baby, I'm the bottom
You're the top!

You're the top!
You're the Tower of Babel.
You're the top!
You're the Whitney Stable,
By the River Rhine,
You're a sturdy stein of beer,
You're a dress from Saks's,
You're next year's taxes,
You're stratosphere.
You're my thoist,
You're a drumstick lipstick,
You're do foist,
In da Irish Svipstick.
I'm a frightened frog
That can find no log
To hop,
But if, Baby, I'm the bottom
You're the top!
December 3, 2007
You know that feeling, when you hit your funny bone.. it reverberates through the whole length of your arm or leg... it hangs on, it makes you giggle, laugh until tears stream down your face...

you remember that feeling always, and everyone you meets knows exactly what that feels like... and all who watch it in motion laugh along...

well, that is this girl... but even better.. even more vibrate, more reverberating... you crave it....

thank you for pulling the artistic, musical string in life that reminds us how alive.. life really is....
June 14, 2007
The basis for all knowledge that I have gained. Okay true, some of the things learned aren't useful in the world outside of this web, and other knowledge learned gets me into trouble, I am grateful none the less. I love to surf her webpage daily and catch a mongo wave of irony which sometimes crashes me down into the sands of contradiction. Love ya sister, and miss you lots.
May 14, 2007
i think i'm going to silkscreen a T-Shirt that says "NSFW" and send it to you.
i'm thinking it should be really, really small.
February 21, 2007
one of the truly great on
w/out her it would'nt be worth it.
February 17, 2007
Zennie's only flaw is that she lives too far away!!!
November 23, 2006
Zenia is continually suprising me with her perception, her wit, her compassion and her wisdom. In the landscape of LA, real depth and quality people are the exception rather than the norm, and Zenia stands out like a beacon of warmth.. She has given me faith -followed quickly by huge belly laughs.

Thanks Zen, for existing. I adore you.
November 4, 2006
HaPpY BiRfDay to Zenzen, one of the funniest folks I know!!!
April 20, 2006
Zen Zen is my all time favorite person on Tribe that I've never met. She's wise, she's sexy and she has they most freaking hysterical sense of humor. I read her blog like I watch good a good series on HBO, you just can't wait for the next episode. One day I'll make the pilgrimage to LA to visit the temple of Zen Zen.
February 8, 2006
Zen Zen iz ze real deal!
shes got laughs and sex appeal
shes got energy and spunk
wits, and giggles, even funk
whos that lady in her eyes
in a human disguise
none other that Zen Zen
she's off the charts of 1 to ten
( :P
January 9, 2006
One of most openly proud people I've have ever come across!
She's whipsmart and she knows it...I find that very refreshing,
especially in a world where being self-effacing is the rule of the day,
She's got and she flaunts it!
A True Super Heroine who Battles the Forces of Evil!
She even has a super hero name!
December 3, 2005
A ray of sunshine...
piercing a shrouded sky...
in the early morning...
as seen from the desert floor.
November 18, 2005
Zen? Yea, I knews her. She the one wif those queefs 'n uzzer noises.
A right fine filly, i'ffn yood ask me. An' no finer sock puppet could be gotten for love or money. Not even if ya paid in Euros.

Have you noticed when she queefs, her lips don't move? Hawt.
November 4, 2005
HaPpY B@@BdAy!!!!
October 16, 2005
I would eat pancakes out of a paper bag for this lass. She's the Shiznick!
October 15, 2005
no picture left unsafe
September 20, 2005
To ~zenzen~

All of my fluffer love and dead pool greatness!

September 16, 2005
How could you not love this person? She is the most adorable human I have ever met. Seriously.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
September 14, 2005
zenzen might just be the most well-loved person on all of Whatever she's doing, somebody ought to find a way to bottle it up and sell it.
August 17, 2005
Talking to the zenny. Talking to the zenny zenzen.

Everytime i see zenzen, harvey sid fisher tunes play in my head. I presume this is a good thing. I think. Is it? IS IT??????
August 15, 2005
Sometimes I feel so happy,
Sometimes I feel so sad.
Sometimes I feel so happy,
But mostly you just make me mad.
Baby, you just make me mad.
Linger on, your pale zen eyes.
Linger on, your pale zen eyes.
August 11, 2005
_+88______________________________ _+880_____________________________ _++88_____________________________ _++88_____________________________ __+880_________________________++_ __+888________________________+88_ __++880______________________+88__ __++888_____+++88__________+++8__ __++8888__+++8880++88____+++88___ __+++8888+++8880++8888__++888____ ___++888++8888+++888888++888_____ ___++88++8888++8888888++888______ ___++++++888888888888888888______ ____++++++88888888888888888______ ____++++++++000888888888888______ _____+++++++000088888888888______ ______+++++++00088888888888______ _______+++++++088888888888_______ _______+++++++088888888888_______ ________+++++++8888888888________ ________+++++++0088888888________ ________++++++0088888888_________ ________+++++0008888888________

hail satan.
August 4, 2005
do you know this woman? i don't...

at least, not well... nor in person... and i am a lesser djin for that...

but what i DO know is that she is one of the (VERY) few that truly deserve to be part of the Tribe25...

if i actually believed in a Tribe25.
August 3, 2005
I even put that basketball underneath my pillow
Maybe that's why I can't sleep at night
I need help, ladies and gentlemens
I need someone to stand beside me
I need, I need someone to set a pick for me at the free-throw line of life
Someone I can pass to
Someone to hit the open man on the give-and-go
And not end up in the popcorn machine
So cheerleaders, help me out

(Basketball Zen, I got a Basketball Zen)
(I got a Basketball Zen, oh baby, oo-oo-ooo)
June 29, 2005
I can honestly say that ~zenzen~ was the most professional on screen personality I had the pleasure of fluffing while working for PBS.

The highest compliment I have to give is that she told you before she blew in your mouth.

Thanks for the memories. I haven't washed my face since...


June 28, 2005
Zenzen stole my tribe-cherry.

Then she used my mom as an avatar.

Then she started appearing in all my private tribes posting things like "ha ha I stole your tribe-cherry and your mom is my bitch".

Totally inappropriate.
June 15, 2005
Zen Zen ate my brain, but I didn't mind, I think.
June 4, 2005
I fucking Love Zenia... Here sick sense of Humor and brilliant choice of images never ceises to Amaze me/Enlighten me/and Arouse me! And not only that she's gotta be one of the best Huggers I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy... She's 100% Goddess, All The Way...

May 4, 2005
Nice Kitties. Nice Zen.
May 2, 2005
I think your profile is lacking this.

April 28, 2005
If it's bad advice your looking for she'll hook you up!
She's 30.608 x more popular than myself and has more kickass avatars than most of us have friends. I'm proud to be her 698th!
April 21, 2005
Zen doesn't have 700 friends yet, and she's not LisaBunny, but she's still OK in my book.
April 20, 2005
<no one will read my testa-moanial, she has so many already...>

I lurves you, ZZ - you is the sistah woman!

Have I mentioned that you are hilarious?
April 19, 2005
Well if i had a older sister, i would want Zen Zen to my sister!! I love you Zen. YOU are LOVED!
April 13, 2005
...................../ ´¯/)
...................,/ ¯../
............/ ´¯/'...'/ ´¯¯` ·¸
........./'/.../..../......./ ¨¯\
.......('(... ´... ´.... ¯~/'...')
.........''...\.......... _. ·´

I was not paid.
April 7, 2005
April 4, 2005
Another Zany Zealot for the Zentastic One. Zenith in my heaven...Goddess Supreme...all worship her as she spreads hilarity throughout the universe...she brings light to our dark matter.
March 24, 2005
Is the hour of darkness cold?
It nourishes me with small insects and discarded clippings,
A hair paddle taint.
I sprout many nude feelers and embark on the brown trawl.
Call, a cry of sticky arm!
The two deformed friendly placenta pups find noblemen milking the bearded citizens.
a discovery of the detail to control the edible animals!
March 10, 2005
Yoda es fuertissimo. El puede vencer a Count Dooku. Pero Jesus es aun mas fuerte. El tiene muchos poderes
February 16, 2005
jeebus! i haven't written a testamonial for zenzen? what the hell is the matter with me!
January 19, 2005
Looking forward to finding out more about this oh so strange one who shimmers her beautiful madness amongst the dull, dull and
drab drones of Earth! May we all channel the freak within and resist the conformity of modern, industrialized, empire building, mind numbing, consumerism addicted, pathetic, fantasy obsessed, drug hazed Borg culture!
(opps, that slipped out) More on Zen as I get to know her better!
January 18, 2005
Zen's the supreme defender of fur, champion of the trolly challenged and all with the best avatar ADD I've seen. I think she's tops! :D
January 6, 2005
I still have no idea who this person is. I love her.
January 5, 2005
I have no idea who this person is.
But she can make the word "flanging" sound sexy, and that's all right in my book.
December 14, 2004
an enigma, a presence and a freakin' nutjob!

yeah, i like it.
November 16, 2004
I LOVE miss thang. Sometimes when I dress up, I like to pretend I'm her. She gets around tribe more than I do...

November 16, 2004
Big Sis I came back for YOU
November 4, 2004
happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
October 18, 2004
we love you toooooo zenia ! You rock ! hailee was asking about you last night, she said "where did Z go"
ha ha
hope to you see you soon..

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Monty Python's Holy Grail in Legos

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Rubber Neckin'

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Won't you dance with me?

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Love will tear us apart again...

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Favorite Quotez:

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the decision."
-Benjamin Franklin

Harold: "You're good with people."
Maude: "Well, they're my species."

"There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line."
-Oscar Levant

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I gave myself to Jesus

And now he never calls!
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Jesus watches over me

And I'm finally getting used to it.
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Yes, Dr. Jimmy...

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See no evil, hear no evil...

...s&*k no evil, f&*k no evil!
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Push the reset button

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The universal language of signing

You think this tickles? Well f&*k you!
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Ronald McDonald is a Perv

I always suspected it -- here is photographic evidence!
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Jesus dyed for our sins

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I don't need therapy...

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The Rockets of My Affection

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Tooting my own horn... *poot*

about me
I'm a Scorpio with Scorpio rising, born in Hollywood, California -- my mother a singer, my father an actor. Classically trained in piano from age 4 (still have my very first piano <<sigh>>). Spent a few years in the Midwest and on the east coast (lived in an orphanage and a convent) but ended up back in LA for high school and have remained here ever since. Joined MENSA at the age of 16, but immediately denounced my membership and formed ZENSA (where it's all about the Zen Quotient, baby -- apply within for membership). Started UCLA when I was 17, but was kicked out by the time I was 20 (oops! had just a teeny bit of trouble conforming). Despite getting the boot, spent several more years living at the Co-op at UCLA -- which housed the most sublime and subversive elements on campus -- and helped shape me into the authority-questioning, self-aggrandizing, party-throwing bitch that I am today! I'm currently working for the "Man" in a multi-national corporation, infiltrating the male white corporate infrastructure so that I may facilitate its collapse from the inside out (like explosives strategically placed in a condemned building resulting in implosion) and meanwhile laughing all the way to the bank. I believe we are living in the times that will be known as the "Fall of Western Industrialized Civilization," which I look forward to; and I will sit back, watch, and play my role accordingly. I am a woman of extreme passions with no apologies -- take me or leave me as I am (because you're not going to change me). I have lived and learned much more than my 41 years would suggest, and I am comfortable with the fact that some people like me, and some people don't (and vice versa). I'm brutally honest, but working on my tact and diplomacy. I believe there is much to be learned from the yin yang symbol; it is exactly half light, and half dark. But within the light there is a seed of darkness, and within the darkness there is a seed of light. That is the lesson I have found therein, that is the way I see life, and it fills me with peace. Breathe in... Breathe out... I am naturally preoccupied with extremes, but emerging from a world of black and white to make peace with the gray. I'm a little girl, and I am an old woman. I am a queen, and I am a servant. I am burning emotion, and I am cool detachment. I am right, and I am wrong. I am good, and I am bad. I am love, and I am hate. I am a creator, and I am a destroyer. I am light, and I am dark. I am high, and I am low. I am beautiful, and I am ugly. I am perfect imperfection. I am an optimistic realist. I am an altruistic narcissist. I embrace my ambivalence, and encourage every other human to do the same. I am a seeker of love and light and truth -- but the truth is there is also darkness and ugliness in this world -- and it all co-exists. I find humor to be very healing, and love a good laugh! I strive to live beyond the cave of the five senses, and gather much of my information and knowledge through instinct and intuition. In that sense I am very animalistic, and need time to sniff people and things out before I trust them. I can be very shy and reserved in new situations, especially with new people, which can be misinterpreted as being aloof. But don't worry -- I'll warm up as soon as I feel comfortable and at ease. I pour much consciousness and awareness into walking through this world with my eyes wide open, and I start my sentences with "eye" much too much.

How you like me now?
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Irritainment for the mASSES...

adv. Obama Sin Laden?

Who will win?
Tue, March 20, 2007 - 7:13 AM permalink - 4 comments
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