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<< SYNCHRONIZE 07.16.08 : GOLDILOX, ZUL, PSYLOTUS >> ( events » nightlife ) Hi Kids! This is your good ol’ former Synchronaut announcing this week’s line-up. So why am I making this announcement? Well, that’s because this week I get to host Synchronize in place of Gatto Matto; our friend Matt will be gone doing a right... read more
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<< SYNCHRONIZE 05/07/08… It’s PSYTIME!! >> ( events » nightlife ) Hi kids! I hope y’all got some rest after the good times at How Weird because tonight, I get to come home and work the decks at Synchronize. Yay!! This is the first time I get to play the main slot since I retired from my residency back in Augus... read more
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about me
I'm very nice and got fire to burn.
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May 18, 2005
words can't describe this man. Special Big One, u da papa!
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May 18, 2005
Zul was born to bring people together. An ultimate net-worker, his thoughts are directed out towards the world. From behind the turntables, he creates a magnetic field in front of him, electricity fills the air of the dance floor, and you feel that it is impossible to escape from the power of the music… He will never follow, but always lead. Working to exhaustion, he is dedicated to reach perfection in any direction he is headed to. Always positive, his unending energy rubs off on those, who come in contact with him. His boyish smile and a HEART OF GOLD readily share warmth and good fillings. He is true to his friends, those that have been around for years and those that he made recently. I consider myself lucky to be in his circle of friends. You can always count on me, Zul.
May 13, 2005
Il Pirata brought so many good people together, and it's all thanks to Zul. He always knows what's going on on the floor; he creates the most welcoming atmosphere; he throws down some awesome tracks for our stomping pleasure - in short, Zul knows where it's at! A great DJ with an amazing feel for the vibe; a wonderful and wise friend who looks out for people he cares about - Zul is all of that and much more. Hooray for the people's DJ!
April 27, 2005
A MADMAN I TELL YOU!!A great DJ/Promoter and powerful shaman from a far away place.Aside from being one of the most peaceful and lovings beings I know,He is also a dear friend.Keep it up zul.BOOM))))
March 24, 2005
Zul, what can i say - one of the first people i met in the scene, he made me feel welcome at il p, and i soon felt like part of the family - i can't thank him enough! What's more, he convinced me blow off Decompression for what i thought was some weird hippy-fest out in the woods (Goa Gil's B-day) WOW, he really steered me in the right direction and blew my mind! He's one of the friendliest, coolest people i know, and i'm glad i stumbled into synchronize that fateful wednesday! Thanks for everything!!!

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